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  • Boynton Guest Book Volume 7 entries 835 - 890 (January 1, 2005 - May 31, 2007)

    1. [Boynton] January 9, 2005 "Boynton information and the Mayflower" --- Hi Doug, You had helped me out a while back when I was researching my Boynton ancestry and I wanted to forward some information that might be helpful to others to you. I was going to forward to you the Mayflower ancestry that I found and have proven to you but I don't think I ever forwarded the information to you. Also, I have in my possession the Norman Boynton family bible that has some information in it that I have found no where else and would like to share it. The bible belongs to Tom Brainard of Coventry CT and he let me borrow it. I have taken pictures of the family information in it and would gladly share the images with anyone that would want them. Norman Boynton was the son of Thaddeus Boynton and Sarah Robertson of Coventry CT. First, the Mayflower information that I found on the descendants of Austin Boynton b. July 7, 1821 in Coventry CT (son of Thaddeus Boynton and Sarah Robertson of Coventry CT):
      William Mullins (Mayflower Passenger) m. Alice Atwood (Mayflower Passenger)
      Priscilla Mullins (Mayflower Passenger) m. John Alden (Mayflower Passenger)
      Elizabeth Alden m. William Pabodie
      William Pabodie m. Judith Tilden
      William Pabodie m. Jerusha Starr
      Thomas Peabody m. Ruth Babcock
      John Peabody m. Susan Maxson
      Susan Peabody m. Collins G. Maine
      Mary Fanny Maine m. Dexter Clark
      Amilda Lucrettia Clark m. AUSTIN BOYNTON
      Frank Otis Boynton m. Bessie Avery
      Ethel Clark Boynton m. William C. Peck
      William Brewster (Mayflower Passenger) m. Mary (Wentworth?) (Mayflower Passenger)
      Jonathan Brewster m. Lucretta Oldham
      Hannah Brewster m. Samuel Starr
      Thomas Starr m. Mary Morgan
      Jerusha Starr m. William Pabodie
      Thomas Pabodie m. Ruth Babcock
      John Peabody m. Susan Maxson
      Susan Peabody m. Collins G. Maine
      Mary Fanny Maine m. Dexter Clark
      Amilda Lucrettia Clark m. AUSTIN BOYNTON
      Frank Otis Boynton m. Bessie Avery
      Ethel Clark Boynton m. William C. Peck
      Richard Warren (Mayflower Passenger) m. Elizabeth Pratt
      Anna Warren m. Thomas Little
      Hannah Little m. Steven Tilden
      Judith Tilden m. William Pabodie
      William Pabodie m. Jerusha Starr
      Thomas Pabodie m. Ruth Babcock
      John Peabody m. Susan Maxson
      Susan Peabody m. Collins G. Maine
      Mary Fanny Maine m. Dexter Clark
      Amilda Lucrettia Clark m. AUSTIN BOYNTON
      Frank Otis Boynton m. Bessie Avery
      Ethel Clark Boynton m. William C. Peck
      The above shows that Austin Boynton's and Amilda Clark's descendants are also descended from 7 Mayflower Passengers. The Mayflower Society approved my application to John Alden as you have to pick 1 passenger to apply. I have all the primary source records and additional details if anyone is interested in them and would be glad to share the information. The Norman Boynton Family Bible: The bible was printed in 1846 in New York. Inside the cover it is stamped "Rachel Boynton 1882" Sewn into the binding 4 pages of family information:
      Page 1   Married in Columbia Tolland County, CT Oct 7, 1844
                  by the Rev. James Woodward,
                  Norman Boynton of South Coventry, CT
                  & Rachel Potter of Columbia, CT
      Page 2   Norman Boynton was born
                  August 11th, 1818, on Monday.
                  Rachel Boynton his wife was born June 8th, 1824 on Tuesday.
                  Carlile P. Boynton was born March 9th, 1846 on Monday
                   Ellen. M. Boynton was born October 26th, 1854 on Thursday
                   Alice M. Boynton was born October 26th, 1854 on Thursday
                   Emma E. Boynton was born June 16th, 1854 on Tuesday
                   Walter N. Boynton was born February 24th, 1859 on Thursday
      Page 3    Rachel Estella Boynton was born July 28th, 1861 on Sunday
                   Hattie H. Boynton was born August 17, 1864 n Wednesday
      Page 4    Deaths
                   Ellen M. Boynton died February 13th, 1855 on Tuesday
                   ae 15 weeks & 5 days
                   Emma E. Boynton died March 23, 1858 on Tuesday
                    ae 9 months & 7 days
                   Hattie H. Boynton died Nov 27th, 1875 on Saturday
                    ae. 11 years, 3 months & 11 days
      I hope the above infomation will help someone else out. I will be glad to share other details if anyone is interested. Hope you have a great new year! Sincerely, Gary D. Nilson Wallingford CT gary.nilson (at) snet.net
    2. [Boynton] February 3, 2005 "Ralph E. Boynton" --- douglas, my name is marissa maxwell, my grandfathers name is ralph e boynton he died in 1972 he died in the philipeans my uncles name is robert borne in newyork to mary irene. my mothers name is patricia boynton now marble her and bob have the same mother and father. if there is a connection please let me know we are interested in knowing. i know my grandfather was in the army and cia and military intelligance and was important in the vietnam era. thank you marissa [maxvaio (at) comcast.net]

      Marissa - Thanks for your note (and my apology for the delay in responding). I found this paragraph about a Ralph Boynton in Vietnam. Would this possibly be the same one (would your grandfather have been 56 in 1965?). The paragraph was in an article "Seeds of Peace for Vietnam" in the October 1965 (page 45) V.F.W. magazine. My Boynton records, unfortunately, end in 1896 so I cannot help with historical information unless you have information about Ralph' father (or better still his grandfather). Regards - Doug

      Ralph Boynton - V.F.W. Magazine

    3. [Boynton] March 12, 2005 "Boynton Family tree - father Maurice Merwin Boynton" --- Just signing in, Mark D. Boynton, born in Syracuse NY, never knew much about family tree on father's side, Father's name was Maurice Merwin Boynton, also known as Morse or Moe. My Grandfather on Dad's side, divorced I never met, his name was Keneth and was last known to be in Pa. in the early 1900's, Grandmother; Ida Mae, was a nurse & a large woman, maiden name was Deismore (spelling my be off) some of her family was in Auburn NY, others in Watertown NY, I remember visiting a grave with my Grandmother in Auburn when I was very young, I mostly remember the long car ride in my then grandpa's 1947 Desoto, Grandpa O'Hara, Joseph O'Hara, a brick layer or mason by trade I still have some of his books that were passed down to me. Anyway my Dad had one sister, Berline, I know very little about. That's all for now, I'll be reading more on the website, thanks for everything you have done... Mark D. Boynton [mboynto2 (at) twcny.rr.com]
      Mark - I've checked my records and find only one "Ken" Boynton. He is Kenneth Rowland Boynton (page 245 in my reference book), born in 1891 as the 2nd of 3 children, son of Edgar Anderson Boynton (entry 54,v.ii.iii on page 23 in my reference book) of Hornellsville, New York. If this is your relative, I can provide you the ancestor list going back a very long way. I don't find any mention of your grandmother - my reference ends in 1896 and at that time your grandfather was still young and unmarried.
      Regards - Doug
    4. [Boynton] March 13, 2005 "Henry W. Boynton" --- I just found your Boynton site. My g.grandfather was Henry W. Boynton, a physician in Middlesex, MA in 1880s. I also found on the Bristol, RI,1860 census that he is listed age 36, physician. Unfortunately I can not find anything about his parents or where is came from. Using the information that I have, he was born 1836 in MA. Can you tell me if he one of the descendants from William? I seem to remember being told by my mother when I was young that someone, either him or his son Walter R. was adopted. Can you help me? [Livpatricia (at) aol.com]
      So far I'm striking out. I find two Henry W. Boynton citations and many other Henry Boynton entries but their dates, occupations, locations, and children do not quite match the one you seek:
      • Henry Wright Boynton (pages 19 and 242), shoe business in Bradford MA
      • Henry Warren Boynton (page 148), nail maker in Bouquet NY then Providence RI then South Bridgewater MA then Montreal Canada. Moved to Iowa in 1861 for better opportunities, studied medicine, joined Civil War, became Hospital Steward. After 3 years in the war, went to Albany Medical Colege and graduated in 1866. Stayed in medical practice in Iowa from 1867 to 1882 when he retired from active practice and became US Examining Surgeon for pensions (various roles until 1898).
      • Henry Boynton born 1833, unmarried (page 23)
      • Henry Boynton born 1816 or 1817 (page 40)
      • Henry Boynton born 1807 (page 91)
      • Henry P. Boynton born 1840 (page 92)
      • Henry Boynton born 1814, inventor, no children (page 113)
      • Henry Boynton born late 1790's? died before 1885 (page 142)
      • Henry Boynton born 1820's ?? (page 153)
      • Henry Boynton born 1840's (page 176)
      • Henry Boynton born 1830's, doctor in Nebraska (page 185)
      • Henry Boynton born Dec. 2, 1823, medical degree in 1852, later honorary degree from Dartmouth College; in charge of Military Hospitals in Civil War and served in Vermont Legislature for 3 sessions. Gave lectures on European history; lived in Woodstock, Vermont. (page 189)
      • Henry Boynton (father born 1793) (page 203)
      • Henry Boynton (father born around 1814) (page 214)
      • Henry Boynton born 1805 (page 221)
      • Henry Boynton born 1852 (page 226)
      • Henry Boynton born 1820's ? (page 255), New Hampton NH
      • Henry Boynton born 1820's ? (page 256)
      I also see one:
      • Walter R. Boynton born 1856 (but his father is Captain Joseph Boynton) page 205
      • All the other Walter Boynton entries are wrong dates and wrong father's names.
      Regards - Doug
      Douglas Boynton Quine, webmaster
    5. [Boynton] March 13, 2005 "Boynton Family tree - Merwyn Kenneth Boynton" (FOLLOW-UP to message #837 two above) --- I did some searching myself and ended up using some military enlistment records for ww1.I put in kenneth Boynton,between1890 and1947 and Merwyn kenneth Boynton came up,My fathers middle name was Merwyn,not a common name,the hair stood up on my arms! I don't know where to go with this,it seems like I got close to something and I don't know how to get back to where I was or how to research the military files further,I thought you might give me some insight...Thanks! Mark Boynton
      Mark - Very remarkable - and I'd agree that is not a common name at all. Certainly sounds like a family connection... I struck out again in my book here. There are no Merwyn Boynton entries and indeed there are no M. K. Boynton entries at all except. The closest is a Martyn Boynton born around 1830's with no wife or descendants listed. The book that I have is only the known descendants of 2 brothers Boynton who came to America in 1638. Any other Boynton who came here could be your ancestor (or we may find a connection with further information). Keep up the good work. Regards - Doug
    6. [Boynton] March 21, 2005 "Lucy Boy(N)ton/Boyington and John McCand(L)ish King" --- Hello. This is my first time on your web-site. I am a direct descendant of Lucy Boynton. I have quite a bit of information on this line of the family if anyone may be interested. I thought I read on one of your threads that someone was looking for more info on Lucy & John. If so, I would be more than happy to provide the information I have. My paternal grandmother was Maude King Abbott and her father was John McCand(L)ish King II. My e-mail address is paulacoome (at) yahoo.com. I would be happy to hear from anyone with similar interests in family history! - Paula Abbott-Coome [paulacoome (at) yahoo.com]
    7. [Boynton] March 22, 2005 "Boynton Family tree - Merwyn Kenneth Boynton" --- Just signing your guestbook. My grandmother was a Boynton--Emma Florence Boynton who married Arthur Edward Towner.

      Emma, Andrew Jackson Boynton & Sarah Emily Hutchins, Samuel Boynton & Eveline Anville Spaulding Dunn, William S. Boynton and Nancy Davis, David Boynton & Anna Batchelder, John Boynton & Anna Smith, William Boynton & Joanna Stevens, Joshua & Hannah Barnet. --- Beatrice [beatricef (at) msn.com]
    8. [Boynton] April 1, 2005 "John Byington" --- Hello, In tracing back to John Byington, who lives in Connecticut around 1700, and who is supposed to be a son of Caleb Boynton who changed his surname (variously because of a land grant mistake or 'Indian Wars') I've found a bio for one of his descendants that refers to this same John Byington as being an Irish weaver who arrives in Connecticut from Dublin in 1699.
      This is not a well-received suggestion among Byington descendants (which includes my wife) but I'm wondering if you are aware of or can suggest any sources of evidence that clearly show that Caleb's son John ended up in Connecticut. I know that the John married to Jane Westover Swain lists himself on a deed document as "weaver", and that possible later descendants claim their ethnic origin as being Irish. any thoughts or suggestions on this? regards, Larry Boswell --- laboswell (at) rogers.com

      Larry - My Boynton book from 1896 says that "it has not been established but seems credible" that the Byington families of Branford CT descended from John Boynton who was baptized in Newbury MA on April 19, 1676 and probably moved to Connecticut and married Jane Swain. The names from there are copied from the Branford Church records. The discussion of the family and the descendants continues for 24 pages (pages 262-285). There is also a 183 page book "Byington, Boynton, Baker Genealogy with the descendants of Cyrus Irving Byington" published by Roy E. Byington of Sudbury, Massachusetts in 1996 with ISBN#096511290X. Best regards - Doug
    9. [Boynton] April 2, 2005 "John Byington (follow-up on above message)" --- Hello Douglas, thanks for the reply. I'm not swayed either way yet as to a Byington Boynton connection.

      The mention of the Irish weaver named John Byintone comes from Matthew's Armory and Blue Book referencing material published 1903-1911 concerning a descendant of Justus Byington, grandson of John Byington.

      Charles Sperry Byington , of Pasadena, Cal. (Son of John Fletcher Byington , 1832-72 ; grandson of Justus Byington 1763-1839 , who served in Capt. Ambrose Sloper's Coy. of Conn. Militia 1779 .--Descd. from John Byington (Byntone) , weaver, who came from Dublin to Bradford, Conn. , 1699 ; also from Robert Hinsdale , d 1765 ; and Joseph Loomis , 1616-87 , member of Windsor Troop of Horse, King Philip 's War).
      Born at Newton, Michigan , Mar. 14, 1861 ; Adjut. 10th Battalion (1st Lieut.) N.G.N.Y., Honourably discharged March 16, 1893 ; m Jennie , da. of Charles Stanford .
      Issue.: i. Chloe Castle , b at Albany, N.Y. , May 3, 1896 .
      Arms - Argent, an eagle displayed sable, on a chief vert three roses of the field.
      Residences - Pasadena, Calif. , and Boston, Mass.
      Clubs - The Country Club, Brookline, Mass.; Pasadena Country Club.
      Societies - Colonial Wars; Sons of the Revolution; Old Guard, Albany Zouave Cadets"
      If there is no direct evidence (documents) that John Byington and John Boynton are one and the same person, then it does leave the door slightly ajar for this weaver.

      I'm close to connecting the Portland, Ontario, Canda Byingtons to Connecticut and New York, so that's step one for me at the moment. The Ontario Byingtons have always pronounced the name without a "g" (as in Buy-en-ton) which would be consistent phonetically with the Byinton. And right from their first appearance here in Canada they have been proudly Irish, declaring their Irish heritage down through the generations to the present day. There's even some evidence in naming patterns matching Irish roots.

      I've always been concerned about the supposed name change from Boynton to Byington, the names don't even sound the same. In contrast, there isn't much of a change required to move from Byinton(e) to Byington (anyone hearing the "n" sound could mistake it to be "ing").

      Jane Westover Swain's document that has her signing her land over to John Byinton uses a spelling that is almost an exact match to this supposed Irish weaver.

      If not for that deed document, I might have considered that there could be both a John Boynton and John Byinton(e) in Connecticut, but there is no doubt that the Byington line descends from John and Jane Byinton.

      Of course, finding a John Boynton somewhere other than Connecticut would seal things, but probably with all the research that's been done into the Boynton line it's unlikely that he's hiding anywhere! I will check death records though and take a look around to see if there is anything that might throw light on that angle. I'll also be looking through records on immigration from Ireland in this period.

      thanks again, makes an interesting chase, if nothing else! The immediate response from Byingtons online seems to be to dig in and defend the Boynton Byington connection against even the suggestion of a poor Irish weaver so I appreciate your comments. cheers, Larry --- laboswell (at) rogers.com
      Larry - The Byington book that I cited does indicate (page 26) the name change occurred with John as does the Boynton book (page 10) observing that there is no ongoing trace of John Boynton in Massachusetts and a long line of Byingtons descended from John Boynton / Byington and Jane Swain in Connecticut. - Doug
    10. [Boynton] April 2, 2005 "John Byington (follow-up on above messages)" --- Douglas, thanks for the reference. I still haven't seen anything that isn't derivative in nature so the jury's out until evidence supports the one or the other. The name Byinton (without the g) continues for awhile afterwards in John's descendants.

      For example, the marriage record usually cited that for John Byington marrying Jane Swain and which gives his birth date as 1676 is definitely from a family tree reference and not from an original actual marriage document as far as I can tell. I think it's a case of earlier derivative research being cited now as though it comes from actual original material when it doesn't. The actual only original document I've seen is the deed which says John Byinton. The name that John uses appears to be Byinton not Byington, which then continues in the early generations rather than Byington (which may be a later variation), so still more consistent with Byintone then Boynton. But I'm looking at both sides of this.

      The Boynton connection seems to hinge on very shallow evidence, and the fact that there are a lot of descendants of John and Jane Byinton named Byington is the reason why I was able to find the Irish weaver reference in the first place. I'm going to have a look at the Armory book directly to see if it gives any sources

      lots of fun, I am getting a bit of negative feedback from some Byingtons, but no evidence. I wonder if they would be so adamant if the Boyntons were simple poor Irish weavers instead of an illustrious family?

      cheers (If I come up with anything particularly substantial either way, I will forward it to you) - Larry --- laboswell (at) rogers.com
    11. [Boynton] April 3, 2005 "Theory of Irish weaver going down in flames quickly (follow-up on above messages)" --- Hello again just thought I'd let you know the Irish weaver fails the first hurdle. There are no visible records of Byington, Byinton, Byintun previous to 1720 deed. Also there are no individuals of that name in any Irish, Scottish, or English censuses. And if it was of Irish origin you would expect a few of that name remained in Ireland, but a check of telephone directories shows no listings at all under any of those names in contemporary Ireland, England, or Scotland. I've looking for info on John Swain to see what his standing was. If he shows as gentry then less likely that his 'relict' Jane would marry a newly arrived Irish weaver. Also found a Caleb Byington b. 1724 with the supposed middle name of Boynton (but sadly that will undoubtedly lead nowhere, probably tacked on later by some family historian), though the repetition of Caleb is suggestive. I'd say 80 -20 in favour of John Boynton, not placing any bets on the Armory reference at the moment! I don't think much of the story about the grant though, should be relatively easy to see what ol'King William was handing out in the colonies to Puritans... cheers, Larry --- laboswell (at) rogers.com
    12. [Boynton] April 7, 2005 "Boynton Family Tree - Australia" --- I am Damian Fox-Boynton, I live in Australia. I was born here as was my father. I am trying to trace our family tree but my resources are very limited and I was wondering if you might be able to help me find out Two things: 1 where my family hails from, and 2: how my surname became as it is now. Unfortunately my father is not much help to me and I am unable to find any information on the name in association with emmigration to this country only to the U.S. Regards Damian J. Fox-Boynton [valeriejenkin7 (at) optusnet.com.au]
      Damian - The Boynton family comes from Yorkshire in England near Hadrian's wall. Two brothers emigrated to the United States in 1638 and their many descendants are documented in a book published in 1896. Obviously there are many other Boynton family members who may have come here or elsewhere as well. If you know the names of any relatives who would have been alive before 1896, I can look them up in my book for you. My web site [www.quine.org/boynton.html] then traces the 1638 brothers back to the beginning .... Best regards - Doug
    13. [Boynton] April 13, 2005 "Boynton - Bayington" --- Don't know if you want to know this or not, but it seems the connection between the US and Cdn Byingtons will turn out to be Methodist emigration, not Loyalists moving north. Am building a good case which should resolve that problem and as a tiny bit of support for the Byington-Boynton connection, have found two documents where the Cdn Byingtons change to Bayington, then back to Byington (1809, 1846), with the latter concerning a "literate" Byington. Attaching 1809. The introduction of a vowel after the "B" is suggestive, given that the pronunciation up here as always been with a silent "G"... Larry --- laboswell (at) rogers.com

      [webmaster](click to enlarge)

    14. [Boynton] April 27, 2005 "John Boynton who was born County Cork Ireland at approximately 1729 and descendants in Australia" --- Hi Doug - I have been reading your guestbook and I find there is a lot of great information on the Boynton Family. I am doing research on my family - GGgrandfather John Boynton who was born County Cork Ireland at approximately 1729 - He appears back in London in the 1800's working at a firm called Morsley & Son or Walmsley & Son as an Engineer. He married Caroline Launderford who ran a Laundry around the Marshgate Area, near the River thames, near Stratford. I would appreciate if anyone can help me trace his line. His son John Boynton migrated to Australia during the Gold Rush - he turned up in Victoria, Fiery Creek in 1854, where he married Mary Jane Smith. Greatgrandfather John Boynton was born in Lon don on 30th August 1829. Again shipping information would be greatly appreciated. So far, our family genealogy goes back to:
      • Great great grandfather John Boynton Born abt. 1729
      • Great grandfather John Boynton Born 30/8/1829
      • Grandfather John Frederic Johnson Boynton 1860
      As you can see Doug, I would appreciate any information to enable me to complete my family history. For your Information: My great grandfather John Boynton brought with him a book called the Early History of the Boynton Family - This is nearly 200 years old - but unfortunately this does not show which line my family comes from. I would be grateful to hear from you.
      A distant relative Judith Boynton [jboynton43 (at) hotmail.com]
    15. [Boynton] April 27, 2005 "Boynton and Canada connections" --- Hello, I was told that the first Boynton's were 5 brother who immigrated from Bath to upper NY and Florida (Boynton Beach) then during the revolution the empire Loyalist Boynton's can to Ontario just north of Toronto in Markam ( wing of York university residence in Toronto is named after them). Is there a earlier Boynton to the new world? Sincerely, Chris Boynton [cboynton (at) rogers.com]
      Chris - The two brothers that I descend from emigrated to America in 1637 and are described in entry 23 of this attached link: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html Many Boyntons descend from this pair. (Douglas Boynton Quine)
    16. [Boynton] August 3, 2005 "Boynton/Boyington to Iowa" --- Thanks to a nice woman who did a lookup in the Boynton genealogy book of 1897, I have a pretty good handle on the line descending from Edward Boyington who married Hannah Harrington of Dorset VT in 1852 and moved to Iowa by 1860. (He was the son of Ebenezer Boynton and Margaret Obery of Malone, NY, b. ca 1830 in New York, probably Malone--brothers: David, m. Mary Thompson of Belfast Ire., and a William Dexter ("left home when fourteen or fifteen years of age"). I've been researching my Harrington line and hooked onto this one, so it's not completely researched and documented, but I'd be happy to share what I have. Email: bponk@yahoo.com. Jody Boyd [bponk (at) yahoo.com]
    17. [Boynton] August 5, 2005 "Hi My name is Barbara Boynton Boe and I live in Louisiana. My Grandfather was John Paul Boynton. He came from England and his family there had a castle that was called Boynton castle. Is there some way we could be related, my father was Calvin Leon Boynton. Thanks. Barbara Boynton Boe [granny7 (at) cox.net]
    18. [Boynton] August 8, 2005 "Couple of Questions" --- Hi Douglas, I came across your page inadvertently again today and was wondering something. You mention a "Boynton Book" a few times. Has yourself or someone else published a book on the Boynton genealogy that I can purchase or are you referring to the information on your website as the "Book". I'll copy and paste my correspondence to you in the guest book so you'll remember me. Thanks, Thomas Boynton
      Tom - Thanks for your note. My Boynton web page (www.quine.org/boynton.html) talks about an extraordinary 1896 Boynton family genealogy that has been reprinted by the Higgonson Press (as I recall). I'm actually out of town on business right now and rushed. (Douglas Boynton Quine)
    19. [Boynton] August 10, 2005 "Boyntons in Georgetown/ Newbury/ Haverhill/ Methuen mass" --- There is a Dr Clancy Boynton (dentist) who is descended form either Wm or John that came over on ship to Rowley, Mass. He says he is descended from John Alden. Also my friend Carolyn has a booklet tracing the family back to the castle in England (Boynton). there is an elderly man in Georgetown, the president of historical society that has many stories re family and names of family in town cemetery. He is in phone book as is his son and grandson. Also a relative in Methuen. Is it true that boynton beach florida was started by family after they had to leave NY and NJ? There is a Boynton bldg at Governor Dummer academy in Newbury, Mass. Another invented a surgical instrument according to the dentist. He loves to talk about the family history and has the coat of arms in a ring and in his office. Are you aware of these people? you should all get together. What state are you in? I do in depth acts of genealogy kindness. I will give this address to Carolyn (a twin!). Don Press [trustee1 (at) hotmail.com]
      Don, Thanks for the note. My grandparents www.quine.org/asb-tree.html also grew up in that area - in Groveland where they met in grammar school in the 1890's. They later moved to Connecticut where I now live as well even though I was born in Massachusetts. (Douglas Boynton Quine)
    20. [Boynton] August 16, 2005 "Boynton Migrants to Victoria, Australia" --- Hi Douglas, I am still trying to research my ancestor John Boynton who migrated to Australia, and he settled around the Ballarat Goldfields probably as a miner from possibly 1852. He married Mary Jane Smith in 1854. It was verbally passed down to the family that he left England as a 10year old boy for Tasmania. I have researched the archives in Tasmania and there is no record of a 1oyear old boy or any Boyntons arriving there. As you will know Tasmania in those days was a convict settlement. I have also researched disembarking from Tasmania to Melbourne around the 1850's to the time he was in Ballarat, but nothing has come up. I have some information here with me that I obtained from the Public Office, Victoria and it shows a J.N. Boynton embarking on the ship "MAGNOLIA" ON THE 24TH September 1852 from New York to Port Phillip. His occupation is listed as a Carpenter. Does anyone out there know any information on this Boynton Ancestor. I am wondering whether this is our long lost ancestors information as his birth year is very close to what verbal information that we have been told - namely born the year 1829 I also have other shipping lists on other Boyntons who left America in 1853 from Boston New York for Victoria, Australia, they are namely:-
      • Alpheus Boynton Aged 24 years - unable to read his occupation
      • Henry Boynton Aged 23 years - Cabinet Maker
      • Franklin Boynton aged 21 years Tinsmith
      • Henry Boynton, could also be the person that I am looking for.
      Well Doug I had trouble trying to sign in to the site and post this message, maybe this is how it is done. Cheers and thanks from a distant relative Judith Boynton [jboynton43 (at) hotmail.com]
    21. [Boynton] September 2, 2005 "Betham's History, Genealogy and Baronets book" --- Hi, I read with interest your Boynton 34 generations some time ago. I recently bought a reprint of Betham's History, Genealogy and Baronets book. I am having trouble linking the Boynton's with your web page showing the American link to the English link in the book. Can you give me the ancestor who links with Betham's? My husband is a descendant through Hannah Boynton (daughter of Thomas and Hannah), who was born in 1773 and married John Crosby. I am recording genealogy for subsequent generations, and want to be very, very sure I have it just right. Thank you for all the hard work you've done with your webpages, and for sharing them on the web. Pat George [RGeorge329 (at) aol.com]
      Thanks for the note. I hope that someone else knows the answer - I don't have a copy of Betham's to check. I know that there are slight variations in the genealogy depending on the source but obviously my 34 generations of direct ancestors go way back and there should be many generations of overlap between my posted history and the Betham's book. Regards - Doug
    22. [Boynton] September 2, 2005 "Bob Boynton' who served in Vietnam" --- Hi Douglas, Trying to locate a 'Bob Boynton' who served in Vietnam as a Navy Radioman or Electronics Tech. I am currently writing a history, and compiling a personnel roster of C7F 'Det Charlie,' and am attempting to locate as many detachment members as possible. Please contact 'Mac' at BaoChiMac (at) aol.com.
      Thanks for the note. I hope that someone else can help support your worthwhile effort. I don't have any information about Bob Boynton. Regards - Doug
    23. [Boynton] September 12, 2005 "John Boyanton 1803 South Carolina" --- I am researching our Boyanton Ancestry and have gotten as far back as John Boyanton born 1803 in South Carolina and married Elizabeth Burgess who was born 1805 in South Carolina. John had eight children and Harmon Robert Boyanton was in the Civil war along with his two brothers. They lived in Copiah County Mississippi in the town of Wesson. If there is any way you could help me over this hump I would certainly appreciate. And to think at one time.....there were not many Boyanton's... Thanks, Rena Boyanton [tnwrboy1 (at) bellsouth.net]
      Rena - I must admit that I never recall seeing this spelling before. I found the reference below in a 1999 web posting [http://genforum.genealogy.com/boynton/messages/102.html]. There are also several other references to other Boyanton family members at that web page [http://genforum.genealogy.com/boynton/all.html] Regards - Doug John Aaron Boyanton - S.C./Ga./Ms.
      Posted by: Patricia A. Smith [asmith1 (at) tisklink.com]
      Date: January 21, 1999 at 08:26:55 page 102 of 716
      Looking for information on John Aaron Boyanton b. 1803 S.C., m. Elizabeth Burgess b. 1805 S.C. They were in Ga. until abt. 1845 & then moved to Lawerence Co., Ms. Some of this family moved to Oklahoma. Have seen the name spelled Boyington or Boyanton in records. Thanks!

      Finally, there is a web site devoted to the Boyanton family surname and genealogy: http://www.surnameweb.org/registry/b/o/y/boyanton.shtml
      Best regards - Doug
    24. [Boynton] February 2, 2006 "Boynton - Tenney - Sandin" --- Douglas: My name is Chris Sandin. I live in Los Angeles. John Boynton, from the 23rd generation and Williamís brother, is my ancestor. My fatherís mother was a Tenney, whose great x 5 grandfather, Samuel Tenney (a mere coincidence with my sonís name; I knew nothing of all this until very recently), married Sarah Boynton, daughter of Captain Joseph Boynton, in 1690 in Bradford, Massachusetts. It may interest you that Samuel Tenneyís grandfather, Thomas (b. 1614 (?)), came from Rowley, Yorkshire, as did his wife, Ann Mighill, and her father, Thomas (b. 1600 (???)). And just about every other strain of the family, paternal and maternal, that I can follow back from Samuel and Sarah comes from somewhere in Yorkshire. I suspect all the families had known each other for generations.

      I am quite new to the genealogy game and came upon it only as a result of a fifth grade class assignment of Samís. (My motherís mother, by contrast, wrote two books and a third, unpublished, manuscript on the subject of the Munses, Doolittles, Fishers, Hardings, etc.óall good English stock, except for an errant branch from GermanyÖ.) Until then I had considered my fatherís side of the family lost to the mists of time. (Indeed, his fatherís side remains impenetrable, as my great grandfather changed his name from Larson (Larsen?) to Sandin when he emigrated I know not when from I know not where in Sweden, which presents a problem not unlike trying to research a Smith or Lopez or Lee; oh well, maybe some day.)

      I discovered the Boynton connection through the FamilySearch.org web site, and your site through Google. I have only just begun to read through all the information you have compiled and provide links to, but I wanted to pay my respects to a distant (indeed!) relative who has provided a service that will further enrich my familyís knowledge.

      Thank you and best regards, Chris Sandin -- chris (at) virtualwinehut.com
      Chris - I apologize for the delay in responding; I've been swamped with work. Thank you for the very nice letter with details of the Boynton family which I'm adding to the guest book later tonight (less the comments about your son and his computer). The Boynton family has a long tradition in this country and there is a tremendous amount of information available. Enjoy the exploration. Best regards - Doug
    25. [Boynton] February 20, 2006 "Byington and Boynton" --- My husband is a direct descendant of Caleb, son of the William Boynton listed on you website, as quoted below. A copy of the Boynton arms have been passed down in our family for as long as anyone can remember. I've attached a byington.ged gedcom of our genealogy, starting with my father-in-law, Ariel Ardell Byington. Thanks for your very informative site and your hard work to keep it updated. Roger Byington's wife, Janice - janby1 (at) qwest.net
      #23 William Boynton (Yorkshire, England) (1605 or 1606 - ?) --- Planter, weaver, tailor, teacher. Married Elizabeth Jackson (in England, she came to Rowley with him). Four sons born in Rowley: John (Dec 19 1640 - Mar 26, 1665); Zachariah (Oct 11 1644 - Aug 4 1660); Joshua (Mar 10 1646 - ?); Caleb (Apr 7 1650 - ?). Three daughters: Elizabeth (Dec 11 1642 - ?); Mary (July 23 1648 - ?); Sarah (Dec 1 1652 - Aug 8 1654). William Boynton joined the expedition (with his brother John) under the auspices of Sir Matthew Boynton in 1637 to settle in New England.
      The first GED file for this web site! Byington: Byington.ged 33 generations from Torchill Bovington (c. 1000) to Barthalomew De Boynton through Daniel Byington (1738) to Ariel Ardell Byington (1915)
    26. [Boynton] February 21, 2006 "Boynton personal ancestry file" --- Received by the webmaster from Dixie Sanderson
      • Boynton: Boynton.ged 33 generations from Bartholomew de Boynton (~1067) through Augustus Swain Boynton (1884) to Barbara Boynton (1916) to Marcia Ruth Folk (1943) to Dixon Lynne Korper Sanderson (1962)
          Also traces:
        • Folk: 11 generations from Wilhelm Volk to Jacob Folk (c. 1700) through George Hamilton Folk (1915) to Dixon Lynne Korper Sanderson (1962)
        • Paine: 12 generations from Stephen Paine (1599) through Alice Peabody Paine (1885) to Dixon Lynne Korper Sanderson (1962)
        • Peabody: 15 generations from Agnes Peabody (1564) to Lilian Peabody (1852) to Dixon Lynne Korper Sanderson (1962)
        • Peaslee: 12 generations from William Peasley (1580) to Joseph Peaslee (1714) through Addie Jane Peaslee (1853) to Dixon Lynne Korper Sanderson (1962)
    27. [Boynton] July 17, 2006 "Peter Slothower and Edith Boynton" --- At a northwest Kansas auction my mother purchased a hand woven blanket. In one corner is stitched a card that reads, "Peter Slothower, grandfather of Edith Boynton, 1842". She would like to find someone in the family who might be interested in the blanket. Is this someone you might know? Bruce Poage;Topeka, KS --- bam2654 (at) cox.net
    28. [Boynton] July 25, 2006 "Henry Holmes Boynton" --- I've come across your site and hope I've reached the most current section/guest book. I'm Alice (Boynton), born 1960. My father was Henry Holmes Boynton (he had an uncle by the same name, so it's confusing). His father was Frederick King Boynton. Fred had 4 boys: William (David), Richard (Dick), Frederick (Bob) and Henry (Hank). They have all passed on now. I had a sister, Lorna Boynton, who was born Oct. 8, 1961 and died Dec. 31, 2000 at age 39. She has one son, Levi, who came to live with us at that time. On my grandmother Jewel (Borden)'s side of the family, I've been learning about our Cherokee heritage and I'm told my Grandpa Fred King was part Souix. Does anyone have any info on that heritage? Of course, I'm interested in knowing about other relatives as well. Thanks! Alice Valle-Riestra --- alicevr78 (at) yahoo.com
    29. [Boynton] September 17, 2006 "Russell A. Boynton" --- After much procrastination, I finally decided to learn about my name. I realize that the information on your site just skims the surface, but I found it informative nonetheless. Thank you for all your research! Russell A. Boynton --- rboynton (at) metrocast.net
    30. [Boynton] September 13, 2006 "Frances Boynton" --- Hello...this is a longshot....but, I am looking for any information about the above subject woman. She would have had a short marriage to a Roy Edward Marsden, he was born on or about October 1909 in Lowell, Mass. And probably married approx. 1925 to 1935 era. It would have been a relatively short lived marriage, I am afraid. Supposedly had one daughter Marilyn Marsden, most probably in that same area of Lowell, Mass. Your help would be greatly appreciated....or any leads. Thank you so much! alswartz (at) gte.net
    31. [Boynton] October 1, 2006 --- Charles Boynton from California born about 1840 - Irene Smith - Charles Goodwin Emery --- (original letter of Sept. 25, 2005 misplaced and rediscovered a year later) Greetings: I am looking for information on a Charles Boynton from California probably born about 1840. He married Irene Smith and divorced. It is my understanding the he was a very wealthy man. I am working on a report on the life of Charles Goodwin Emery. Irene was his second wife. Thanks for any help. Rex Ennis (question subsequently resolved and CORRECTED information is provided below)
      (my apologies for the extraordinary delay) I did check the Boynton history book and none of the 42 "Smith" citations (nor the single Smyth) are an Irene. - Doug
      January 17, 2010 REVISED and CORRECTED posting (text above is for reference only to enable people who have been using it to find their way back to this corrected information)
      George Augustus Boynton was born about 1848 in MA. He married Irene Smith and divorced her in San Francisco in 1895. It is my understanding the he was wealthy and made furnaces.. I am working on a biography of Charles Goodwin Emery. Irene was his second wife married in London in 1901. --- Rex Ennis
    32. [Boynton] October 1, 2006 (original letter of October 6, 2005 was not posted until it was rediscovered a year later) "John William Boynton" --- Hello to all you Boyntons! I discovered this site quite a while ago and have been meaning to say hello. My name is Anthony John Boynton. I live in Hull, East Yorkshire, England. I was born in 1959. I have two sisters, my father John William Boynton had four. He was born in 1929 and sadly died in 1996 of cancer. His father was William Boynton. I am guessing, hoping, that some of us may be be related in some way but quite frankly wouldn't know where to start looking. My father looked so much like Augustus Swain Boynton it is uncanny. He was a lovely and clever man too! If you think it would be interesting for me to investigate a link between us or have some tips on how I would find out I would be grateful. Take care all of you, Anthony John Boynton [Tony (at)hullchurcheshousing.org.uk]
      October 12, 2005: Our Boynton family tree in America begins with two brothers - John and William Boynton - emigrating from Yorkshire to Boston, Massachusetts and then settling in Rowley, Massachusetts in 1638. Our big Boynton family genealogy books continues from there with hundreds of pages of descendants. A single line of ancestors (www.quine.org/boynton.html) in England continues back from the two brothers that came to America. If you know where your family connects to that line before 1638 then we'd have our common ancestor. - Doug, webmaster
      October 12, 2005: Thank you Doug, I know my Aunty has carried out a bit of research so I'll start with that. Imagine being on that boat in 1638, those guys really were pioneers and it would be an honour to be connected in some way. Wished I'd done this before visiting the States last year, I wasn't that far away, Michigan but I'm sure that wasn't my last trip. Don't know when I'll get time to do this, 3 young children, stressful job and all that, but I look forward to emailing you with any progress. Thanks once again and best wishes to you and your family. Tony Boynton, Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire
    33. [Boynton] October 1, 2006 (original letter of October 15, 2005 was not posted until it was rediscovered a year later) "Methusaleh Boynton" --- I have the Probate record of Methusaleh Boynton. Anybody out there who might be interested in a copy? Marcia marmel62 (at) hotmail.com
    34. [Boynton] October 1, 2006 (original letter of January 22, 2006 was not posted until it was rediscovered recently) "Cook family and Anne Elizabeth Boynton 08 Jan 1836 - 07 June 1908" --- Hello - I was wondering if by chance you might have additional information on the Cook Family. I found this post on your website.
      • [Boynton] Mar 10, 2002 "Anne Elizabeth Boynton 08 Jan 1836 - 07 June 1908" (found site through: www.ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ga/chattahoochee/lower.txt) --- My great-grandmother is buried in Mt. Olive (Lower) cemetary in Cussetta GA. She was married to John Monroe Cook (burial unknown at this time) and had over nine children including a set of male twins, which one is my grandfather, Arthur Keeton Cook. He is buried in the City of Cusseta (Upper) cemetery next to his wife and my grandmother, Nannie Pearl Smith Cook. Three of thier children are also buried there as well. Most of my maternal side of the family is now deceased. Many of the townspeople of Cussetta are related one way or another through marriage. Cussetta is located near Ft. Benning GA which is also near Columbus GA. I will be glad to share any information that I have. Feel free to email me. Best Regards! Holly And yes..I have Hawaiian ancestory roots. from Holly Kauinana-Davis --- Email: Marionberry (at) aol.com
      This is the 1st person I have ever run across that is related to my Smith Family. The Nannie Pearl Smith Cook she refers to was the 1/2 sister of my GGM. She also took my GGM to an orphanage when their father died. I tried e-mailing her , but the address is no longer valid. I kinda doubt you will have any additional info, but thought I'd check nonetheless. Thank you, Donnie East [ Erssvcs2 (at) aol.com ]
    35. [Boynton] October 1, 2006 (original letter of April 4, 2006 was not posted until it was rediscovered recently) "Abijah Boynton and back to Torchill" --- Doug, I just finished adding information from Abijah Boynton and back to Torchill into my Family Tree Maker. I am adding my grandchildren's ancestors to FTM and had fun exploring this part of American and English history for myself (and for them) The addition of Torchill now is the oldest person in my FTM. It supplants my ancestor who was born in the Netherlands about 1290. My daughter-in-law's maiden name is Goodwin from New England and I was able to connect that to the Boyntons. Thanks for your information on the NET. Marlene Deckinga Post [ mar_post (at) sbcglobal.net ] Grand Rapids Michigan
    36. [Boynton] October 1, 2006 (original letter of May 1, 2006 was not posted until it was rediscovered recently) "Daniel Boyington / Daniel Boynton of Williamstown, Ma." --- Doug, I have had problems tracking down one of my ancestors, one Daniel Boyington/Boynton of Williamstown, Ma. He married one Abiah Wright Towner on Oct. 13, 1787 in Williamstown. They had 3 children: Alvira, b. 1789; Sally, b. 1788 and Daniel, Jr. b. 1796. At that same time there was a John Boynton in Williamstown who married on April 7, 1791, Mary Smedley of Connecticut. Do You or anyone else know of a connection for these 2 Boyntons or anything at all about this Daniel????
      Thanks in advance for any info. K. W. BENTLEY [ kbentley54 (at) yahoo.com ]
      (sorry for the extraordinary delay, the email got buried) I'm afraid that I'm striking out. I have no reference to a Towner nor a Smedley spouse in my old Bouynton book. If you've discovered any further information, I'd be happy to post it. - Doug, webmaster
    37. [Boynton] October 1, 2006 (original letter of June 5, 2006 was not posted until it was rediscovered recently) "Mary E. Boynton" --- My Mary E. Boynton was married to Augustine Hopkins. Both of Vermont. She born circa 1841. Had son George B. Hopkins. Do you know parents of Mary E. Boynton? Thank you for an help you can give me. Ann Jewell [ NHAnn5 (at) comcast.net ]
      Ann - I seem to be striking out. I could not find any Augustine or George Hopkins in my Boynton book nor could I find a Mary E. Boynton, I only found:
      • Mary E. Byington (an alternate spelling of Boynton) born 1843 of Ensign H. Byington (born Oct 21, 1817) and Harriet Morgan (married Nov. 25, 1839) -- the grandfather was Samuel Byington (born 1750 in Branford who later moved to Southwick, Connecticut - page 276)
      • Mary E. Byington (an alternate spelling of Boynton) born July 20, 1841 of Nathan Byington (born Feb. 1, 1812) and Abby Stebbins (who died Nov 17, 1844). Mary E's grandfather was John Byington born in Westchester, NY around 1770 - page 283. Mary E. Byington married Theodore Brotherton of Norwalk, Connecticut
      Best regards - Doug Douglas Boynton Quine www.quine.org/boynton.html
    38. [Boynton] October 1, 2006 (original letter of June 27, 2006 was not posted until it was rediscovered recently) "John Boynton to Nathan Boynton to Jesse Boynton family" --- I am a descendant of John b. 1614 generation 23, Capt. Joseph b. 1644 G24 , Deacon Joseph b. 1669/70 G25, Nathaniel b. 1694, Nathan b.1724, Nathan b.1742, Grandville F. b.1811, Grandville L. b.1841, Jesse b.1867. I have not seen much on this site that branches in this direction. I have some questions in regard to their wives names and some dates, if anyone out there is from this lineage. Please email. Dennis Smith [ bumpyandbumpa (at) comcast.net ]
      I've checked my Boynton book and everything fits from John down to Nathaniel (born 1724). His ten children, started being born to his wife Rebecca Barrett in 1753 and Nathaniel was not born until 1763. That Nathaniel had a son (one of twins) named Nathaniel born in 1795. These entries are on page s 74 - 75. I've not found the Jessee that you mention in any of the 8 "Jesse" entries in the index. Best regards - Doug, webmaster
    39. [Boynton] October 1, 2006 (original letter of July 18, 2006 was not posted until it was rediscovered recently) "Damon Edward Albert Boynton" --- Hello, I'm Cpl Boynton, D.E.A, of the Canadian Forces. (Damon Edward Albert Boynton) I am currently amassing a large collection of my family lineage, and it connects myself and my immediate family to William and John Boynton. If you would like information on the branch of the family tree from which I descend please feel free to email me at stiel_rhavn@hotmail.com My cousin Janet Hawtin has been a great help in researching many family ancestors and lost members. Currently at the moment there are three Boynton's in the Canadian Forces. If you would like to contact them and inquire about their family lineage I would be more than welcome to forward their contact information to you. I would like to leave you with a bit of indirect family history.. On my father's side of the family, following his mother Edith Alerta Hawtin, (wife of Gerald Boynton)..her mother, Emily Starr-Hawtin, (wife of Albert Hawtin), ...was the niece of William Frederick Cody...also known as Buffalo Bill, friend of Sitting Bull and founder of the Wild West Show.
       Damon Edward Albert Boynton (22-Sept-1979, Barrie, Ontario. Canada), Second Child and Second Son of ...Edward John Boynton and Kristi Anne Gillies
       William Duane Gillies (04-Apr-1972) Son of Kristi Anne Gillies, Adopted by Edward John Boynton.
       Douglas Raymond McDonald Boynton (03-Feb-1977, Barrie, Ontario. Canada), First Child and First Son of...Edward John Boynton and Kristi Anne Gillies
       Deanna Edith Emiline Boynton (25-May-1981, Toronto, Ontario. Canada), Third Child and First Daughter of...Edward John Boynton and Kristi Anne Gillies
       Edward John Boynton (The Second) (21-Sept-1949, Barrie, Ontario. Canada), First Child and First Son of...Gerald Boynton and Edith Alberta Hawtin.
       Douglas Garth Boynton...Son of Gerald Boynton and Edith Alberta Hawtin.
       Robert Bruce Boynton...Son of Gerald Boynton and first wife.
       Gerald Boynton (1904), Son of...Walter Leopold Boynton
       Jack Boynton...Son of Walter Leopold. 
       Walter Leopold Boynton, Son of...Edward John Boynton (The First.)
       Edward John Boynton (The First), Son of...
       Alinson Boynton, Son of ...
       Elijah W. Boynton, Son of...
       Solomon Boynton...
      That is the best I can do off the top of my head, There is a larger database that I have kept on Paper and tracks my family back to William and John Boynton. The records may have lost track of my family branch as my great-great grandfather, Walter Leopold Boynton, always went by the name "Leo", and my father never knew his own grandfather's real name. Regards - Damon Edward Albert Boynton [ Boynton.DEA (at) forces.gc.ca
    40. [Boynton] October 1, 2006 "Boynton Eastman connections" ---

      Hello, I am trying to sort out a few things about my 4th great grandfather JAMES EASTMAN who is a descendant of Roger Eastman of Downton, England/Salisbury, MA. James was said to have married ELIZABETH BOYNTON and then had a second marriage to a MARY BOYNTON. I am aware of other Boynton/Eastman marriages, one being John Eastman (b.1640) to Mary Boynton (b.1648), but I'm not positive of the connection with Elizabeth and Mary.

      James Eastman's first wife, Elizabeth Boynton, was born 8 Oct 1778 in Rowley, Essex Co., MA. They married 28 Aug 1798 in New Hampshire. Her headstone in High Street Cemetery, Benton, NH shows her death as 29 Jan 1813.

      His second wife, Mary Boynton, was born 21 Dec 1792, also in New Hampshire. They were married 9 Jun 1814. Mary Boynton died 10 Dec 1841.

      I have conflicting dates for James Eastman's birth. He was born in Salem, Rockingham Co., NH (I've seen that Salem was once Methuen, MA?) on either 12 Mar 1774 or 21 Mar 1780. I have also found conflicting dates for his death but a headstone inscription reads that he died 5 Jun 1860, aged 86 years, 3 months, 8 days. (Old Clintonville Cemetery in Au Sable, Clinton Co., NY)

      I ran across Jim Dresser's "Dresser Family Worldwide Genealogy Center" website and I found entries for THOMAS BOYNTON, b. 2 Sep 1752 in Rowley, Essex Co., MA, d. Sep 1823 in Warren, Grafton Co., NH. (John1, Joseph2 ,Richard3, Nathaniel4), his wife ELIZABETH KEEZER and their 11 children. Elizabeth is listed as the 2nd child, Mary as the 7th. The dates and birthplaces matched up with the info I had and both women were listed as having been married to James Eastman.

      I'm curious if this information is true. If so, John Boynton of Yorkshire/Rowley, MA would be my 9th great grandfather. I'd also like to know more about Thomas Boynton's wife Elizabeth Keezer/Kezer since James Eastman's grandson, Charles, also married a Keezer.

      James Eastman and Elizabeth Boynton had 4 children:
      1. Jesse Eastman
        b. 28 Jul 1799 in Coventry (now Benton), Grafton Co., NH
        d. 10 Mar 1877 in Warren, Grafton Co., NH
        mar. Sarah (Sally) Wyman
        mar. Lydia McMurphy, 7 Feb 1865
      2. Rosilla Eastman
       b. 14 Sep 1803 in Coventry, Grafton Co., NH
       d.  5 Jun 1872 in Clintonville, Essex Co., New York
       mar. Michael Burbank, 5 Jan 1828 in Haverhill, Grafton Co., NH
      3. Louisa Eastman
       b. 20 Jun 1805 in Coventry, Grafton Co., NH
       d. 13 Sep 1877 Piermont, Grafton Co., NH
       mar. Charles Winters Straight, 2 Oct 1831 in Clintonville, Essex Co., New York
      4. Nancy Eastman
       b. 13 Jun 1808 in NH
       d. aft 1880, most likely in Michigan
       mar. Gilman White, 4 Jul 1833
      James Eastman and Mary Boynton had 7 children:
      1. Sylvester Eastman
       b. 3 Aug 1814 in Coventry, Grafton Co., NH
       d. 19 Jan 1860 in Benton, Grafton, New Hampshire
       mar. Louisa Whitcher, 1 Mar 1841
      2. Elizabeth "Betsy" Eastman
       b. 22 Sep 1816
       d. 25 Mar 1847
       mar. Gideon Sheldon, 19 Oct 1845
      3. Moses Eastman
       b. 13 Dec 1818
       d. 20 Feb 1840
      4. Philena Eastman
       b. 24 Apr 1821 in NH
       d. 15 Dec 1891 in Michigan
       mar. William B. White, 23 Apr 1840
      5. James Eastman
       b. 12 Mar 1823
       d. 3 Jul 1870, possibly in the South
      6. Ruth S. Eastman
       b. 13 Aug 1828 in NH
       d. aft 1880 in Michigan
       mar. Adam D. White
      7. Sarah Jane Eastman
       b. 8 Oct 1833
       d. 24 Aug 1860
       mar. Mortimer Cutler in 1852

      The 1850 census has James Eastman living with daughter Rosella Eastman Burbank (of wife Mary) in the Clintonville section of Chesterfield, Essex Co, New York with what appears to be a third wife, Asenath.

      Thanks, Valerie Eastman [email valerbee(at)hotmail.com]

      Valerie - Clearly our families have a long linkage, my Boynton book lists 4 Eastman connections with the earliest one on page 2 followed by those on pages 127, 131, and 170:

      page 2: The early Mary Boynton born July 28, 1648 in Rowley MA (daughter of the immigrant William Rowley who is my g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-grandfather). Mary was the 5th of 7 children. The 4th child (her older brother) was Joshua, my ancestor. Elizabeth (and after she died, her sister Mary) married John Eastman who was the son of Roger Eastman of Salisbury MA on Nov 5, 1672. John was born in 1640 and died March 25, 1678. John and Mary had 7 children born in Salisbury:

      1. Hannah Eastman (Nov 23, 1673 - Dec 8, 1673)
      2. John Eastman (Aug 24, 1675 - ?)
      3. Zachariah Eastman (Oct 24, 1679 - ?)
      4. Roger Eastman (Feb 26, 1682 or 1683 - ?)
      5. Elizabeth Eastman (Sept 26, 1685; married George Brown, Apr 10, 1705)
      6. Thomas Eastman (Feb 14, 1688 - Aug 27, 1691)
      7. Joseph Eastman (June 23, 1692 - ?)

      page 127-131: Thomas Boynton (born Sept 2, 1752) is said to have served at the Battle of Bunker Hill in the American Revolution where he was detailed as a teamster to carry powder from the magazine to the battleground. "He also represented his District in the Legislature and held several positions of trust". He married Elizabeth Keezer of Rowley MA in Linebrook Parish, Ipswich, Dec 10, 1776. Soon after marriage they moved to Plymouth NY where their first 6 children were born; then moved to Warren, where he died Sept 24, 1823. She died Dec 25, 1833. Children (2nd one Elizabeth is your relative):

      1. Betsey Boynton (Sept 2, 1777 - died young)
      2. Elizabeth Boynton (Oct 6, 1778 - June 29, 1811) married James Eastman (born Mar 12, 1774) on Aug 28, 1798; their children:
        1. James Eastman (July 28, 1799 - ?) married Sally Wyman, 2 infant sons died
        2. Rosilla Eastman (Sept 14, 1803 - June 1, 1872) married Michael Burbank, no children mentioned
        3. Louisa Eastman (June 29, 1805 - Sept 13, 1872) married Charles Straight, 8 children
        4. Nancy Eastman (June 13, 1808 - Dec 16, 1883) married Gilman White, Jr, no children mentioned
      3. Stephen Boynton (Dec 2, 1780 - Mar 5, 1864) married Betsey Palmer, 14 children
      4. Thomas Boynton (Jan 8, 1783 - ?) married Lavina Merrill, 3 children
      5. Sally Boynton (Dec 29, 1784 - Sept 27, 1871) married J. S. Titus, 12 children in a log house
      6. Abigail Boynton (Dec 30, 1787 - ) married Benjamin Baily, 11 children
      7. Samuel Harriman Boynton (Nov 25, 1790 - Sept 11, 1827) married Mehitable Clark, 5 children
      8. Mary Boynton (Dec 21, 1792 - Dec 10, 1842 - per Valerie) married her deceased sister's husband, James Eastman and had 8 children
        1. Sylvester Eastman (Aug 3, 1814 -?) married Louisa Whitcher, 3 children
        2. Elizabeth Eastman (Sept 2, 1816 - Mar 25, 1847) married Gideon Sheldon, no children mentioned
        3. Moses Eastman (Dec 18, 1818 - Feb 20, 1840) no wife or children mentioned
        4. Philena Eastman (Apr 24, 1820 - ?) married William B. White, no children mentioned
        5. James Eastman (Mar 12, 1823 - July 3, 1870) no wife or children mentioned
        6. "a son" (1826, died young)
        7. Ruth Eastman (Aug 13, 1823 - ?) married Adam D. White, no children mentioned
        8. Sarah Eastman (Oct 8, 1833 - Aug 27, 1856) married Rev Mortimer Cutler, 1 child died young
      9. Joseph Boynton (June 15, 1795 - Jan 1850) married Sally Knight, 3 children
      10. Timothy Boynton (Aug 1797, died young)
      11. Nathaniel Boynton (May 1800, died young)

      page 170: Jacob P. Boynton (born in Guilford Mar 28, 1802, died 1882) married first Mary Eastman then married widow Giolet then married Vienna A Scales. He has a single child Sarah (not clear from which marriage)

      - Douglas Quine, webmaster www.quine.org/boynton.html
    41. [Boynton] October 11, 2006 "Boynton Eastman headstone connections continued" --- A few updates concerning the info in the book.

      I have that Mary Boynton born July 28, 1648 in Rowley, MA and John Eastman (son of Roger Eastman of Salisbury MA) had one more son, not mentioned, a second Thomas Eastman, born in 1691. He married Eunice Chase and had 9 children. As for the other 7 children of Mary Boynton and John Eastman, 5 others were married and had children.

      -John Eastman (b.1675) married Huldah Kingsbury, had 10 children -Zachariah Eastman (b.1679) married Martha Thorne, had 5 children. Then married Phebe West and had 3 children. Then married Deborah Pillsbury, had 2 children. -Roger Eastman (b.1682) married Hannah Kimball, had 7 children -Elizabeth Eastman (b.1685) married George Brown, 1 child -Joseph Eastman (b.1692) married Abigail Merrill, had 9 children

      As for children of Thomas Boynton (b.Sept 2, 1752) and Elizabeth Keezer/Kezar/Keyser:

      -daughter Elizabeth Boynton (Oct 6, 1778 - June 29, 1811) who married James Eastman (b. 1774) did have 4 children, Jesse (not James), Rosilla, Louisa and Nancy. Jesse Eastman (1799-1877) and Sarah Wyman had 6 children who survived past infancy Rosilla Eastman (1803-1873) and Michael Burbank had 4 children Louisa Eastman and Charles Straight did have 8 children Nancy Eastman and Gilman White had at least 2 daughters

      -daughter Mary Boynton (Dec 21, 1792 - Dec 10, 1842) who married her deceased sister's husband, James Eastman (b. 1774) did have a daughter Ruth S. Eastman (b. 13 Aug 1828) who married Adam D. White. They had 9 children not mentioned in the book.

      I don't have any record of Jacob P. Boynton (born in Guilford Mar 28, 1802) that married Mary Eastman, the widow Giolet and Vienna A Scales. Who were his parents since I have no idea which Mary Eastman he married?

      Also, there is a great website: http://gravematter.smugmug.com/ There are thousands of headstone photos from cemeteries in MA, NH and ME. I've found a number headstones of Boyntons and Boynton relatives that were buried in the Old Burying Ground in Rowley, MA and Union Cemetery in Georgetown, MA, including Capt. Joseph Boynton (1644/45 - 1730) and his sons Richard (1675-1732), John (1678-1718) and wife Bethiah Platts and Jonathan (1684-1740).

      -Valerie Eastman --- valerbee@hotmail.com
    42. [Boynton] October 12, 2006 "Leeds Byingtons" --- Hello Douglas, I don't know if you remember discussing the possible connections between the Canadian Byingtons and US roots, but thought I'd mention that the puzzle has finally been solved using a variety of original records.

      James Byington of Leeds UC appears to be grandson of Nathaniel Byington b.1706, through either Nathaniel's son John or son David, both of whom are residents of Weybridge circa 1800.

      The connection was made because a daughter of James, Mary Southworth names an Ira Sanford as a "cousin". This Ira Sanford is the son of an Abigail Byington (who married a Robert Sanford) who is in Elizabethtown, Leeds, UC in 1801 (the year James arrrived in Leeds).

      Abigail is the daughter of Nathaniel's son John. This is supported by census, Rev War pensions, Weybridge petitions and land records, and two wills.

      regards. Larry Boswell --- laboswell (at) rogers.com
    43. [Boynton] January 1, 2007 --- "Boynton and Buffinton matching family crests" --- I came across your site looking up my family name (Buffinton). we apparently have the same family crest. I think our name is of common descent. - John Buffinton -- email johnbuffinton (at) hotmail.com
    44. [Boynton] January 23, 2007 --- "Mark D. Boybnton address update" --- Signing in with a new e-mail address, mboyton (at) twcny.rr.com Mark D.Boynton,Cicero,NY,13039 ..........
    45. [Boynton] February 5, 2007 --- "Boynton Hook" --- I have discovered several Boynton Hooks and am curious about them. They were patented on Nov. 26, 1907. Are you familiar with them? Thanks Mike --- email: mgocken (at) sbcglobal.net

      As you've seen, the Boynton family is a very creative one (in my family three of 5 generations have patents: my great grandfather, myself, and my son)!. Everything that I know about the "Boynton Hook" comes from entry #133 (reprinted below) in my Boynton guestbook (http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/guestby2.html) - Doug:

      • [Boynton] Aug 29, 1997 "Boynton Beach" --- I noticed a note about Boynton Beach. The information that I got about Boynton Beach is as follows: This first part came from a small book the Boynton Beach City Library is selling to help build a playground. "First 100 years of Boynton Beach" by the Historical Socity 1995. Major Nathan S. Boynton, born June 23, 1837 at Port Huron, Michigan, Died May 27, 1911, Port Huron, founder of Boynton Beach, Florida. He married Annie Fields in 1859 at Cincinnati, Ohio, and took her back to Port Huron where they raised two sons and three daughters. Durning the Civil War, Boynton served with distinction in Michigan's 8th Calvary and rose from private to Major. Back in Port Huron, he worked in real estate and insurance, and was the editor and publisher of Port Huron Press. A staunch Republican, he served two terms as mayor, and one term in the state legislature. In 1891, he founded the Michigan Knights of the Maccabbees, a fraternal society, and remained active in that the rest of his life. He tried unsuccessfully to get a lodge started in Boynton. This busy man is credited with inventing the Boynton fire escape, Boynton hook and ladder truck, and Boynton system of wire rope trussing for fire ladders. Contruction of his Boynton Beach Hotel took from 1895 to 1897 and the workmen, recruited in Michigan, brought their families and settled in the new town of Boynton. Major Boynton paved Ocean Avenue with shell rock from his hotel to the new FEC station. He planted a citrus grove between the hotel and the canal, and his settlers were soon raising the vegetables for the hotel guests. He and his family spent the summers in Port Huron but the popular Boynton Beach Hotel was their winter home. Our story begins in 1894 when Major Nathan S. Boynton and Congressman William S. Linton hired Fred C. Voss of Hypoluxo (small town just north of Boynton) to take them in his launch, "Victor", south from Lake Worth into the newly opened East Coast Canal (today's intracoastal). Boynton and Linton, both from Michgan, had heard about the new frontier opening in Southeast Florida. After looking over the area, Linton chose to buy land west of the canal in what would become downtown Delray Beach (first called Linton then after hard times name changed to Delray after Delray MI to get more people to move down), for a twon site. Boynton opted for land farther north on the east side of the canal, extending to the ocean, for a hotel site. Then the two went home and organized the Michigan Home Coloization Company, to interest people in moving to south Florida. Boynton returned in the fall of 1895 to have his new property surveyed. The first boatload of Boynton colonist, which arrived in January 1896, included Horace B. Murray, his wife and three young children from Bailey, Michigan; Mr. and Mrs. Bert L Kapp from Muskegon, Michigan; and Frank Funk, bachelor, from Chicago, Illinois. They had made the last part of the journey by sailboat, down the canal. The boatman, in a hurry to return before dark, deposited the little band on the canal bank and shoved off. Murray called out to him, "But where's Boynton?" "It's all around you," was the reply. The newcomers pitched their tents and began clearing the land. They found rich muck between the canal and today's US-1, on which they could grow all kinds of vegetables. There were two black families, the Kings and the Cades, living and farming in the vicinity of US-1 and 5th Ave, who welcomed their new neightbors and showed them how to grow pineapples. The construction of Major Boynton's beachfront hotel provided employment for many. More and more settlers arrived, among them Mr. and Mrs. Seybold, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mast, Mr. and Mrs. Will H. Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Freedlund, Frank Funk's brother, Isaac, and Mrs. Murray's brother, William H. Smith. By 1900, the new residents of Boynton had a general store, post office, church, and school, and they were raising cash crops to ship north on Flagler's new FEC (Florida East Coast Railroad). In just five years, the nucleus of Boynton Beach was formed. It is said that Major Boynton did not like it too much down here. from From: Kimberly --- Email: knbnash (at) ix.netcom.com via Lisa Cozzens --- Email: cozzens (at) mail.dec.com
    46. [Boynton] February 11, 2007 --- "Diligent of Ipswich" --- We aren't related, but our ancestors might have known each other briefly! My ancestor John Beale came to Hingham, Mass. in 1638, aboard the Diligent. The Hobart and Marsh(Later of Capen & Marsh, Boston publishing firm) families settled in Hingham for a while, too. Did you find a ships passenger list somewhere? D.Post --- email: djp855 (at) hotmail.com

      July 21, 2007 --- I've checked on-line and find that the Boynton family sailed from Hull, UK to Boston on the ship "John of London" in 1638 which is described in some detail. I've updated the Boynton family website accordingly. THANKS for asking the question that got me looking for the answer. Best regards - Doug
    47. [Boynton] February 25, 2007 --- "William H. Boyington" --- I am looking for info on William H. Boyington, son of Jason And Matilda, who was born March 1868 in Crown Point, New York. He was employed by the railroad and traveled around. On July 14,1887 he married Maria Burlingame and had two daughters. The last mention of him is the 1930 census has him in Auburn, MA and married to a different woman ,Ann. Would you have any further info on this man? Mark Stiles 20 Randall Street Apt 4D Providence RI 02904 --- email: mark_stiles_4 (at) msn.com

      July 21, 2007 --- Mark - My apology for taking so long to answer and my regrets. I can't find anything in my Boynton book from 1896 nor in a Byington, Boynton, Baker genealogy book that I found. Please keep me posted if you find anything and I'll update the guest book. Best regards - Doug
      July 23, 2007 --- Dear Doug, I found out that William moved to the Worcester area (Auburn) and died November 5, 1941 and is buried in Auburn. Thanks for the letter. Mark Stiles
    48. [Boynton] March 6, 2007 --- "Ebenezer Boynton to Robert Boynton" --- Hi Doug. I Believe Im from the John Line...my GG grandfather Ebenezer Boynton m Amanda Miller..His Father was Jeremiah b about 1795 there from the Schulyer and Chemung Co. NY..and it goes back to Caleb who Married Sarah Grout.. On page 222 of the Boynton family book By John Farham Boynton and his wife... Can you help me figure out Who Caleb Boynton who m Sarah Grout Father and grandfather are... Thanks very Much and a Awesome site..Robert Boynton --- email: robboynton2002 (at) yahoo.com
    49. [Boynton] April 3, 2007 --- "Walter de Boynton and Ingraham de Boynton dates" I just found your site and was going down your list of Boyntons and found an error for #8, Walter de Boynton. You have his birthdate as c. 1273 but then you have his son #9 Ingraham de Boynton with a birthdate c. 1272. The reason I am interested in this site is my great grandmother was Martha Maria Boynton (b. 7 Nov 1869 in ME) and I am trying to find her line. Just thought you would want to know about the date discrepancies. Linda McMillian nee Wyatt --- email: mobleemom (at) hughes.net

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I've reviewed the documentation and have corrected the text accordingly. These dates were not birth or death dates, they were dates that the individuals were known to be alive (in a census or other official document). Regards - Doug
    50. [Boynton] April 24, 2007 --- "Nathan Hale and Thomas Ford connection" --- I am a decedent of Thomas Ford who was a so many g.fathers of Nathan Hale through John Strong an Abigail Ford Strong. She was the daughter of Thomas Ford. If you would like contact me, use this e-mail address. Yours respectively, Lynden Ford Moser --- email: Lfm1861@aol.com
    51. [Boynton] May 4, 2007 "Warren Boynton family artifacts" I hope you can help me I have photos of a farm, animals and people. Studio portrait of who I know is Warren Boynton and I presume his brother, also letters and a tract advising the farm sale The people involved are Ora Boynton, Warren Boynton and Albert Boynton The parents, who both died in 1929 are George and Molly Warren was married to my Grandmother -in-law in the 50's, I like to get this stuff to whoever collects them Kathy Fagle --- email: KFAGLE (at) nycap.rr.com

      Kathy - This sounds like an interesting collection of family history. Where did they live? Typically family members like to collect the photographs and documents so I'd think that you're the best person to be holding them unless a closer (Boynton) relative can be found. I don't have any known direct connection to these Boynton family members and my reference book needs a little more information to find them (there are about 100 George Boynton listings). My book only lists people born before 1885. Best regards - Doug (Douglas Boynton Quine of www.quine.org/boynton.html)

      Thanks for getting back to me. The farm was in Eminence NY. There is also a Omar Dibble I believe the farm was near Oneida NY I googled Eminence and found nothing. Warren was a farmer and beekeeper who lived in Glenville NY. When he married my husbands Grandma he was in 50's and he died when he was around 83. I found these photos and papers in a coffee can when I was cleaning out my husband's mothers house. She would have been warrens daughter in law and recently passed at age 90. I hope you can steer me in the right direction. It seems a shame to not find a home for these things. thanks again -- Kathy Fagle
    52. [Boynton] May 18, 2007 --- "Boynton homestead in England" --- I just happened to stumble onto your enormous website for the Boynton family and noticed that someone referred to the original family home in Burton Agnes (near Boynton, England). I have been to both the original home in the village of Boynton and the larger and much grander Burton Agnes Hall in the next town and got a personal tour by the last remaining member of the Boynton family (in 1980). I've got a number of pictures of the exterior and interior of these homes. You may already have all this--your website was so large that I didn't have time to go through it. Regards - Dick Boynton, 30 Fowler Lane, Middlefield, CT 06455 --- email: rsboynton (at) hotmail.com


      I realized after sending you my first email that my pictures are on Kodachrome slides, so it will take some time to scan these (I don't have a scanner that does slides, but my brother may have one). I've attached the websites for the two Boynton homes. The Boynton's originally lived at Boynton Hall (which has been added onto over the years) The village of Boynton is right next to Burton Agnes. When I visited, I was told that the Strickland family bought Boynton Hall after Sir Matthew Boynton married Sir Henry Griffith's daughter, a member of the much wealthier family that owned Burton Agnes Hall. So the Boyntons lived at Burton Agnes from the 16th century until now. I was given a tour of the house by Mr. Marcus Wickham-Boynton. He knew my uncle and had heard of me. Amazingly, even though my family (and I assume yours) came to the USA in the 1600's, Marcus looked a lot like my father and had the same voice! Marcus died a few years ago and the house is now occupied by a decendent of Mary Constance Boynton. When I first saw Burton Agnes Hall, it had Marcus' magnificent collection of impressionist art. I don't know whether this collection was sold when Marcus died. Marcus made his money from rent (he owned most of the town of Burton Agnes and had created an industrial park at one end of his vast estate). The Boynton homestead is now open to the public.
      I wrote an account of my first visit to Burton Agnes Hall, but I can't find it. I'm sure that it will surface eventually, and I'll send it to you. Also I have pictures of the Boynton graveyard in a town near the shore about 5 miles from Burton Agnes. Lots of Boyntons are buried there.
      My great-grandfather was George Holmes Boynton, my grandfather Henry Walcott Boynton, and my father was Oliver Griswold Boynton. I'm 72 years old, and have a twin brother, Daniel Chase Boynton, and a 74 year old brother Henry Walcott Boynton II.
      Dick Boynton (Richard Studley Boynton) --- email: rsboynton (at) hotmail.com
    53. [Boynton] May 21, 2007 "Emeline Boynton" --- Dear Mr. Quine, I found your website, whcih has way more information than I had. My line of Boyntons separated from your with John Boynton, born 1614. The last Boynton in my family was Emeline Boynton, born 6 Aug 1807, who married Phineas Daggett in the mid-1800s. I'm sorry I don't have much to add to your site. Just wanted to say "Hay" to a distant relative. Our Boynton ancestor is clearly a "Super-survivor" JLMcLeod --- email: jlynnmcl (at) aol.com
    54. [Boynton] May 21, 2007 "Annie Maude Boynton" --- I am a decendent of Annie Maude Butler and William Butler. My sister and I believe that she was born Annie Maude Boynton in Mason, NH. She died in 1944. We think that she was thrown out of the family for marrying a logger from Canada. I cannot find a birth, marriage or death record for her.. I did find her in the 1920 census along with her husband and children. Her daughter Ella is buried in Brookline,NH. Ella was raised in Mason, NH.. Ella married a logger from Canada as well Daniel DeRoche. I am at an impasse, is there anyone in your records named Annie Maude?? Diane Castine Carroll Brattleboro, Vermont --- email: dicarroll01 (at) hotmail.com

      Diane - My Boynton book (which ends in 1893) does not show any Annie marrying a Butler nor any reference to a DeRoche. We will see if anyone online can find an answer. If you find one elsewhere, I'll update the entry. Best regards - Doug (Douglas Boynton Quine of www.quine.org/boynton.html)
    55. [Boynton] May 29, 2007 "Richardson and Boynton Furnace Company" --- Good Morning I'm trying to discover what Boynton family was the founder of the Boynton Furnace Company, or the Richardson and Boynton Furnace Company, that had its beginnings in the 1800's and lasted until probably around 1930. They had factories in many of the major cities across the US, a couple which were in New Jersey and New York. I was curious if you've discovered anything in your research. Thanks. Stan Boynton -- email: blobsquad (at) roadrunner.com

      Stan - It looks to me like a Nathaniel A. Boynton assigned a Canadian patent "CA 20984" for a "Hot Air Furnace" to the Boynton Furnace Company on January 26, 1885. My Boynton book indicates that Nathaniel A. Boynton (of the furnace company) lived in New York and was President of the American Boynton Association in 1893. He married a woman with the last name of Richardson. He is the 8th Boynton generation in the USA.

      8. Nathaniel A. Boynton was the 1st of 7 children (page 75)

      7. his father Nathaniel Boynton was born Sept 14, 1795 (as was his twin Polly who died at age 17)

      6. his father Nathaniel Boynton was born Jan 3, 1763 (and married Anna Barrett of Concord)

      5. his father Ensign Nathaniel Boynton was born June 3, 1724 (and married Rebecca Barrett of Concord on Nov 23, 1751). He was one of Melvin's Rangers, was a housewright, and lived in Westford MA where he served as Town Treasurer, Clerk, and Selectman. He was chosen as a member of the first Committee of Correspondence in Westford in 1773 and served on various other important committees during the Revolution. A true patriot. He lived on his father's homestead and like him as a house carpenter. He died in 1798. (page 74)

      4. his father Nathaniel Boynton was born Dec 11, 1694 in Rowley MA (and moved to Chelmsford, West Precinct - now Westford - where he served as Town Clerk for many years.Anna Barrett of Concord). He married Hannah Perham in 1720 and had 9 children (including Nathaniel). After she died, he remarried and had 6 more children. He later moved to Pepperell where he died between 1752 and 1759. (page 60)

      3. his father Deacon Joseph Boynton was born March 23, 1669 (or 1670) and married Bridget Harris of Rowley Jan 30, 1692 (or 1693). He was Deacon of the Rowley Church from 1723 until his death on Nov. 25, 1755. He was a wheelwright and "after he was 70 years old hewed a beam for the meeting house without a chalk or line so complete that his friends put his name and age on the beam so that it might be read by the people". (page 50)

      2. his father Captain Joseph Boynton was born in 1644 and married Sarah Swan of Rowley. He was Captain of the Military Company, Town Clerk, and Representative to the General Court for many years. Joseph was his first of 9 children (page 46)

      1. his father John Boynton was born in Yorkshire, England in 1614 and immigrated to America in 1638. He was a tailor by trade but tilled the acre and a half of land assigned to him next to his brother William (page 44).

      Regards - Doug (webmaster) www.quine.org/boynton.html

      June 2007
      Hi Doug, Thanks for the helpful information. Now I also understand the Richardson connection. I come down from Capt. Joseph Boynton by his son Jonathan, brother of Joseph. I don't know if you would be interested in adding my information to what you have - if so, just let me know. The Boynton Furnace Company began in 1849 and Inc. in 1884 and I guess they went out probably sometime around 1930. I have several of their stoves but I haven't been able to determine the origins of the company. I also just heard from the Chicago Historical Society and they found the President as N. A. Boynton, the Vice President was C. B. Boynton, and the Sec - Treasurer was H. C. Boynton. Thanks again for the information - now I can post it with my stoves. Stan

      June 24, 2007
      Good Morning Doug Thanks for being so helpful. If you may, I'd like to ask one other question. Regarding Caleb Boynton who married Sarah Flagg (page 222 in the Boynton Genealogy of 1897), do you have any information as to where he's connected earlier on in the Boynton family (Father, Grandfather, etc.?) I ask because on page 296 my 2nd Great Grandfather Benjamin F. b.1829 had a brother David T. b. 1828 who moved to Mentor, Ohio. I figure that there must have been some sort of family connection with Caleb's family, otherwise it would seem to be very odd that David would have ended up in that area just by chance. Thanks Stan

      July 21, 2007
      My regrets - I don't have any additional information outside the book... - Regards - Diug
    56. [Boynton] May 31, 2007 --- "Albert Boynton" --- Your site is full of information well arranged. Thank you for sharing your excellent work. I am seeking information on my great-great grandfather Albert Boynton who was born in 1821 in Troy, Rensselaer, NY, resided in Moline, Rock Island Co, IL and died in Houston 1904 in Houston, Texas. I read in a posting at another site that his father was E. L. Boynton. Checking the census of Troy IL in1810 I find only an A Boynton, head of household, who is over 45 years of age, has 3 boys and 2 girls in the household. Albert Boynton was married to Elizabeth Orwig, apparently the second marriage for both. Their children were George, Alzina Baughman MacKinson, Cora Belle Boynton (Buchanan), (my great grandmother), Alta Ann and Charles R. The 1900 census in Houston lists the birthplace of his father as Massachussetts and of his mother as Connecticut. The 1850 Fulton County census lists an Albert Boyington born in 1821 in NY, wife Nancy J. and children George and Elizabeth. Next to this family is the family of Ebenezer Boynton born about 1794 and wife Elizabeth with children Egbert and Edgar, all born in NY and a child Catherine Henry, born in Penn. I do not seem able to make all the connections here as there are so many Orwigs, Baughmans and Boyntons all interconnected in New England, Penn. and Illinois. Any help would be much appreciated. Jean Laster --- email: ECL99 (at) bellsouth.net.

      Jean - My 1896 Boynton book (page 143) lists:
      an 8th generation Cora B. Boynton with siblings Albert J. Boynton, George H. Boynton, Jane E. Boynton, and Martha M. Boynton.
      Their father was 7th generation Albert Boynton (with siblings Underhill Boynton, Helena Anne Boynton, Charles O. Boynton, Francis B. Boynton, Egbert Boynton, Edgar Boynton, Harriet and Henriette Boynton (twins)
      (page 142) his father was 6th generation Ebenezer L. Boynton (born Aug. 31, 1796) married to Elizabeth Fancher of Connecticut in 1816 and then they moved to Woodstock County VT then to Crown Point NY then to Fulton County, Illinois
      his father was 5th generation Joel Boynton
      his father was 4th generation John Boynton,
      his father was 3rd generation Richard Boynton,
      his father was 2nd generation Joseph Boynton,
      his father was 1st generation John Boynton
      Regards - Doug

    Boynton Family Guest Books by Douglas Quine