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  • Boynton Guest Book Volume 8 entries 891 - 959 (June 1, 2007 - June 30, 2009)

    1. [Boynton] June 21, 2007 --- "Lewis Boynton" --- Hello Douglas, My name is Darcy Lewis Boynton. I was looking at your site and I couldn't find any direct connection to my family tree (at least no names I recognize). I was curious if you know whether we fit in there somehow. Below is a brief "tree" of mine. My:
      Grandfather = Lewis Boynton (Sault Ste. Marie) ; Grandmother = Margaret Parr and they had 13 children including Leonard, David, Sandra , Lesley, Margaret, Kathy (thats all I can remember right off my head)
      Father = David Edward Boynton ; Mother = Debra Marie-Ann Folz and they had Darcy (Me), Christopher, and Bradley.
      If you know any connection or whether we "fit the puzzle" with your family tree let me know and I can see what other information I can get for you. Thank You, Darcy Boynton --- email: dbox123 (at) gmail.com
      Darcy - I'm sorry that I've not been able to find anything that makes sense. The Lewis Boynton listings that I see in the 1896 Boynton family history were born around 1837 which seems too early and they were typically in Maine or Ohio not Michigan. If you do learn anything more (or have earlier ancestor information) please keep me posted. Best regards - Doug
    2. [Boynton] June 24, 2007 --- "Boynton family in Canada" --- Hi. Have looked at your interesting website. I am wondering about the Boyntons who were in Canada , probably in the late 1700's. I have seen them. My family was there at the same time. Also Sheldons, Borlands, Lovejoys. Would like to know if you have any information about this period in Canada. Thank you Patsy --- email: DIXANDER (at) aol.com

      July 21, 2007 --- Patsy - Thanks for your message. I'd certainly be interested in posting any Boynton details that you have from Canada. Because my 1896 reference book is organized by name and date, I have no way to gain access to information associated with geographical location unless I know the person of interest first. Best regards - Doug

      July 21, 2007 --- Do you have access to Ancestry.com? Seems like I saw some of it there. I think a Boynton Married a Lovejoy. If I can't find it I can copy it and send to you from my copy. Patsy

      July 21, 2007 --- I would very much prefer to get an electronic copy of the material so I don't have to retype everything. I don't know what you're looking for so if you can find it and email it that would be great. Regards - Doug

      July 24, 2007 --- "Boynton family in Canada update" ---
      Hi. I will give you the sources and you can try to get them from that. If you are not successful, let me know and I will copy the entire information. CousinConnect.com Query 39885 posted in 2003. Regarding Boynton, Burdick, Byington, Nichols, and Sheldon http://www.cousinconnect.com/d/a/39885 This is very interesting. At the end there is a list of more links. http://home.comcast.net/~bennabre/boynton.htm This is section III of related familys to Lovejoy. says nothing about Canada, but informative.. You may have this http://home.comcast.net/~bennabre/index8a.htm This is section II The Nathan Lovejoy and Molly Boynton of Newbury, Ma. are the couple who went to Canada on a site called Children of the Daughters page 5-of 72 There is a paragraph or two on the Boyntons. I see that the page doesn't have the address at the bottom, Ancestry.com has a family Nathan lovejoy and Mary Boynton. http://trees.ancestry.com/owt/person/aspx?pid=23547306 The Boyntons that I have found in Canada were in connection to Lovejoys. Patsy
    3. [Boynton] July 5, 2007 --- "found Boynton" --- Our family found another member of the Boynton family because of this site. I'd like to thank you. West Coast Boynton's. --- email: r-smothershead (at) sbcglobal.net

      Ronald - That is great news - thanks for telling me. I'm glad that we helped. - Doug
    4. [Boynton] July 20, 2007 --- "Angenette L. Boynton" --- The Angenette L. Boynton who married George Hamlin Stetson was b. ca 1853. She appears only once, as a single white woman, in the 1870 census taken 13 Jul, in Glenburne, Penobscot Co., ME, called "Nettie". She was residing in the family of Frank Ames at the time. Also ennumerated was an Eva ______ ...probably a Boynton, b. 1866. She (Angenette) was residing there as late as 23 Jan 1872. I have searched Ancestry's on-line census records of the U.S. for other mention of Angenette "Nettie" Boynton, and failed to find any earlier reference of her. This leads me to belive she was b. elsewhere, probably some place in what is now Canada, perhaps in Nova Scotia?.
      She deserted her husband and young family of 3 ch.
      One Nettie L. Boynton, dau. of Amos A. Boynton, "b. Aug 1866 in California"is said by a Rootsweb submitter to have married a Robert Edward STURDIVANT. The submitter claims her to be another person (not the one who married George Hamlin Stetson.) There are no census records for this Nettie as a single person.
      Does anyone have a record of a Nettie/ Angenette b. in Canada?
      Thanks, Eugene W. Hubbard --- Email: hubfam (at) peoplepc.com
    5. [Boynton] July 21, 2007 --- "Boynton Castle, Walter de Boynton, Christopher Boynton" --- I discovered a web site that describes the Boynton Castle's relationship to the Boynton family: http://www.boyntons.us/yorkshire/stories/aliceinheritance.html and created a backup link to a pdf file copy of the web page: www.quine.org/pr-7919-boynton-castle.pdf - Doug
    6. [Boynton] September 11, 2007 --- "Jane Bonyton, daughter of John Bonyton" --- Hi Doug, My name is Patty Bancroft Roberts, The first of my family that arrived in the new world was John Bancroft b 1592, Warston-on-Trent, Derby, Eng. and his wife was Jane Bonyton, daughter of John Bonyton. John was born in Curry, Cornwall, Eng./Eleanor Myllaton also in Curry. You might want to go into OneGreatFamily.com to take a look at what is in there if you don't know about the site. If you decide to join..please mention my name as I get a month free! http://www.onegreatfamily.com It is amazing what they have and how quickly it has grown. I didn't have much on my Bonyton line as Jane is my only connection except through some of my lines further up like Lovejoy's, etc.on my grandmother Smith Bancroft's side. OneGreat Family has added information to my site on Bonyton's going back to 1338. I haven't checked the "proof" to see how accurate it is but it sure is fun reading it all. Just though you might like to know about the site if you weren't aware of it. I ran into your pages just scrolling around and it is very well done and interesting. I would have liked to have seen an index of surnames. You may have had one but I didn't find it. Regards, Patty www.pattyroberts.com
      Patty - Thanks for your message. I'm curious about the spelling "Bonyton". Our family name is Boynton. When I checked on Google, it seemed that some of the entirews for "Bonyton" were actually typographical errors for Boynton (for example, Boynton Beach, Florida). Also, I checked my history book and the John Boynton that I know about who came to America in 1638. He was born in Yorkshire and married Ellen Pell of Boston. Best regards - Doug
    7. [Boynton] September 13, 2007 --- "Question regarding Torchil (any connection to Thorkell the Tall)" --- Has anyone researched the possibility of our Torchil being the son or grandson of Thorkell the Tall? Has this been ruled out? Please advise. Cindy Boynton Dodd

      Cindy - I must admit that I'm unfamiliar with Thorkell the Tall. Is there any reason to believe that he might be an ancestor? My references all end at Torchill. Best regards - Doug

      Doug, Its purely coincidental but I thought it worthy of research if no one has ruled it out. Thorkell was a Dane mercenary in the late 900's until his death at approximately 1023. He was married to one of the daughters of King Aethelred the Unready at the time of the Dane truce with the English (1012 I think). He played a role in collecting the danegeld and had some association with Eadric Streona. This could explain how he funded the 62 manors. Thorkell did have a fleet of over 40 ships. He had a son that was raised as a Brit and his mother in law (wife of King Aethelred the Unready) was Emma de Normandy. This could explain the norman influence of naming a child/grandchild Bartholemeu/Bartholemew. I am writing this purely from memory so please forgive me if there are errors in dates, etc. As previously stated, it is purely coincidental but I was curious to know if anyone else had taken the time to research the possibility. Aethelwine, sherriff of Warwick had a son named Thorkill. If I remember correctly, this person is tied to Lady Godiva. This Thorkill is also known as Thorkill de Arden and had two brothers Guthmund and Ketelbern. I am unable to find a Norman influence in this line but have not yet spent a great deal of time searching for one. Since you and your family have an extensive library on the Boyntons and related research, I was hoping you had heard of research regarding this. If you are unfamilar with our Thorkells, surely there is a historian is our vast band of Boyntons. :-) Please advise. Cindy --- email: CindyD1079 (at) aol.com

      -- October 1, 2007 --- Surely some of our cousins can help find the link. I really think this is the right path because there are Danes listed w/ Tochil's property in the Doomsday report. I am anxious to see what they come up with. Kindest Regards, Cindy
    8. [Boynton] September 17, 2007 --- "Charles Fletcher was born in Boynton" --- I came across this email adress on google earth. My name is Joseph B. Fletcher Sr. and my father, Charles Fletcher was born in boynton. I would like to know if you have any information on my family's history? Any help would be appreciated since I know almost nothing about my family heritage. By the way, my dad was born in 1920, thank you. --- Joe Fletcher --- email: theangler38 (at) yahoo.com
    9. [Boynton] September 26, 2007 --- "Coeur d'Alene, Idaho airport named after 'Pappy' Gregory Boyington, a World War 2 flying ace" --- Hello Doug, Just thought your readers may like to know about this honor for the Boyntons. My husband, Bob, and I now live near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. There has been a controversy here on naming the airport after "Pappy" Gregory Boyington, a world war 2 flying ace. Finally this was recently done. It is now Coeur d' Alene Airport, Pappy Boyington Field. We are so glad to see him thus honored. Sandra and Robert Boynton
      Congratulations, this is a well deserved honor. Pappy is one of my wife's heroes - and she didn't even know we were related! Regards - Doug
    10. [Boynton] September 26, 2007 --- "Boyntons from southern California: Philip Henry Boynton, son of William David Boynton" --- I have the honor to be Philip Henry Boynton, son of William David Boynton, son of Frederick King Boynton, son of Horace Rollin Boynton. More to the point, I have pictures of Horace Rollin Boynton Sr. and Jr. and of their offspring, dating back into the 19th century. Would this be of any help to anyone? --- Philip Henry Boynton --- email: philip42 (at) comcast.net
      Philip - Thanks for your kind letter which I've added to the guest book. It is always fun to hear from another member of the extended family. I found three entries for Horace Boynton in my 1896 family history book but none of them had any information about his offspring. Do you by chance know his father's name to see if they are listing him? Best regards - Doug Douglas Boynton Quine (September 29, 2007)
      October 1, 2007: --- Good Morning: Horace Rollin Boynton, Senior' father was David Jewett Boynton, and I did not look in your books beyond the mention of my father, my uncles, and their father, Frederick King Boynton. My sudden interest in all of this is due to the imminent death of my mother, Margaret Ann Boynton, daughter of Henry Homes Boynton, the youngest of Horace Rollin Boynton's sons. Philip Boynton
      Philip - I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I've checked my 1896 Boynton book and none of the Horace Boynton entries (I actually now found a total of 5) show a father named David Jewett Boynton (rather they show Job, Henry, Rufus, Elias, and John F Boynton). Best regards - Doug (October 13, 2007)
      Addendum (September 24, 2010): There are follow-up messages in entries #920 (from 2008) below and #979 (from 2010) in volume 9 of the Boynton guestbook http://www.quine.org/guestboy.html - Doug
    11. [Boynton] September 26, 2007 --- "West Boylston, Massachusetts teacher, Mrs. Boynton" --- Dear Douglas Quine: I just found your website after Googling "West Boylston, Massachusetts teacher, Mrs. Boynton." Was your maternal grandmother ever an elementary school teacher in West Boylston, Massachusetts (just outside of Worcester). If so, I have wonderful memories of her that I would love to share. These memories came to the surface yesterday during a fall conference on the "Spirit of Teaching" here in CT. Please respond at your leisure, and I will continue in kind. Sincerely, Mary Christian-Madden, currently in my 38th year in education, born 1946 (near your vintage). Thank-you very much. --- email: mchristian (at) ct.metrocast.net
      Mary - Thanks for your note. No, I'm afraid that your teacher could not have been my grandmother. By 1945 my grandmother, Alice Paine Boynton (aged 60), was living at 291 Liberty Street in Meriden, Connecticut where she lived until her death in 1983. The Boynton family came to Rowley, Massachusetts in 1638 so there are a large number of our relatives in New England - and teaching was a common occupation for them. I have a book of Boynton ancestors but it ends in 1896 so I can only look up information on people who were born before that date. I wonder if any readers knew her. If so, please write to the webmaster. Best regards - Doug
      Doug: Thank you for your prompt response. I will keep looking, probably in the West Boylston Town archives, as I know that when she retired she was lauded for her teaching longevity and expertise. Sincerely, Mary Christian-Madden
    12. [Boynton] September 30, 2007 --- "Annie Fields and Nathan S. Boynton" --- I am looking for information regarding Annie Fields, wife of Major Nathan S. Boynton. I have found her name spelled as Fields, Fielder and Fidelei. I am looking for her grave and have not found it in Port Huron, MI., Boynton Beach, FL or New Bremen / Auglaize County, OH. I found information that she was born in Bremen Germany and she was married in Cincinnati, OH so I put two and two together and tried New Bremen, OH. No luck ! If anyone has any information to share I would appreciate it. Dennis Smith - 2nd Great Grandnephew of Nathan. bumpatheman (at) yahoo.com
      Dennis - In my 1896 Boynton Family History book, I found the 3 and a half pages of biographical information and a photo (pages 80a-83) of Nathan S. Boynton who invented the Boynton Fire Escape and lived in Port Huron. Unfortunately there is no discussion of the fate of his wife (listed as Annie Fieldi). Best regards - Doug
      Thanks for your help Doug. Apparently you have added yet another spelling of her name, "Fieldi" to my list. Maybe some of your readers will be able to shed some light on the subject.
    13. [Boynton] October 1, 2007 --- "Boynton - Wadley connection" --- Hello,, I stumbled upon you Boynton family genealogy page while looking for a Boynton family. I figured it might be easier asking you than seaching for a link..
      Do you know of any Wadley connections to the Boynton line?? I found a item posted in an 1864 Watertown NY paper regarding Lovica Boynton and a Mary Wadley, wife of James Wadley Jr., and Mardilla Boynton of Watertown Jefferson County NY.
      I'm working on a lateral Wadley line. The item from the paper is somewhat blurry so somewhat hard to read. So any dates you may have would be greatly appreciated.. just looking for a starting point and line this Boynton descends from..
      I'm guessing Lovica Boynton is mother of Mary B. Wadley and Mardille. Also listed is a ?ebra Dean wife of Perry Dean of Rodman Jefferson Ct.,Charles Boynton and William (brothers?) of Strawberry Pt. IA, heirs of Darius M. Boynton of Watertown NY, deceased. I think Mary Wadley's father was William Boynton..
      It appears a will is available but not sure..
      James Wadley,jr. of Watertown is married to a Mary. They had a son Clinton Wadley. James Wadley is son of James Wadley sr., and Jane. of Watertown. They are listed on 1850 census.
      Any help with this greatly appreciated..
      Sheilah --- email: --- SBILES (at) hvc.rr.com
      Sheila - My resources also were unsuccessful in finding a link. I can find no reference to any Wadley family in my 1896 book nor is there a Lovica Boynton or a Mardilla Boynton. I'm hoping that one of our readers can help. Best regards - Doug
    14. [Boynton] October 1, 2007 --- "Alvira Boynton and family" --- Doug, I recently came across a "ROOTSWEB" reference to a David Boynton family of Hubbardston, Ma. Among the children are 2 brothers: (1) Daniel Boynton, b. 27 Nov. 1762 and (2) John Boynton, b. 2 Jan. 1765 who married a Mary ? and died in 1825 in Cornwall, Vt. These must be the 2 brothers I was asking you about in my earlier E-mail. According to "the History of Addison County, VT", page 428, John Boynton bought land in Cornwall, in 1798. This would seem to indicate that my ancestor Daniel Boynton/Boyington is the son of David Boynton and his wife Elizabeth.
      "K. W. BENTLEY" wrote:
      (BOYNTON) 05/01/2006
      Doug, I have had problems tracking down one of my ancestors, one Daniel Boyington/Boynton of Williamstown, Ma. He married one Abiah Wright Towner on Oct. 13, 1787 in Williamstown. They had 3 children: Alvira, b. 1789; Sally, b. 1788 and Daniel, Jr. b. 1796. At that same time there was a John Boynton in Williamstown who married on April 7, 1791, Mary Smedley of Connecticut. Do You or anyone else know of a connection for these 2 Boyntons or anything at all about this Daniel????
      Thanks in advance for any info. K. W. BENTLEY --- email: kbentley54 (at) yahoo.com
      Sorry, my references failed me on this one. I found three Alvira Boynton entries but none of the father's (Ezra, Jonathan, and Joseph) or mother's names were close to your family names. Maybe one of our readers can help ... Regards - Doug
    15. [Boynton] October 11, 2007 --- "Trying to make contact with Mike Gocken (formerly: mgocken (at) sbcglobal.net) and Ryan Patterson (formerly ryanpatterson111 (at) hotmail.com)" --- Doug, I am trying to make contact with a couple of people that have posted, in the past, but appearently their addresses are no longer valid. I wondered if you could post this request in hopes that they will contact me directly at bumpatheman (at) yahoo.com regarding the following entries:
      Dennis - 2x grandnephew of Nathan
      • February 5, 2007 --- "Boynton Hook" --- I have discovered several Boynton Hooks and am curious about them. They were patented on Nov. 26, 1907. Are you familiar with them? Thanks Mike --- email: mgocken (at) sbcglobal.net
      • Dec. 18, 2002. ----- "Boynton and The Knights of the Maccabees" Dear Boyntons, I am R S Patterson, direct decendent of Sir Mattew Boyton. He was knighted for introducing sheep and goats to america in the seventeen hundreds. After it is a blur until Granville F. Boynton father of, Major N S Boynton, born July 23, 1837, in Port Huron Michigan. My greatx5 grandfather . The founder of The Knights of the Maccabees, civil war hero and Founder of Boynton beach florida. I want to find distant cousins from Michigan or Florida where he frequented most. I have in my possesion many relics from the Maccabees and many things presented to our family. email me at ryanpatterson111 (at) hotmail.com
    16. [Boynton] Oct 22, 2007 ---- "Boynton Family Tree" --- Doug, I started doing genealogy within the past several months and have been quite successful in many areas. Yesterday I did a google search on the name Boynton and I came across a reference to your site. Much to my surprise... I am a descendant of John Boynton (1614). I am the 12th generation from him.
      • John Boynton (1614)... Your line.
      • Joseph Boynton (1644)
      • Joseph Boynton (1670)
      • Ephraim Boynton (1707)
      • Abiel Boynton (1753)
      • Abiel Boynton (1788)
      • Sarah Maria Boynton (1820)
      • Benjamin Lewis Rogers (1848)
      • Miriam A. "May" Rogers (1873)
      • Charles Gundelfinger (1900)
      • Janet Grace Gundelfinger (1928)
      • Robert F. Hanssen (1959)
      I am very interested in knowing more about the Boyntons and am enjoying going through your web site. Please email me anytime. Thanks! Robert Hanssen --- rfhanssen (at) aol.com
    17. [Boynton] Oct 29, 2007 ---- "Boynton diversity" --- Dear Mr. Quine: I was truly impressed with your web site. It was full of wisdom and of my last name. However, I am of African American, Native American Indian and Caucasian Descent. I once met a young lady (from Canada) at the University of Florida during a Maranatha Church Youth Group Study whose father was researching our last name. His research did reveal that we were related, even though the racial mixture was there. I regret not keeping in contact with her, after all these years. Angie Boynton - angeliaboynton (at) yahoo.com
    18. [Boynton] Oct 31, 2007 ---- "New Resource for Genealogy and Family Trees" --- Hi there, I noticed that your website links to sites about genealogy and family trees. I'd like to notify you of a new, unique service for creating flash family trees online: http://www.tribaljunction.com Tribal Junction makes it easy and fun to create a family tree and find distant relatives. As users in your family tree add more relatives, your tree automatically grows and automatically links to existing trees of more distant relatives. This lets you discover your roots more easily, as well as avoid duplicated work of other relatives that have already built their own trees. With additional user features like group email, automated notifications, customizable user profiles and more, Tribal Junction is also a great way for families to better keep in touch. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! Sincerely, Rachel -- rachel (at) tribaljunction.com
    19. [Boynton] November 4, 2007 ---- "Al Boynton of Washago On" --- My name is Allan Robert Boynton. I Live In Orillia On. My Grandfather Is Al Boynton of Washago On. he was married to Elizabeth Boynton of Washago On. My dad was Aubery Kitchner Boynton of Orillia ON. His Brother is Cliff Boynton of Orillia ON. Any help for a family tree would be welcome. Thank You: Al.Boynton Email : boynton_al (at) hotmail.com
    20. [Boynton] November 5, 2007 ---- "Baron Earl Boynton" --- Hi Doug, I'm starting to research my family heritage from what I know my great, great great grand father is Baron Earl Boynton from Iowa. Is he a descendant of John or William Boynton? Thank You, Craig Boynton, VP - sales / estimating, Glendale Fire Systems, Inc -- cboynton (at) glendalefiresystems.com
      Hi Craig - Was your ancestor Baron E. Boynton (page 101 of the Boynton book) born in 1835 of Nathaniel Boynton and Charlotte Bowman? If so, the answer is John. The line goes back:
      father - Nathaniel Boynton
      GF - Ephraim Boynton
      GGF - Col. John Boynton
      GGGF - Ephraim Boynton
      GGGGF - Joseph Boynton
      GGGGGF - Joseph Boynton
      GGGGGGF - John Boynton
      Best regards - Doug

      Hi Doug, Thanks for the quick response. From what I know he is Baron E. Boynton (born in NY) married to Mary Boynton (maiden name - Albany, born in Ohio). They had (4) sons and (1) daughter:
      Elmer W. Boynton
      Hattie A. Boynton
      Charles L. Boynton
      Clarence Sheldon Boynton
      --- Floyd Roland Boynton (grandpa)
      ------ Charles Sheldon Boynton (dad)
      --------- Craig Allen Boynton (me)
      ------------ Trevor Allen Boynton (my son 16 yrs)
      George E. Boynton
      What is the best way to find out specific information about my relatives? Who they were etc.
      Hi Craig - The first question is to determine whether the dates make him the right one. Unfortunately my book ends with him so I cannot provide any more recently matching material for you. If he is the right one, I can scan the pages referencing your ancestors going backwards - but it will take a few days as I'm in the middle of two massive projects right now. Best regards - Doug
      Hi Doug, Thank you for your help. I just ordered: The Boynton family, A genealogy of the descendants of William and John Boynton. Your web site has been very helpful and I appreciate your efforts. Thank You, Craig Boynton
      Craig - The book is a wonderful resource and they have a long discussion of at least one of your ancestors (Col. John Boynton had 120 great grandchildren at the time of his death). With page 101 as the starting point, you'll be able to trace backwards easily. Have fun. Best regards - Doug
    21. [Boynton] November 9, 2007 ---- "Boynton and Eaton postcards" --- Hi! My name is Darcy Hickson, and I farm near Brandon Manitoba Canada. I collect postcards, and I am trying to figure out if a series of postcards in my possession are locally produced. By the stamp box, they are Canadian/British, and the only other identifying ID is "Post card by Boynton and Eaton, Reston" There is a Reston, Manitoba, but also a Reston, Virginia. Do you have any clues as to the location of this "Boynton"? Any help is greatly appreciated, and best wishes with your family website, I am jealous! Darcy Hickson -- hicksondj (at) mts.net
      Darcy - Sorry for the very long delay in responding to your question. Today I saw reference to a Boynton and Eaton postcard from Reston, Manitoba. The subject matter also makes it clear that it pertains to Canada and not Virginia. I attach the details from an eBay postacard sale listing.
      See scan. Real photo postcard view of "After Dipping ...Western Canada Ranching Series No. 13...cpy/Canada 1912 by H.E. Brown", pub/Boynton & Eaton, Reston Man. Postmarked but I can't read. [from eBay sale #6209373345 on March 2, 2008 by "tbiz" of Godfrey, Illinois
      Best regards - Doug March 3, 2008
    22. [Boynton] November 10, 2007 ---- "Steven Charles Boynton II" --- Hello just trying to figure out were i truly came from My name is Steven charles McNeil but I was adopted. My birth name is "Steven Charles Boynton II" and someone said that I was related to Lord Boynton and I never met you and your probably not him but i was born in 1988 on October 3rd so just want to truley know Steven McNeil -- stemcn88 (at) gmail.com
      Steven - My apologies for the long delay in responding to the message. I've been swamped. My Boynton family history book was published in 1896 and therefore only contains the names of people were born about 10 years before that date. If you can find names of relatives that long ago then it might be possible to find them there. Our Boynton web site http://www.quine.org/boynton.html does contain a lot of the early history of the Boynton family dating back about 42 generations and nearly 1,000 years. Best regards - Doug
    23. [Boynton] November 11, 2007 ---- "William Mclean Boynton" --- I am searching for information on William Mclean Boynton, b ? d 1876 (He is my g.g. g. father) He is a son of the well known minister of this era Charles Brandon Boynton and he is brother of Henry Van Ness Boynton. William married Eleanor Kellogg, in Cincinnattie OH They lived on the eastern shore of Maryland during the civil war, in or near a town called Potters Landing (later Williston) He died in maryland, apparently of tuberculosis. Family history says there was a failed land deal that had something to do with a railroad line (that William Boynton had the contract to build the rail line, at least through his own property, but the rail line failed and he lost his money) The failed deal dealt a blow he never recovered from healthwise. I have found frequent mention of a "Dr. Boynton" who gives frequent lectures in Baltimore during the right timeperiod. I've also located an article on a William Boynton (referenced also as "Dr Boynton" in a baltimore newspaper article) who was implicated in an apparent arson in Roxbury, MA (appleton buildings). Dr. Boynton seems to have been tried but acquitted of this crime. Eleanor Kellogg Boynton moved to Washington, DC after her husband's death, and worked in the US Treasure office. She also died, and her children were "farmed out" to various relatives. It is this disbursal that leads to the loss of information. Anything helpful would be much appreciated. Your site is quite informative. Thanks. Edie Rose Allison, Department of Health Policy and Administration --- ear14 (at) psu.edu
      Dear Edie - I apologize for the long delay in responding to your message. I've been swamped. My Boynton family history book has a page devoted to "Charles Brandon Boynton, D.D. This is a "stand alone" page that isn't clearly linked into the descendants of John and William Boynton who immigrated to America in 1638. The book says that Charles Brandon Boynton was born in Berkshire County MA in 1806. It shows him as having 4 children:
      1. General Henry Van Ness Boynton
      2. Charles Augustus Boynton
      3. Mary Emma Boynton
      4. Ann Clarissa Boynton
      Unfortunately, I can't find reference to William Mclean Boynton (or any William M. Boynton). Both of the Kelloggs mentioned in the book are men so that didn't help either. There are too many William Boynton entries (about 55) without middle initials for me to search. Best regards - Doug

    24. [Boynton] November 15, 2007 ---- "Helen M. Boynton" --- I had a grandmother Helen M. Boynton 1885-1918 ; her father was Henry T. Boynton 1855-1936/Nettie M. Boynton (Haywood) born Oldtown Main May 22, 1859-1932. Is this any help? Maudie Cassel -- Igeegeei (at) aol.com
      I'm not finding any obvious related listings in the Boynton family history of 1896 - does anyone else have any information? Regards - Doug
    25. [Boynton] November 26, 2007 ---- "another branch of the Boynton tree" --- Greetings Cousin, I googled Boynton over the holiday weekend and discovered your website. Thankyou for putting it out there. Its always fun to see information about the ancestors. My own foray into the geneology was a result of a high school family tree project. My grandmother (Mary McCall Allen) had a copy of the Geneology of the descendants of William and John Boynton on her bookshelf as well as a wealth of knowledge about the most recent generations. Before she passed away she wrote a short memoir of her life and passed the family records on to my aunts and uncles. It doesn't contain any additional information about the Boynton line. One note about the family tree on your website. Item #24 lists the date of death for Joshua Boynton but it is left as a question mark in Item #23. Here is the line from our branch of the tree. We branch off at Joshua Boynton (Mar 10 1646 - Nov 12 1736) with the marriage to Hannah Barnet and son William.

      Gen 1:
      Joshua Boynton 3/10/1646 - 11/12/1736
      Hannah Barnet Boynton
      John Stevens
      Dorothy Stevens

      Gen 2:
      William Boynton 5/26/1690 - ?
      Joanna Stevens Boynton 10/15/1692 - ?

      Gen 3:
      John Boynton 8/31/1724 - ?
      Anna Smith Boynton

      Gen 4:
      John Buchanan
      Jane Russel Buchanan
      John Boynton 5/4/1756 - 1841(married Lydia Dow)
      Lydia Dow 1762 - 12/10/1840
      Anthony Fitchpatrick (married ? Menifee. Grandparents to William H. Fitchpatrick 1814 - 1897)
      ? Menifee

      Gen 5:
      William Logan
      Jane Buchanan Logan 1751 - ?
      Samuel McCall (siblings: James, William, Robert. Married Rebecca Sherry)
      Rebecca Sherry
      Thomas Clifton (married Nancy Wells)
      Nancy Wells
      Benjamin Boynton 4/2/1790 - 2/7/1850 (married Mary (Polly) Burt)
      Mary (Polly) Burt

      Gen 6:
      Philip Allen
      Louisa Allen
      Caleb Rulon
      William Logan 2/17/1784 - ?
      Elizabeth McCarthy Logan
      Samuel W. McCall 6/23/1792 - 3/7/1864
      Ann Clifton McCall 7/4/1795 - ?
      Henry Boynton 6/3/1816 - 7/10/1897 (the end of the Boynton name in the branch with daughter: Mary Abigail 1836 - ?)
      Hepzibal Willis Parmenter Boynton 1800 - 1861
      William H. Fitchpatrick 1814 - 1897
      Sarah V. Hagy Fitchpatrick 1815 - 1895
      Lyman Pierce
      Phebe Dean Pierce

      Gen 7:
      Philip Allen 4/24/1854 - 5/10/1918 (siblings: George W., Mary, Ella) (children: Sadie, Ivy, George, Eugene, May)
      Mary Jane Rulon Allen 5/9/1855 - 1920
      Lafayete McKim 5/15/1845 - ?
      Mary Jane Logan McKim
      Thomas Clifton McCall 9/4/1827 - 8/1892
      Mary Abigail Boynton McCall 1836 - ?
      Joseph Andrew Fitchpatrickk 10/17/1840 - 2/1922
      Harriet V Pierce Fitchpatrick 1843 - 9/1906

      Gen 8:
      Franklin Allen 10/15/1876 - 8/10/1940 (children: Lafayette Philip, Ruth, Franklin McKim, George Eugene, John Milford, Mary Jane, Willard, Jessie May)
      Jessie May McKim Allen 1/28/1882 - 10/30/1942
      Edward Mongomery McCall 8/30/1873 - 10/28/1934
      Jenevieve Louis Fitchpatrick McCall

      Gen 9:
      Lafayette Philip Allen 7/3/1902 - 1/27/1980 (children: David McCall, Jane Harriet, Edward Philip)
      Mary McCall Allen 5/26/1905 - 11/05/1999
      Warren Kenneth Nelson 3/21/1907 - 9/3/1969 (children: Sandra Kay, Sharan Ann, Sue Ellen)
      Ona Imboden Nelson 3/1/1914 - ?

      Gen 10:
      Edward Philip Allen 4/16/1940 - (chilren: Douglas Philip, Kenneth David)
      Sandra Kay Nelson Allen 4/5/1941 -

      At this point there are a lot of leaves. There is an Allen reunion every year in Central Iowa for the descendants of Philip Allen 4/24/1854 - 5/10/1918. Thanks again for publishing the Boynton family tree. Ken Allen, St Louis Park, MN --- kallen (at) akaka.com
      Ken - Thank you for the extensive materials that you provided for the Boynton family web site. Best Regards - Doug
    26. [Boynton] December 5, 2007 ---- "Boynton genealogy in Reminiscences of a Nonagenarian" --- There is a narative of the Boynton genealogy starting on page 321 of Reminiscenses of a Nonagenarian by Sarah (Smith) Emery. Google digitized the book from the Harvard University collection on Aug 31, 2006. The following link will take you to the online copy: http://books.google.com/books?id=RQbHOrNqDhsC&pg=PA324&dq=william+boynton#PPA321,M1 It begins with, "The Boynton family date from the invasion of Ireland by the Norsemen, in the seventh century. A chieftain of the race obtained a victory on the river Boyne, and from that historic stream took the name of Boynton. The comencement of the family pedigree in England is as follows:" It ends with a copy of the Boynton crest - only the goat has been replaced by a lion. Enjoy, Ken Allen --- kallen (at) akaka.com
    27. [Boynton] December 5, 2007 ---- "Katherine was the daughter of William Aton" --- There is a narrative of the Boynton genealogy starting on page 32. In reading G. R. Boynton's website which references the Carus Collier text, it says that the daughter of William Aton who married Walter de Boynton b. was named Katherine. Her name seems to be lost in many of the accounts. http://www.boyntons.us/yorkshire/people/lineage/collier/02barmston.html Ken Kallen (at) akaka.com
    28. [Boynton] January 7, 2008 ---- "Kimberley Rhodes Boynton" --- I was googling my fathers name today - and noticed your entry "My father was born in 1900 (in the UK)... his name was Kimberley Rhodes Boynton had two children by first marriage - I am a daughter by a second marriage." A further detail - his exact birthdate was February 15 1900. Marion Jarvis -- Marion.Jarvis@anu.edu.au
    29. [Boynton] January 17, 2008 ---- "Boynton family" --- Have been reviewing some of the inquiries and responses in the guest book, and thought I would give a general reply. I am descended from William-Elizabeth; Joshua-Hannah; William-Joanna; John-Anna Smith; David-Anna Batchelder; Mark W.-Desire; Nathaniel B.; Joseph W.; Nathaniel B. David and Anna, and his brother William and wife Mary (Molly) Huckins migrated from East Kingston, NH to Canterbury, NH to Meredith/New Hampton, NH. David and William owned adjoining properties, David's 1st lot was 117 Ac. David and Anna had 9 children, one of whom was William D (1780), who marries Nancy Davis; one of their children Samuel (1806), married 1st Nancy Sawyer, who died during the childbirth of their 5th child, 1840. William later marrried Evelina Anville Spaulding Dunn (widow) and they had at least 3 children, including Andrew Jackson, Augusta and Evelina. William and Nancy (and several infant children) are buried in the Boynton Cemetary, on the properties originally owned by David and William. No site for Evelina. Also, there is some information that Anna Batchelder may have been married previous to her marriage to David, as there is a deed from James Foss, relinquishing all interest in the estate "of my beloved mother Anna Boynton". However, can find nothing more about James Foss. There is a considerable amount of information about David's descendents, some of whom migrated to ME, VT and Canada. David Boynton --- dhboynton (at) verizon.net
    30. [Boynton] February 6, 2008 ---- "David Jewett Boynton" --- Douglas: In reference to your failure to find David Jewett Boynton, father of Horace Rollin Boynton, Sr., I have papers signed by him deeding property in Oregon to Mary Louise Home, the wife of Horace Rollin Sr. in 1892. More to the point, I have his burial site located in our family plot in central Los Angeles. If further details are wished, I will be delighted to provide them. My mother, Margaret Ann Boynton, died on 22 October, 2007 so, for our branch of the Boynton family, the senior living member of the family is my aunt, Elizabeth Edmund Sherman, presently residing in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Philip Henry Boynton --- philip42 (at) comcast.net Addendum (September 24, 2010): There are related messages in entries #900 (from 2007) above and #979 (from 2010) in volume 9 of the Boynton guestbook http://www.quine.org/guestboy.html - Doug
    31. [Boynton] February 10, 2008 ---- "earmarks explained - 12 years later!" --- Hello Doug, I stumbled across your following response to entry 17. TE 96-10-06 in your first guest book:
      ... we find in Branford CT town records under the date of Oct 16 1710 that one 'Jon. Boyington [sic] entered his ear marks with a crosse on the right ear and a half penny on the fore side of the same," ... I have no idea what to make of the description of the mark that John made, I assume that the "ear" and "crosse" must be terms used in describing the shape of the mark that was created as a signature.
      It happens that I have recently been researching earmarks for unrelated reasons. Given that earmarks originally were marks on the ears of domestic animals for the purpose of identifying them to their owners, fences being a sometime thing in the 16th century, it is likely that Jonathan was registering his "ear mark" in the Branford town records as public notice of his mark. At that time, the practice was likely more a matter of wanting one's animals returned home as soon as possible than it might have been a matter of protecting the mark from use by others. as it would likely be today, especially in the area of trademark protection, copyright, et al.
      With 12 intervening years, you may have come across this information and suggestion many times, but I felt called to share the tidbit I had just learned.
      Gene Boyington --- gene (at) nlis.net
      Down from Rowley by way of Tewksbury, Massachusetts; somewhere in New Hampshire; Jefferson, Prentiss and Kingman, Maine. Someday, I'll do the connecting research. It probably is obvious in "the book."
      This is wonderful - thank you so much for the follow-up. This is the first answer to the question - and it has now been added to the guest book. Best regards - Doug
    32. [Boynton] February 25, 2008 ---- "George Arthur Boynton - research stuck" --- My name is Anne-Marie Boynton Hunt. I am really stuck trying to find out info on my Boynton side.
      My Grandfather & Great Grandfather were only children & they died fairly young, so I have almost no dates or names.
      My Great Grandfather is George Arthur Boynton DOB- 18 Jan 1890, Deerfield, MA.
      His father is Charles L. Boynton. Here is where I am stuck with no further information.
      Some Census records for George are conflicting listing his father as born in Mass on one & New York on another. I believe he died in Mass, probaly in Deerfield or Springfield.
      Charles was married to Sarah Nicholson in 1888 in Greenfield, MA.
      If you can help that would be great. Thank you, Anne-Marie --- annemarie@centurytel.net
      Anne-Marie - The only "Charles L. Boynton" listed in my 1896 Boynton book (page 83) was born March 30, 1860 to a Major Nathan Smith Boynton (who was born June 23, 1837). There is a half page of text and a photograph devoted to Major Boynton, however, since he was born in Michigan and lived in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois, I suspect that he is not the father of your Charles L. Boynton. If anyone else has information relating to Anne-Marie's relative, I'll be happy to post it. - Doug
    33. [Boynton] February 25, 2008 ---- "seeking pseudonym 'Mullin Garr' and William David Boynton" --- Hello, Sorry to trouble you. I'm working on a bibliography of a publishing house in New York called The Olympia Press that operated from about 1967-1974.
      I have reason to believe that the real name of one of its authors, who wrote novels under the pseudonym 'Mullin Garr," was named in reality William David Boynton. I wonder if you could confirm that he was a member of your family, and if so whether he would be prepared to answer some questions concerning his work for the Olympia Press
      Faithfully Patrick J. Kearney --- patk (at) sonic.net
      "Tout ce qu'il éditait avait le souffle de la liberté." - Inscription on Eric Losfeld's tombstone.
      Scissors & Paste Bibliographies, Santa Rosa, California http://www.sonic.net/~patk/
      Patrick - I see that your German Olympia Press web page (http://sonic.net/~patk/German_Olympia.html) lists 13 translations of books by Garr, Mullin [William David Boynton] published between 1970 and 1972. The Library of Congress lists two in English from 1969 and 1970 with no mention of an alternative name; Amazon lists several without mention of a pseudonym. My family reference book was published in 1896 so it does not cover the contemporary Boynton family members (and William David Boynton is not an immediate relative). Perhaps a reader will have further information if Mullin Garr is interested in an interview.
    34. [Boynton] March 10, 2008 ---- "seeking Ronald Boynton" --- I found your website searching for my biological grandfather, Ronald Boynton. I have very little information on him, except that he married my grandmother, Elizabeth Agnes Flannery on February 8, 1964. At some point during their marriage they lived in Michigan along the coast of Lake Michigan and also in Rockford, IL. I don't know when, but he left after my mother and uncle were born after March of 1973 and we never heard of him again until my mother was notified of his death in Nebraska in June 2002. I do know that there are/were some sisters and other family members of his living in Indiana and possibly still in Michigan prior to 2000. I was wondering if you might have some information regarding this person or family members. I am at a loss for where to search as all I have is a wedding date and the month and year of his death. Sarah Bolen --- sebolen (at) yahoo.com
      Sarah, I've posted your request at the web site. I regret that I don't have any source of information myself. My Boynton family history was published in 1896 and therefore requires that there be names dating back to 1890 or earlier. If you do get further details, please advise me and I'll add them to the posting (or if you find an earlier Boynton relative, I'll try looking them up). Best regards - Doug
    35. [Boynton] March 12, 2008 ---- "seeking Mary Boynton" --- I just found a line that I didn't even know that I had. It's My 6x great grandmother was Mary Boynton. As I got to checking I found a world of information. I am so thrilled. We are going on vacation next week and now I would rather stay home. Many thanks for sharing with all of us. I have been doing genalogy research looking for a Mayflower connection and you gave it to me. Many, many thanks. You made my day. From the capital of a very cold Michigan, USA Joyce Shaw --- JoyceGS55 (at) aol.com
      I'm so happy that the web page was of help (and apologize for the long delay in replying to you). - Doug
    36. [Boynton] March 17, 2008 ---- "seeking N. S. Boynton (publisher, veteran, inventor, Maccabee) sword connection" --- Greetings, I found your name on a site for N.S.Boynton and I'm wondering if you can help me? I have a sword with the name N.S.Boynton Port Huron, Mich. engraved on the blade just below the handle and I'm wondering if this is the Boynton in your family?? I'm going to be listing it on Ebay and I'd like to list a little history of the previous owners.? I know it was used in ceremonies for the Maccabees order, but I'm wondering if N.S.Boynton is the same as the one in Florida that the town was named after. Can you help me?? Thank you,? Barbara Halliwell, Rittman, Ohio --- barbiekus (at) aol.com
      Barbara, There is a Nathan S. Boynton (born June 23, 1837 in Port Huron, Michigan listed on pages 81-83 of the 1896 Boynton family history book (plus a full page photograph looking like Abe Lincoln). He was very distinguished:
      • serving in the Civil War (private promoted to major serving under General Burnside in Tennessee)
      • then elected to state legislature
      • then publisher of the Port Huron Press
      • then major of Port Huron
      • then president of the Board of Education
      • then invented the Boynton Fire Escape (and the Boynton Fire Truck and the Boynton system for trussing fire ladders)
      • then manager of the Michigan operations of the Shelton (NY) publishing operations
      • then failing health caused him to retire and he became very active in the Maccabees as the Great Record Keeper
      Best regards - Doug
    37. [Boynton] April 18, 2008 ---- "seeking Bill Boynton, Ontario, Canada" --- Dear Friends, I am trying to locate an old friend, Bill Boynton ,who attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help primary School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada . I would appreciate it if you have any information on this Bill Boynton. Thank you. Paul Harris --- PAULTURNERHARRIS (at) aol.com
    38. [Boynton] April 20, 2008 ---- "seeking Jeremiah Kennison who married a daughter of a Gen. (British/Rev.War) Boynton" --- Dear Friends, I have a little info from a relative that Jeremiah Kennison married a daughter of a Gen. (British/Rev.War) Boynton. I have been trying to connect the two with no luck. Are you familiar with this? Thank You, Lois --- lharris50 (at) cox.net
      I'm afraid that I don't yet have any information. My Boynton family history was published in 1896 does not mention any Kennison. I'm guessing that a British general was probably from the UK during the revolution and therefore is not closely to John and William Boynton (who descendants are listed in the book) who had emigrated to America about 140 years earlier. Please tell me if you get any further information and I'll post that as well.
    39. [Boynton] April 21, 2008 ---- "Moore and Greenleaf connections" --- I was very happy to read material describing the connections between the Greenleafs and the Moores in England and MA during the 16th and 17th centuries. I hope it will help me confirm my ancestry from the Moore family of Maldon, Essex, England. We are betting these are our folks but, so far, nothing conclusive. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for providing this most intriguing data. Jay Moore Ontario, Canada --- Jay.Moore (at) gto.net
    40. [Boynton] May 4, 2008 ---- "Marion Cross Boynton connection" --- hello my name is Russell William Boynton,I currently live in Belvidere Illinois.I am originally from Odessa Texas.I was wondering what if any connection to the Boynton family of which you are a member there might be.My grandfather was named Marion Cross Boynton,He married mildred, Not sure of her maiden name.Any information you could help me with would be appreciated,thank you for your time. Russell Boynton --- boyr20 (at) yahoo.com
      I'm afraid that I don't yet have any information. Please tell me if you get any further information and I'll post that as well.
    41. [Boynton] May 6, 2008 ---- "Nathaniel Boynton was the founder of the Richardson & Boynton Co." --- Howdy! I believe I read somewhere on this board that Nathaniel Boynton was the found of the Richardson & Boynton Co. that produced heaters & furnaces. Is that correct? If so, I found something in my late aunt's estate that may of interest to the family members. Please respond back with confirmation first. Thanks! Alan
      Yes, Nathaniel A. Boynton assigned his Canadian patent "CA 20984" for a "Hot Air Furnace" to the Boynton Furnace Company on January 26, 1885. My Boynton book indicates that he lived in New York and was President of the American Boynton Association in 1893. He married a woman with the last name of Richardson. He is the 8th Boynton generation in the USA. 8. Nathaniel A. Boynton was the 1st of 7 children (page 75) - Doug
    42. [Boynton] May 21, 2008 ---- "Mary Moor and John Boynton" --- Hello, Looking at your site, the Boynton family is absolutely HUGE!!! Where my ancestors tie in is Mary Moor b:1 Feb 1793 (dau of Thomas Moor and Mary Stevenson) married John Boynton. He died 1863 and Mary died 1869. My Moor family came from the Thorpe Hall, Rudston, York area. Also a brother to our Mary Moor-Boynton-William Moor(e) name changed after coming to America, born 25 Feb. 1811 and died 5 Jun 1892, married Alice Boynton b: 10 Nov 1817 and died 29 Dec. 1876. Do you have any information on these Boyntons? I live in Iowa, United States. Thanks, Tracy Moore-Murray --- punkslm (at) globalccs.net
      Tracy, I don't find any references to Mary Moor (or Moore or Moors). I did, however, find a remarkable human interest story regarding "Moore" on page 26 of the Boynton family history book of 1896. Jonathan Boynton married Mary Moore, widow of John Moore, Dec. 13, 1781; "When they entered the Revolution army, Moore was Drum Major and Boynton was Fife Major. Moore told Boynton if he died, he (Boynton) must come home and marry his widow. Moore did die and Boynton came home and married the widow." and when their son related this to John Farnham Boynton (co-author of family history), many years later, he added "that is how the Moore came into my name". Best regards - Doug
      July 21, 2008:
      Douglas, Thanks for your recent reply regarding the Moore name. Our Moore's did not come over from England until after 1809. I know that there are so many Moor/Moore folks out there. Over in England there was a plethera of Moor/Moore folks. I would think that somehow they had to be related, but defininately can't say. I have been stumped by the fact that we cannot get back any further than 1720. So whatever happened there as a fire or something, the records are lost. Or at least many of my family cannot penetrate that date. But this I do know, we do have Boynton folk in our family that married into the Moore line. I wished that there was a way we could connect our lines somehow. But maybe that is not possible. I wanted to especially thank you for looking into the question. I really appreciate it!!! If you ever find anything, please let me know. Thanks again!!!! Tracy Moore-Murray
    43. [Boynton] May 24, 2008 ---- "Boynton family genealogy Thomas Boynton to Susanna Byington" --- I am new to genealogy research, however, I stumbled across your web pages and have found many of the same family members. I am the descendent of:
      grandfather Thomas Boynton (16th great Grandfather)
      grandfather Christopher Boynton (15th great Grandfather)
      grandfather Robert Boynton (14th great Grandfather)
      grandfather James Boynton (13th great Grandfather)
      grandfather Roger Boynton (12th great Grandfather)
      grandfather William Boynton I (11th great grandfather)
      grandfather William Boynton II (10th great Grandfather)
      grandfather William Boynton III (9th Great grandfather)
      grandfather Caleb Boynton (8th great Grandfather)
      grandfather John Byington (Boynton) (7th Great Grandfather)
      grandfather Daniel Byington I (6th great Grandfather)
      grandfather Daniel Byington II (5th great grandfather)
      grandfather Daniel Byington III (4th great Grandfather)
      grandmother Susanna Byington (James Rowley) (3rd great grandmother)
      I thank you for allowing us to view your website. I learned quite a bit about the family from this site. It's great! I do have some information on dates that you may or may not have yet (I noticed them missing on your site). If you would be interested please let me know. Thank you again! Wynter Gleason --- winterleighgleason@ (at) msn.com
    44. [Boynton] June 8, 2008 ---- "Harold L. Boyington family tree" --- I recently have started the exciting adventure of tracing the Boyington side of my family. What an adventure. My grandfather was Harold L. Boyington, the son of Leonard Henry Boyington. According to my mother, Harold was given up by his father, Leonard, after his mother, Helen Weller, passed away in 1902, to an old maid with the last name of McIntyre. She raised my grandfather, but never did adopt him. However, he did take her last name of McIntyre, and used it until the day he died. Recently a distant cousin of mine sent a notebook, to my mother, with lots of Boyington family history in it. Now I have gotten addicted, and want to find out as much as I can about my family. Do you have any pictures or information that you would share? I sure would appreciate it. Thank you so very much, Dolores (Dee) Sanders --- Deebillsan (at) aol.com
      Dee - These searches are fun (and sometimes frustrating as well). I'm afraid that I don't yet have any information. My Boynton family history published in 1896 does not mention either of these Boyington ancestors (it only lists a total of 27). I also skimmed Roy E. Byington's 1996 (yes 100 years later) "Byington, Boynton, Baker Genealogy with the descendants of Cyrus Irving Byington of Norwalk, Connecticut 1865-1953" without any luck. That book does do a nice job of describing the origins of the Boynton family and the name change to Byington but I didn't notice any Boyington references (although it does not have an index). Regards - Doug
    45. [Boynton] June 8, 2008 ---- "Tenney connection" --- I'm looking to further my family line. My Hi, Just found this site. Have some paperwork which matches items on your site. My name is Kelly mother's maiden name was Tenney but grandfather changed last name. -- Dean Horning --- deanhorning (at) frontiernet.net
    46. [Boynton] June 29, 2008 ---- "Zerah (Zera) Boynton connection" --- I'm looking to further my family line. My Boynton relative was Zerah (Zera) Boynton. He was born in Vermont in 1812. He married Permelia Buss, b.1809 also of Vt. Census records indicate that Zerah's parents were both from MA. Zerah and Permelia moved to Ontario Canada. There they had a child, William, b 1833. They moved to Michigan some years later and had several more children. Zerah died in Jackson County Michigan. Do you have any information that can help me find Zerah' parents? Thank you, Cynthia Prestidge --- cprestidge (at) satx.rr.com
      Cynthia, Yes, my 1896 Boynton family book (page 232) lists Zerah Boynton (the 10th of 11 children) who married Permelia Buss of Middlebury, Vermont. [interestingly, he was left out of the index so I found the listing from her name] The book lists his birth date as Aug. 29, 1811 and his death date as May 5, 1881 at Grass Lake, Michigan where he had lived since 1834. If I read it correctly, the book says that their son Wallace J. Boynton was born March 10, 1835, son B. F. (?), daughter Permelia was born in 1840, son Daniel was born in 1842, and (daughter?) Arethusa was born in 1845. Wallace married Jeannette Stevenson and their children were Lizzie, Ray, and Emma. [the layout of this entry is a little cryptic).
      Zerah's father was David Boynton (page 231), born 1742 and supposed to be the son of a John Boynton (there is no more information going backwards); David was in the French War and the Revolution and drew a pension in his last year of life. He lived in Wendall, Hampshire Country, Massachusetts and then moved in 1822 to Hague, Warren County, New York. Regards - Doug

      July 23, 2008:
      Douglas, Thank you for the great information about the my Boynton relative. I want to add the names of Zerah' siblings and hopefully the mother's name. Could you direct me to a source of this information. I've looked on your website for the page numbers indicated in your email but am unable to locate them. Are they in a specific volume? One of the children born to Zerah was my gr.gr. Grandfather William Boynton who was born in Ontario Canada. He married a woman named Melissa. Would you happen to have any information/ideas about William. Again thank you for sending the information about Zerah. It's been a great help. I'd appreciate it so much if you could direct me to other sources. Cynthia Prestidge
      September 7, 2008
      Cynthia - The contents of the 350 page Boynton book from 1896 are not posted at my website. I've scanned pages 232-233 for you and they are attached. Zerah is listed at the bottom of the left page (10th child = "x") and within his entry is information about his wife and children. Best regards - Doug
    47. [Boynton] July 7, 2008 ---- "Mary Boynton and Merritt" --- Do you know if there is any proof that Mary Boynton daughter of Joshua Boynton -that married Merritt had a daughter also named Mary. JAS --- Joycegs55 (at) aol.com
      Joyce, I'm sorry, my 1896 Boynton family history lists only 2 Merritt references - and they were both women that married Boynton men. Best regards - Doug
    48. [Boynton] July 16, 2008 ---- "Willard Van Orman Quine and Boynton" --- Dear Douglas Like many, I have found your website both very enjoyable and informative. You may well know that the name 'Boynton' is pretty unusual in the UK, even more than in the US I think. Now in my fifties, I don't think I have ever met a Boynton outside my own extended family.
      I come originally from the Isle of Wight, where there are quite a few Boyntons, though many have moved away to seek educational and employment opportunities on the 'mainland'. I am now based in Buckinghamshire, not far from London. I do not know much about the genealogy of my own family, although I believe its base on the Isle of Wight goes back most of the twentieth century. I'd certainly be fascinated to know whether you are aware of any connections between the Isle of Wight Boyntons and those in the US.
      Coincidentally, I was a student at Harvard Law School in the mid '70s. I also had philosophical interests and I cross-registered for a course (Philosophy of Language taught by Linda Foy) in the Department of Philosophy. Your father would have been there at that time. However, it was only much more recently that I discovered that the Quines and Boyntons were connected - I think when I read some of the obituaries relating to your father and which of course mentioned your mother. If I had known about that at the time I hope I would have had the courage to introduce myself to your father on the strength of my 'family connection.'
      I look forward to exploring your website in more detail.
      Kind regards
      Yours, Philip Boynton
      Philip - Thanks for the note. Although I grew up in Boston, in the early 1970's I was a student at Princeton (undergraduate) and then Cornell (graduate school). The Boynton name is rare here in absolute terms but there are thousands of descendants of the two brothers who came here in 1638. I'm amazed to find that 95% of the people who can name an ancestor from the 1800's (when my reference book was published) prove to be distant cousins. Best regards - Doug
    49. [Boynton] July 16, 2008 ---- "Joseph Boynton" --- Hi , Looking for the family tree of Joseph Boynton who was born in New York in 1812/1813. Appears on the 1880 US Census living in Harborcreek Erie County PA. Thank You. Rick Hostetter --- painfantry (at) comcast.net
      Rick, Do you by chance have any other names (wife, son)? Joseph is an extremely common name and many of the entries do not list years. Regards - Doug
      Hi Doug, Thanks for getting back to me. Information: 1850 census Pomfret, Chautauqua, New York, Joseph 38, born in New York...Wife Polly 37, born in NY, Frederick 16, born in New York, Joseph 14, born in New York, Philander 10, born in New York, Albert 8, born in New York, Lucy A 3, born in New York. 1870 Census Harborcreek, Erie, Pennsylvania,, Joseph 58, Mary 57, Lucy A 23, Edwin 19. Everyone was born in New York. I believe Frederick form above eventually lived in PA and Philander was in PA for awhile but died in Florida in 1918. My theory is that Joseph may come from the Jonah family that migrated in Albany New York from Vermont. Thanks for your help, Rick Hostetter
      Rick - Thanks for the additional information. Unfortunately, I struck out. While Philander is a rare name, there are two entries (pages 226 for Philander Boynton and page 248 for Philander Prescott Boynton in my old Boynton book) but none of the siblings names match. If you do find additional information, please send it along. Meanwhile, I'm updating the web listing in case someone else can find the answer. Best regards - Doug
    50. [Boynton] July 27, 2008 ---- "Merwyn Kenyon Boynton Jr." --- I am trying to trace my father's lineage....his name was Merwyn Kenyon Boynton Jr. and he was born in 1927. His father was Merwyn Kenyon Boynton Sr. (I don't know any other information about him. I have been told that the original surname might have been Von Boynton, but I have nothing to back that up. I believe that my father was born in Orlando, Florida. Any help would be appreciated. I have also been told that my grandfather's family from possibly from the New York area. Live for the music! Robert Boynton --- rob_boynton123 (at) yahoo.com
      Rob, I regret that I don't have any source of information myself. My Boynton family history was published in 1896 and therefore requires names dating back to 1890 or earlier. Your grandfather probably just missed the date. Do you have a name for a great-grandfather Boynton and (ideally) his wife? If you do get further details, please advise me and I'll add them to the posting (or if you find an earlier Boynton relative, I'll try looking them up). Best regards - Doug
    51. [Boynton] August 1, 2008 ---- "Christopher Boynton family in Idaho" --- I am trying to trace my father's lineage....his name was Merwyn Kenyon Boynton Jr. My name is Robert Boynton Thomas born 1950
      My mother was Ione Boynton born 1908 in berley idaho (there were 4 girls/2 boys) Mary, Ione, Richard, Fern, Phyllis, and a boy who died young?????
      Her mother was Alice Boynton died 1982 ? In Berley, Idaho Her husband was Christopher Boynton they lived in Berley, Idaho
      Do you have any information about the Boyntons that were in Idaho in the early 1900's? Thanks, Robert Boynton Thomas --- robert.thomas.4 (at) MSCRTC.ANG.AF.MIL
      Robert, I regret that I don't have any source of information myself. My Boynton family history was published in 1896 and therefore requires names dating back to 1890 or earlier. Your grandfather probably just missed the date (there is no Christopher Boynton in my book). Do you have a name for a great-grandfather Boynton and (ideally) his wife? Unfortunately the book has no geographical information in the index so it is not possible to search by location. If you do get further details, please advise me and I'll add them to the posting (or if you find an earlier Boynton relative, I'll try looking them up). Best regards - Doug
      Further information from Robert Boynton Thomas (September 12, 2008)
      Here is some information my sister gave me. Hope it helps....
      Thomas Boynton, born 14 Aug 1826, Pempton, Yorkshire, England; died: 10 July 1895, Kaysville, Utah
      wife: Mary Kershaw born:26 Feb 1829, Worley, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; died: 29 Sept 1894 Kaysville, Utah
      Thomas Boynton parents:
      • Francis Boynton born Bempton, Yorkshire, England
      • Ann Agus, born Bempton, Yorkshire, England
      Robert, My reference book only tracks descendents of two brothers who came to America in 1638 so later Boynton family arrivals are not traced. Best regards - Doug
    52. [Boynton] Sept. 22, 2008 / October 18, 2008 --- "Casmir W Boynton" ---
      I ran across the name of Casmir W Boynton who is connected with Boynton Beach in New Jersey btw. late 1800's and early 1900's It is in the city of Sewaren, NJ. Would any one have the ancestor of this person.
      Does anyone have any information on a Casmir (sp) W. Boynton who was in Seawaren N.J. in the late 1800's. He owed a Clay and Fire Brick company and also a lumber company. This Boynton family also had a beach resort named for them in Seawaren N.J. called The Boynton Beach Resort. There appears to be no connection to the Florida Boynton Beach family. Dennis and Tina --- email: bumpyandbumpa (at) comcast.net
      My 1896 Boynton book lists a Cassimer William Boynton (page 179) of Sewaren, NJ and says that he is a manufacturer of drain pipe, tile, hollow brick and fireproofing. He is the son of Nathaniel Boynton born May 14, 1807 (who had his name changed by an act of legislature to "Gorham Lincoln Boynton" around 1836). Nathaniel's father was also named Nathaniel Boynton; his father was Captain Joseph Boynton born Jan 17, 1755; his father was Samuel; his father was Daniel; his father was Samuel; and his father was the John Boynton who emigrated to America in 1638. Boynton in Undated article Street Railway Employees Dinner circa 1905
    53. [Boynton] October 27, 2008 --- "new Boynton" ---
      Thought I would throw my name in as a new Boynton line. I am the great granddaughter of Carrie Boynton, daughter of Charles Milton Boynton who was the son of William Boynton and Harriet Curtis. All of this line is now in Texas. Janice Batey Allen -- email: guardmaam (at) yahoo.com
    54. [Boynton] Dec. 14, 2008 --- "Boynton family history" ---
      I would like to share this with you. I have been researching the Boynton family for many years and was fascinated to read the information on your site. I have a copy of the manuscript transcribed by Carolyn H. Boynton that had been loaned to her by a Mrs. Stevens, sister of Edmund Boynton.
      • My maternal greatgrandmother was Betsy Boynton. She was born in York, Maine on Aug. 13, 1814, the last of 8 children. Betsy Boynton married James Reed Spear in June, 1841 and had four children and she died in 1886.
      • Her parents were Oliver Boynton and Lucretia Hodgden.
      • Her grandparents were Oliver Boynton and Sarah Fletcher. She is a directly descended from the English Boyntons on her father's side.
      Thank you for your website. It's interesting to know that there are so many people unknown to one another who actually have ancestors in common.
      Bobbe Allen -- email: CakieAllen (at) aol.com
    55. [Boynton] Dec. 18, 2008 --- "Boynton name found in article circa 1905" ---
      While working with the material my great grandfather left behind in a scrapbook, I ran across a George W. Boynton. Googled it and came up with your site. The undated article about the Street Railway Employees Dinner is attached (click on it for enlarged view). Casco Castle was a resort in southern coastal Maine in the very early 1900s.
      Dave -- email: demmith (at) comcast.net Boynton in Undated article Street Railway Employees Dinner circa 1905
    56. [Boynton] Dec. 21, 2008 --- "Boynton name found in 1752 Book of Sermons" ---
      To whom it may concern; I am intrigued by your geneaology web page. It is very extensive and well researched! I have a book with the above title. It is signed on the cover page by a Rich Boynton 1768. I was researching who he might be and came across your research. The book was purchased in Maine, but the name seems to be of the same time period as a Richard Boynton who was associated with the Sons of Liberty in Boston. Any info that you have would be helpful. I have included a photo of his signature in the book. Luke Haub -- email: ldhpatterson (at) gmail.com
    57. [Boynton] Jan. 29, 2009 --- "Hi. I am a descendant of William Peasley 1580 also." ---
      That was a long time ago. And I am not sure I have all the links. It is easy to list people's names, but sometimes there are gaps that are too long....... Grandma did a lot researching, but.... And this is not my major interest, but I was reading a book on early church history today and was appalled at the treatment two Quaker women Mary Fisher and Ann Austin were given. My country is not bad to women.....in the name of religion! And I thought about my early ancestors' settling in America. They came for different reasons... One of your older relatives,
      Lucy Jones -- email: LucyCJones (at) aol.com
    58. [Boynton] Jan. 29, 2009 --- "Both Paine and Peasley are ancestors..." ---
      I wonder if there is any connection. My Peasley data is full of big gaps....... But I went into the DAR on my Paine ancestor.
      Lucy Jones
    59. [Boynton] Feb. 6, 2009 --- "Moor family and Boynton family in Yorkshire and later arrivals in the United States" ---
      Hello Mr. Quine,
      I have contacted you before. Now after studying much more on my Moor family, your Boynton family name I understand more deeply. I understand that the two brothers that came to America in the 1600's. But how many more Boyntons stayed in Yorkshire? I had asked a year or two ago if you recoginized the name of John Boynton that married Mary Moor 13 Sept 1828. She was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Moor. She was born 01 Feb 1793 at Killham, York, England. For John we have the birth date of 1790. Both died in Vernon, North Moreland, Pennsylvania. John in 1863 and Mary in 1869.
      Our John Boynton's father was also John Boynton. My Moor family were farm laborers in and around Thorpe Hall till they came over to Pennsylvania.
      The union of John and Mary Boynton brought Frank and Alice Boynton, both born in England. Date for Frank I do not have but Alice is 1817.
      This is all the information that we have on this couple. Also, we have an Alice Boynton born 11 Nov 1817 England and was married to William Moor who was born 25 Feb 1811 at Speeton, York, England. William died at Vernon, Wyoming Co. Pennsylvania in 1872. Alice Boynton, Moor died the same place in 1896. They had 6 children, two with the middle name of Boynton.
      In looking at your family tree on the Boynton side, there is much work to be done continuing with the Boynton line. Full time job!!!!!
      If you can find these folks, let me know. Being in the same area and then marrying assures me that there is a connection somewhere. Do you know anything about Thorpe Hall at Rudston, England??? History in about 1800 or so??? I can be more specific if when you e-mail me back. Thanks for your help. Contact me at punkslm@globalccs.net
      Thanks again, Tracy Moore- Murray
      Tracy, Yes, many Boynton family members did stay in Yorkshire and indeed there remains a family presence there today. My 350 page reference book just talks about the family in America from 1638 to 1896 - since then the family has grown to unmeasured dimensions around the world. Unfortunately, my day job calls so someone else will need to document the entire family. I'm sorry that I can't help more with the other questions. Perhaps another reader can.. Regards - Doug
    60. [Boynton] March 9, 2009 --- "Rowley and Boynton Family" ---
      Hi, my name is Thomas Rowley. During her lifetime my grandmother Verna Erikson traced our family genealogy.
      The farthest back she went was the Boynton family, who were the first of my ancestors in the new world.
      She found out John Boynton was born in Knapton, Wintringham in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England in 1614. According to her, John and his brother WIlliam settled in Rowley, Mass. in 1638. John Boynton married Ellen Pell of Boston and had 7 children with her. Joseph, John, Caleb, Mercy, Hannah, Sarah and Samuel.
      According to a website I found John Boynton changed his name to Byington shortly after arriving in America. When he was granted a tract of land by the king his name was misspelled. He decided it was easier to go with that rather than write back to England and deal with a paper chase for the next several years.
      She also found our earliest known ancestor with the Boynton surname was Bartholomew de Boyton who "siezed of the manor of Boynton in 1067".
      I can send you everything she researched if you want to see more. On a personal note, I consider Boynton, England my ancestral home and I hope to visit someday. I realize there has been many generations over the last 370 years but I'm just happy to know where I came from.
      Thomas Rowley, Dallas, Texas -- email: tom (at) buymeataco.com
      Thomas - Thanks for your note. As you probably appreciate, your family was very important in the settlement of the Boynton family in America as Rev. Rowley was the minister to the congregation and the town which was named after him! At the home page of this web site (www.quine.org/boynton.html) you can see the Boynton family traced all the way back to Bartholomew de Boynton. I'm interested to hear the story of the Byington name change. I'd always understood it was due to the illiteracy / poor penmanship of our ancestors (not the king's fault). That is a nice story. I have the 1896 Boynton family history book which mentions many of the items that you referenced. Do you know whether your grandmother found the information there or whether there is another source as well? Best regards - Doug
      (July 7, 2009) Hello Douglas, My grandmother did her most of her research in the 80's and early 90's, she passed away in 1995. It was old-fashion pavement pounding; visiting cemeteries, searching church and government records and checking shipping manifests. In her research she did name some sources, mostly cemeteries and public records. She was also very active in the Daughters of the American Revolution and used some of their resources. I'm not too sure of the circumstances surrounding the name change other than someone misspelled it, I don't know who was at fault. There isn't much about our family in England, the story picks up in America circa 1683. One interesting note: one of the Boynton ancestors, Mary Barnes was put to death for witchcraft during the Salem trials. Other than that there are some wild stories from the American Revolution and the Civil War. Again, I hope to visit Boynton/Bridlington someday soon to have an authentic British Ale. I'll check out the webpage and get back to you on anything of interest I find. Thomas Rowley
    61. [Boynton] March 12, 2009 --- "Maude Boynton and Boynton history" ---
      I was wondering if you could help me. My grandmothers maiden name was Maude Boynton She was Married to Clyde Manley Fossett . They lived around the coast of Maine in the Pemaquid, Pemaquid Beach, New Harbor area. They lived in Bowdoinham, Maine at their passing. All I can remember about the Boynton family is my mother telling me that the family had a castle called Castle Boyntoin and the Name Von Boyton. My Mothers Name was Natalie Mildred Fossett Estabrook. I believe if I remember correctly my grandmother had a brother named Robert Boynton. Thank you Linda Keenan -- email: Lekmwj08 (at) aol.com
      Linda - My Boynton family history book ends in 1896 so I'd need names from before that to be able to link the family history. Certainly the "Boynton Castle" is well documented in family lore and a photograph is opposite page xii in the old family history book. I'm not aware of a Von Boynton linkage but the early Norman family history does include Bartholomew de Boynton (Lord of the Boynton manor in 1067). I've captured some of the early family history on the main Boynton family web page: www.quine.org/boynton.html Regards - Doug.
    62. [Boynton] April 25, 2009 --- "seeking Wendy Boynton born around 1960" ---
      Hello, I am searching for Wendy Boynton, she must be now almost 48 - 49 years old. Her father's name is Ray. About 33 years ago they lived in Pangbourne, and few years later they moved to Reading. Wendy was married, but some years later divorced. I know she was working in an hospital. We lost contact, but now i am wondering how she is doing. Perhaps, you can help me find her. I like to repair the broken contact with her. Please, will you help me finding her. Best regards Tony Smulders Holland -- email: a.smulders05 (at) onsnet.nu
    63. [Boynton] April 25, 2009 --- "seeking Wendy Boynton born around 1960" ---
      Wendy, where are you ?. We lost contact, many years ago, please ,... make contact with me. A 33 years ago, we had with Christmas a little romance in Holland. A few month's later i was in Pangbourne. Please, make contact with me, i am wondering what your life has brought you. With best regards. Love,... Tony PS. my e-mail adress is kanaal53 (at) onsnet.nu
    64. [Boynton] April 29, 2009 --- "Willard Henry Boynton and Boynton family in Nevada, Iowa" ---
      Dear Mr. Quine: My Grandfather was Willard Henry Boynton, born in Nevada, Iowa on November 11, 1892. He was one of 11 children, the others were all female. He had two daughters, Alice Elizabeth and Ida Belle. I am the son of Alice, my name is Willard Hopkins. My grandfather showed me (back in the 1970's) a family genealogy that stretched back to 1638 in Rowley, Mass. Unfortunately, that family tree has been lost. I remember that either his father or grandfather (or both) were named Henry Boynton. Do you or anyone else have any information about the Boynton family in Nevada, Iowa. Thank you. Will Hopkins -- email: whopkins (at) questaec.com
      My Boynton reference book does not have any geographical index. I checked all the William H. Boynton entries and did not find any Iowa connection. There are dozens of William Boynton listings without initials (and also there are index errors) so I cannot be sure whether the information is known... Does anyone else know? Regards - Doug
      (June 15, 2009) Hi Doug, Thanks for getting back to me. My Grandfather's name was Willard H. Boynton, not William, which may help narrow the field. He was also known as Bill Boynton, but that probably won't help. He was an alumni of Iowa State University, and was on their basketball team. He always talked about his Grandfather having a station on the underground railroad in Iowa before and during the Civil War. Anyway, Thanks for your efforts. Maybe someone will see the post and reply. Sincerely, Will(ard) Hopkins
      Will - My apologies, certainly Willard (my father's name) is much less common and easier to trace. My Boynton book from 1896 is very sketchy for birthdates as late as 1892. It does have several Willard Boynton entries (but the locations don't mention Iowa).
      1. Page 36, is a Willard H. Boynton (8th generation in America, born 1854) - who was my grandfather's uncle! married Annie Rollins of Groveland (Groveland, MA where my grandfather also grew up)
      2. Page 36, Willard H. Boynton's son, named Willard Rollins Boynton (also mentioned page 252), was added to the book by my grandfather in his handwriting with the date born "about 1886". This Willard was his cousin. (Groveland, MA where my grandfather also grew up)
      3. Page 149, Willard Boynton (born July 23, 1801 in New Hampshire and later moved to Georgia)
      Keep me posted if you get any further insights. Best regards - Doug
    65. [Boynton] May 18, 2009 --- "Sarah Boynton and Lawrence family" ---
      From your 34 generation chart you show 3 references to a Sarah Boynton. They are:
      1. Joshua Boynton (Mar 10 1646 - Nov 12 1736) --- Farmer, soldier in Narragansett wars 1675. First married Hannah Barnet on Apr 9 1678 (she died Jan 12 1722). Next married Mary Syles on Nov 29 1725 (she died July 28, 1727). Married 3rd Mary, widow of his cousin John Boynton on Oct 30 1727. Four sons born in Newbury: Joshua, John, Zachariah, William. One daughter born in Newbury: Hannah. Two sons born in Rowley: James, Moses. Four daughters born in Rowley: Hannah, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jemima.
      2. Joshua Boynton (May 4 1679 - Oct 29 1770) --- Married Mary Dole in May 1708. Five sons: Jeremiah, David, Moses, Joshua, Enoch. Eight daughters: Sarah, Jemima (twin, died 1 week old), Mary (twin, died 1 week old), Mary, Apphia, Jane, Hannah, Mehitable.
      3. Enoch Boynton (Nov 28 1727 - 1805) --- Fisherman & husbandman; in battle of Louisburg. Married Rachel Foster about 1747. Lived in Gloucester. Two sons: Enoch, Elijah. Four daughters: Mary, Susannah, Sarah, Hannah.
      My name is Terry Lawrence and I am descended from a Henry or Hannary Lawrence who was possible born in Massachusetts. The info is as follows: Henry or Hannary Lawrence born around 1740 in possibly Rhode Island, Connecticutt, or Massachusetts. WIFE - Sarah Boynton or Boon. No estimate of birth date. Married Dec 1766 in Christ Church, Hopkington, Middlesex, Massachusetts. THREE CHILDREN…………….
      1. Henry Lawrence born 3 Feb 1769 in possibly Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts – died 10 Feb 1841 in Bethel, Wayne County, Indiana WIFE – Mary (Polly) no last name – born 25 Apr 1772 place unknown – died 25 Apr 1854 Huntsville, Madison county, Indiana
      2. Elizabeth King Lawrence born 26 Jun 1767 in Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
      3. William Lawrence born Nov 1771 in Mendon Worcester, Massachusetts died 18 Jan 1773 in Mendon.
      Do you think one of the Sarah’s you listed might be the Sarah in my line????????? Thanks for any help you can provide.
      Terry Lawrence -- Email: TerryLawrence1043@gmail.com
      8899 Akron Ave NW, Canal Fulton, OH 44614-9667
      My Boynton history book has over 100 different Sarah Boynton listings (the three that you'd listed were just my direct ancestors). The book also lists 11 Lawrence family members. I checked all the Lawrence entries and did not see any that married a Sarah Boynton. Certainly the Boynton and Lawrence families were closely connected. It is possible that there is a gap in the index (which does have errors) or that there was a page with multiple Lawrence entries that I missed. Maybe someone else can help. Regards - Doug
    66. [Boynton] June 1, 2009 --- "seeking information about Nathan Russell Boynton and Robert Thayer Boynton family" ---
      Hi, I am looking for help trying to track down my branch of the Boynton family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My name is Renell Ann Boynton. My Father was Robert Thayer Boynton, (Oshkosh, WI and Cape Coral, FL) and my Grandfather was Nathan Russell Boynton married to Ethel Thayer - both of Oshkosh, WI. Owner of Oshkosh Marie Suppl and at one time a part owner of the Oshkosh Braves before they were the Milwaukee Brewers. Any farther back than that I have no Info on the Boyntons. I hope the little info I have will be of some help to someone who in tern can tell give me some info. Any info can be E-Mailed to me at rab4848 (at) yahoo.com Thanks......Renell
    67. [Boynton] June 1, 2009 --- "seeking information about Thomas William Boynton and Boynton family move to Missouri" ---
      Hi, My name is Carrie Boynton. My father is Thomas William Boynton Jr., My grandfather is Thomas William Boynton Sr. They are originally from Missouri. I was just wondering if anyone may know about Boyntons moving to Missouri? Carrie Boynton -- email: carried0625@yahoo.com
    68. [Boynton] June 1, 2009 --- "seeking information about John T Boynton and Boynton family in Coweta County" ---
      Hi my grand father was John T Boynton, Sr. He married Julie Parks. They lived in Coweta county all their life. I wonder if there is any connection to your Boynton's. My mother was Ruth Boynton... My daughter is trying to find out about this side of my family... If you'd like you can e-mail me back. Thank you, Shirley Quick -- email: shirley26j (at) yahoo.com
      My Boynton history reference ends in 1896 so I need earlier family information in order to find connections. Perhaps someone else can help. Best regards - Doug Otis Boynton house in Framingham MA for sale
    69. [Boynton] June 12, 2009 --- "Historic Otis Boynton House listed for sale / lease in Framingham, MA." ---
      Dear Sir or Madam, I found your family's website and thought I would see if anyone has interest in restoring the attached property. I have the Otis Boynton House listed for sale / lease in Framingham, MA. Any interest?
      -- Marlene Aron. Associate Broker -- email: ma (at) metrowestcre.com
      -- Metrowest Commercial Real Estate 206 Turnpike Road Southborough, MA 01772
      -- (office) 508-370-0003, (fax) 508-303-0030, (cell) 508-740-0000
      -- http://www.marlenearon.com http://www.metrowestcre.com
      I've added your note to the guest book (our first real estate message ever!). From my 1896 Boynton family book (pages 144-145) it appears that:
      Otis Boynton was born May 18, 1798 in Lunenburg MA and married Sarah Wilson (who was born May 18, 1799 in Westford MA) on Aug 29, 1822. They settled in Framingham. She died June 23, 1859 and he died Jan 18, 1882. He was a 6th generation Boynton in America (descended from John, Joseph, Benoni, Stephen, and William) a bookbinder and they had 6 children.
      Best regards - Doug

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