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Boynton Family Guest Book Volume 2

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    Boynton Guest Book Volume 2: July 10, 1997 - July 27, 1998

    1. [Boynton] Jul 17, 1997 "Frederick Sumner Boynton" --- I am looking for information about the Boyntons in my ancestry. my grandmother is Thelma Boynton Phinney, age 96. Her father Frederick Sumner Boynton was born in St. Albans, Vt., as was his wife Marie. Frederick's mother Belle Boynton lived in St. Alban, Vt., as did his sisters. That is all the information I have other than he did live in Connecticut with his second wife and my grandmother, and died somewhere in California. I understand that Frederic's father was Mohawk indian and that his mother, Belle was either Mohawk or Abenaki Indian. I would like to find out whatever I can. I may not have my correct e-mail address but will keep trying. Thanks, Grace Moroch, RR#2 Box 2255, Northfield, Vermont 05663. My reference book is "Geneology of the Decendants of William and John Boynton" published in 1897. Compiled by John Farnham Boynton and his wife Caroline Harriman Boynton. This book has been reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970. I cannot find Thelma Boynton Phinney because she is too recent, I also could not find Frederick Sumner Boynton. I did find one Belle Boynton and I'll list the information that I have for her and back. The details of the ancestors and their descendents are in the Boynton book referenced above. Belle Boynton born July 21 1850 daughter of Joseph Boynton (6th of 6 children) Joseph Boynton born Dec 20 1797 (died Oct 2 1871) and married Hannah Gray, they lived in Embden, Maine. Joseph was son of Joshua Boynton Joshua Boynton was born in Wiscasset, Maine in 1762 and married Betsey Hilton; Joshua was son of William Boynton William Boynton was son of Caleb Boynton Caleb Boynton was son of Caleb Boynton Caleb Boynton was son of William Boynton William Boynton emigrated to Rowley, Mass from Yorkshire, England in 1638 (and is my ancestor shown in: "http://www.quine.org/boynton.html") Sorry to take so long to respond. - Doug
    2. [BOYNTON] July 17, 1997 "Mary Boynton" --- Did William Boynton have a daughter, Mary, who was born in Rowley, MA on May 23, 1648? If so, then the William Boynton that is referred to in the history is my ancestor. from Theodore P. Sargent --- Email: tsargent (at) ix.netcom.com Yes! Mary was the 5th of 7 children. She John Eastman of Salisbury, Mass on Nov 5 1672 and they had 7 children (Hannah, John, Zachariah, Roger, Elizabeth, Thomas, and Joseph) according to "Geneology of the Decendants of William and John Boynton" published in 1897. Compiled by John Farnham Boynton and his wife Caroline Harriman Boynton. This book has been reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970. I am descended from Mary's older brother Joshua. - Doug
    3. [BOYNTON] July 19, 1997 "Kentucky Boynton Family" --- I have some Boynton family ties!! Just wondering if there some from Kentucky that might be related to me? thanx!! from Joshua Burgess Everett II --- Email: Josh1w (at) aol.com My reference book does not have a geographical index. If you can identify a Boynton ancestor who was born before about 1870, I may be able to trace them. - Doug
    4. [Boynton] Jul 27, 1997 "Family history?" (found site through: Net Find) --- My grandfather Robert O Boynton, born 1891 or about. Worked for Eureka as Western Regional Manager in 1940-1960. Looking for relatives of ours.... He married Ethel Parker from Kentucky..Please e-mail any information.. from K Anderson --- Email: Kathyvan95 (at) aol.com
    5. [Boynton] Aug 3, 1997 (found site through: MS Inernet Explorer) --- We were looking at geneology for our family, My father was Richard Holmes, his father was Laurence Amon from Vermont, from Laurence and Jayne (Gangemi) Boynton --- Email: boyntol (at) westinghouse.com
    6. [Boynton] 97-04-08 03:29:24 EDT I would like to know if it is true that a pirate Boynton roamed the waters of Florida and where on our "Tree" can he be found. As to the Pirate Boynton, I read a story about a pirate Boynton when I was a child that Boynton Beach in Florida was named after the pirate who buried treasure there. I have told this to my children and they read the Descendants book from cover to cover trying to find him. When my sister went to England last year she and her family went to Boynton and took pictures of the church where the Barons and Knights are listed and memorialized. I found them in the Burke's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage, 104th edition. I am new to genealogy and so far very lucky with the wealth of information that other people have found. So I have not found any thing about the pirate but I assume that he came from the England side of the tree. Thanks, Sharon
    7. [Boynton] Aug 6, 1997 "Boynton Beach, Fl" --- Hi, I am just answering a question about a Pirate Boynton. I have never heard that story before. It is a great one!:) I work at the Boynton Beach City Library, Boynton Beach, Fl. We have a book that tells of the family from MI that settled the town, the same time as Delray Beach was settled by a Mr. Linton a friend of the Boynton family. If anyone would like info on the book and families in it I would be glad to get it. Thanks, Kim from Kimberly Nash --- Email: knbnash (at) ix.netcom.com Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/heartland/prairie/5258/
    8. [Boynton] Aug 7, 1997 "Bartholomew geneology" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Hello, My name is Kenneth Reed Bartholomew and I'm trying to do some geneology for the Bartholomew. My father was Leslie C. Bartholomew, born in Rockport, MO. and my grandfather was Leslie E. Bartholomew born in Rockport, Mo. My Grandfather married a Carrie Poehler I believe from Rockport, Mo. I'm trying to do a little geneology and was wondering if you may have any additional information leading to the above mentioned Bartholomew's. Any assistance along this line would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kenneth Reed Bartholomew 7201 Yosemite Dr. Lincoln, NE 68507-2079 Phone: 402 466-7107 Email: bartholomew_ken (at) navix.net I am afraid that I have no Bartholomew information at all. My web sites are dedicated to Boynton and Quine. Perhaps a search engine hit these sites because there was an early ancestor with the first name of Bartholomew.
    9. [Boynton] Aug 10, 1997 "Searching the Warner family " (found site through: metacrawler) --- Found your site looking for information on the Warner family. Descendents of John Warner of Essex, England born abt 1555. 32.75: 96-11-27 "Maximillian Jewett - Boynton Links" --- Hi all - I am trying to fill in some holes in my Boynton line. Does anyone have any info on Maxmillian Jewett? Birthdate, deathdate, parents, and a marriage date to Ellenor E Pell. She was married also to John Boynton, Sr. My line descends through that marraige but I would like the particulars for her other marrage. Thank you for any help you can offer....Deborah:>} - ( 75477.2412 (at) CompuServe.COM) Torrey has BOYNTON, John (1614-1671) m. bef 21:2m:1644 Ellen/Eleanor PELL, Boston; res Rowley & Salisbury JEWET. Maxillion (1607-1684) m 30 Aug 1671 Eleanor PELL (-1689) wid, John BOYNTON m3) 1686 Daniel WARNER. MI: 96-11-26 --- "Maximillian Jewett - Boynton Links - Another Response" --- According to Tracy Elliot Hazen, "Two Founders of Rowley, Mass.," NEHGR, 94 (1940), 104, Ellen or Eleanor (not "Eleanor E") died at Rowley on *5 Aug. 1689*. She was married and widowed three times: (1) to John Boynton, who is almost certainly the individual who died (or was buried) on 18 Feb. 1669/70; (2) at Rowley, 30 Aug. 1671 (as his second wife), to Maximilian Jowett, who was buried at Rowley 19 Oct. 1684; and (3) at Ipswich, 1 June 1686, to Daniel Warner, Sr. --- from Michael Pavkov --- Email: mpavkov (at) neo.lrun.com
    10. [BOYNTON] August 16, 1997 "New York Boynton Family" --- My family branch led me to a Boynton landing in Maine in the early 1700's arriving from Wales. Then they migrated across New England ending in upstate New York (Middleville) which is east of Utica. Sound familiar? from Robert William Boynton --- Email: PappyisBob (at) AOL.COM The ranch of the Boynton family that I have about 325 pages of documentation regarding emigrated from Yorkshire, England to Rowley, Nassachusetts in 1638. From there they fanned out all over the country. If you have a name from before 1880, I can check for you in the "Geneology of the Decendants of William and John Boynton" published in 1897. Compiled by John Farnham Boynton and his wife Caroline Harriman Boynton. This book has been reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970. - Doug
    11. [BOYNTON] Aug 16, 1997 "Impossible Birthdates" --- In the Boynton Genealogy 32 Generations items #7 and #8 shows that the son was born a year earlier than his father. Am I reading this correctly or is it simply a typo. --- Ted Sargent" Email tsargent (at) ix.netcom.com Excellent question. Actually the very early dates are listed as "c." meaning "circa" or around. In these cases the date refers to the date on which something about the person was reported. It could be a birth date, a marriage date, the purchase of land, or a death date. For this reason it is possible for a father's date to be reported after a son's date. As you might imagine the data is somewhat fragmentary so far back. - Doug
    12. [BOYNTON] Aug 17, 1997 "Benjamin Franklin/Boynton link responses" --- Dear Madeleine, Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I've been trying to find an answer to your question and I'm afraid I haven't succeeded. My family (including Doug, who is my cousin; we both have Boynton as our middle name) has always had a connection to Ben Franklin, but through our grandmother's side of the family rather than through our grandfather's (he was a Boynton as you may know). Our grandmother's family came from Nantucket and we are related to a lot of families there. In case you are interested, it is my understanding that Peter Folger, one of the founding fathers, married Mary Morrill in 1648. They had a son, Eleazer in 1648. He is our ancestor. They also had a daughter (name??) and her son was Benjamin Franklin. According to Uncle Van (Doug's father), we are Ben Franklin's 1st cousins 8 (I think) times removed! I know this probably doesn't help too much, although my grandfather did marry a relative of B.F. although not a direct descendant. I wish you luck in your search and am sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I would be interested to know if you ever find a connection through the Boyntons. That would mean a double connection for Doug and me! Very sincerely, Nancy Email: joshuapoint (at) juno.com
    13. [MBQ] Aug 20, 1997 "HI!:)" (found site through: Web-crawler) --- Hi! I'm 13 and my name is also Marjorie.(People call me Margie) I was wondering....did you EVER find a key chain or ANYTHING with your name on it? I can't! Well hope to hear from you soon! Margie from Marjorie --- Email: MACJCR97 (at) aol.com
    14. [BOYNTON] August 20, 1997 "Early Boynton Family" --- I logged on to try to locate information for my brother whom is involved in the compilation of a family history of the Mulrooney's and Grossklois'. Raymond had recently sent to me a family history which dates back to Bartholomew de Boynton in 1067. I was intrigued by the infamy of Sir Henry Boynton and was searching for details of his execution when I located your page. I know my brother will ne interested in this and I will inform him of your site. I am certain he would be very interested in any other information you might have on Bartholomew, et al. Dennis Mulrooney, Miami, Fl from Dennis J. Mulrooney, Sr. --- Email: DMulSr (at) aol.com My information comes from "Geneology of the Decendants of William and John Boynton" published in 1897. Compiled by John Farnham Boynton and his wife Caroline Harriman Boynton. This book has been reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970. The book is about 325 pages long. The total information regarding Sir Henry Boynton (12th generation descendent of Bartholomew de Boynton) is: "He joined Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, who had taken up arms against Henry the Fourth in 1405. They were defeated, and Sir Henry, with 7 others, was executed at Sadbury, in Yorkshire, on July 2 1405. He had married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Merrifield, Knt., and by her had daughters Janett and Elizabeth, and two sons; Thomas who died at the age of 12 and William Boynton from whom I am descended (see "http://www.quine.org/boynton.html"). - Doug
    15. [BOYNTON] Aug 22, 1997 "Benjamin Franklin/Boynton link responses" --- I have included your cousin's E-mail so that you can see what she had to say about the Benjamin Franklin/Boynton link. My understanding is that your grandfather Boynton married a relative of Ben Franklin whose lines are through Ben's mother's brother Eleazer Folger, b. 1648. His sister, Abiah Folger, b. 15 Aug 1667 was Ben's mother. Nancy said this makes you 1st cousins 8 times removed, of Ben Franklin. Guess that brings me to the next logical question, are you and I even close in the Boynton line? On page 156 of the book the Descendants of John and William Boynton, my line runs from #96, Oliver Boynton, b. 1743, to his son Asa, #238, b. 1774, through his son Moses, b. 1798, and his son Reuel W.(Ruel actually), b. 1825, to my great grandfather, Milo A., b. 1849, and my grandfather, Claude B., b. 1884. How far off are we? If our lines are no where near, then I'll start looking along the parallel lines of Ben's siblings, or like you, along Ben's aunts and uncles lines. One way or the other I will track down the Ben Franklin/Boynton link rumored in my Boynton line. Again, I would appreciate any help you can give me. --- Thanks Madeleine Email: maddeo (at) goodnet.com
    16. [Boynton] Aug 24, 1997 --- Pease visit my site by clicking here! from Troy --- Email: SchlossTAS (at) aol.com Web Page: http://members.aol.com/schlosstas/cool.html
    17. [Boynton] Aug 24, 1997 "Mary BOYNTON" --- I am trying to find information on Mary Boynton. I only know that she died 30 Nov. 1771. She was married to Joshua Parker. He was born 13 Dec 1740 in Westford Middlesex MA. Mary died in Westford Middlesex. Perhaps you could direct me to site to get information on Mary. from A.Dodson --- Email: annfromde (at) aol.com My Boynton Family History book (page 61) says that Mary Boynton was born Dec 18 1737 and married Joshua Parker Mar 15 1764 (page 61). I don't see her descendents. Her father was Nathaniel, her grandfather was Joseph, her greatgrandfather was Joseph and her GGGF was John who emigrated from England around 1638. (His brother William is my ancestor). At this point your ancestors match mine and you can trace them back at my web page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html Regards - Doug
    18. [BOYNTON] Aug 24, 1997 "Boynton in Maine" --- I wonder if your research has turned up any evidence, negative or positive, of Boyntons in the State of Maine? In a telephone conversation with my grandmother, yesterday, June 29, 1997, I discovered that my great-grandmother was adopted by a Ruben Boynton, of East Millinocket (?). Given the connection between Maine and Massachusetts, it is plausible that the more remote branches of your family colonized Maine. Regards - Brant Whitney Boucher --- Email: ar434 (at) ncrfreenet.ucarleton.ca [ALSO] mbriere (at) archives.ca My reference book is "Geneology of the Decendants of William and John Boynton" published in 1897. Compiled by John Farnham Boynton and his wife Caroline Harriman Boynton. This book has been reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970. It has an index by name (Ruben Boynton is not shown) but it does not have any geographical index that I can use to check for Maine. I did find a section regarding a line of the family that lives in Maine and for which the connection back to the two brothers that settles in 1638 is speculated but not proven. Starting from the newest entry and tracking backwards I found a "Rubie Boynton" in Maine: Rubie Boynton is son of Rev George E Boynton and Matilda Trask (his 2nd wife) - no dates listed Rev George E Boynton is son (10th child) of Rev Amos Boynton - no dates listed Rev Amos Boynton (born 1804 married Rachel Decker of Whitefield Maine on Oct 15 1825; after she died Aug 13 1887 Amos moved to California where he died in fall of 1895) is son (3rd of 5 children) of Captain David Boynton Captain David Boynton was born July 4 1776, married Linia (:ucy) Stearns on May 21 1797 and lived in Jefferson Maine. He served in the war of 1812 and died in 1859. He was the son of John Boyington (there was period of an alternate name spelling in some branches of the family) John Boyington was born in 1743 (died Jan 29 1820 in Jefferson, Maine) and married Temperance Hogden who was born near Portsmouth NH in 1737 (died in Jefferson, Maine at age 102 and 6 months); John is said to have been the son of a "David" (at this point the trail runs dry) - Doug
    19. [BOYNTON] Aug 24, 1997 "Boynton Genealogical Research" I saw your Boynton home page. I thought it was quite interesting. I am looking for documents relating to my family and was hoping you could direct my to someone that might have documents or correspondence with my ancestors. My many greats grandmother was Olive Boynton, sister to John Farnhum Boynton. In 1884, I believe, John Boynton wrote to his nephews Aroet and Alma Hale in Salt Lake requesting help in continuing the research. Alma later went back East and did some genealogical research of his own. I was wondering if you could guide me to the person that would have this information. I would like to get photographs or copies of any documents relating to the Hale family as I am in the middle of re-writing a Hale family genealogy book. Thank you, David Howard, Brigham Young University --- Email: dlh (at) byu.edu I am very sorry that I have idea where the archives from the Boynton history book might be. I have an old copy of the book "Geneology of the Decendants of William and John Boynton" published in 1897. Compiled by John Farnham Boynton and his wife Caroline Harriman Boynton. This book has been reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970. I I don't have any further information about the authors - I inherited the book from my grandfather who was mentioned in the book as a small child - Doug
    20. [Boynton] Aug 29, 1997 "Boynton Beach" --- I noticed a note about Boynton Beach. The information that I got about Boynton Beach is as follows: This first part came from a small book the Boynton Beach City Library is selling to help build a playground. "First 100 years of Boynton Beach" by the Historical Socity 1995. Major Nathan S. Boynton, born June 23, 1837 at Port Huron, Michigan, Died May 27, 1911, Port Huron, founder of Boynton Beach, Florida. He married Annie Fields in 1859 at Cincinnati, Ohio, and took her back to Port Huron where they raised two sons and three daughters. Durning the Civil War, Boynton served with distinction in Michigan's 8th Calvary and rose from private to Major. Back in Port Huron, he worked in real estate and insurance, and was the editor and publisher of Port Huron Press. A staunch Republican, he served two terms as mayor, and one term in the state legislature. In 1891, he founded the Michigan Knights of the Maccabbees, a fraternal society, and remained active in that the rest of his life. He tried unsuccessfully to get a lodge started in Boynton. This busy man is credited with inventing the Boynton fire escape, Boynton hook and ladder truck, and Boynton system of wire rope trussing for fire ladders. Contruction of his Boynton Beach Hotel took from 1895 to 1897 and the workmen, recruited in Michigan, brought their families and settled in the new town of Boynton. Major Boynton paved Ocean Avenue with shell rock from his hotel to the new FEC station. He planted a citrus grove between the hotel and the canal, and his settlers were soon raising the vegetables for the hotel guests. He and his family spent the summers in Port Huron but the popular Boynton Beach Hotel was their winter home. Our story begins in 1894 when Major Nathan S. Boynton and Congressman William S. Linton hired Fred C. Voss of Hypoluxo (small town just north of Boynton) to take them in his launch, "Victor", south from Lake Worth into the newly opened East Coast Canal (today's intracoastal). Boynton and Linton, both from Michgan, had heard about the new frontier opening in Southeast Florida. After looking over the area, Linton chose to buy land west of the canal in what would become downtown Delray Beach (first called Linton then after hard times name changed to Delray after Delray MI to get more people to move down), for a twon site. Boynton opted for land farther north on the east side of the canal, extending to the ocean, for a hotel site. Then the two went home and organized the Michigan Home Coloization Company, to interest people in moving to south Florida. Boynton returned in the fall of 1895 to have his new property surveyed. The first boatload of Boynton colonist, which arrived in January 1896, included Horace B. Murray, his wife and three young children from Bailey, Michigan; Mr. and Mrs. Bert L Kapp from Muskegon, Michigan; and Frank Funk, bachelor, from Chicago, Illinois. They had made the last part of the journey by sailboat, down the canal. The boatman, in a hurry to return before dark, deposited the little band on the canal bank and shoved off. Murray called out to him, "But where's Boynton?" "It's all around you," was the reply. The newcomers pitched their tents and began clearing the land. They found rich muck between the canal and today's US-1, on which they could grow all kinds of vegetables. There were two black families, the Kings and the Cades, living and farming in the vicinity of US-1 and 5th Ave, who welcomed their new neightbors and showed them how to grow pineapples. The construction of Major Boynton's beachfront hotel provided employment for many. More and more settlers arrived, among them Mr. and Mrs. Seybold, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mast, Mr. and Mrs. Will H. Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Freedlund, Frank Funk's brother, Isaac, and Mrs. Murray's brother, William H. Smith. By 1900, the new residents of Boynton had a general store, post office, church, and school, and they were raising cash crops to ship north on Flagler's new FEC (Florida East Coast Railroad). In just five years, the nucleus of Boynton Beach was formed. It is said that Major Boynton did not like it too much down here. from From: Kimberly --- Email: knbnash (at) ix.netcom.com via Lisa Cozzens --- Email: cozzens (at) mail.dec.com
    21. [ASB-TREE] Aug 31, 1997 "l " (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Dropped by to meet another Boynton. Looking at Family geonology from Carla Boynton --- Email: earthlywonders (at) erols.com
    22. [Boynton] Sep 4, 1997 --- Interested in any info on any Boynton moving to Summerset WI. from Mark Lee Boynton --- Email: Colorado_Bound (at) alo.com
    23. [BOYNTON] Sept 5, 1997 "Boynton Family Reunions" --- How can I find out about various Boynton family reunions? My husband, Carter Reid Boynton (Andover Phillips Academy) is a direct descendent and can trace his geneology back to 1066. Thanks! Pat Boynton --- Email: pboynton (at) ti.com I have never heard of any Boynton family reunions - can anyone else help? - Doug
    24. [Boynton] Sep 8, 1997 "Boynton" (found site through: webcrawler) --- I have just learned of the genealogy book on the Boynton Family and I believe my great great grandmother, Thankful Lois BOYNTON is included. However, there would have to be an error in the book. The information I was given by an elderly cousin is that Thankful Lois BOYNTON was born in May 1825, married in 1843 Lorain Co., OH and originally came from ME, probably Kennebec Co. This much agrees with the book. However,she married William Pullen EMERSON and not Solomon S. EMERSON as the book states. William was born in Kennebec Co., ME. The children listed in the book also are not hers. Their son William Luke EMERSON was born in Russia Twp, Loraine Co., OH. A few years after his marriage they moved to Guernsey Co., OH and in the mid 1850s they moved to Olivet, Eaton Co., MI. His parents also moved to Eaton Co., MI where they spent the remainder of their lives. I would welcome any comment or additions. from Martha Knaggs --- Email: knaggs (at) connect.net Thanks for the book correction (I've slipped a copy of your note into my book). This is the first error that I have heard of but of course the book is based upon data from many sources and errors do occur.
    25. [Boynton] Sep 12, 1997 "Boynton Early Ancestors" (found site through: webcrawler) --- In your list of Boyntons, you are missing Bruis de Boynton, son of Bartholomew and father of Walter. Or, I think you are. I found all of your information on the Mormon Ancestral files, which include Bruis. There were over 40 different people listed as contributors. When I get a chance to look through my records I will send you the Ancestral File Number. - from puckplayer (at) earthlink.net (Carlton A. Foster) Thank you very much. The detailed look that people are developing at these records is starting to find some errors which might be expected since the original book was compiled by one person bringing together many records. Regards - Doug
    26. [Boynton] Sep 162, 1997 "Boynton Early Ancestors" (found site through: webcrawler) --- Hi again. With regards to Bruis de Boynton. I errored slightly. He is the son of Walter and the father of Sir Ingraham. I believe I said he was the son of Bartholomew. Also, the date I have show he was born about 1100, in Boynton, Yorkshire, England. Married and died are not available, nor is spouse. The Ancestral File Number is J6FX-GK. Thanks to your page and these Ancestral Files I can now trace this line from about 1050 down 37 generations to my son. Thank you, I look forward to learning more about the Boyntons as I continue my work. from puckplayer (at) earthlink.net (Carlton A. Foster)
    27. [Boynton] Sep 20, 1997 --- Richardson Foote Boynton Main "roots" for my father from Patra A. (Richardson) Brazil --- Email: jbrazil (at) innercite.com
    28. [Boynton] Sep 22, 1997 (found site through: FTM Family Finder Index) --- Hi cousin *S* Nice page. I have some questions for you about descendants of Richard Boynton and Sarah Dresser. Drop me a line sometime. Maybe I can add to your vast store of Boynton lore *S* from Allen Boynton --- Email: aboynton (at) netva.com
    29. [Boynton] Sep 22, 1997 (found site through: FTM Family Finder Index) --- Hi cousin *S* Nice page. I have some questions for you about descendants of Richard Boynton and Sarah Dresser. Drop me a line sometime. Maybe I can add to your vast store of Boynton lore *S* from Allen Boynton --- Email: aboynton (at) netva.com
    30. [Boynton] Sep 28, 1997 (found site through: Cyndi Howell's List of Geneological Sites) --- I'm new to geneology and the internet, and I'm amazed at the results I've found here! I have information about my ancestors which include, I believe, generations #22-#24 of your 33 generation list. This is the first site I've visited, so I'm off to find even more confirming data...! from Keith Gazaway --- Email: KGazaway (at) aol.com
    31. [Boynton] Sep 30, 1997 "Boynton Update" (found site through: I have it bookmarked now from other visits) --- In my last note to you (#48-June 16,97 Email Updates)I was concerned about the confusion in my decendency due to a few emails sent to me stating that my line should be from John rather than William BOYNTON. I have since had some assistance from Lisa Cozzens (thanks Lisa) which helped confirm what I knew about my own family. I indeed come from the William side. The confusion began with my Moses. Some thought I would be related to the various Moses' on John's side but I know my Moses ancestor and families due to a large photo album and old family bible that I have, taking me back a few generations. In addition, my Moses was a lot younger than those mentioned in the other lines. Your site is still an inspiration and great help to me this day! I just have become reunited with some cousins who have never met me, but I knew their ancestors. I would be willing to assist you with attempting to continue on with John Farnham BOYNTON's book, although I am in California. Good luck to all of you BOYNTON family researchers. Felicia Hazelton from Felicia Hazelton --- Email: hazefam (at) earthlink.net Web Page: http://www.earthlink.com/~hazefam/
    32. [Boynton] Oct 1, 1997 "Elisha & Elizabeth Russell Boynton, descendants" (found site through: Infoseek) --- Horace Wellman was my great great grandfther. He married Lepha Stowell Boynton (daughter of Elisha & Elizabeth Boynton) in 1850 at Triangle, NY. Their son George Theron Wellman was my great grandfather. His son was Russell Garfield Wellman, my grandfather. His son was RUSSELL BOYNTON Wellman, my father. We are all descendants of Thomas Wellman who came to Lynn, Mass. around 1640. I'm looking for descendants of Horace and Lepha's other children, which would be my nearest relatives. from James Frederick Wellman (Jim) --- Email: jwellman (at) tyler.net
    33. [ASB-TREE-T] Oct 2, 1997 --- Wondering in which country did the Boynton name originate? from Robert J. Boynton --- Email: rboynton (at) nmu.edu
    34. [Boynton] Oct 3, 1997 "in which country did the Boynton name originate?" (found site through: (I wrote the page)) --- Robert - I would presume that the name originates in England since the name first appears there in the family ancestor list: "http://www.quine.org/boynton.html" Certainly I would appreciate better information if it is available. - Doug from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    35. [Boynton] Oct 5, 1997 --- So pleased to find a source on Boynton. I am just starting to research the Boynton family. from Joan Boynton Blossom --- Email: dblossom (at) c.tel
    36. [Boynton] Oct 6, 1997 "Late 19th/20th Century Boynton" (found site through: Allen Boynton) --- Hey fellow boynton's. My name is Blane Boynton, im a teenager living here in AZ trying to do a little research on the boynton family. I have not traced my family back into the three yet, it seems that in the 19th century the Boynton tree wen't a bit crazy. The farthest back I can go is to Thomas Edwin Boynton, who would have been born in the early to mid 19th Century. I know that he lived in McQuon, Illinois, but am not sure of his exact DOB and DOD. I will get more info. Please feel free to send some mail to boynton (at) ibm.net if you have any info. from Blane Boynton --- Email: boynton (at) ibm.net I'm sorry that I'm striking out on Thomas Edwin Boynton. I can't find a reference to him in my Boynton History book that traces the descendents of John and William Boynton who settled in Rowley Mass around 1638. Of course that still leaves all of the other Boyntons who settled in the United States that I don't have any records of. Best of luck in your search and keep me posted if you find any information. You might also check the Boynton guestbook (http://www.quine.org/guestfam.html) for other people doing research on the Boynton name. Regards -- Doug
    37. [ASB-TREE] Oct 9, 1997 "Boynton" --- I am researching the Boynton/Byingtons of Hartford, CT and would be willing to exchange information. from Joan Ackerman --- Email: JCAcker (at) aol.com
    38. [Boynton] Oct 12, 1997 "family tree" (found site through: yahoo) --- interested in finding any information pertaining to the boynton name. it is my understanding that all of the boyntons are related. from allen leslie boynton --- Email: joejenn (at) yelmtel.com
    39. [Boynton] Oct 13, 1997 "Boynton Geneaology" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Almost a year ago, Doug noted that I needed to go back before 1880 to search a Boynton line. I would now like to request a quick lookup in the Boynton Book. Maine Archives provided an indirect reference to: Daniel Edwin BOYNTON, b. ca. 1832, m. Mary Frances DURGIN or Mary F. SMITH (?) Is he in the Boynton Geneaology, and if so, who were his parents? (he is my gggfather). Thank you kindly, Steve Ivas from Steve Ivas --- Email: spivas (at) aol.com I seem to be striking out on your request. The only Durgin that I can find is Elizabeth Durgin of Rowley, Mass who married Eben Boynton (born Jan 26 1800) in 1819 (page 91). I could not find an Daniel Edwin Boynton. Regards - Doug
    40. [Boynton] Oct 14, 1997 (found site through: Exite) --- I am a 37th Great grand son of Bartholomew de Boynton. I am interested the Boynton family history I would appreaciate any information on this family. from Jack E. Poulson --- Email: jpoulson (at) micron.net
    42. [Boynton] Oct 24, 1997 "MATTHEW S BOYNTON" --- I'M LOOKING FOR INFO ON MATTEW S BOYNTON BORN IN VERMONT LATE 1700'S.I DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT HIM EXCEPT HE HAD 7 CHILDREN ONE OF WHICH WAS GRANVILLE F. BOYNTON WHOM WAS BORN IN VERMONT AROUND 1812. ALSO HE WAS A BRIDGE BUILDER.IM LOOKING FOR PARENTS NAME.. SIBLING NAMES..ETC.. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP JIM from JAMES R BOYNTON JR --- Email: TIKIA (at) WEBTV.NET I cannot find Matthew S. Boynton in my Boynton History book. I did find a Granville F. Boynton who was born March 15 1811 in Albany, New York (pages 79-81). His father was Nathan Boynton, born June 16 1742 who married Lucy Smith and lived in Ipswitch New Hampshire. Regards - Doug
    43. [ASB-TREE] Oct 29, 1997 --- Hello. I just found this 'cause i was searching for my family tree. from Darren Troy Boynton --- Email: havoc100 (at) hotmail.com
    44. [Boynton] Oct 31, 1997 "BOYNTON FAMILY OF MAINE" (found site through: Altavista) --- Anyone have any information on the family of Richard and Sarah Boynton of Sherman and Patten Maine. Richard was born in Alna Maine in 1809, and came to Sherman (Southern Aroostook county) where he fathered ten children (nine lived to adulthood). from Gary Andrew Littlefield --- Email: glittlefield (at) snet.net
    45. [Boynton] Nov 8, 1997 "amos Boynton & Lucy Loring" (found site through: Family Tree Maker internet index by name) --- Lucy LORING & Amos BOYNTON b 2 Feb 1745, m. 1 Jun 1786 Machias, Wash Co., Maine, were my GGG Grandparents. I believe this is possibly your line also. Do you have the last name of Amos' first wife. I have her first name as Mary but no last name. I also have their childrn as Sally, Polly, Betsy, Hannah and Lydia. I have Stephen, Thomas & Lucy as the children of Lucy Loring. from Audrey Barber --- Email: barber (at) snowcrest.net My Boynton Family History book (page 11) provides a little different information. Amos Boynton married Polly Libby first and then married Lucy Loring second. Amos Boynton's MOTHER was named Mary (Palmer) Stickney who was born on September 2 1711. He also had a SISTER named Mary Boynton who was born March 27 1750. I hope this helps. Regards - Doug
    46. [ASB-TREE] Nov 9, 1997 "Hello" (found site through: Lycos) --- Hello! I am just starting to get into geneology research for the Boynton line, and was just surfing the web for information. Do you have any ideas of where I could get any information already out there? I don't want to be doing any unnecessary repetitive work that would only serve to waste time. If you have any materials, or know where I can get any materials, I would appreciate the information. Thanks, John Timothy Boynton --- Email: boynton (at) scf.usc.edu
    47. [ASB-TREE] Nov 23, 1997 --- Just looking at the Boynton name status for possible family tree alignment. from Albert Boynton --- Email: aboynton (at) tricountyi.net
    48. [Boynton] Nov 25, 1997 "Interesting Home Page!!!" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Intresting Home Page on Boynton's from Matt Boynton --- Email: vmboynton (at) att.com
    49. [Boynton] Dec 1, 1997 "BOYNTONs of Machias,ME" (found site through: genealogymining.com) --- Just found your WEB site Nov. 30 and was very interested in the query posted Nov.7, and your response. I have just started to research BOYNTON using my grandfather's copious notes as guidance. He has a note from my greatgrandfather about HIS greatgrandparents, Amos BOYNTON and Polly LIBBY. You refer to a book "My Boynton Family History". Is that in print or does that refer to your own material? I am descended from Amos BOYNTON and Polly LIBBY of Machias,Washington Co,ME. Their daughter Hannah married William NOYES and their daughter Mary married my gggrandfather Cephas LONGFELLOW. Glad to see included history of Rowley, etc. and the early lines of BOYNTON. Thanks for your hard work. from Meg Scott --- Email: mscott (at) home.com
    50. [Boynton] Dec 1, 1997 --- I am looking for my mother's family of Gangemi, or Fanell. If anyone has any information, please contact me. from Kelly Lynn Victoria Boynton --- Email: klb2562 (at) psu.edu
    51. [Boynton] Dec 7, 1997 "Hello,I recognize some of these names-Thanks!" (found site through: AOL uses Excite.) --- Thanks from David Mark Boynton Sr. --- Email: dboyntonsr (at) AOL.com
    52. [Boynton] Dec 7, 1997 "John H. Boynton" --- I am researching the life and times of one John H. Boynton who operated a horse and cattle ranch along the Escalante River in south central Utah in 1878/79. He left this area in 1879 after some trouble with his partner and the law. Some reports have him moving to southwest Colorado but this cannot be confirmed and there are no other leads. I know this is a long shot, but I would appreciate any information you may have on John Boynton. As an aside, my great-grandmother, Jane Charters Robinson Hindley was born in Douglas, Isle of Man January 6, 1828. Thanks from Salt Lake City, Utah from Earl Hindley --- Email: e-ehindl (at) slkc.uswest.net
    53. [Boynton] Dec 7, 1997 "BOYNTONs of Machias,ME" (found site through: I wrote the page) --- Regarding Dec 1, 1997 message: I use the "Geneology of the Decendants of William and John Boynton" published in 1897. Compiled by John Farnham Boynton and his wife Caroline Harriman Boynton. This book has been reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, MA 01970 My Boynton Family History is three web pages: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html (33 generation line) http://www.quine.org/asb-tree.html (recent family tree) http://www.quine.org/guestboy.html (Boynton family guestbook) Hope this helps - from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    54. [Boynton] Dec 18, 1997 "Families I have researched" (found site through: Family Tree Maker) --- My husband is related to the Boynton line which we have been researching. from Delinda M. Tenney --- Email: delitene (at) netins.net Web Page: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/Delinda-M-Tenney/index.html
    55. [Boynton] Dec 25, 1997 (found site through: AOL-Internet Explorer search) --- Hello-Interested in info on Boyntons from the past-thanks for any info in advance from Doug Boynton --- Email: Jdboynton (at) aol.com
    56. [Boynton] Dec 27, 1997 "just surfing the boynton's" (found site through: yahoo) --- glad to be here. have found a lot of stuff found my cousin that i havn't see in yrs. from Charlene Boynton Coney --- Email: coneydog (at) ipa.net
    57. [Boynton] Dec 29, 1997 "Torchill Bovington" --- Doug, Do you have any dates for Torchill Bovington? Is Torchill the father of Bartholomew de Boynton? Thanks, Jim Byington from James Byington --- Email: innitou (at) gis.net
    58. [Boynton] Jan 1, 1998 "Boynton/Dresser connection" (found site through: FTM online) --- Hello! I am descended from John Dresser/Mary Boynton through their son, John/Clarissa Greenleaf, and their son Albert E. Dresser. Albert was my great grandfather. Jane from Jane Peters --- Email: JPeters172 (at) aol.com
    59. [Boynton] Jan 2, 1998 "Are we related?" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I have done and been the happy recipient of extensive genealogical investigation of my mother's side of the family, but we know very little of our Boynton roots. All I can tell you is my father is Edmund S. Boynton b. 1932, and his father was John Leonard Boynton (deceased) of Boston area, birth date unknown. I believe his father was also John Boynton. Any suggestions about how to go about learning more? Thanks in advance. I am amazed by your site! from Anne Boynton --- Email: anneboy (at) unm.edu
    60. [Boynton] Jan 4, 1998 (found site through: AOL) --- The branch of the Boynton family I am from dates back to Captain John Boynton from Maine (late 1600's? I don't have my grandfather's research in front of me) This branch of the Boynton family settled in Pasadena, CA in the late 1880's (approx.). from Katherine P. Boynton --- Email: kboyn82477 (at) aol.com
    61. [Boynton] Jan 5, 1998 "Boyntons of Byron Center, MI" --- Caleb Boynton married Asenath Hill; children - Jerry Boynton, b. 25 Aug 1814, St. Lawrence County, NY; William Boynton, b. 22 Jan 1818, St. Lawrence County, NY; d. 19 Dec 1873. Caleb was married to another woman producing Nathan Boynton, b. May 1809; d. 11 Feb 1848, Byron Center, MI. William and Jerry Boynton were uncle to President James A. Garfield. William married Orphelia Jewell and nine children were born, four of which grew to maturity. Both William and Orphelia are buried in the Boynton Cemetery in Byron Center, MI. Nathan married Sarah Harmon both are also buried in the Boynton Cemetery. from Renee Brands --- Email: RMBrands (at) aol.com
    62. [Boynton-T] Jan 6, 1998 (found site through: infoseek) --- hello: i was looking around through infoseek to find my home page and i stoped by i hope you dont mind? your page looks great it must of taken a lot of work putting it all together keep up the good work Paul Boynton Petaluma CA from Paul Boynton --- Email: elvizisded (at) aol.com
    63. [Boynton] Jan 8, 1998 "John Lamar Byington /Amos Foxx Byington" --- The Byingtons from Wilkinson Co.,Ga are a descenant of John Lamar Byington of Branford, Connecticut. It is said that John and his family moved to Columbia, SC were his son Amos Foxx and daughter Sarah were born. If there were any more children I'm not aware of them. It is said John Lamar died in SC. Amos and Sarah moved to Ga. Amos (b)03-20-1793 (d)11-05-1874 married Nancy Myrick Freeney, of Baldwin Co., Ga (b)06-05-1793 (d)04-02-1861 (m)03-20-1814 in Baldwin Co., Ga. They are buried in the Byington Cem. in Baldwin Co. They had 12 children, Can Amos Foxx be linked with the Boynton/Byington Family of Branford, Conn? Thanks for any help you may provide. I sure have enjoyed your sight. I know somewhere there has got to be a link . Lynda Kite-Macon, Ga from lynda kite --- Email: mapakite (at) aol.com (Lynda Kite)
    64. [Boynton] Jan 14, 1998 "just looking for related boyntons" (found site through: internet explorer 4.0) --- nice to know that there are so many boyntons out there i think my greatgrand mother was a quine but i am not sure from Barry D Boynton II --- Email: bb123 (at) progigy.net
    65. [Boynton] Jan 15, 1998 "Looking for other Boyntons" (found site through: Boynton ans Genealogy) --- Eager to correspond with other Boyntons. Husband is decendant of John of Rowley,Ma. in 1638 from Sandra Boynton Wife of Robert --- Email: SBoynton (at) aol.com
    66. [Boynton] Jan 20, 1998 "Boynton Research" (found site through: Genealogy Forum) --- Is there a Boynton reunion or newsletter? from Sandra Boynton-hysband Robert C. --- Email: SBoynton (at) aol.com
    67. [Boynton] Jan 21, 1998 "finding family" --- I'll be back with e-mail address from Jon Boynton
    68. [Boynton] Jan 22, 1998 "Boynton Geneology" --- Am a descendent of Amos Boynton b.1742 Rowley,MA. Would like any information on his wife,Sarah Snow. from Janet Welford --- Email: WelfordJUmobile (at) webTV.net
    69. [Boynton] Jan 23, 1998 "Boynton Family History" --- Would like information on Sarah Snow,wife of Amos Boynton b.1742 Rowley,MA from Janet --- Email: Welfordjumobile (at) webTV.net
    70. [Boynton] Jan 23, 1998 "BOYNTON WEBPAGE" (found site through: GEnealogy Forum (at) AOL) --- My husband is a decendant of John Boynton,brother of William of Rowley,Ma.1638. He is Robert Clinton Boynton,Jr.,as his father,Robert,Sr. is still living at the age of 93. I am so thrilled to find that there are so many Boynton's in the US and other countries. We have two daughters who plan to never change their surname. One is already married. I would dearly love to hear from anyone of you. We live in Fl. Iam a nurse and he is a retired teacher. from Sandra Boynton(wife of Robert) --- Email: SBoynton (at) aol.com
    71. [Boynton] Jan 25, 1998 "boynton family" (found site through: yahoo/alta vista) --- thank you from carol sweenie --- Email: csweenie (at) gte.net
    72. [MBQ] Jan 27, 1998 "History 0f Boynton Name" (found site through: Alta-Vista) --- I was asked by another Boynton for this info and decided to post what I know here for all Boyntons,hope that is not presumptios of me. The three major sources for this information are "The Story Of Surnames"by L.G.Pine,"English Surnames"by C.M.Matthews and The Domesday Book. This was commissioned in 1086 by King William 1,William The Conqueror. In the Domesday Book(Yorkshire Section) our name is written,Bouinton(e)Bouintorp-translated now as Boynton. I believe Boynton is what is known as a Place-Name. The most common of all English place names end in "ton and ham" which meant an enclosure or dwelling place. This later evolved into twon. The "ing" or "n" was probably contributed ny the Vikings(Danes and Norwegians) who were on the land along with the Saxons, before the Norman Invasion. The smaller the village that made your name the more chance there is that your family held its manor. Ther was a manor called Boynton Hall,according to Domesday Book. Some think a name i.e. Rober de Boynton,signifies royalty or Norman origins but this is untrue. In those times it only meant that he was "of Boynton." There were no Surnames in England at the time of the Norman invasion. The Normans introduced them. It is true that we probably intermarried with them. I believe our name has survived intact since 1086 and possibly even before that time. The spelling has been changed in this country but Boynton is the original spelling. The names of some of the oringial men who tilled the land in Yorkshire were Eadgifu,Ulfr,Arnetill,Knutr and Merlesveinn. All these sound Scandinavian to me. The Yorkshir Book lists the amount of land tilled by each man,the number of livestock and the value of the land before and after the invasion. One source states Boynton is Old English meaning "Bofa-ingratun or "farm of the decendants of "Bofa" and OE personal name. Could Bofa have been the chief? Many Boynton's seem to believe we are decended from Sir Matthew Boynton and thus are entitled to use the Boynton crest or coat of arms. While he did finance the expedition to the new world for William,John and the other settlers of Rowley,I find no evidence that we are a direct decendant. He was most likely an uncle or cousin of the Boynton brothers. The last Boynton to hold the title of Baronet,died in 1966. In America we tend to be less formal and thus I suppose it does no harm to use the Boynton coat of arms. I know we do. I hope this helps those just getting started. Submitted by Sandra Boynton in Florida from Sandra Boynton --- Email: SBoynton (at) aol.com
    73. [ASB-TREE] Jan 30, 1998 "Boynton-Thurston" (found site through: Netscape) --- I have an ancestor -- Boynton Thurston -- born 1847 in Maine. His father was John THurston (born 1805) and his mother Kesiah ??. Could Kesiah be a Boynton? I am looking for Boynton connections in Maine as I think there must be a connection to have this boy named "Boynton." Any help? Thank you! Kate O'Keefe, Minneapolis from Kate O'Keefe --- Email: kkokeefe (at) aol.com
    74. [ASB-TREE] Jan 31, 1998 "boynton genealogy" (found site through: browering) --- got alot of info on family from barbara a. boynton jonesbjones --- Email: bjones3624 (at) aol.com
    75. [ASB-TREE] Feb 3, 1998 "Frank Milton Boynton from Wilmington, Mass" (found site through: excite (at) aol) --- I am interested in finding out more about my father's family. He was born, Frank Milton Boynton on September 15, 1903 in Wilmington, Mass. His mother's name was Mary Laura Ryder Boynton. My father was an only child but he had a cousin whose last name was Sanderson. As a young man he joined his father in working for the railroad in Boston and went on to work for United Fruit Company later known as United Brands. If anybody has any information that could help me in my search, it would be greatly appreciated. He died on December 23, 1981 and I still miss him so. He was a good father to me and my two sisters and one brother. My father and mother, Ethelyn Ione Bodden Boynton were married for 54 years before he passed away. Looking forward to receiving any information or guidance in searching the family tree of this wonderful christian father. Thank you from Frances Boynton Powell --- Email: 1996waves (at) aol.com
    76. [Boynton] Feb 4, 1998 "New Setup" --- This is now a dedicated Boynton family guest book! from Douglas Boynton Quine - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    77. [Boynton] Feb 4, 1998 "John Boynton" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I am a descentant of the John Boynton Family, My grandparents were Charles Earnest Boynton and Thelma Olive Knowles. I have been helping my mother gather info on the family. If you need more in that section of the family you can contact her at BJones3624 (at) aol.com I know she will be more that happy to exchange what info you have. Thank you, Sharon daughter of Barbara from Sharon A. Samuelson --- Email: tom745 (at) tiac.net
    78. [Boynton] Feb 7, 1998 "Boymton" (found site through: Not sure) --- Somewhere along the line in my family ancestory someone was married into the Boynton family. It was either in the Noyes, Chase or Wheeler line around the time of the revolutionary War. Frances from Frances Gillis Gossett --- Email: grams (at) ohiovalley.com
    79. [Boynton] Feb 8, 1998 "family ties" (found site through: metacrawler) --- Hello, Thank you so much for all your effort. My name is Tom Eggett. My grandmother was Wandrella Boynton Eggett. Her father was Joseph Boynton and her grandfather was Abraham Boynton. from Tom Eggettt --- Email: teggett (at) utah.uswest.net
    80. [Boynton] Feb 8, 1998 "Boynton Family chain" (found site through: Netscape web-crawler) --- Where can the most information about the Boynton family be found. from Albert Boynton --- Email: Aboynton (at) tricountyi.net
    81. [Boynton] Feb 8, 1998 "Boynton Family chain" (found site through: Netscape web-crawler) --- Where can the most information about the Boynton family be found. from Albert Boynton --- Email: Aboynton (at) tricountyi.net
    82. [ASB-TREE] Feb 15, 1998 "info about John Cass Boynton" (found site through: yahoo) --- We have been trying to trace the Boynton family tree. We know Barry's father was Durward Boynton, grandfather was Walter Lewis Boynton, and his father was John Cass Boynton who lived in Canada and married Elizabeth. That is all we can find. from Barry Dee Boynton, Sr. --- Email: Sboyn (at) yahoo.com
    84. [Boynton] Feb 20, 1998 "Boynton Genealogy" --- I'm looking for data on Abiel Boynton and his wife Abigail (?). They show up in the Townsend, Mass. vital records in the 1700's . Abiel born abt 1720-30 and dies in Townsend Dec. 18, 1798. Children were born abound 1750's. Child Elizabeth married Davis Baldwin from Pepperell, Mass Dec. 19, 1769. With the closeness of Townsend & Pepperell to Rowley I thought there might be a connection to your Willian & John Boynton family. Many thanks for your efforts. from Joe Hughes --- Email: jlhugh2 (at) email.msn.com
    85. [Boynton] Feb 20, 1998 "Torchill Bovington (per "Betham's History, Genealogy and Baronets" --- I have my entire line :) I have several BOYNTON publications and have purchased the Burke Peerage book as well... I am very interested in tracing back to the Normans and the French Connection :) (no pun intended) In any case, can you advise more on the above Bovington? Appreciate your help. (For genealogy on Boynton, Howell, Drew, Morgan, West, Notter, Hanks, Putnam and many others) from Sierra --- Email: ssecret (at) worldnet.att.net Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/~family_treez/
    86. [Boynton] Feb 20, 1998 "Torchill Bovington" --- Do you have any dates for Torchill Bovington? Is Torchill the father of Bartholomew de Boynton? Thanks, from James Byington --- Email: innitou (at) gis.net
    87. [ASB-TREE] Feb 21, 1998 "Boynton" --- I am seeking more info on Jonathan Boynton, b. 1782 at Pepperell MA and was the son of Isaac Boynton and Sarah Shattuck. Whom did he marry? I have two different stories. We are descendents of Jonathan's son David who married Asenath Vickery. Back to Jonathan - the Boynton book says he died in Wisconsin. I can't find any proof of that. Also supposedly Jonathan married in VT but I cannot find where. I can follow the Boynton line back to Bartholomew too. But Jonathan is my week link on the US side. Can anyone help with concrete proof? from Linda Greethurst --- Email: llgreethurst (at) worldnet.att.net
    88. [Boynton] Feb 23, 1998 "William Byington/Boynton" --- I would like to know if any of the 22 generations before William Boynton of Yorkshire,Eng. moved to Rowley,Ma. are connected to him? and do you share information. from Mary Stim --- Email: ancseeker9 (at) aol.com
    89. [Boynton] Feb 25, 1998 "John Boynton line" (found site through: a cousin) --- I'm sending this for my cousin, she seems to be having a time getting to your web address and frankly I don't remem- ber how I got their either. I have you saved in my bookmark. She is needing information on John Boynton brother to William and is hoping you may help her. Thank you from GeeGee hughes --- Email: geegee (at) sure.net
    90. [ASB-TREE] Feb 28, 1998 "Who are my relatives?" (found site through: An accident) --- I was wondering if my name appeared on any of the geneology branches. from Michael John Boynton --- Email: mjboynton (at) osprey.smcm.edu
    91. [Boynton] Mar 3, 1998 "Boynton ancestors" --- Thanks for the info--added history from John Boynton (1614-1670) back. Let me know if you get more info on this line or on decendents of Sgt. Richard Boynton b. 1675. Thanks!! Carrie Mc.Guire 9th Great Granddaughter of John from Mrs. Carrie McGuire --- Email: mcguires (at) jps.net
    92. [Boynton] Mar 3, 1998 "Boynton Family History" --- Hi, I'm going to England this month to research Boyntons and other names. Hope to see ancestral lands, homes, cemeteries, records, etc. Be back April 23. Know anything about their homes besides Boynton Book? And who published Berthams Book? Bye. from Joanne Terpening Kerby --- Email: JoTerp (at) AOL.COM
    93. [Boynton] Mar 6, 1998 "Boynton genealogy" (found site through: Infoseek) --- I was delighted to find you! I'm a descendant of John Eastman & Mary Boynton (31.vi.) attending college, taking an internet course, and working on an assignment to learn how to use search engines. Thanks for making the lesson fun for me. from Susan M. Hopfensperger --- Email: sumhopfk (at) uwc.edu
    94. [Boynton] Mar 7, 1998 "Boynton family" (found site through: I used aol net find...looked for Boynton's) --- I am related to the descendants of the Boynton family. I recently got the geneology info and decided to see if there was a web site online....sure enough, here you are...lol from judy --- Email: spiritshel (at) aol.com
    95. [Boynton] Mar 8, 1998 "Lucy Boynton" (found site through: USGENWEB) --- Hello, I am searching for the family of LUCY BOYNTON married to JOHN MCCANDISH KING DEC 25, 1827 IN BOSTON,MASS. I have some of the descendents and will share information. Thanks, Kathryn from Kathryn Morehead --- Email: kmorehead (at) bert.cnnw.net
    96. [Boynton] Mar 10, 1998 "family research" (found site through: Excite!) --- Greetings! I have been looking up the Port Huron branch of the Boyntons. My Great Grandmother was Francis Boynton Patterson, daughter of Nathan S. Boynton. (Founder of Boynton Beach FL.)Do you have any suggestions for interesting sites? Your web page provided interesting reading,it's a wonderful hobby! Best wishes to you! Barbara Gearhart from Barbara Patterson Gearharrt --- Email: dbgear (at) pacbell.net
    97. [Boynton] Mar 11, 1998 "California Boynton" --- At a used book sale I saw a Family Bible (complete with quite a bit of geneological information). The owner was Ira Alton Boynton, married to Margaret Salmon Fielding in Chelsea MA in 1868 (but it looks like they moved to Berkeley very soon, as the children seem to be born here). Is this any Boynton you might be interested in/knowledgable about? Seems a shame to lose track of a family Bible. from Robert C. Knapp --- Email: rcknapp (at) socrates.Berkeley.edu
    98. [Boynton] Mar 18, 1998 "Father" --- My father's name was Frank Boynton. He was either 34 or 36 when he passed away. He was raised in Michigan where he later went to school and established his family. His mother's name is Jaqueline Verdier. He married Nancy Marantette. Together they moved to Lelan, MI where they started their family which consists of myself (Thomas), my older sister Amy, and my older brother David. I would appreciate any contact from another member of the Boynton family who may have known him. I have the family crest, but am looking for other symbols or Icons that have been passed on through the generations. Thank you, Thomas Boynton from Thomas Boynton --- Email: tboynto (at) emory.edu
    99. [Boynton] Mar 20, 1998 "Boyntons" (found site through: Essex-Roots) --- good site from Craig Heberton --- Email: hebfour (at) aol.com
    100. [Boynton] Mar 21, 1998 (found site through: Web Crawler) --- PLease send more information about history and present Boyntons. If possible show family crest.Thank you. from David Andrew Boynton, Jr. --- Email: BraveheartLD (at) webtv.net
    101. [Boynton] Mar 23, 1998 "John (Boynton) Byington" --- I am descended from John (Boynton) Byington, and have just posted some of my genealogy information on an FTM home page. The URL is: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/b/y/i/Stacey-J-Byington/ Maybe some of this would be of interest to you. I just found your site, and am going over your information to see if I can fix some holes/connections, etc. I would appreciate if you see any mistakes, have additional information, that you share it with me. Sincerely, from Stacey Byington --- Email: byington (at) gate.net Web Page: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/b/y/i/Stacey-J-Byington/
    102. [ASB-TREE] Mar 24, 1998 "Boyntons research" --- I am wondering if any of your research has uncovered a Albert L. Boynton ( 1837- late 1800s ) One of his sons was Charles Albert Boynton. They died in Fife Lake Michigan. from Randy Ortwein --- Email: OrtweinHou (at) aol.com
    103. [ASB-TREE] Mar 25, 1998 "grandfarther" (found site through: freind found it) --- my grandfarther had dicharge papers from the civil war for abile boynton from daniel w boynton jr --- Email: boynton (at) ctel.net
    104. [Boynton] Mar 25, 1998 "GENEALOGY" (found site through: BOYNTON) --- HOW MUCH INFORMATION DO YOU HAVE TO KNOW TO TRACE YOUR GENEALOGY SUCCESSFULLY? from DEBRA J BOYNTON MERCIERS --- Email: djm0754 (at) yahoo.com
    105. [Boynton] Mar 25, 1998 "Boynton, John m. Eleanor Pell" --- John Boynton b. 1614,Knapton m. Eleanor Pell. Who were Eleanor Pell's ancestors? Samuel Boynton b. 1751 Milford, MA m. Mary Robinson.. who were Mary Robinson's ancestors? their daughter Mercy m. John Saxton Wolcott, my line.. from Paul Reed --- Email: PREED648 (at) aol.com
    106. [Boynton] Apr 6, 1998 --- Are you interested in any other branches of Boynton's outside America? Have no idea when Boynton's came to Australia (that's where I am) but there is a town in SE Queensland, Proston, that was named after the first baby born there (Proston Boynton). My grandfather still lives there but his children, including my dad are scattered all over the place. Just thought you might like to know. from Kathryn Boynton --- Email: akalind (at) eisa.net.au
    107. [Boynton] Apr 10, 1998 "boynton geneology" (found site through: boynton family guestbook feedback) --- interseted in hearing from any other descendants from the boynton tree or look forward to hearing from you. from Edwina Carchedi- nee Boynton --- Email: carchedi (at) bigpond.com
    108. [Boynton] Apr 12, 1998 "genealogy" --- I am trying to trace my father's genealogy. My fathers' name is George Donald Boynton and my grandfather's name was George Oscar Boynton. My grandfather's family lived in Richmond,Va. I am not sure about my great grandfather, his name may have been George Frank or George Francis. My grandfather had a brother they called "little George" and a brother name Frank. He also has a sister name Emma. Frank has a son name Frank JR who is a lawyer and may still practice in Richmond. Frank Sr wife's name may have been Rose. If you have any information on the above mentioned or their decendants, please contact me at, djm0754 (at) yahoo.com from Debbie Boynton Merciers --- Email: djm0754 (at) yahoo.com
    109. [Boynton] Apr 15, 1998 (found site through: i've been cruising too long to remember) --- No questions. I was digging around for biographical info for an article I have to write, but when I spotted my own surname, I had to check it out. I'm from the William, Joshua, William, John, etc., etc., up to Rufus of Canterbury, NH. It was just too odd seeing my name screened back on a Web site: I had to write something. Nice work! PS: I'm sure you already know this, since you seem to know all that is Boynton, but our baronetcy died out in England in, I think, 1964. More's the pity. Whatever the date is, it's in Debrett's. Anyway, you're doing yeoman's service for the incredibly extended Boynton clan. Congratulations. from jennifer boynton --- Email: jboynton (at) earthlink.net
    110. [ASB-TREE] Apr 16, 1998 "Marjorie Boynton Quine 1918-1998" (found site through: I'm the author) --- My mother, Marjorie Boynton Quine, died in her sleep at home last night of leukemia. I've written an obituary which is posted on her home page. from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/mb-quine.html
    111. [Boynton] Apr 19, 1998 "33rd generation Boynton" (found site through: rootsweb/~magenweb/ "I surfed here") --- While surfing I checked this site/surname. Always watch for Boyntons. Great grandmother was Martha Boynton of Liberty, Maine. She married Harrison Davis of Liberty, ME. Glad to exchange info if your interested. Have collegue in Buffalo, a Paul Boynton, we exchange data and are always on the look for confirmation of the Rowley immigrants ancestry. You'll find my Boynton's in C. Farnum Boynton's book, starting with Oliver Boynton of Rowley and then Palermo, ME. Then James Boynton ... from George S. davis --- Email: dvmg66a2prodigy.com
    112. [Boynton] Apr 25, 1998 "boynton connection" --- My great grandfather was Harry Thomas Boynton Richardson and his mother was Lydia Maria Bailey (or Maria Lydia). I have reason to believe he was named for a relative and am trying to find the connection. He was born in Lowell, Ma on Oct. 12, 1869, his mother was born in 1843. I have a list of books available from the Higginson Book company - do you think they might help? Thank you from Susan Tait Porcaro --- Email: SueTaitP (at) aol.com
    113. [ASB-TREE] Apr 28, 1998 "Boynton / Civil War" (found site through: (I created the site)) --- The Boynton's were clearly been very involved in the Civil War. My great grandfather Charles Boynton (May 9 1812 - June 30 1862) was killed at Battle of Glendale (aka Frayser's Farm, White Oak Swamp, VA) leaving a widow, two sons: Charles P, Willard H. and four daughters: Caroline P, Sarah D, Matilda A, Annie M. I guess at the time people regarded the Civil War as a brief adventure that they didn't want to miss out on. Later they discovered how painfully it could drag on and that it was a grim war and not a spectator sport. from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/asb-tree.html
    114. [Boynton] Apr 28, 1998 "(Boynton) Byington Genealogy information" --- My name is Stacey Byington. I am descended from John (Boynton) Byington, and have just posted some of my genealogy information on an FTM home page. The URL is: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/b/y/i/Stacey-J-Byington/ Maybe some of this would be of interest to you. I just found your site, and am going over your information to see if I can fix some holes/connections, etc. I would appreciate if you see any mistakes, have additional information, that you share it with me. from Stacey Byington --- Email: byington (at) gate.net Web Page: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/b/y/i/Stacey-J-Byington/
    115. [Boynton] May 1, 1998 (found site through: aol Canada) --- My father is John William Boynton, his father is William John Boynton Please send me any info you have Great Job! from John Boynton --- Email: JohnB (at) attcanada.net
    116. [Boynton] May 5, 1998 "Genealogy" (found site through: alta vista) --- I am still trying to locate the descendants of George Boynton (my great grandfather). I still do not know my great grandmother's name. I have found that Frank Boynton wife name is Juanita. Frank's sister name is Emma Carter. If anyone has information that would help me contact them or their descendants, please email me. Thanks from Debbie Boynton Merciers --- Email: djm0754 (at) yahoo.com
    117. [Boynton] May 7, 1998 "vinyl records for sale" (found site through: yahoo) --- Krohn's Boulevard Records has Beatles albums for sale at http://www.kalnet.net/krohn. Classic rock and more; Rock, Pop, Folk, & Country from the '60s to the '90s; Blues & Jazz from the '50s and before; back issues of music magazines like Goldmine, RStone, Creem, Musician, Hot Wacks, etc. Used But Not Abused CDs & Singles; music movies. http://www.kalnet.net/krohn Thanks a million! from Bill Krohn --- Email: krohn (at) kalnet.net
    118. [Boynton] May 8, 1998 (found site through: yahoo.com) --- I would like any info on the Boynton family from Shropshire England. I am a descendant of William Boynton whom I believe lived in Shropshire befor immigrating to the U.S. Any info would be of great help.Thank you. 5/8/98 from Trevor Scott Boynton --- Email: LeeSimpson (at) Juno.com
    119. [Boynton] May 10, 1998 "Descendent of boynton" --- Am a decendent of the Boynton family through Flora Mae Boynton Waite my grandmother. My uncle Jack Waite of East Millinocket, Maine is researching the family geneology and may be able to give you some details on our line...I am not sure if he is on the web..My son R. Scott Michaud is also doing some research and can be reached on his web page on Tripod... from Carol Ann McLaughlin --- Email: carol.mclaughlin (at) SNET.NET
    120. [ASB-TREE] May 14, 1998 "Boynton Descendent" (found site through: Scott Michaud's Web Page (my son)) --- My grandmother was Flora Mae Boynton married to Norman Lincoln Waite they lived in East Millinocket Me. did you come across any Maine Boynton's, her brother was "Red" Boynton, not sure of his first name. from Carol McLaughlin
    121. [Boynton] May 18, 1998 "photo of Methasuleh Boynton Jr.'s son (etc)" (found site through: http://www.mindspring.com/~mhyatt/photos.htm) --- Thanks for the great web page. I was able to link my family tree to yours. Mine only went back to Enoch Boynton (b) 1747. I had some loose information from prior to that, but not much. Assuming Methusaleh Boynton, Jr. was generation number 29 according to your page, I would be generation number 35. Actually, I have quite a bit of info about the family descendants below Methusaleh, Jr. For example, my records show he went by Alfred. I am in current communication with several relatives of generation 33, and even have a photo of Methasuleh, Jr.'s son and his family posted on the web. from Matt Hyatt --- Email: mhyatt (at) peaknet.com Web Page: http://www.mindspring.com/~mhyatt/photos.htm
    122. [Boynton] May 18, 1998 "Boynton Research" --- contact ABOYNTON (at) NETVA.COM he is also researching Boynton - and to see if you are related he is Allen Boynton from A Boynton --- Email: T.BOOK (at) prodigy.net
    123. [Boynton] May 24, 1998 "Rowley Research" --- Have signed in your main GB hope you got that message from Mark Andrew --- Email: 106530.424 (at) compuserve.com
    124. [ASB-TREE] May 25, 1998 "Rowley Essex Research" (found site through: I forget but am here) --- I live in Yorkshire and have Rowley Yorkshire connections, eg ACY family but am very interested in the Boyntons. What a wonderful site you have I can see I will spend more time here now that I am really in the Rowley roots game. from Mark Andrew --- Email: 106530.424 (at) compuserve.com
    125. [ASB-TREE] May 28, 1998 "Boynton Info" (found site through: infoseek) --- In your research have to come across a Thomas Edwin Boynton (mid 1800s, Illinois) or a Harold Truman Boynton. I am trying to solve a little puzzle as to where i fit in! from Blane BOYNTON --- Email: epsilon (at) extremezone.com
    126. [Boynton] May 28, 1998 "Boynton/Bateman/Batman/Scales/Chessell/Budden names" (found site through: Search UK) --- Looking for any informtion on Walter Griffith Boynton born 1858, Marylebone, London, his father was Francis Boynton and his mother was Elizabeth Ann Budden. I have not managed to find any further information on him after the death of his father in 1870. I am wondering if he went abroad. from Pat Cook --- Email: Bkcook (at) btinternet.com
    127. [Boynton] May 31, 1998 "THOMAS BOYNTON / HULL YORKSHIRE / 1760" (found site through: YAHOO) --- SEEKING INFO ON THOMAS BOYNTON / YORKSHIRE , ENGLAND / CIRCA:1750 from PETER (PM) MARSHALL ESQ. --- Email: pmesq1 (at) netcom.ca Web Page: http://www.starcitysearch.com/ (YE OLDE CLOCK DOCTOR)
    128. [Boynton] Jun 1, 1998 "Boynton" (found site through: maddeo (at) goodnet.com) --- Thanks so much for all of your information, it is wonderful to find so much Boynton information in one place! from Penny Wright --- Email: dpwright (at) proaxis.com
    129. [Boynton] Jun 5, 1998 "Boynton, byington, boyington" (found site through: altavista) --- Lovely site. I have been researching the boynton's on and off again for several years, in relationship to my ancestor, a byington (name changed as they moved across the usa). I've had the good luck to be trained in classical and historical research methods, and have managed to get copies etc, of documents with which you might be interested. Because of the nature of my studies, I've researched quite a few of the families of the *wives* of the ancient, english boyntons. It's an interesting tale in and of itself. If you are interested in any of this, let me know. Yours, Rikke Giles from Rikke Giles --- Email: rgiles (at) telebyte.com
    131. [Boynton] Jun 9, 1998 "Michaud/McLaughlin/Daigle/Boynton Genealogy" (found site through: Various Links) --- This is a great site! You have really pulled together lots of useful information and I commend the obvious effort you have put into making it user-friendly. Keep up the great work. from Scott Michaud --- Email: Mazhude (at) hotmail.com Web Page: http://members.tripod.com/~Scott_Michaud/index-3.html
    132. [Boynton] Jun 17, 1998 "BOYNTON or BONYTHON and BANCROFT" (found site through: Jane BOYNTON and John BANCROFT -- fact or fiction?) --- I am searching John BANCROFT b: about 1596 in Swarkston, Derbyshire, England and married a woman named Jane. Someone has put out information somewhere (and several people have picked it up) that Jane's name was BOYNTON ... and her second husband was Thomas BARBER. We are trying to prove or disprove this connection. We do know that they immigrated to American in 1632 and that Jane died before Nov 1644 in Windsor, CT. In 1638 she was given a grant for 100 acres of land. Can someone help us prove / disprove her last name?? from Bonita Hillmer --- Email: LadyBonitaResearchh (at) consultant.com
    133. [ASB-TREE] Jun 20, 1998 "Missing one or two generations" (found site through: Found through yahoo search of Betham's History) --- My name is Tim Byington, and as far as I know, I am a direct descendant of William, brother of John who settled in Rowley, Mass. I have traced back to Orrin Byington born in Wolcott, Connecticut. He moved to Wisconsin in 1848 with his wife Rebecca (Tuttle) Byington. However, I have no idea who his father was, though I think it may have been Daniel Byington, that married Sarah (Butler) Byington. The only reason I believe this is because he died in Wolcott, Conn; where Orrin was born. Before Daniel, I have, thanks to your page, traced back to John, then Caleb, and then William, who married Elizabeth Jackson. Any information that you, or anyone else could provide would be greatly appreciated. Please email me: lichti (at) win.bright.net from Tim Byington --- Email: lichti (at) win.bright.net
    134. [Boynton] Jun 21, 1998 "I am a Boynton" (found site through: excite) --- I can't remember which brother I'm descended from. My father was Douglas Holmes Boynton son of Merrill Holmes Boynton. He had 2 brothers (still living Robert Merrill & Edward). They were originally from the east coast. MY grandfather attended Amherst college. My grandparents eventually relocated to Shaker Hts Ohio. I would be ver interested to here any info you have. Kathleen from Kathleen A. Boynton --- Email: kathleen (at) ameritech.net
    135. [Boynton] Jun 24, 1998 "BOYNTON FAMILY TREE + UK" (found site through: ALTA VISTA) --- WILL COMMENT AT LATER STAGE from CHRIS K BOYNTON --- Email: CHRIS_BOYNTON (at) HOTMAIL.COM
    136. [Boynton] Jun 26, 1998 (found site through: usgenweb) --- Just started looking on the web great to find a Boynton family page from Paul Stamler III --- Email: stamler.paul (at) mcleodusa.net
    137. [Boynton] Jun 26, 1998 "John's descendants" --- I am a descendant of John the brother of William who came to the US, does anyone know of a web site for this side of the family? from Paul Stamler III --- Email: stamler.paul (at) Mcleodusa.net
    138. [ASB-TREE] Jun 28, 1998 (found site through: alta vista) --- Very interested in hearing from Boyntons with knowledge of John and Eliza (Copenhaver) Boynton, who resettled to Stevenson Twp, Marion County Illinois from Haver Hill Ohio (near Portsmouth) just before the Civil War. They purchased 200+ acres from the B & O railroad at a flagstop that was/became known as Bannister, just east of Salem Illinois. I am the grand daughter of their youngest son, John Ellis Boynton and his wife Dorothy Brooks Boynton. My father is Joseph Brooks Boynton (their only son). I have a brother John Robert Boynton and sister Judith (Boynton) Babcock Wylie. My immediate family has lived in Ohio since 1950; and in the Baltimore/Washington DC area in the 40's. At some future time I will post more detailed info with more names/dates. from Marcia J. Boynton --- Email: mboynton (at) umich.edu
    139. [Boynton] Jun 28, 1998 "Boynton Geneology" --- Your geneology is very impressive. How did you get started? How long has it taken you? My maiden name is Boynton. My father was Wayne E. Boynton and his father was Johnathon E. Boynton. I started working on it, but really have no direction. It looks like it will be very tough to track down a specific family with all of the same first names. My grandfathers father was a Charles. You have done a wonderful job. from Diana Oaks --- Email: DKOK7 (at) aol.com
    140. [Boynton] Jun 29, 1998 "Charles Luther Boynton" --- Subj: Charled Luther Boynton Date: 98-06-29 10:26:38 EDT From: reeds (at) research.att.com (Jim Reeds) I just saw your Boynton page, http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/boynton.html, and was wondering if you could somehow help me in a quest. I am trying to locate a copy of the unpublished autobiography "My Life in China", by the early 20th century China misisonary Charles Luther Boynton. "My" Boynton was the son of Cyrus Clark Boynton, of Lebanon, New Hampshire, and later of Claremont, California. Many members of this California branch of the Boynton family attended Pomona College in Claremont. Here is a list of their names, in case they are known to you or readers of your page: Cyrus Clark Bonton Edmund Clark Boynton (son of CCB) Charles Luther Boynton (son of CCB) Morrill Graves Boynton (son of CCB) Helena Gratia Boynton (d. of ECB) Constance Agnes Boynton (d. of ECB) Charles Dozier Boynton (s. of CLB) Mary Elizabeth Boynton (d. of MGB) Mary Durant Boynton (=Mrs Barton Dozier) Robert Boynton Dozier (s. of MDB; married Fanny Boyd) Franklin Barton Dozier (s. of MDB; married Mildred Burney) Thomas Jefferson Dozier (s. of MDB) Barbara Ann Dozier (d. of RBD; married Lawrence Spurgim) Dorothy Jean Dozier (d. of FBD) Richard Barton Dozier (d. of FBD) Thank you in advance for any help you can give in this long-shot quest of mine! -- Jim Reeds, Room C229, AT&T Labs - Research 180 Park Avenue, Building 103, Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971, USA reeds (at) research.att.com, phone: +1 973 360 8414, fax: +1 973 360 8178 from Jim Reeds --- Email: reeds (at) research.att.com
    141. [Boynton] Jul 3, 1998 "R S BOYTON, COOK COUNTY ILLINOIS" --- I am looking for heirs of R. S. Boyton (of Cook County Illinios in 1944), who may be unknowingly owners to mineral property held in Texas. Any help is appreciated. Jeannette Lowery Lowery Coller Land & Seismic Resources Houston, Texas from Jeannette Lowery --- Email: LCRESOURCE (at) aol.com
    142. [Boynton] Jul 5, 1998 "William Lloyd Boynton" --- My name is George Redmond My Grandmother's name was Anna Eugene Boynton, her father's name was William Lloyd Boynton, his father's name was Granville C. Boynton. What I need help with is trying to find any info on what happen to william Lloyd Boynton, where he died, where he is buried, anything. Thank you for all your help. Please reply to from George Redmond --- Email: n7pjp (at) teleport.com
    143. [ASB-TREE] Jul 15, 1998 "surfing" (found site through: infoseek) --- Was looking for a Reverend L. D. Boynton who pastored either Commerce Baptist or First Baptist of Wixom, MI. from 1902 to 1903. from Gerald Boynton --- Email: GerryBoynton (at) juno.com
    144. [Boynton] Jul 19, 1998 "Yet another Boynton cousin " (found site through: Family Tree Maker Family Index) --- I am a descendent from Raymond Muncey> Warren Fisher Muncey> James H. Muncey & Carrie Adeline Boynton> Methusaleh Alfred Boynton & Abigail Moody> # 28 Methusaleh Boynton & Amelia Dodge through #23 Sir William Boynton & Lady Elizabeth Jackson. I sure do appreciate all the research and work you have done to create this site--and mostly pushing my family line back 22 generations! I will be back with questions for sure! from Patti Muncey Carpenter --- Email: bennettj (at) carol.net
    145. [Boynton] Jul 19, 1998 "Yet another Boynton cousin " (found site through: Family Tree Maker Family Index) --- I am a descendent from Raymond Muncey> Warren Fisher Muncey> James H. Muncey & Carrie Adeline Boynton> Methusaleh Alfred Boynton & Abigail Moody> # 28 Methusaleh Boynton & Amelia Dodge through #23 Sir William Boynton & Lady Elizabeth Jackson. I sure do appreciate all the research and work you have done to create this site--and mostly pushing my family line back 22 generations! I will be back with questions for sure! from Patti Muncey Carpenter --- Email: bennettj (at) carol.net
    146. [Boynton] Jul 22, 1998 "Boynton cousin" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Hi cousin! We are related through your #25 cousin, Joshua...I am descended from his son David who married Mary Stickney, their son Moses who married Mary Osgood (need more info on HER if you have any!), their son David who married Lydia Favor, their son John F. who married, Lovilla George, their son Harvey Guy who married Jennie Weed (missing info on HER too!), their son Guy Harvey who married Leona Morse, and THEIR SON LAWRENCE L. ....my Dad! The male side has continued ...my brother Lawrence, his son, Michael, his son Christopher. Happy to help if I have any info you don't have, but yours looks pretty thorough! from Susan Boynton Manning --- Email: SMann90308 (at) aol.com
    147. [Boynton] Jul 25, 1998 "Boyntons Meet Each Other" (found site through: A Favorite Site) --- Hello to all,Thought I'd let you know that I met Katherine Cochrane. She is another John Boynton decendant who has a wonderful web site and has a business making cd's. She was recently visiting her parents here in Florida and we had a lovely morning discussing the Boynton history. Her site is:http://www.cd-info.com/private/family_cd from Sandra Boynton --- Email: SBoynton (at) aol.com Web Page: http://members.aol.com/SBoynton/index.html
    148. [Boynton] Jul 26, 1998 "Sir Christopher Boynton of Sadbury" (found site through: Netscape 3) --- I am helping members of the Wanford family to trace their family tree and decided to visit your site in order to see why it came up when I searched for the keyword 'Wanford'. It took me a while to find but Sir Christopher married Elizabeth Wanford round about 1400. Do you have any further information concerning Sir Christopher or Elizabeth? (dates b/m/d) I would be grateful if you could contact me as soon as possible. Thanks in anticipation. By the way, I visited Rowsley when I was working in Boston in the early 1990's. Tony Curtis Lecturer in Organic Chemistry Department of Chemistry Keele University Keele Staffordshire ST5 5BG UK from Dr Anthony (Tony) D.M. CURTIS --- Email: a.d.m.curtis (at) chem.keele.ac.uk
    149. [Boynton] Jul 26, 1998 (found site through: Sandra Boynton referred me) --- I have just started compiling data which my late father had started to gather on our family. I have also been trying to research further data on our family as well and have dug into the Boynton connection. We find we are decended from John Boynton, b 1611, and Ellen (ellenor) Pell. from Donald K. Dillaby --- Email: ddillaby (at) bit-net.com Web Page: http://www.bit-net.com/~ddillaby/

    Boynton Family Guest Books by Douglas Quine