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Boynton Family Guest Book Volume 3

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    Boynton Guest Book Volume 3: July 28, 1998 - November 13, 1999

    1. [ASB-TREE] Jul 28, 1998 "Samuel Warren Boynton" --- Am searching for information on Samuel Warren Boynton (my g-grandfather) All I know is (according to info on his son on 1910 census) he was born in CT. His wife was born in 1850 so I assume he was born around the same time. Moved to GA but don't know when and cannot find any info on him on GA censuses. Hope someone has something on him. Thx. from Joann Bragg --- Email: jbragg (at) daci.com
    2. [Boynton] Aug 5, 1998 "Obituary" (found site through: Favorite Site) --- Mr.Robert C. Boynton,age 94,a decendant of John Boynton, died Aug.3,1998 in Florida. He was a retired Superintendant Of Mails. He is survived by his son,Robert C. Boynton,Jr. from Sandra Boynton --- Email: SBoynton (at) aol.com Web Page: http://members.aol.com/SBoynton/index.html
    3. [Boynton] Aug 5, 1998 "A Boynton decendant" (found site through: Katherine Cochrane's website) --- I was wondering: Is there available a de Boynton or Boynton coat-of-arms image? I would like to include it on my own series of pages which form a portion of my family geneaology from Donald Dillaby --- Email: ddillaby (at) bit-net.com Web Page: http://www.bit-net.com/~ddillaby/
    4. [Boynton] Aug 7, 1998 "Ancestors of Byington family" (found site through: Family Tree Maker Web site) --- Your site looks great so far. I have 12 sources of early Boynton and De Boynton abcestors obtained from NEHGS, Salt Lake and other libraries. At least 6 are independent and are all different in listing the very early line. I'm still trying to sort it all out. I wrote a book in 1996 entitled "Byington, Boynton, Baker Genealogy with the Descendants of Cyrus Irving Byington of Norwalk, Connecticut, 1865-1953". It is available at NEHGS & from Salt Lake. It lists in Appendix A the 12 sources of information plus 9 family lines (all different) as well as well as 21 ways to spell Boynton. I'm now putting the information into the Family Tree Maker system and am again trying to sort out the early line. from Roy Edward Byington --- Email: roybying (at) ix.netcom.com
    5. [Boynton] Aug 14, 1998 "Boynton/Powson" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- I am searching for information on the BOYNTON family who married the POWSONs and HODGSON/HODSONs. I have: Elizabeth POWSON (b. abt 1868) m. ____ BOYNTON. Lydia Yates HODGSON (b. 1852) m. Bartholomew BOYNTON in 1868. Amelia HODGSON (b. 1850) m. William BOYNTON in 1868. (Lydia/Bartholomew & Amelia/William may have been a double-wedding?) The above Elizabeth is daughter of Robert POWSON and Mary Jane HODGSON/HODSON. Mary Jane later married LOCKWOOD and then GRADY; living in ON, NY, KS, IL, OK, TX, etc. from Amelia Reimer-Davisson --- Email: davisson (at) olympus.net Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Woods/5557/
    6. [Boynton] Aug 17, 1998 "Surname Swain" --- My grandfather was a Swain and my family never new very much about my grandfather. He never spoke about his family, so my Dad and his siblings didn't know there grandparents from the Swain side of the family. The only thing that we ever new, is that his father was a doctor in Alabama, where my grandfather was born. He was born at around the 1880's. My Dad and all of his family (family that I was aware of) have all died, and I am the only surviving relative, except for my Mom. I would really like to know more about the Swain side of the family. My grandfather was born in Alabama. from Carol Mosley --- Email: CMOSLEY (at) summitkids.org
    7. [ASB-TREE] Sep 4, 1998 "boyntons" (found site through: aol at the library) --- my mother is a boynton from covemtry conn in the 1800s then salem conn from abt 1900s i believe relative was naghan hale ????????? from margaret o'brien
    8. [Boynton] Sep 6, 1998 "A very basic (first attempt) at a web page : )" (found site through: I am an agate customer) --- I also descend from John Boynton of Kkknapton, Wintringham, E. Riding, Yorks. to his son Joseph b. 1644 Rowley, Essex MA Sgt Richard b. 1675 Rowley Richard b. 1706 Rowley David b. 1751 Tewksbury Richard Alna ME Richard b. `1809 Alna ME Charles b. 1842 Sherman Aroostook ME Daisy Irene b. 1875 Sherman Aroostook ME (my Greatgrandmother) I am interested in your genealogy prior to John b. 1614 E. Riding Yorks, ENG. I have read the book you cite but didn't find reference to prior to this generation. Rhonda from Rhonda Little --- Email: gfsrhonda (at) aol.com Web Page: http://members.aol.com/gfsrhonda/
    9. [ASB-TREE] Oct 1, 1998 "BOYNTONS IN EASTPORT Maine" --- Hello...you might be interested to know there is a Boynton Street in Eastport Maine. There was also at one time a Boynton School. I believe the building is still standing. I lived in Eastport years ago, but don't recall knowing any Boyntons. from Joanne Emus --- Email: jemus (at) apw-premier.com
    10. [Boynton] Oct 2, 1998 "Daughtry Boynton connection" (found site through: Familytreemaker) --- Doug: thanks for the help, could not make the connection to /provate/family_cd/index.html/boynton will keep trying. from Bob Daughtry --- Email: daughtryb (at) aol.com
    11. [Boynton] Oct 11, 1998 "Joseph Boynton and Sarah Swan" (found site through: familyhistory.flash.net) --- Just stopped to see if anyone was related to Joseph Boynton and Sarah Swan. from Joni Woodruff --- Email: joni28 (at) juno.com
    12. [Boynton] Oct 13, 1998 "Lost Boynton?" (found site through: Family Tree Maker) --- Help! I am looking for Gardner Brooks Boynton of Brownfield, Me. He married widow Sarah Jane(Snow) Small in Jan. 1860. Sarah was orginally from Bagor. Can you help me tract him down? from Linda Greene --- Email: barry-greene (at) bio-rad.com
    13. [Boynton] Oct 14, 1998 "Boynton" --- Found I am may be related to the Boynton family from Hillsborough NH where a John Boynton B-1715 in Rowley moved to New Hampshire with his wife Lydia Jewett. His daughter, Jemmia Boynton , married a Benjamin Jones and they lied in Hillsborough NH. John Boynton desends from John Boynton b-1614 who married Ellen Pell and who was the son of William Boynton. from Greg Simmons --- Email: gscomman (at) fgi.net
    14. [Boynton] Oct 16, 1998 "Searching for parents of Augenette Boynton m. George Hamlin Stetson ca 1872" (found site through: referred by a Boynton family member) --- See subject from Eugene W. Hubbard --- Email: hubfam (at) earthlink.net
    15. [Boynton] Oct 17, 1998 "Gardner Brooks Boynton" (found site through: I created the web site) --- Regarding Gardner Brooks Boynton. I have no information about him or his descendents. I can identify his ancestors. Page 159 in the Boynton book shows him as the 3rd of 7 children of Jacob Boynton (born December 14, 1804 and died October 14, 1881). Jacob's first wife was Olive Thom, his second wife was Abigail Brooks (probably Gardner's mother by the name), and his third wife was Mary M. Stanley. Jacob's father was William Boynton (born Dec 5, 1744), GF was John Boynton, GGF was Icabod Boynton, GGGF was John Boynton, GGGGF was also John Boynton - who was one of the two brothers that immigrated to America around 1638 and is identified on my Boynton web page: www.quine.org/boynton.html Book reference: "Geneology of the Decendants of William and John Boynton" published in 1897. Compiled by John Farnham Boynton and his wife Caroline Harriman Boynton. This book has recently been reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970. from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    16. [Boynton] Oct 21, 1998 "Boyntons" --- I've updated my genealogy page with a new Boynton page. Thought you might be interested. Great work on your webpage! from Scott Michaud --- Email: mazhude (at) hotmail.com Web Page: http://members.tripod.com/~Scott_Michaud/Boynton-history.html
    17. [Boynton] Oct 23, 1998 "Joshua Boynton" (found site through: metacrawler) --- I was so excited to find your site. I just got back from a vacation in Mass.,it gave me some curiosity as to my family that originated from there. The last family that I have listed is a David Boynton born abt. 1712 - I presume in Mass. I have his son as being Samuel Boynton. Could this David Boynton be the David listed on your information as the son of Joshua and Mary Boynton. I would be extremely grateful for any information. If it is the same line - I am "in awe" of all the information you have been able to find about your line of Enoch. How did you find all of this information? I am new at geneology and feel like a little fish swimming in a HUGE ocean. Thank you for your time, Lisa Jimenez(jongran (at) aros.net) from Lisa Jimenez --- Email: jongran (at) aros.net
    18. [Boynton] Oct 24, 1998 "KORPER" (found site through: lycos) --- HI have a look at my korper family tree.... regards terry from terry cooper --- Email: terrycooper (at) deltatango.freeserve.co.uk Web Page: http://www.dungeon.com/~deltatango/genepage.html
    19. [Boynton] Oct 25, 1998 "Hannah Boynton descendant" (found site through: Internet browser/Family Tree Maker) --- My husband is a descendant of Hannah Boynton who married John Crosby in 1790, Andover, MA. The information I have says "the Boynton family came from an aristocratic family who came to Americafrom England in 1638. They boasted a coat-of-arms, as they were descended from a royal family. This emblem, which I have a copy bears the motto "Temp Passo" and is of beautiful design. We have an old record which states that the Boynton family held its 250th family reunion in 1886." It goes on the state the names of the children born to John & Hannah Boynton Crosby are: John, 1793, Samuel B, 1795, Hannah, 1797, Solomon, 1798, Amos, 1800, Benjamin 1803, David 1806, Jacob 1808, Dorothy 1810, Abiel 1812. We are descendants of Samuel B Crosby via A Theodosia who married a Kime (which we have info for 12 generations back). Do you think this is the same family as you have provided in the family page; specifically Item 23? I will be happy to share the information that was originally prepared for the Crosby Reunion 1940 by Alice M. Leonard. Thanks for any insight you can provide. from Pat George --- Email: rgeorge329 (at) aol.com
    20. [Boynton] Oct 26, 1998 "byington" --- I am descended from Daniel Byington, who descend from those same Rowley settlers. I have about the same info you have on your page, but of course more on our direct line. I just love finding 'cousins' Great page. Maureen in Washington state from Maureen MacDonald --- Email: bymo (at) whidbey.com
    21. [Boynton] Oct 26, 1998 "Boynton History" (found site through: I created the web site) --- Subj: Boynton Date: 10/26/98 To: rgeorge329 (at) aol.com Dear Pat, This is certainly the same Boynton family. I am very interested to hear of the Boynton reunion in 1896 because it explains the cause of the Boynton family history book which I reference in my Boynton page and used to develop the history. Welcome to the extended family! from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    22. [Boynton] Oct 26, 1998 "Boynton surname- Rowley Essex MA" (found site through: dogpile- woof,woof) --- Looking for connection between Boynton and Dresser families of Rowley, MA from Jon Adams --- Email: trekkerjon (at) mailcity.com
    23. [Boynton] Oct 26, 1998 "Boynton surname- Rowley Essex MA" (found site through: dogpile- woof,woof) --- Looking for connection between Boynton and Dresser families of Rowley, MA I started to read one of Mr. Quine's logic books a long time ago ... let me try again Jon Adams from Jon Adams --- Email: trekkerjon (at) mailcity.com
    24. [Boynton] Oct 27, 1998 (found site through: Personal reference from connected relative) --- I have over 5,400 linked individuals available on line at my site. My boynton connection is via my Father's mother. She wrote a booklet of her early childhood including a visit back east to visit relatives. I also possess original letters from the late 1700's written by Quakers in Pennsylvania under the surname of Hough. from Paul David Middleton Howe Brister Porter --- Email: tsb (at) bigfoot.com Web Page: http://www.winternet.com/~tsb/
    25. [Boynton] Oct 27, 1998 "DRESSER connections." --- A dresser ancestor of mine was married to a Boynton, and then to a Jewett I am a descendant of the DRESSER-JEWETT union. They lived in Rowley, MA (darn, I forgot to bring my notes- But I think it was Sam Dresser Jr. and Priscilla Jewett.) Any one with info on this would 'make my day' if they sent it to me. Jon Adams from Jon Adams --- Email: trekkerjon (at) mailcity.com
    26. [Boynton] Nov 3, 1998 "BOYNTONs of BURSTWICK" (found site through: Someone elses web page) --- Good reading !!!! I am desperately trying to find information relating to the BOYNTON family of SKECKLING CUM BURSTWICK . Head of the house was PHILLIP BOYNTON , his wife is unknown and his children were as follows , PHILLIP-1694,ANNE-1698,MARMADUKE-1700,ANNE-1702,PHILLIP-1704,GRIFFITH-1706,ELIZABETH-1708,ANNE-1710,HUGH-1714 . i have been unable to get any further with this . Can anyone help ?? from Will Stevenson --- Email: Boybritt (at) aol.com
    27. [Boynton] Nov 6, 1998 "BOYNTON" --- Hi! I am descended from the BOYNTON line also, but much more distant, and from John the emigrant rather than William. Had one question on this line: 8.Walter de Boynton (c. 1273) --- Married daughter of Ingram Mounscaux The date would appear to be a birth date, but since Walter's son was born in 1273, must be a death date...or just some other date relating to his life? Thanks for a great site! I just made this connection through a bio from the Vermont Historical Society of a Joseph DAY, who wife was a Tenney and a Boynton descendant. from Bob Mosher --- Email: bmosher (at) gte.net
    28. [Boynton] Nov 12, 1998 "boynton" (found site through: yahoo search) --- info on john/william boynton decendce from brenda {boynton}bowes --- Email: betty1boop (at) yahoo.com
    29. [Boynton] Nov 13, 1998 "Emma Boynton" (found site through: Your website has been a long time favorite!) --- I'm looking for the date of death and place of death of Emma/Emily Brigham Boynton, b. June 1857 in Windham, OH. Her parents were Nelson Bidwell Brigham and Maria Millikin. She m. Milo A. Boynton 1879 in MI. Milo was b. June 1849 in MI, d. Sept 1918 in Muskegon, MI. After Milo's death Emma moved to IA and on the 1920 IA census was living in Ottumwa, Wapello, IA with her daughter Bertha and husband Thomas Madden. Any help would be appreciated. BTW, my Boynton lines are through John. And yes, I have a copy of the infamous Boynton book....a must have! Thanks again. from Madeleine Parrott --- Email: maddeo (at) goodnet.com
    30. [Boynton] Nov 13, 1998 "Boynton ancestors" (found site through: Family Tree Maker) --- I am a descendant of Joseph Boynton and Sarah Swan. Their daughter Sarah Boynton and her husband Samuel Tenney are my ancestors. from Beth Williamson --- Email: betwil (at) aol.com
    31. [Boynton] Nov 22, 1998 "Boynton History" --- I was very impressed with your Boynton page, and in return will share some information that was collected by my sister from a library in London. That info covers the generations of Boynyon from Bartholomew de Boynton ca 1067. Neither she nor I are really genealogists; so we took no bibliography. The documents from which we extracted are unnamed but appear to us to be authoritative. The main source is a large chart entitled "Pedigree of Boynton, Burton Agnes, Sedbury, and Rawcliffe." It was a part of a large book, the name of which my sister failed to transcribe. With all that disclaimer, if you are interested, I would be delighted to email my extraction from that chart. You can email me at fathiker (at) volcano.net from Don Webber --- Email: fathiker (at) volcano.net
    32. [MBQ] Nov 23, 1998 (found site through: yahoo) --- Neat page, Doug. Your mom sounds like a fascinating woman! Sue from Susan Bachman --- Email: bachmans (at) bethel.k12.ct.us Web Page: http://bethel.k12.ct.us/j1.htm
    33. [Boynton] Nov 26, 1998 (found site through: altavista) --- I was wondering which boynton's i origionated from...my grandparents are max and joann in galesburg ill, great grandmother...hazel boynton...still alive from Jason Nickalos Boynton --- Email: jason613 (at) hotmail.com
    34. [ASB-TREE] Dec 1, 1998 "Boynton" --- Very interesting site. My grandmother was a Boynton so am interested in that line. Her name was Blanche M.Boynton daughter of Elbridge and Nellie [Haines] Boynton. Are these in your line? from Carol Wentworth --- Email: JNCW35 (at) aol.com
    35. [Boynton] Dec 8, 1998 "BYINGTON" --- LINE- Betsey byington=solomon byington=samuel byington =nathaniel byington= from ROBERT E LORD --- Email: RLORD333 (at) AOL
    36. [Boynton] Dec 8, 1998 "Family" (found site through: Altavista) --- Nice. from Thomas --- Email: tspiny (at) hotmail.com Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/area51/stargate/2418/
    37. [Boynton] Dec 26, 1998 "Boynton" (found site through: Infoseek) --- Looking for information on Elizabeth Boynton m. to George Townsend, Daughter Sarah Ann Townsend m. John Postin between 1860 and 1865. Lived in Fulton County Illinois. Obit information says George Townsend b. Ohio. ALSO have 1860 census listing for Ebiseeser Boyington b. NH, w. Betsey Boyington b. Conn. and their 3 children. This was a Fulton County, IL census. There was a Boynton Station on the Underground Railroad in Fulton County, IL. It was the home of E.L. Boynton and his wife, the former Elizabeth Fancheir. from Karen Latimer --- Email: ISU76 (at) aol.com
    38. [ASB-TREE] Dec 28, 1998 "The Boynton - Tenney Genealogy" --- I really have enjoyed your web pages on the Boyntons. I figure that I'm your 10th cousin, once removed. Below I have copied/pasted my own little document so you can see where I branch off, if you're interested. The Boynton-Tenney Genealogy During the 2nd Millenium A.D. April 17, 1994 edited and compiled by Carl Tenney updated on December 26, 1998 Ask anyone about themself and whether they got a particular talent from their mom or dad. They usually have an answer. So I submit that genealogical research may help young people find their abilities more quickly, thus being one of my stated justifications for the activity of genealogical study. Books from which this information was derived are: 1. Genealogical & Family History of the State of New Hampshire - Edited by Ezra Stearns. Dewey # 929.2742 S799. 2. Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts - George Brainard Blodgett and Amos Everett Jewett. Dewey #929.2744 B65. 3. The Tenney Family, or the Descendants of Thomas Tenney of Rowley, Massachusetts 1638-1904, with partial records of Professor Jonathan Tenney - by M.J. Tenney - Concord, N.H. The Rumford Press (1904). BARTHOLOMEW DE BOYNTON. "Bartholomew de Boynton, who was seized of the manor of Boynton in 1067, was the first mentioned as having used the name as a surname." "In a sequestered (secluded) rural neighborhood bordering on the town of Bridlington and not far from the shore of the North Sea, in the eastern part of Yorkshire, England, stands the ancient village of Boynton, which derives importance from its having given name to the family of Boynton, and their principal seat for centuries. The manor house was from a very early period the residence of the Boyntons, the family sent forth branches into the neighboring villages, at an early period. East Heslerton and Wintringham being the abode for several generations of that branch whose descendants...settled at Rowley, Massachusetts." "He was succeeded in his estate by his son." WALTER DE BOYNTON, "son of Bartholomew de Boynton, was living in 1091." BRUIS DE BOYNTON, "probably a son of Walter de Boynton, left his name on a document dated 1129." SIR INGRAM DE BOYNTON, KNIGHT, "succeeded Bruis de Boynton, and lived in 1159." "He left a son, his heir." THOMAS DE BOYNTON, "son of Sir Ingram de Boynton, married and left at least one son." ROBERT DE BOYNTON, "son of Thomas de Boynton, flourished in 1205, and by his wife, daughter of Thomas Burgh, Esq., left a son." INGRAHAM DE BOYNTON, "son of Robert de Boynton, was living in 1235 and 1258. He married Margaret, daughter and heir of Sir Walter Grindall, by whom he had one child or more." WALTER DE BOYNTON, "son of Ingraham and Margaret (Grindall) de Boynton, lived in 1273, and married the daughter of Ingram Mounscaux, and had issue (children)." INGRAHAM DE BOYNTON, "son of Walter de Boynton, was living in 1272 and 1307. He married a daughter of St. Quintine and had one child or more." SIR WALTER DE BOYNTON, "son of Ingraham de Boynton, was knighted in 1356, being in the service of the Prince of Wales, in Brittany. He married a daughter of William Alton and left issue." SIR THOMAS DE BOYNTON "of Acclam, son of Sir Walter de Boynton, was lord of the ancient demesne of Boynton, of Acclome and Aresome, in right of his mother, and of Rouseby, Newton, and Swaynton, by his wife Catherine, daughter and co-heir of Sir Gifford Rossells, of Newton, Knight. He left a son." SIR THOMAS BOYNTON, KNIGHT, "son of Sir Thomas de Boynton, married Margaret, daughter of ----- Speeton, of Sawcock, and left issue." SIR HENRY BOYNTON, KNIGHT, "son of Sir Thomas Boynton, joined Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, who had taken up arms against Henry IV, in 1405. They were defeated and Sir Henry, with seven others, was executed at Sadbury, in Yorkshire, July 2, 1405. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Merrifield, Knight, and by her had daughters Janett and Elizabeth, and two sons, Thomas, who died at the age of twelve years, and William, next mentioned." WILLIAM BOYNTON, "son of Sir Henry Boynton, married Jane, daughter of Simon Harding, and left a child or children." SIR THOMAS BOYNTON, KNIGHT, "son of William and Jane (Harding) Boynton, made his will July 28, 1408, which was proved on September 6 following. He married Margaret, daughter of William Normanville, and they had two sons - Henry, the elder and heir, and Christopher, the subject of the next paragraph." SIR CHRISTOPHER BOYNTON, "younger son of Sir Thomas and Margaret (Normanville) Boynton, had his seat at Sadbury, in Yorkshire. He married the daughter of Sir John Coignes, of Ormesbury. Knight, and had issue." SIR CHRISTOPHER BOYNTON, KNIGHT, "of Sadbury, son of Sir Christopher Boynton, also had estates in Heslerton and Newton, and in the parish of Wintringham. His first wife was Elizabeth, daughter of ----- Wanford, by whom he had one son, William who died without issue. By his second wife, Jane, daughter of Robert Strangeways, of Kelton, he had daughters, Elizabeth and Jane, and two sons, Sir Christopher, whose male issue is extinct, and Robert, next mentioned." ROBERT BOYNTON, "son of Sir Christopher and Jane (Strangeways) Boynton, of East Heslerton, died in 1526, leaving by his wife Agnes sons: John, of East Heslerton; Richard, of Newton, who died in 1539; William, a priest, and James, mentioned in the next paragraph." JAMES BOYNTON, "son of Robert and Agnes Boynton, of Wintringham, made his will in 1534 and died the same year, leaving a widow Jane and sons Roger, William and Christopher." ROGER BOYNTON, "eldest son of James and Jane Boynton, was also of Wintringham, and resided at Knapton, in that parish. He died in 1558. By his wife Jenet, daughter of ----- Watson, he had sons: James, Richard, William, Edmund, and a daughter Alice." WILLIAM BOYNTON, "third son and child of Roger and Janet (Watson) Boynton, resided also at Knapton, in Wintringham. He died in 1615, leaving a widow Margaret, who was his second wife; sons Francis, Daniel, John and William, and daughters Anne and Margaret." WILLIAM BOYNTON, "youngest son of William and Margaret Boynton, was executor of his father's will, and residuary legatee. He continued to reside at Knapton, where his sons William and John were born." JOHN BOYNTON, "younger son of William Boynton, was born at Knapton, Wintringham, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, in 1614. With his elder brother William he joined the expedition fitted out under the auspices of Sir Matthew Boynton and others, who had made extensive preparations for a settlement in New England. Sir Matthew remained behind and joined the fortunes of Oliver Cromwell. The remainder of the party embarked at Hull in the autumn of 1638 and arrived at Boston, in New England, in the same year. Many of the families were wealthy, and with the means brought with them purchased a tract of land situated between the towns of Newbury and Ipswich, which they took possession of in April, 1639, and called it Rowley, in honor of their minister, Mr. Ezekiel Rogers, who had been sometime preacher at the village of that name in Yorkshire. John Boynton was a tailor by trade, but tilled "the acre and a half of land" that was assigned to him in 1640, next his brother William's, and died February 18, 1670. He married Ellen Pell, of Boston, whose name is also found spelled Eleanor and Helen. Their children were: Joseph, John, Caleb, Mercy, Hannah, Sarah, and Samuel." CAPTAIN JOSEPH BOYNTON, "oldest child of John and Ellen (Pell) Boynton, born in Rowley in 1644, was captain of the military company, town clerk, and representative to the general court many years. He was a pinder for the north-east field, 1670-71. He with his sife Sarah (his son Benoni, and his wife Ann) was dismissed from Rowley Church to Groton, December 4, 1715. He returned to Rowley and died December 16, 1730. He married (first), May 13, 1669, Sarah, daughter of Richard and Ann Swan, of Rowley. She was born in Rowley, in 1646, and died in Groton, February 27, 1718. He married (second) Elizabeth Wood, published March 5, 1720. His children, all by the first wife, were: Joseph, Sarah Ann, Richard, John, Benoni, Jonathan, Hilkiah and Daniel." SARAH ANN BOYNTON, daughter of Captain Joseph and Sarah (Swan) Boynton, was born 1/11/1671. She married Samuel Tenney on 12/18/1690. They had JONATHAN TENNEY, who was born 12/8/1703. He married Rebecca Hardy. They had ELIPHALET TENNEY, who was born 6/13/1731, in Bradford, Massachusetts. He married Eunice Boynton (It's a mess, here, just as it sounds) on 3/15/1757. They had MOODY TENNEY. Without getting too confusing here, a brother of Sarah Ann Boynton (above) is Richard Boynton. He had Nathaniel Boynton, who is a first cousin to Jonathan Tenney (above). Nathaniel Boynton had Eunice Boynton, who is mentioned in the paragraph just above as marrying Eliphalet Tenney. Eunice Boynton and Eliphalet Tenney were second cousins to each other. I'm not sure if it was even legal for them to get married at that time, being second cousins. All I can figure is that Moody Tenney is a double third cousin to HIMSELF . You'd be moody, too. He was born 7/20/1779, and married Anna Bent on 4/1/1806. They had DAVID TENNEY, who was born 12/1/1811 in Stow, Massachusetts. He married Harriet Atwood Fuller on 5/24/1843 in Ludlow, Massachusetts. They had DAVID ELBRIDGE TENNEY, who was born on 11/24/1844, in Palmer, Massachusetts. He married Carrie Walker on 9/4/1872 in Palmer. They had WILLIAM ELBRIDGE TENNEY, who was born on 6/14/1874 in Palmer. He married Lydia Rachel West. They had LEROY TENNEY, who was born on 9/7/1898 in Trenton, New Jersey. He married Josephine E. Cook. They had ELWOOD HARRISON TENNEY, SR., who was born on 3/24/1922 in Trenton, New Jersey. He married Ruth Marguerite Crocker in Trenton. They had CARL LeRoy TENNEY, who was born on 11/10/1966 in Trenton, New Jersey. He married Delinda Michelle McMartin on 3/7/92 in Trenton/Hamilton Square Baptist Church. No issue as of 12/26/1998. from Carl and Delinda Tenney --- Email: dmtenney (at) yahoo.com
    39. [ASB-TREE] Jan 8, 1999 (found site through: Recommended by burneyparker (at) bluebon.net) --- Greetings, I am son of Charles S. Ralston whose mother was Annie Boynton of the Washington County, Texas branch of Boyntons. Just stumbling around looking for connections! from Richard H. Ralston --- Email: rhr20 (at) juno.com
    40. [Boynton] Jan 9, 1999 "Boynton Descendents, Richmond,Va." (found site through: yahoo) --- I am still searching trying to trace my family heritage. I don't know much about my father's family, other than, my great grandfather's name was George(not sure of his middlle name), and I have no idea as to what my great grandmother's name. They made their home in the Richmond,Va area. My grandfather, George Oscar Boynton, had a half brother they called little George, a brother name Frank and sister named Emma. Frank's wife name was Rose. Emma married Robert Carter. My grandmother's name was Lorene Smith Boynton and they had five children. They made their home in Tampa, Fl. If you are a descendent, or have any information on this family, please respond. from Debbie Boynton Merciers --- Email: djm0754 (at) yahoo.com
    41. [Boynton] Jan 13, 1999 "Introducing more Boyntons" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- I am a British Boynton and my father of the same name [aged 80] will also be interested in this site. His father was James Hall Boynton and all three of us were born in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire. Our name is toponymic and we are aware of the 1086 Domesday Book reference to Bofa-ing-tun [the farm of Bofa's people] which is now the village of Boynton in Yorkshire, UK which is arguably the origin of all us Boyntons. It is an uncommon name and I recollect that a search of the UK telephone directory produced a list of no more than 200 people [ignoring all the near-names like Boyington which may have other origins]. More Boyntons are found in the Yorkshire area and the longest list will be in the phone directory for [Kingston upon] Hull, Humberside which is nearest area to Boynton village. I searched Minitel, the French on-line phone directory and surprisingly found some Boyntons though not so many. Your website shows me the wide diaspora of Boyntons to the US and elsewhere and I look forward to studying its contents more closely in the coming weeks. Being statistically minded, I am starting with an interest to understand the population of living Boyntons before we do more to try to trace links and ancestry. Does anyone know how many Boyntons are to found in North America? from James William Boynton [Bill] --- Email: kingslandjames (at) compuserve.com
    42. [Boynton] Jan 15, 1999 --- My Mother was a Boynton. We live in New Zealand and from what I know, Her great great grandfather is from Yorkshire, who went to Victoria Australia when he was 10 yrs old before coming to New Zealand. from Adriana Rua --- Email: shayr (at) wave.co.nz
    43. [Boynton] Jan 18, 1999 --- Researching Boyantons in Australia and England. My father was born in England of Aust soldier, returned after WW2 with wife and 2 sons and then left them. Boyantons in Australia descend from one family who came to Australia. from Donna Boyanton --- Email: Donna46 (at) mailexcite.com
    44. [Boynton] Jan 21, 1999 "Boynton" (found site through: genweb) --- I am seeking relatives of R. S. Boynton. I am a petroleum landman, Texas. This R. S. Boynton purchased some land in 1916, reserving minerals when selling in 1944. Probably dead, there is a Boynton family out there, somewhere unknowingly now owning OIL. I need to find anyone related to an R. S. Boynton. Have you any possible leads for me. from Jeannette Lowery --- Email: lcresource (at) aol.com
    45. [Boynton] Feb 3, 1999 "Accuracy of "34 Generations --- Hey -- Great site!!! I am wondering if you are aware of any current research which supports or criticizes the genealogy of the Boynton family back to pre-1067 days which you have posted on your site. I see your main source was a book from 1896 -- a time notorious for "discovery" of "noble" lineage by American genealogists trying to add a flare of distinction to their family names. Many, many, many of those genealogies have been proven in this century to have been mistaken and even down-right made up. On another note, I thought I would give my lineage here for you readers: John (immigrant)>Caleb>Ebenezer>Jeremiah>David>Sarah "Sally", b. 1770 m. Richard Gage>Sarah "Sally" Gage, b. 1796 m. Elias Jenkins>Noah Elijah Jenkins, b. 1834 m. Hattie M. Avery>Noah Avery Jenkins b. 1895 m. Ethel Thorp>Donald Thorp Jenkins b.1918 m. Beulah Washburn> Ann Jenkins, b. 1955 m. Vurlynn Roderick Carter> Mark Avery Wentling, b. 1974 --> ME!! You can learn more at my website listed above. Thanks for your reply! Mark A. Wentling P.S. -- Again, great site!! from Mark A. Wentling --- Email: mwentlin (at) ngs.org Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/1449/welcome.html
    47. [Boynton] Feb 7, 1999 "Boynton" --- Descendants of William Boynton Generation No. 1 1. WILLIAM BOYNTON died Bef. 1871. He married FRANCES. Children of WILLIAM BOYNTON and FRANCES are: 2. i. WILLIAM J. BOYNTON, b. 08 May, 1821, ? England; d. 21 November, 1872. 3. ii. THOMAS BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1824, England. 4. iii. ROBERT BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1831. iv. EDWARD BOYNTON. Generation No. 2 2. WILLIAM J. BOYNTON (WILLIAM1) was born 08 May, 1821 in ? England, and died 21 November, 1872. He married MARY ANN MARK, daughter of NICHOLAS MARK and ANN. Children of WILLIAM BOYNTON and MARY MARK are: i. MARY BOYNTON, b. 29 November, 1844; d. 12 December, 1844. ii. BARTHOMU " BARTY" BOYNTON, b. 10 January, 1847, Prince Albert, Ontario, Canada; d. 16 October, 1932, Porter Twp., Midland County, Michigan; m. LYDIA YATE HODGSON, 25 November, 1868. iii. FRANCIS ANN BOYNTON, b. 21 January, 1848, Ontario, Canada; d. 18 April, 1850, Ontario, Canada. iv. WILLIAM NICHOLS BOYNTON, b. 13 December, 1849, Barre, Prince Alberta, Ontario, Canada; d. 04 September, 1909, Bay City, Bay City County, Michigan; m. (1) EMMA DILLMAN, 20 January, 1869, Lindsay, Victoria, Ontario, Canada; m. (2) AMELIA HODGSON, 23 June, 1886. v. WALTER J. BOYNTON, b. 1853, Ontario, Canada; m. SALLY WALTS. vi. ANNIE I. BOYNTON, b. 02 February, 1856, Ontario, Canada; d. 18 February, 1932, Bridgeport, Saginaw County, Michigan; m. THOMAS WILLIAM WILCOCKSON. vii. MARIAH LOUISA BOYNTON, b. 10 November, 1858, Prince Alberta, Canada; d. 04 February, 1937, Porter Township, Midland County, Michigan; m. WALLACE WALTER WILLIAMS, 19 October, 1878, Prince Albert, Canada. viii. JOHN CASE BOYNTON, b. 28 October, 1860, Prince Albert, Ontario, Canada; d. 03 February, 1924; m. (1) LAURA A. BOYNTON; m. (2) ELISEBETH LYDIA POUSON POWSON, 21 August, 1885, Sag. Michigan. ix. EDWARD BOYNTON, b. Bet. 1862 - 1963, Ontario, Canada; d. 02 October, 1902. x. MARTHA ANN BOYNTON, b. 30 April, 1863, Lindsey, Ontario Provence, Canada; d. 24 February, 1942, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan; m. FREDRICK ARTHUR GOULDING, 07 January, 1885, East Saginaw, Saginaw County, Michigan. xi. NELLIE BOYNTON, b. 17 July, 1867, Ontario, Canada; d. Saginaw, Saginaw County, Michigan; m. JAMES W. STEVENSON, 29 July, 1885. 3. THOMAS2 BOYNTON (WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1824 in England. He married SUSANNAH TURNER, daughter of TURNER and SUSANNAH. Children of THOMAS BOYNTON and SUSANNAH TURNER are: i. WILLIAM FRANCES3 BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1849. ii. JOHN BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1857. iii. SUSANNAH BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1859. iv. MARY JANE BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1862. v. ELLEN A. BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1864. vi. THOMAS BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1865. vii. AGNES BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1868. viii. ISACC F. BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1870. 4. ROBERT BOYNTON (WILLIAM) was born Abt. 1831. He married MARGARET. Children of ROBERT BOYNTON and MARGARET are: i. THOMAS BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1860. ii. FRANCES BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1864. iii. ROBERT C. BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1866. iv. ELIZABETH BOYNTON, b. Abt. 1868. from Robin Lee Boyer --- Email: leegate (at) mediaone.net Web Page: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/b/o/y/Robin-L-Boyer/index.html
    48. [Boynton] Feb 7, 1999 "Stoddard Boynton, son of Amos" --- I need proof that Mary Boynton who married Jesse Glawson in Jones Co GA in 1829 was the daughter of Stoddard Boynton. They named a son Stoddard Glawson, and Jesse Glawson took ownership of Stoddard's property with no known will or estate when Stoddard died in 1831. Also, I believe that Stoddard's brother Amos died in Wilkes Co GA about 1806, as Stoddard was the Guardian of his 3 minor orphans, Nancy, Stewart, and Jordan. This may contradict others who believe that Amos Fox Boynton was Amos Senior's son. from George H. Watkins --- Email: ghwat155 (at) aol.com
    49. [ASB-TREE] Feb 8, 1999 "Stanley Boynton" (found site through: hot bot) --- My father's father Edward Larence Shaw (sr) married Grace Stanley Boynton who died in about 1942. She grew up in Brooklyn Heights marrying about 1884. I understand the life style of her parents was "very fine", they lived on Pierpoint Street looking towards the bottom of Manhattan. Her Father was Stanley Boynton. Any information about their backgrounds. I understand that he was one of the many thousands who walked across the Brooklyn Bridge those few days before the vehicular traffic -- 1888 I believe. Debby. from Deborah Shaw Link --- Email: linkdebs (at) ix.netcom.com
    50. [ASB-TREE] Feb 8, 1999 "Stanley Boynton" (found site through: hot bot) --- My father's father Edward Larence Shaw (sr) married Grace Stanley Boynton who died in about 1942. She grew up in Brooklyn Heights marrying about 1884. I understand the life style of her parents was "very fine", they lived on Pierpoint Street looking towards the bottom of Manhattan. Her Father was Stanley Boynton. Any information about their backgrounds. I understand that he was one of the many thousands who walked across the Brooklyn Bridge those few days before the vehicular traffic -- 1888 I believe. Debby. from Deborah Shaw Link --- Email: linkdebs (at) ix.netcom.com
    51. [ASB-TREE] Feb 8, 1999 "Stanley Boynton" (found site through: hot bot) --- My father's father Edward Larence Shaw (sr) married Grace Stanley Boynton who died in about 1942. She grew up in Brooklyn Heights marrying about 1884. I understand the life style of her parents was "very fine", they lived on Pierpoint Street looking towards the bottom of Manhattan. Her Father was Stanley Boynton. Any information about their backgrounds. I understand that he was one of the many thousands who walked across the Brooklyn Bridge those few days before the vehicular traffic -- 1888 I believe. Debby. from Deborah Shaw Link --- Email: linkdebs (at) ix.netcom.com
    52. [Boynton] Feb 10, 1999 "just saying hello" (found site through: web ferret) --- just stumbled accross this site would like to hear more about the family,will visit hear again. Not many of us hear in Sale, Manchester, England from David Peter Quine --- Email: Planps (at) aol.com
    53. [Boynton] Feb 11, 1999 "Boyton/Ostle connection" (found site through: Bonyton Geneology) --- We have an an original copy of the Boynton 34 generations book. This belonged to my father-in-law Powell Boynton Ostle (1900-1997);parents Ninette Boyton, born Boston, Mass married Daniel Ostle born Liverpool, England area. They were married circa 1895 in Boston. There was a sister called Luella Boynton and also brother believed to be called George. Both sisters were involved with the Boston Symphony orchestra I believe as librians. I wounder if you could help with any more information? We would love to contact any decendants of George if there are any. from J S Ostle --- Email: joyce (at) ostle1.freeserve.co.uk
    54. [Boynton] Feb 13, 1999 "Boynton" --- Hi, from Hazel Cook --- Email: rhcook (at) microtronics.com.au
    55. [Boynton] Feb 13, 1999 "Boynton" --- Hi, I would like to think maybe I am related to your Boynton family, I have a Joseph Northgraves marr to an Ann Boynton 25 Apr 1733 Preston by Hedon,Yorks, Eng, she Ann Boynton was born at Speckling cum Burstwick,Yorks. Her father was Phillip Boynton no mother, children of Phillip Boynton, Phillip b 1694-1695 died infant Anne b 1698-99 Speckling cum Burstwick, died infant Marmaduke b 1700-01 died infant Anne b 1702-09 Spouse Joseph Northgraves Phillip b 1704-09 died infant Griffith b 1706- died infant Elizabeth b 1708 Hugh b 1714 Thats all I have on this family it's not much to go on I know. from Hazel Cook --- Email: rhcook (at) microtronics.com.au
    56. [Boynton] Feb 13, 1999 "Boynton" (found site through: I think it was Gen Brit or English Gen) --- Hi, I would like to think maybe I am related to your Boynton family, I have a Joseph Northgraves marr to an Ann Boynton 25 Apr 1733 Preston by Hedon,Yorks, Eng, she Ann Boynton was born at Speckling cum Burstwick,Yorks. Her father was Phillip Boynton no mother, children of Phillip Boynton, Phillip b 1694-1695 died infant Anne b 1698-99 Speckling cum Burstwick, died infant Marmaduke b 1700-01 died infant Anne b 1702-09 Spouse Joseph Northgraves Phillip b 1704-09 died infant Griffith b 1706- died infant Elizabeth b 1708 Hugh b 1714 Thats all I have on this family it's not much to go on I know. Kind Regards Hazel South Australia from Hazel Cook --- Email: rhcook (at) microtronics.com.au
    57. [ASB-TREE] Feb 15, 1999 "Blanche Bessie Boynton" (found site through: Infoseek) --- My maiden name is Sandra Lee Durant, daughter of Nathalie F. Thoits, whose mother was Blanche Bessie Boynton. Mom was born in New Bedford, Mass. 11/22/19 and I was born in New Bedford 12/11/47. // Mom married Donald A. Durant on 11/28/46, and passed away from breast cancer on 4/18/94. Mom's brothers were Everett Thoits (who was lost on the U.S.S. Trout in WWII), Norman Thoits, who passed away in 1947, Beverly Thoits and Philip Thoits. I am married to William Peter Williams, of Hoylake, Merseyside, England, and have no children. We live in Redondo Beach, California, and I graduated from U.C.L.A. in 1969, and received a Master's in Philosophy from Long Beach State. The only of Mom's brothers to have produced offspring was Philip, whose children (Brenda, Laurie, Wayne and Philip Scott) reside in California and Arizona. All of Mom's brothers are now deceased. I would love to hear from you as to whether or not we are related. I still mourn my mother, and she would have been delighted to learn of other living relatives. Everywhere she traveled, she checked out the white pages in the hopes of finding a Thoits, but as Boynton is a more common name, had no easy way of finding relatives on her mother's side. I was half-heartedly investigating the possibility of creating a family tree in her honor and for her brother's children (my cousins)when I happened across your site. Naturally, I was intrigued by the Quine connection. As my maiden name is Durant, and my father's family was from Canada, I always thought that the possibility existed that I was distantly related to Will Durant. I had no idea the possibility existed of philosophical connections on my mother's side of the family. I am somewhat new to the Internet, and wholly inexperienced in the art of geneology, but when searching for "Thoits" I encountered your site. Am I on the right track? Best regards, Sandra L. Williams from Sandra L. Williams --- Email: sandy.lee (at) prodigy.net
    58. [Boynton] Feb 17, 1999 "Hopensperger" --- My great-great grandmother was Franziska Hopensb(p?)erger. Born 1824 died 1886. She was married to Sebastian Schuh. Settled in Wi. Do you have an ancestor that would match this info? from Karen schuh Harrier --- Email: gumba (at) tcbi.com
    59. [Boynton] Feb 20, 1999 (found site through: aol family pages) --- My Grandfather's name is John Powson Boynton. He was the youngest of 12 children. His father was a railroad enginer for close to 40 years. I believe this branch of the family orginally immigrated to Canada from England but do not know which year. I would appreciate any information anyone may have to share. Thank you. from Linda Campbell --- Email: C4getnot (at) aol.com
    60. [Boynton] Feb 23, 1999 (found site through: Alta Vista) --- This is a very interesting and informative site. I just found out yesterday that I have Boynton ancestry. I knew about my ancestors, the Tenneys, who had settled in Rowley, MA with the Rev. Ezekiel Rogers. I discovered yesterday that Samuel Tenney was married to Sarah Boynton, probably in the 1690's. From your information, it looks like Sarah was the great granddaughter of William Boynton of Knapton (generation 22) and the granddaughter of John, born in 1614. I think this is where our lines diverge. Your very distant cousin, Richard from Richard Osborne --- Email: osborne (at) means.net
    61. [ASB-TREE] Feb 24, 1999 "my family tree" (found site through: yahoo) --- I have been trying to find out my family back ground there is so many Boynton that I would like to know who is in my family from karen boynton --- Email: MissSourApple (at) yahoo.com
    62. [Boynton] Feb 26, 1999 "Boyntons " (found site through: Webferet = Boynton Family Genealogy) --- Just happenened onto your site and feel there is some connection between our Boynton relations. My g-grandmother was Electa Harriet Boynton. Her father was Jonathan Boynton and they lived in southern Vermont around the Springfield area. Electa married Charles Webb. I suppose there is a link there somewhere. Enjoyed your site, Ron Foster Columbus, Mississippi from Ron Foster --- Email: fosterr (at) ebicom
    63. [ASB-TREE] Mar 4, 1999 "Boynton Convention? Middlesborough and Acklam?" --- I'm Bill from James William. I have not done much research into my own family genealogy [my 80 year old father has tried a little] but, given that Boynton is a village near Bridlington, in the SE of Yorkshire, I assume my forbears did not stray far. One of the intriguing items on the tree on DBQ's site (www.quine.org/boynton.html) was the one from around 13 or 14Century Sir xxxx Boynton of Acclame and Aresome [I type from memory as I don't have the document in front of me]. Let me explain. Middlesbrough where I was born is an industrial conurbation with I imagine a population of 250,000+. Both my parents were from artisan stock and in my early years I lived in Victorian terraced street area less than one mile from the Town Hall. My grandfather and uncle lived on Ayresome Street, my paternal grandparents on a side street. My first school was Ayresome Street Junior School [a good one too, I ultimately went to Cambridge U] though with limited 19C facilities. A street away was Ayresome Park, the football ground of Middlesbrough FC who are in the soccer Premier League [and were when I was a 10 year old boy on the terraces]. So we can trace Aresome to this part of town and the name will be found on other roads and buildings. One of my mother's brothers was a sales rep and more prosperous than the rest. He bought a house in about 1947 [for about 300!] in a smarter area about 2 miles further out from the centre called Acklam, which we regarded as rather grand and unattainable . There was a well-known Grammar School [under the old educational system, these took the top 20%] called Acklam Hall GS and it was my mother's fervent wish that I should get a place there at age 11. As it happened we relocated a few months before and I went to a GS in another town. When I last re-visited for a funeral, Acklam looked a more modest suburb, but that reflects changes in my own aspirations and progress, and the growth of the town.. All this indicates that an early Boynton had land in this area some 40-50 miles N of Boynton village as early as 500 years before. I was surprised to find that these local names have such a long history and to have a personal association. I now live in the South about 25 miles W of London [near Heathrow] and about 250 miles from the area we are discussing but have some instincts to explore my origins though I rarely visit my birthplace [it's not beautiful]. The N Yorkshire Moors to the S and leading towards Boynton are however pretty and so are the Dales to the West. There is plenty of countryside to see in Yorkshire. Curiously it crossed my mind that a Boynton Convention might be popular and thought vaguely of looking into this idea later on [though my business keeps me rather busy at present] from Bill Boynton --- Email: kingslandjames (at) compuserve.com
    64. [ASB-TREE] Mar 7, 1999 "Boynton bro's of my grandfather, Frank Boynton" --- Looking for descendants of Steven, Willard and George Boynton. Another brother, Marshall never married. Steven lived in South Haven, MI. Don't know about the other brothers though they were all born in Nevada, IA. from Phyllis Boynton Briggman --- Email: pbrig911 (at) aol.com
    65. [ASB-TREE] Mar 8, 1999 "misguided surname augustus'" --- if you see augustus surname people please direct them to me as im the christian luke augustus family historian. i have info to exchange and always looking for more. thanx lots from mark augustus --- Email: vicaugus (at) ubtanet.com
    66. [ASB-TREE] Mar 9, 1999 "Hannah "Barnet" Barney 1897 Genealogy" --- The reason many cannot find the ancestry of Hannah "Barnet" wife to Joshua Boynton is because her name was actually Barney. This can be confirmed through the Barney Genealogy (Jacob Barney of Salem, MA). Hannah-3 b. Mar.2,1661, Salem; d. bef 1680 m. prob Joshua Boynton, Newbury, Mass.") She was child by 2d marriage to Ann Witt. The information in Barney book came from the Everett Hosmer Barney book.. from Phyllis Boynton Briggman --- Email: PBrig911 (at) aol.com
    67. [ASB-TREE] Mar 9, 1999 "Boynton Genealogy" --- Thought you might be interested in my descent from Benjamin Boynton who married Mary (Polly) Burt: Son Henry b. 1816 d. 7 Jul 1887 in Nevada, IA m. Hepzebiah Parmenter dau of Asa Willis/Abigail Howe. Their son: Quincy Adam Boynton b. Nov 1842 m. Sarah Ann Hadley 24 Apr 1861, d. 1 Sep 1882 leaving 5 sons: Willard, George, Frank A.(my grandfather) Steven and Marshall. Frank A had 4 sons: Russell (my father), John, Marshall and Donald. from Phyllis Boynton Briggman --- Email: PBrig911 (at) aol.com
    68. [Boynton] Mar 16, 1999 "Boynton's" (found site through: infoseek) --- My grandmother is Doris A. Lesperance(Boynton). Her and my grandfather now live in Norton,Mass. I was wondering if this is the same Boynton family. My great grandparents are, Ernest and Thelma Boynton. Hope to hear from you soon, Shawn from Shawn Hathaway --- Email: stella1 (at) gateway.net
    69. [Boynton] Mar 18, 1999 "BOYNTON" (found site through: Boynton web pp) --- Any information on Gaines Moses Boynton - 1100 S. Main Ste 201 Las Cruces, NM 88001 from Jean Ann (Boynton) Pharr
    71. [Boynton] Mar 20, 1999 (found site through: Yahoo) --- Kia ora e hoa, This is the Whanau (Family) from New Zealand. Hope to hear from you soon. Aroha mai. from Tokarahi Boynton --- Email: jocelyn.boynton. (at) xtra.co.nz
    72. [ASB-TREE] Mar 22, 1999 "Elizabeth Confusion" --- I was wondering if you could help me. I have been researching my Boynton line and have come across a puzzle. My ancestor, Elizabeth Boynton (my 6th great grandmother) married Joseph Bailey and they had a daughter, Margaret Bailey (my 5th great grandmother). The problem is that I am finding sources that say the Elizabeth Boynton who married Joseph Bailey was born in 1715 and her parents were Jonathan Boynton and Margaret Harriman. However, I found two other sources that said that Elizabeth was married to Joseph Bailey and was born in 1721 to Ichabod Boynton and Elizabeth Haseltine. Who is right? Which Elizabeth is my grandmother?? Can you clear it up for me? from Nancy --- Email: NancyTee (at) aol.com
    73. [ASB-TREE] Mar 23, 1999 "Elizabeth Boynton (RE: NancyTee question)" (found site through: I created it) --- My 1896 Boynton book has: Jonathan Boynton born August 19, 1684 married Margaret Harriman June 6, 1711 (she was daughter of Jonathan Harriman and Sarah Palmer Harriman) who was born in Rowley MASS Aug 19, 1686 (pages 53-54) ----- their daughter Elizabeth born May 21, 1715 married Joseph Bailey (son of Richard and Joanna Bailey of Bradford) on Jan 1, 1736 =========================== My Boynton book also has: Ichabod Boynton born April 19, 1676 (or 1677) married Elizabeth Haseltine of Bradford on Feb 18, 1706 (she was daughter of Robert and Elizabeth [Jewett] Hazeltine of Bradford) [pages 55-56] -------------- their seven children included a last child Elizabeth (Boynton I presume) born June 20, 1721 and died September 12, 1746. I see no indication of a marriage or children and I have no further information about her. While this book often lacks information, it does show marriages of 4 of her siblings as well as children by 2 of her siblings I hope this helps ... - Regards - from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    74. [Boynton] Mar 26, 1999 "Hannah Boynton" (found site through: rootsweb) --- Hannah Boynton was my ggg grandmother. She m. Jacob Lurvey & they moved to Mt. Desert Island, ME. It is interesting that we have so many relatives we have not even been aware of! Would like to sign up for the Boynton Digest, I believe it is. I just tried that but something went wrong. Please let me know if I need to complete a form again. Back about 100 years an aunt of my grandmother's, Mary Ann Carroll went to a reunion of some sort in Rowley/Newbury. Do they still have Boynton reunions there? It would be interesting to attend. Please let me know. Thank you for any information someone might forward to me. Jane from Jane Smallidge --- Email: jayneme40 (at) aol.com
    75. [Boynton] Apr 2, 1999 (found site through: got an email ) --- my g grandmother was Ann L. Boynton Bryant born in Milton, Mass and married to Augustus Bryant from Loretta Bryant Barchus --- Email: chickyyuma (at) aol.com
    76. [ASB-TREE] Apr 5, 1999 "Can I help?" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon your web site. I come from a long line of Boynton and found some connections to residences shared by my ancestors. My father is a family lineage "guru" if you will, and I was wondering if you have further information on the Boynton family lineage. Thanks from Russell Boynton MacPherson --- Email: rbmacphe (at) colby.edu
    77. [Boynton] Apr 7, 1999 "races of the Boynton family" (found site through: webcrawler) --- Hello, hello. enjoyed your page on the Boynton family tree. Do you know if there is in source that gives Boyntons who were/are "Black", Native American, Asian, etc. ?? Thanks for all of your work and research. Joe Boynton from Joseph F. Boynton --- Email: boynboyn (at) aol.com
    78. [Boynton] Apr 15, 1999 "HI!!" (found site through: Yahoo) --- MY LAST NAME IS BOYNTON TO!!! maybe we are related - but probably not- still- it cool!! please e-mail me back -christine- from Christine Boynton --- Email: CMBoynton (at) aol.com
    79. [Boynton] Apr 17, 1999 "Related" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- I was just very curious to see if there was any relationship. I am not to good at family trees. from Gregory Boynton --- Email: gboynton (at) netcomuk.co.uk
    80. [Boynton] Apr 18, 1999 "family tree" (found site through: I looked up Bruis de Boynton) --- Our family tree matches for several generations in England-splits in America. We split at number 12 on the genealogy. My family is from Maine. I have a friend married a Boynton from Michigan. I am sharing this with her. Sincerely, Kathleen Boynton Emeott from Kathleen Boynton Emeott --- Email: Klemeott (at) email.msn.com
    81. [Boynton] Apr 21, 1999 "BOYNTON marriages to GAGE -- answer to 1996 query on your site" --- Here is a list of Boynton marriages to Gage family members, all of which happened between 1790 and 1799: Mary Boynton, daughter of Jeremiah Boynton and Patience Sanderson, married Moses Gage, son of Moses Gage and Sarah Nelson, Feb 17 1758 in Milford, Worcester County, MA (note that Mary is the sister of Ebenezer Boynton, Sr. and David Boynton in the following entries) Ebenezer Boynton, Jr., son of Ebenezer Sr. and Hannah Fay, married Mary "Polly" Gage, daughter of Moses Gage and Mary Boynton, Nov 12 1795 in Holden, Worcester County, MA Persis Boynton, daughter of Ebenezer Sr. and Hannah Fay, married Nathan Gage, son of Daniel Gage and Priscilla Jones, Feb 26 1792 in Holden, Worcester County, MA Sarah Boynton, daughter of David Boynton and Elizabeth, married Richard Gage, son of Daniel Gage and Priscilla Jones, Jan 20 1794 -- (my ancestors=dau. Sarah "Sally" married Elias Jenkins in Nov. 1813) Betsey Boynton, daughter of David Boynton and Elizabeth, married Nathan Gage, son of Daniel Gage and Priscilla Jones, in 1799 Lydia Boynton, daughter of Caleb Boynton and unknown, married Nathaniel Gage, son of Daniel Gage and Priscilla Jones, on Aug 1 1790 Mary "Polly" Boynton, perhaps the daughter of James Boynton and Mary Wood, married Abraham Gage, son of Daniel Gage and Priscilla Jones, Dec 27, 1798 in Sudbury, Middlesex County, MA from Mark A. Wentling --- Email: mwentlin (at) ngs.org Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/1449/welcome.html
    82. [ASB-TREE] Apr 26, 1999 "Im i apart of your tree" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Im i apart of your tree from Stuart Boynton --- Email: AZCardinai (at) hotmail.com
    83. [Boynton] May 6, 1999 "Byington vs. Boynton" --- I have traced my pedigree back to Bartholomeu De Boynton - 35 generations. Name was changed in my line from Boynton to Byington in about 1720. My family migrated west to Idaho from Ney York and Mass. Let me know if anyone elses families follow this migration path. from Jeff Byington --- Email: bayou_wolf (at) yahoo.com
    84. [Boynton] May 12, 1999 "Boyntons of New Zealand" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- I'm trying to get in touch with Adriana Rua (12 June 1997).My ancestors are John Boynton & Mary Jane Smith, their daughter Caroline was my gg grandmother. John & Mary were married in Streatham, Victoria (Aust) on 22 August 1854. They had 3 children there; Caroline (b 1856,d 1859), James Henry (b 11 Nov 1857)& John Frederick (b 1860). The family left for New Zealand sometime between 1860 & 1862. They possibly went to Dunedin as my gg grandmother Caroline Mary was born there on 30 August 1862. My grandmother's family moved to Sydney in 1912 so I know little of the family in NZ. I would love to swap information with you but unfortunately my email to you was returned undelivered. from Vikki Leeson --- Email: vikkil (at) mail.smartchat.com.au
    85. [Boynton] May 21, 1999 "Boynton genealogy" (found site through: family search - Church of Latter Day Saints) --- My maternal grandmother was Emma Florence Boynton who married Arthur Edward Towner. She was descended from Joshua Boynton and Hannah Barnet through their son William who married Joanna Stevens. Their son John Boynton 31 Aug 1724 Salisbury MA married 14 July 1748 in Kingston NH Anna Smith. Their son David Boynton born 1 Nov 1749 in Kingston NH married Anna Batchelder. Their son Willliam S. Boynton married Nancy Davis 17 April 1805 Meredith NH. Their son Samuel Boynton married 3 Nov 1828 Nancy Sawyer, married 2nd Evelina Anville Spaulding Dunn (widow Dunn) and their son Andrew Jackson Boynton married Sarah Emily Hutchins 8 May 1862 in Charlestown MA. My grandmother Emma was their child. (born 7 April 1865, married 27 May 1886 in Melrose MA; died 24 July 1957 in Melrose MA from Beatrice F. Wadland --- Email: beatricef (at) msn.com
    86. [Boynton] May 24, 1999 (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Daughter of Boynton Peters of Litchfield, MN Boynton Peters is a descendant of a Henry Boynton who settled near Litchfield in 1865. He was born in Linconville Maine in 1820. His father was Jeremiah Boynton, born in Kennebec County Maine. from Becky Peters Thompson --- Email: jathomps (at) lkdllink.net
    87. [ASB-TREE] May 24, 1999 (found site through: ? link form familysearch.org) --- Grandfather, Melbourne Parker Boynton, born about 1870 in Lynn, Mass. My father Ben Lynn Boynton, born Sept. 1909, Chicago, ILL, died March 1075. from Lynn W. Boynton --- Email: lboyn (at) cs.com
    88. [Boynton] May 27, 1999 "Boynton-Squires Connection" (found site through: Roots-Web) --- I am hitting a brick wall with my search for the ancestors of Alice and Sarah Squire(s). Sarah Squire married Jacob Boynton (1794-1826) before 1819. They had a son Lloyd Squire Boynton b. 23 Sep 1819 in Alton, Madison County, IL. Lloyd died 11-21-1894. Sarah died Feb/Mar 1820. Her sister Alice Squire married John Yaple. Jacob came to Illinois with John and Jacob Yaple and others. Can anyone help me with this connection into the Squire(s) family? Thanks, Luanne Langmo, Rochester, MI moe-lu-langmo (at) msn.com from Luanne Langmo --- Email: moe-lu-langmo (at) msn.com
    89. [Boynton] May 28, 1999 (found site through: Rootsweb.com) --- I had been missing the link between the Barons (Boynton) and Amos. Thank you for providing it. I am a descendent through Nathaniel Boynton and Elizabeth Shedd's daughter, Mary Boynton who married Isaiah Boynton Williams. from Sandra Claymon --- Email: Claymonsw (at) aol.com
    90. [MBQ] Jun 5, 1999 "None" (found site through: lycos) --- I'm sorry to hear what is probably old news to the rest of world. I imagine that W.V. Quine will be grieving for the rest of his days. For what it is worth--I was introduced to Quine's work in my first year of college, and have been enamoured ever since, though I have been very much an autodidact on the subject of philosophy. His insight, wit, and perspicacity have always been an inspiration. My sincerest (belated) condolences. from Clark Maddux --- Email: madduxhc (at) netusa1.net Web Page: http://omni.cc.purdue.edu/~madduxhc/
    91. [Boynton] Jun 6, 1999 "who" (found site through: ok) --- goodby from me
    92. [Boynton] Jun 7, 1999 "Hannah Boynton" (found site through: Familysearch.com) --- I am looking for information about Hannah Boynton b. 18 June 1742 (widow of Samuel Hazeltine). I descend from Hannah's 2nd marriage to Cpt. John Lane (1734-1822) through her son, Samuel Lane. What was Hannah Boynton Lane's date of death and where did she die? I am particularly interested in information re: her marriage to John Lane, facts about her son Samuel, and her Boynton ancestry (father, grandfather,etc.). from Julie Johnson --- Email: Juliealice (at) aol.com
    93. [Boynton] Jun 8, 1999 "Is my Family kin to Yours?" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I have been reading your Boynton family history. My father who's name is JAMES HARPER BOYNTON was born in GEORGIA in 1918. He married Mary Lou Moore. They lived in FLORIDA for several years, in DADE COUNTY. Could he be any relation to your family. He owned property in FLORIDA as well as in TENNESSEE. The property in TENNESSEE is located MANCHESTER, TN and is named BOYNTON VALLEY. I know that I have some relatives who reside in FLORIDA today. He is my half-brother WAYNE BOYNTON. I am anxious to know if I have found my father's family tree. If I have not, could you give me any ideal on how to search for my family history. The only information I have is my father's date of birth, his name, and that he was born in GEORGIA in 1918. He passed away in 1995 so I can not get the information from him, and any hist- ory that there was, I'm afraid he took it with him when he passed. Can you help me? THANK YOU VERY MUCH..Karla Larkin from Karla Renee'Boynton (married name Larkin) --- Email: karlalarkin (at) hotmail.com
    94. [Boynton] Jun 9, 1999 "Lost My Favorite Boynton Sites" (found site through: Familiar With Site Previously) --- Hello Boyntons. My hard drive was struck by lighting and I lost all my favorite sites,including the Boynton sites.Would you mail me a few when time permits? Many thanks.Sandy Boynton from Sandra Boynton --- Email: SBoynton (at) aol.com Web Page: http://hometown.aol.com/sboynton/index.html
    95. [ASB-TREE-T] Jun 10, 1999 "Guestbook ASB-TREE" (found site through: I wrote the page) --- Testing Triskelion to Boynton guestbook from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/asb-tree.html
    96. [Boynton-T] Jun 10, 1999 "Boynton guestbook" (found site through: I wrote the page) --- Triskelion Boynton to guestbook test. from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    97. [Boynton] Jun 14, 1999 "Roswell Bert Boynton" --- My grandmother was Mary Nancy Boynton, daughter of Frank E. Boynton. I am looking for the connection of Roswell Bert Boynton who was married to Nancy M. Harmon. If anyone could give me any ideas where to start, I would be greatly pleased! Thank you! from Barbara J. B. Stiers --- Email: bstiers (at) coleman.edu
    98. [Boynton] Jun 15, 1999 (found site through: Netscape) --- The Boyntons that I have decended from were from the Northwset Pennsylvania, Meadville, Oil City, Corry, Warren, area's. I have no idea just where they eminated from, would love to know. My great great grandfather was named Philander Boynton. Very interesting family tree. from Albert Boynton --- Email: aboynton (at) tricountyi.net
    99. [Boynton] Jun 16, 1999 "Georgia/Texas descendants of John Boynton of Rowley, Mass" (found site through: Rowley, Mass web page) --- Doug, I've spent this evening scanning over 300 messages on your site and it's been wonderful to see all these extended family connections! My mother, Pauline Boynton Talton (of LA and Georgia) is my link to John Boynton (b. 1614)of Rowley. My lineage is through John's son, Joseph (b. 1644); Joseph, Jr. (b.1670); Ephraim (b. 1707), Amos (b. 1742 - Rowley, Mass), Moses (b. abt. 1770 - VT); Moses, Jr. (b.1808 - GA); Amos C. (b. 1841 - GA); Lee F. (b. 1867 - TX); Fred Lee (b. 1896 - TX/d. 1977 - GA); Pauline Boynton Talton (my mother, b. 1919 - LA/d. 1991 - GA). I'm grateful for all your work for us Boyntons. We have another connection...I also lost my mother to Leukemia in 1991. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. I noticed a query from someone searching for links to a PAUL BOYNTON. My grand-father's (Fred Lee Boynton) brother was Paul Boynton of TX who died on the warship, "Reuben James," in WWII. My mother was named after Paul. I hope the grand-daughter will see this and contact me if they are one in the same. I'd love to hear from any cousins with connections to my ancestors. Thanks again! from Nancy Talton Courtenay --- Email: ncourtenay (at) home.com
    100. [Boynton] Jun 18, 1999 "Boynton" (found site through: AOLnetfind) --- I am descended from William Boynton down thru Joshua,Joshua 2, Joshua 3,Elias,Francis,Jason Hiram,Nelson Adna, and my grandfather Leroy Nelson Boynton. I have birthdates etc on most of these people and am now looking for more information on their lives. I would be happy to share what I have at the present time from Mary Schureman --- Email: mttmary (at) aol.com
    101. [ASB-TREE] Jun 19, 1999 "Boyington from England" (found site through: Genforum link) --- hi, My father's line is from Birmingham,England, are we related? I'm keen to hear from any Joseph Henri Boyington's descendants, thank you from Jean Riddler nee Boyington --- Email: bksnprnt (at) ihug.co.nz
    102. [Boynton] Jul 1, 1999 "BOYNTON/SCHNORR mar." --- I would like to find Norman Boynton mar 1917 in Salem, Ct. and Margurite Schnorr ancestors. Norman b 1886 - Margurite b 1891 NYC. look888 (at) yahoo.com from margaret porter O'BRIEN --- Email: look888 (at) yahoo.com
    103. [ASB-TREE] Jul 4, 1999 --- any links here to Joseph BOYINGTON or Edwin BOYINGTON from Nottingham and Birmingham in England, UK? from Jean BOYINGTON --- Email: bksnprnt (at) ihug.co.nz
    104. [Boynton] Jul 8, 1999 "Boynton Gern." --- I'm from Caleb Boynton/Harriamn Rowley from Linda Anne (Merritt) Gougeon --- Email: Badbeer (at) Aol.Com
    105. [Boynton] Jul 21, 1999 --- I am glad to find this site. I am directly related to the Boynton line thru my father's mother's family line. I have extensive information on the Boynton line coming down to the present. I am also a Morman and worked in our church family history center where I found a massive amount of information. If you would like to contact me you can email me either at home or at work at cindyb (at) koyote.com for home or Cindy.Bryan (at) us.interfaceinc.com at work. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Cynthia from Cynthia H. Bryan --- Email: cindyb (at) koyote.com
    106. [Boynton] Jul 21, 1999 (found site through: excite) --- We are related to the New Zealand Boyntons and came to America as mercenaries. from Jon Lee Boynton --- Email: signs (at) gate.net
    107. [Boynton] Jul 21, 1999 (found site through: aol netfind) --- i like your page. from cindy boynton dodd --- Email: smartazho (at) aol.com
    108. [Boynton] Aug 3, 1999 "William Boynton line" --- Hi, Hoping to find any information on Alpheus Wing? Boynton b 1833 in Bath ME. I believe he is the missing link to my ggrandfather George Spencer Boynton b7/4/1872 in Palmer KS. Line goes 1.William2.Caleb3.Caleb4.John5.John6.Caleb7.Alpheus Wing...?8.Alpheus9.George Thanks,Allen from Allen Boynton --- Email: joejenn (at) earthlink.net
    109. [Boynton] Aug 3, 1999 "Boynton/Dival/Flint Families" (found site through: familysearch.com) --- According Caroline Boynton's "History of the Boynton Family, I am a descendant of brother John-1, the immigrant, through Joseph-2, Jonathan-3, Jonathan-4, Jonathan-5, Cyrus-6, and Samuel Flint-7, my great great grandfather, who ended up in La Porte City, Iowa around the Civil War. Am curious to know how accurate the "History of the Boynton Family" by Caroline H. and John Farnham Boynton is, especially the early years in both England and Rowley. Are any structures relating to the Boyntons still standing in Rowley? I'm also interested in the migratory pattern of the Boyntons. Apparently this branch of the family moved to Fitchburg, MA then to Essex Co NY. Did other Boyntons move to Fitchburg and NY also? Any ideas about why?? I look forward to reading over your very informative information. Thanks for sharing. Sara Patton from Sara Stevens Patton --- Email: sarap (at) widomaker.com
    110. [Boynton] Aug 4, 1999 "RE: Boynton/Dival/Flint Families" (found site through: I created the site) --- Sara, Thank you for your note in the Boynton guestbook. I would say that the Boynton family book is known to have a few errors and that if you have strong evidence of an alternative family history it may be correct instead. Certainly in many cases the book has been a tremendous help. I'll leave it to other readers to help with your branch of the family - which I can't help with. A friend of mine did stop by Rowley recently and said that no Boynton's are listed in the telephone book - but many still are in neighboring towns. Regards - from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    111. [ASB-TREE] Aug 17, 1999 "I Blow Goats (Billy Goats That Is)" (found site through: THE MASKED COUSIN) --- Cool Site Man, I Am A Member Of This Family Can You Quess Who? CLUE: I LIVE IN MAINE (MID-COAST) from Long Lost George
    112. [ASB-TREE-T] Aug 18, 1999 "korper" (found site through: korper) --- What info do you have on your father's side? Before Mother died (8/87), we hunted high & low for the material she had on her father=Leo etc, & remembered your father talked to her about the materials. Did they land in your possession? She couldn't remember if Don borrowed them or not. But we don't have them. Since then I have gotten very interested in genealogy, and done much on some diaries on my fathers side. I've also tried digging around her side, & have got bits & pieces (but nothing like this nice "home page" setup!), but the Hoxsie/Chappell... & Korper from Bohemia -- where -Tereschau, but where is that? & ... Please let me know, and keep in touch. It's been a long time, even if we've never met! I know about your father, not you, but ...! from sue hart --- Email: shart98048 (at) aol.com
    113. [Boynton-T] Aug 26, 1999 (found site through: message from genforum inquiry) --- You have not taken the Boyntons through the name change. I have info from Stacy Byington's website but am missing the history and page no2 from her site. Could you possibly add the whole lineage? from Ann Wideman --- Email: pochi (at) usmo.com
    114. [Boynton] Sep 9, 1999 "Charles Brandon Boynton (1806-1883)" --- I was wondering if you might be able to help me locate the descendants of Charles Brandon Boynton (1806-1883). I'm a Ph.D. candidate (Paris,France) and am currently doing research on various abolitionist groups in Cincinnati, Ohio between 1840 and 1860. Boynton is one of the key figures in my research. I've located and read most of Boynton's published speeches, books, etc... and a rather large collection of his letters that are a part of the American Missionary Association archives. As I have never been able to locate any collection of his personal papers/diaries/etc on deposit at any library or historical society, I'm hoping that perhaps some of his unpublished papers may have been keep in the family. Thank you so very much for your time and consideration. Best regards, Diane Falck La Petite Lieudiere 61700 La Haute Chapelle FRANCE dyfalck (at) club-internet.fr from Diane Falck --- Email: dyfalck (at) club-internet.fr
    115. [ASB-TREE] Sep 10, 1999 "William Boynton and descendants" --- Hello to all you who are related to this man and his family. I descend from William Boynton and Mary Eastman. I would like to hear from you. from Florence V. Johnson --- Email: fvjohnson (at) thurston.com
    116. [Boynton] Sep 13, 1999 "Great web sight" (found site through: rootsweb.com) --- I have been interested in family history for some time now and have never found anything as indepth as your web site. I am hoping that it will lead to answers that I am looking for. I had been told that there was a brother and sister who had done a complete family tree and that they lived somewhere in the Midwest and at one time held Boynton family reunions, if you have any knowledge of them that you could pass on I would really appreciate it. Thank You, Tammy Boynton from Tammy Boynton --- Email: tammyb1 (at) ix.netcom.com
    117. [Boynton] Sep 15, 1999 "William and Caleb Boynton" (found site through: aol search) --- My husband, Don Hines, is related to William Boynton and Caleb Boynton by the 10 or 11th generation. I lose track of how far back you can count. I have been researching his history and just found you. Juanita Hines from Juanita Hines --- Email: JuaniH (at) aol.com
    118. [Boynton] Sep 16, 1999 "Olin Fisk Boynton update" --- Subj: Olin Fisk Boynton Date: 9/16/99 To: look888 (at) yahoo.com [Boynton] Jul 1, 1999 "BOYNTON/SCHNORR mar." --- I would like to find Norman Boynton mar 1917 in Salem, Ct. and Margurite Schnorr ancestors. Norman b 1886 - Margurite b 1891 NYC. look888 (at) yahoo.com from margaret porter O'BRIEN --- Email: look888 (at) yahoo.com Web Page: ----------------------------------------------- Subj: BOYNTONS Date: 7/1/99 10:46:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time From: look888 (at) yahoo.com (robert o'brien) To: webmaster@triskelion-ltd.com Hi Olin Fisk Boynton b Apr 6 1857 So Coventry. Ct. mar Annie Minard (miner) - went to live in Salem, Ct. Fa of Olin was George Boynton. One other question - Were the gr grandparents of Nathan Hale b 1755 d 1776 (patroit) the same as the Boynton????. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subj: BOYNTONS Date: September 16, 1999 From: webmaster@triskelion-ltd.com Robert - I received your request for information about Olin F. Boynton. My 'Genealogy of the Descendants of William and John Boynton' published in 1897 has some information (pages 27; 248). I don't have any information about the Nathan Hale connection (although certainly there are Hales the family tree). I do have the family tree for Olin F. Boynton. William Boynton (page 1) emigrated from England (see my web page), child was: Joshua Boynton (page 3), child was: Joshua Boynton (page 5), [also my ancestor, at this point our lines separate] child was: Moses Boynton (page 11), child was: Oliver Boynton (page 26), child was: Thaddeus Boynton (page 27) born Jan 3, 1777 married Sarah Robertson on March 16, 1802. They had 10 children of who the first was: George Boynton (page 248) born May 24, 1802 married Cynthia Whittemore on Nov 27, 1826. They had 7 (I think) children of whom the first was: Rev George Dwight Boynton (page 248) born Apr 27, 1828 married Ellen M. Batchelder March 30, 1855. They had 8 children of whom the second was: Olin F. Boynton (page 248) born in 1857 and married Annie Raymond Please feel free to add any further information that you find to the Boynton Guest Book. from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    119. [Boynton] Sep 16, 1999 "Roswell Bert Boynton update" --- Information about Roswell Bert Boynton. My 'Genealogy of the Descendants of William and John Boynton' published in 1897 offers some information. Joel Boynton of Connecticut (page 219) had 4 sons including: Abraham Boynton (page 219) who migrated to Vermont when a young many and married Betsey Marsh 'this is a Boynton family whose older members spelled their name Byington but changed a few years ago'. They had 12 children: Roswell Bert Boynton (the 12th child) was born Nov. 6, 1818 (page 221) married Nancy Harmon on Sept 2, 1844 and had 3 children, the third of whom was: Frank E. Boynton born Feb. 21, 1850 who married Emma (no last name listed) Please feel free to add any further information that you find to the Boynton Guest Book. Regards - from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    120. [Boynton] Sep 16, 1999 "Alpheus Wing Boynton update" --- Information about Alpheus Wing Boynton. My 'Genealogy of the Descendants of William and John Boynton' published in 1897 connects him into the full Boynton line that you described. Alpheus Wing Boynton born October 2, 1802 (page 209) has about a 3 inch entry in the book. He is described as 'a Christian gentleman and his large hearted benevolence was manifest through his whole life'. He had 6 children with his first wife. After she died he remarried. When his second wife died, he remarried and had another 3 children all of whom died in infancy. When his third wife died, he remarried and had 6 children with his 4th wife. Of these the 5th child was: Alpheus Wing Boynton born 1833 (page 209) Please feel free to add any further information that you find to the Boynton Guest Book. Regards - from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    121. [Boynton] Sep 16, 1999 "Ernest Boynton update" --- I looked for information about Ernest Boynton and can offer only some vague possibilities. My 'Genealogy of the Descendants of William and John Boynton' published in 1897 has isolated references to: Ernest L. Boynton born July 12, 1869 (page 301) Ernest Boynton born 1871 (page 247) There was no reference to Thelma Boynton. Sorry that I can't offer any more insights. Please feel free to add any further information that you find to the Boynton Guest Book. Regards - from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    122. [Boynton] Sep 18, 1999 (found site through: Family Treemaker) --- Great Job!! from Jane Ingraham --- Email: jingraham (at) omc.ja.dtra.mil
    123. [Boynton] Sep 20, 1999 "letter/memo" (found site through: typed in egpytologist) --- i'm am sad for you. I want to be a gyptologist some day. I'm practing now. I hope I will be as good as her. Ilook up tp her,god bless,your in my prayers. love,monika mehring from monika mehring --- Email: charlenska (at) hotmail.com
    124. [Boynton] Sep 20, 1999 "Boynton Cousins!" (found site through: Metacrawler) --- I'm a Boynton cousin through my great-grandmother, Helen M. Boynton (daughter of George 1792-1852 of Walworth, NY). Helen married my great-grandfather, George W. Bliss in Wayne County, NY in 1850. They later removed to Plainwell, Michigan. What an illustrious family we have! from Grace Alexander-Bliss Smith --- Email: gracemi (at) earthlink.net Web Page: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/s/m/i/Grace-E-Smith/
    125. [ASB-TREE-T] Sep 21, 1999 --- Just signing your guestbook from Gregory Koerper --- Email: koerper (at) bellsouth.net
    126. [ASB-TREE-T] Oct 12, 1999 (found site through: mamma.com) --- just thought it was intresting and would like to know where i fit in and if you could send me more info. from kenneth boynton --- Email: kboynton (at) cerplex.com
    127. [Boynton] Oct 18, 1999 "MIGHILL" (found site through: www.alltheweb.com) --- Your site is supposed to have MIGHILL people. Where is your SURNAME list? Thanks from Terry ================= from Terry Dearborn --- Email: terrylau (at) pacbell.net
    128. [Boynton] Oct 18, 1999 "BOYNTON" (found site through: LDS Familysearch [link]) --- Just want you to know this is one of the best GenWeb sites I have seen. I have been doing genealogy for over 40 years and while I have my Boynton line done long ago, I was sort of checking LDS records to verify. [They have many mistakes submitted to them.] I go back to Joshua Boynton, b. 4 May 1679 who m. Mary Dole. I come down through dau., Mary, who m. Jonathan LEIGHTON/LAITON and lived in Sheepscot, ME. [I could tell you a curious story about accidentally finding their graves!]. When one has put as much work into a website as you have this one, I think you deserve to have the viewers commend you! Carolyn Ballantyne, ME [Past President, Me. Old Cem. Assoc.] from Carolyn T. Ballantyne --- Email: gore (at) pivot.net
    129. [Boynton] Oct 21, 1999 "looking for heritage" --- i was looking for some insight into the background of my family name. any help or insight will be greatly appreciated. thank you from bryant boynton --- Email: fatz1019 (at) aol.com
    130. [Boynton] Oct 27, 1999 --- Looking for Boyntons from William Arnold Boynton --- Email: boynton (at) bledsoe.net
    131. [Boynton] Oct 28, 1999 --- Thank you for an enjoyable journey into the past. I find that you results into the family is the same as mine was. I'm a decendant of Nathaniel Boynton of Rowley. from Ben Sharp --- Email: SR3_Jr8 (at) webtv.net
    132. [Boynton-T] Nov 1, 1999 "John Lamar Byington" --- I am a descendent of John Lamar Byington (name changed after arriving in America). Is there a more detailed hisory of descendents that I can acquire? from Jimmie Byington Jenkins --- Email: jimmiejenkins (at) webtv.net
    133. [Boynton] Nov 6, 1999 --- I enjoyed viewing your site. My grandmother had a family tree that had basically the same information. I live in Georgia and there aren't many Boynton's living here. The only family I know is the immediate family. I have seen the Boynton name in New York and Maine but never any other families in Georgia. Thank you for posting this website. from LEE BOYNTON --- Email: Pepsicolaguy (at) cs.com
    134. [Boynton] Nov 7, 1999 "Susannah Boynton and John Elliott" --- Do you have information for Susannah Boynton who (?)married John Elliott??????? Desire information. Thanks. from Gene A. Hill --- Email: 4dehills (at) sprintmail.com
    135. [Boynton] Nov 7, 1999 "Susannah Boynton and John Elliott" (found site through: I created it) --- Dear Gene, My Boynton book page 13 says: Susannah Boynton married John Elliott (that is all I know). Susannah was born in Gloucester and was the daughter of Enoch Boynton (my g-g-g-g-g-grandfather) who was born Nov 28 1727 and marrioed Rachel Foster of Cape Ann (MA) about 1747. They lived in Gloucester (MA). He was a fisherman and husbandman, he was in the battle of Louisburg and died in 1805. Enoch Boynton was the son of Joshua Boynton Joshua Boynton was the son of Joshua Boynton Joshua Boynton was the son of William Boynton who emigrated to the USA in 1638 from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    136. [ASB-TREE-T] Nov 11, 1999 "looking for Sandersons" (found site through: familysearch.org) --- just asearching sandersons' from Clarence Sanderson --- Email: fmds8119 (at) msn.com
    137. [Boynton] Nov 11, 1999 "looking for a Boynton child" (found site through: broadcast e-mail message, recommendation returned) --- Will search your cite for Boyntons in Worcester Mass in the 1850's. Thanks, 'Gene Hubbard from Eugene W. Hubbard --- Email: hubfam (at) peoplepc.com [updated July 20, 2007]

      July 20, 2007 --- The Angenette L. Boynton who married George Hamlin Stetson was b. ca 1853. She appears only once, as a single white woman, in the 1870 census taken 13 Jul, in Glenburne, Penobscot Co., ME, called "Nettie". She was residing in the family of Frank Ames at the time. Also ennumerated was an Eva ______ ...probably a Boynton, b. 1866. She (Angenette) was residing there as late as 23 Jan 1872. I have searched Ancestry's on-line census records of the U.S. for other mention of Angenette "Nettie" Boynton, and failed to find any earlier reference of her. This leads me to belive she was b. elsewhere, probably some place in what is now Canada, perhaps in Nova Scotia?.
      She deserted her husband and young family of 3 ch.
      One Nettie L. Boynton, dau. of Amos A. Boynton, "b. Aug 1866 in California"is said by a Rootsweb submitter to have married a Robert Edward STURDIVANT. The submitter claims her to be another person (not the one who married George Hamlin Stetson.) There are no census records for this Nettie as a single person.
      Does anyone have a record of a Nettie/ Angenette b. in Canada?
      Thanks, Eugene W. Hubbard --- Email: hubfam (at) peoplepc.com
    138. [ASB-TREE-T] Nov 13, 1999 "McGovern Family" (found site through: familysearch.org) --- At the familysearch.org website, their search engine is directing me to your site. I am search on Thomas McGovern married to Anne McGovern in Ireland. These are my great-grandparents. I also searched on my grandfather's name (Peter) and his parents names with no event specified. Again I am directed to your site. However, I have been unable to find any link except to James McGovern. Is there any further information on the McGovern family I am missing. Thank you. from Sheila Smith --- Email: ssmith112 (at) home.com

    Boynton Family Guest Books by Douglas Quine