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Boynton Family Guest Book Volume 4

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    Boynton Guest Book Volume 4: November 14, 1999 - March 17, 2001

    1. [ASB-TREE] Nov 28, 1999 "Boynton History" --- Hi, I have written email with you in the past about this family. This is the info that I have which fills in some gaps on your web page... though I understand you want resources to back it up (and will provide them when available). Bartholomew De Boynton - Lord of the Manor in 1067. He married (no mention of wife's name). He had two sons, John, who married the daughter of Henry Powcher and Walter, his heir. Walter de Boynton - Lived in 1091. He married Anne Thwaytes, and had two sons and one daughter. Sir Ingram, Bartholomew (married the daughter of Sir Anseleme St. Quinton) and Anne (wife of Sir William Inglebert Knight) Sir Ingram de Boynton- Married Anne Craythorne and had two sons and two daughters. Thomas, John (married the daughter of (no mention of first name) Brigham) and Isabelle (wife of Sir Walter Grindall knight) and Mary. Sir Thomas Boynton - Married Cicely Bradborne and had two sons and one daughter. Sir William, Sir Robert (married the daughter of Sir Gerard Salvin) and Mary (Wife of William Palsey). Sir William Boynton - Married Alice Monceaux and had two sons and two daughters. Ingram, Henry (married the daughter of Adam Wasling), Jane (married Sir Robert Octon) and Ursulla (married Sir Roger Welwick knight) Sir Ingram de Boynton - Married the daughter of Sir William St. Quinton and had one son and two daughters. Sir William, Anne (wife of Sir John de Alta-Rissa knight) and Elizabeth (wife of Robert Eure). Sir William "Walter" Boynton Knight - Seated at Sadbury, Yorkshire 1213. Married Joan Wadsley. Had two sons and two daughters. John, Thomas (married the daughter of William Constable), Jane (wife of Sir Pierce Fordingham knight) and Isabelle (wife of John Thornholme). John Boynton - Married Albuda Albimonastino and had three sons. Sir William, John (married the daughter of Robert Aske), Robert (married the daughter of (no mention of first name) Conyers of Hooton-Upon-Wiske). Sir William Boynton - Married the daughter of (no mention of first name) Brough. He had two sons, Thomas and John (married Anne Briggveild). Thomas Boynton - Married the daughter of Henry Fitz Randolph and had one son and two daughters. William, Barbara (wife of John Langton) and Thomasine (wife of John Vincent). William Boynton Knight - Married the daughter of Ingram Covall and had one son and three daughters. Sir Ingram, Anabelle (wife of Nicholas Mennill) Dionisia, and Jane (wife of Thomas Lawson). Sir Ingram Boynton Knight - Knight of the Shire of the County of York, 1390, and High Sheriff of the same 1397. Married Isabelle Neville, and had a son. Sir Walter Boynton knight - Lord of the Manor of Rousby. He was in the service of The Black Prince in Brittany, and had the Knights Letter of Protection. He married the daughter of William Avatton, and had one son. Sir Thomas Boynton knight - Married Katherine Russell and had one son. Sir Thomas Boynton knight - He was a Lieutenant and Constable of Carlisle, and died before his father. He married Margaret Speton, and had a son Henry. Sir Henry Boynton Knight - He joined Henry Percy, Earle of Northumberland, who had taken up arms against Henry IV in 1405. They were defeated, and Henry along with seven others was executed at Sadbury, in Yorkshire july 2, 1405. He was married to Elizabeth Merrifield and had two sons and two daughters. William, Thomas (married Margaret Merrifield), Elizabeth (wife of Thomas Marton) and Jennet (wife of John Widdesworth). William Boynton - Married Jane Harding and left a son Thomas. Sir Thomas Boynton knight - He was made knight July 28, 1408. He married Margaret Normanville. He had two sons, Henry and Christopher. Sir Christopher Boynton knight - He had estates in Heslerton, Newton, and in the Parish of Wintringham. He married Elizabeth Wanford and had one son who died. His second wife was Jane Strangeways. With her he had daughters Elizabeth and Jane, and sons Sir Christopher and Robert. Robert Boynton - Married to Agnes and had four sons. John, William, Richard (a priest) and James. James Boynton - Married to Jane and had three sons, Roger, William, and Christopher. Roger Boynton - Resided in the Parish of Knapton. He was married to Jenet Watson, and had sons James, Richard, William, Edmund, and a daughter Alice. William Boynton - He died in 1615, and left a second wife, Margaret, sons Francis, Daniel, Daniel, John, William, and daughters Anne and Margaret. William Boynton - The youngest son and executor of his father's estate. He married and had two sons, William and John. John Boynton (1st generation) 1614 to 2/18/1670 John was given an acre and a half lot on Bradford Street next to his brother William's lot. He was a tailor by trade. He married Eleanor Pell of Boston. Their children were Joseph, John, Caleb, Mercy, Hannah, Sarah, and Samuel. Joseph Boynton (2nd generation) 1645 to 12/16/1730 Married Sarah Swan in 1669. Their children were Joseph, Sarah, Ann, Richard, John, Jonathan (died soon after birth), Benoni, Jonathan, Hilkiah, and Daniel. His wife Sarah died February 17, 1719, and he remarried Elizabeth Wood. Joseph was a captain in Francis Wainwrights First Regimen-Red-In Service 1706-1707, Port Royal Expedition. He was a town clerk and representative for many years. Joseph Boynton (3rd generation) 3/23/1669 to 11/14/1757 Married Bridget Harris of Rowley January 30, 1692. Their children were Sarah, Nathaniel, Bridget (died at birth), Joseph, Benjamin, Bridget, Abiel, Ephriam, Zaccheus, Ednah, and Elizabeth. Benjamin Boynton (4th generation) 12/22/1700 (no date of death) Married Martha Rowe November 29, 1723. Re-married Rebecca Goodrich December 12, 1756, after Martha's death. Children born to Benjamin and Martha were Benjamin, Martha, Joseph, John, Stephen, Bridget, William and Mary. William Boynton (5th generation) 3/18/1737 to 3/31/1772 Married Ruth Grover of Rockport February 1, 1759. He drowned in a schooner wreck on Long Beach, Lynn. He had seven children, Ruth, William, Nehemiah, Edmund, Eleazer, Ebenezer, Eben. Edmund Boynton (6th generation) Baptized 10/13/1765. Edmund married Mary Hurd of Ipswich. He was a mariner and drowned in 1805 (no date given). Edmund and Mary's children were Mary, Benjamin, Edmund, Clarissa, and William. Edmund Boynton (7th generation) 1/4/1798 to 3/27/1847 Married Elizabeth Creasey, October 28, 1824. Their children were Dolly, Mary, Hannah, Sarah, Daniel, and Harriet. After Edmunds death Elizabeth remarried Greenleaf Hazen. Sarah Boynton (8th generation) 8/12/1831 to 4/9/1926 Married Herbert Dale of Georgetown, February 4, 1853. Their children were Elizabeth, Georgie and Frank. Elizabeth Dale (9th generation) 1853 to 1926 Married Ernest Wells and had a daughter Grace Ann, and one son, Francis Wells. Then of course it keeps going thru my family. This is all i have on the family. I have a little history about the Boynton castle and church.... if you want that let me know. Thanks, from Judy --- Email: Spiritshel (at) aol.com
    2. [ASB-TREE] Nov 28, 1999 "Boynton Coat of Arms" --- Subj: Boynton coat of arms Hi Doug, Here is some info on the coat of arms... as written in the Genealogy of Josephine Beaubien Graham by Daniel Mirandette and Jeannine Bonfiglio. The other info i've sent came from the same source if you wish to add that to it. Arms de Boynton The heraldic appendages of a Knight (considered a military title) are the helmet, mantle, wreath, and crest. These are admitted to appertain to Knighthood under all it's qualities and modifications. The helmet of the Knight stands full faced with the visor open which signifies direction and command, for it is a greator honor to bear the visor open than closed. The closed visor signifies buckling of the helmet as in preparation for battle, whereas the open visor betokeneth a return from battle with glory and victory. The crescent, or new moon, has been an honorable symbol employed by many of the eastern nations, especially by the Saracens and Turks. The conquest of the Christian leaders over the Mohammedans during the Holy wars gave rise to the use of Crescents as Heraldic Insignia in the Shielf of Arms. This form represents the new moon as it appeared about the time of the Autumn Equinox, when seen in Syria, and other regions near the northern tropic, with its horn turned toward Zenith. The goat was assumed for a crest by the Boyntons during the Christian Crusades, as indicative of their undaunted courage. Guillim wrote, "The goat is not so hardy as politick, therefore, the martial man which useth more policy than valor in achieving his victory, may very aptly bear for his armor this beast." It is probable that some peculiar virtue was implied by the erased head of the goat, for ancient heralds say, alchymists asserted the blood of the goat would soften the diamond. Sylvanus Morgan says, "The goat may betoken one who is willing to fare hard, so he may be in high employment honored." from July --- Email: Spiritshel (at) aol.com
    3. [Boynton] Nov 30, 1999 "sayre - toles" (found site through: family search) --- this is very interesting reading but I did not find the Toles family mentioned as directed by FamilySearch. You have done a first rate job. Thanks Ariel. from ariel utt rawls landrus --- Email: jdlael (at) yahoo.com
    4. [Boynton] Dec 2, 1999 "George B. Nelson who married a Boynton" --- I am looking for the parents of my ggg grandfather, who was George B. Nelson, born 12 Sept. 1804 in Massena, NY. All I know of his parents is his father was Nelson from NY and mother whose maiden name was Boynton from Vt. I would like to find parents and/or siblings. I have sort of hit that "brick wall". George B. Nelson migrated to Downeast Maine and married in 1831 and I have all the information from him on down to me. Any leads would be much appreciated. from Priscilla Varney --- Email: pvarney (at) mint.net
    5. [Boynton] Dec 3, 1999 "Just saying hi" (found site through: GenForum) --- Descendant of John Boynton (1614-1670/1) & Ellen Pell from Sherry Schaller Marshall --- Email: ssmarshall (at) earthlink.net
    6. [Boynton] Dec 3, 1999 (found site through: my son came across the Boynton Quine web page ) --- You seem to have nothing on the Midwest branch of the family. My grandfather came from Ohio and my father was born in Chicago. I have an old newspaper from Ohio edited by my grandfather, Charles Boynton, in the 1830s, but I know very little more than this. The Wisconsin Boyntons produced the founder of Boynton Beach, Florida, and his history is related in a website about Boynton Beach. There was a Boynton family national convention in the 1890s I recall reading about when I consulted the geneology library in New York City (where I live) about 40 years ago. Enjoyed the family tree information. from stuart dunlevy boynton --- Email: stuart_boynton (at) msn.com
    7. [Boynton] Dec 6, 1999 (found site through: familysearch.com) --- Thank you. It verifys what I have on the family history. My grandmother on my father's side is a Boynton (Byington) Her father-William Alma, his father- Joseph Henry, his father - Hyrum Norton, his father - Daniel, his father - Daniel (1738), his father - Daniel (1711), his father - John (1676), his father - Caleb, etc. from Norma Kelley Peterson --- Email: bluegiraffe.nkp (at) worldnet.att.net
    8. [Boynton] Dec 18, 1999 (found site through: 4 anything.com) --- Joshua Boynton's wife Hannah "Barnett" was probably Hannah Barney. The Barney Genealogy and one other source identifies her as Barney and married to Boynton. Along with the inability to find any Barnett would be a pretty safe assumption. from Phyllis Boynton Briggman --- Email: PBrig911 (at) aol.com
    9. [Boynton] Dec 19, 1999 "BOYNTON>BYINGTON (Re: 12,31,36,50,52)" (found site through: LYCOS) --- Our grandfather Albert Jackson Byington, of Elmira, NY, is the grandson of Andrew#7 Jackson Byington, son of Abraham#6, son of Samuel#5 Byington (born Branford, CT, about 1750, married Olive Warren, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War), son of Daniel#4 (born on Sept. 18,1711, died Nov.11, 1787, married Aug7, 1734, Sarah Butler)son of John#3b Boynton>Byington of Branford, CT. John Boynton#3 is the son of Caleb#2`, son of William#1 who first came to New England with brother John in 1637. The names up to John#3 were supplied by C.P.Byington (M.D.) of Ossining, NY, in 1926, in a letter to my great-grandaunt Mary Byington Tozer of Naples, NY. He was about to complete a book on the Byington Genealogy. "...if there are any corrections you may check them up for I want my records to be accurate. Andrew Jackson was the 2nd son of Abraham Byington born Woolcott Ct 1787 married 1816 Eunice campbellof Dudley, Mass.,. They movved to Ithaca,NY. Their children follow: i- Albert, ii-Andrew Jackson (called Jack), iii-Lester,iv-Justin, v-Marvin, vi-Eunice, vii-Kiriak, viii-William b. Ithaca NY, apr28, 1872 died 1906,married i Stratford, CT, 1871 Clara E. Wells. They have one son, Benjamin Wells Byington, born 1872 m. Nellie B. King residence in N. Y. City." The rest of the information came from the book "History of the Boynton Family", by John F. Boynton and Caroline`F. Boynton, which belonged to my greataunt Harriet Byington. Albert Jackson Byington emigrated to Brazil around 1895, married Pearl Ellis McIntyre, whose family came to São Paulo from Mississippi after the Civil War. They had two children: Albert and Elizabeth. Albert J. Byington jr., my father, stayed in Brazil. Elizabeth married Russell C. Manning and returned to the United States in 1935. She is the grandmother of Rob Manning (Robert McIntyre Manning) NASA engineer, Chief of the mission to Mars in 1997, responsible for the perfect landing of the Landrover in Mars on July 4th, 1997. I am most thankful for the excellentjob you have made keeping these pages updated and connecting different memebers of the Boynton descendants. Maria E. B. Byington. Email: mebby (at) uol.com.br from Maria E. B. Byington --- Email: :mebby (at) uol.com.br
    10. [Boynton] Dec 19, 1999 "Byinton genealogy" (found site through: My cousin found you first and gave me your URL ) --- I look forward to adding to my Byington information. from Richard Byington Manning --- Email: rbmann (at) gte.net Web Page: http://home1.gte.net/rbmann/
    11. [Boynton] Dec 24, 1999 "Byingtons" --- Returning for more info. from RBM --- Email: rbmann (at) gte.net
    12. [Boynton] Jan 7, 2000 "Cousin?" (found site through: Yahoo) --- i was just wondering if there is any chance we are related or just have the same last name. I am 20 years old i live in Canada and i would like to get in contact to find out if we are really related. my dad is richard, my grandpa is Herb, if that helps past that i have no clue... well hope to here from you, sometime. from Dale Robert Boynton --- Email: y2pac (at) hotmail.com
    13. [Boynton] Jan 11, 2000 "Boynton Family In Connecticut" (found site through: Rowley, MA Web Page) --- Have some information on Moses Boynton decendants. Moses moved to Coventry, Connecticut about 1747. Does anyone know if there has ever been a Boynton Family reunion? Rowley, MA would be a good place to have a such an event. Believe there would be considerable interest. from Homer A. Boynton --- Email: Alhome5 (at) cs.com
    14. [Boynton] Jan 15, 2000 "Family Reunion" (found site through: Rowley, MA Web Site) --- Wonder if there is interest in Boynton Family Reunion. Understand there was one about 100 years ago. I am descendant of Boynton's of Rowley, MA., Connecticut branch, which began with Moses Boynton who came to Coventry, CT in about 1747. from Homer A. Boynton --- Email: Alhome5 (at) cs.com
    15. [Boynton] Jan 16, 2000 "German Boynton decendants" (found site through: ALTA VISTA) --- Our family name was changed to sound more anglo - (4 genrations ago). Our former name was 'Boyntaggen'- a German variation. This may be of use to someone. Our family is now 4th generation Canadian. Regards, L. Boynton from L. Boynton --- Email: wesncakes (at) hotmail.com
    16. [Boynton] Jan 18, 2000 "Boynton" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Still searching for descendants of George & (?) Boynton. Had two sons George (my grandfather) & Frank and a daughter Emma. Also a another son named George. I assume from a previous marriage. George seemed to be a very common family name. My dad and brother, as well as, many cousins are named George. I previously stated Frank's wife name was Rose. I have since been told it was Juanita. Emma married a Carter. Not sure of first name, may have been Robert. The family was from Richmond, Va. Any suggestions how to locate this info. I know I can go to the Dept of Vital Records for that county but is there an easier way? from Debbie Boynton Merciers --- Email: djm0754 (at) yahoo.com
    17. [Boynton] Jan 22, 2000 "grand mother millie boynton" (found site through: surfing) --- I like this site as i am trying to locate my grand mother's famly tree you can email me at papa1999 (at) mediaone.net from carl hannon --- Email: papa1999 (at) mediaone.net
    18. [Boynton] Jan 22, 2000 "Just starting to research my ancestors." (found site through: GenGateway) --- I don't know how to get information on this site for this name. I am just beginning and am lucky I found my way this far. I don't have too much to offer but I do have a little information and would like to post the names of my parents and grandparents on the Boyington side. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. from Gertrude A. Boyington Noble --- Email: gertanoble (at) aol.com
    19. [ASB-TREE-T] Jan 22, 2000 (found site through: Family search .com) --- Hello, is all. Just looking around and found your web site. I have stuff that indicates that our name was once De Boynton was dropped in England and we don't go past that, feel fortunate that we can go that far since so many can't. Bye for now Ruth from Ruth Dianne Boynton Waldvogel --- Email: pandr87 (at) uswest.net
    20. [Boynton] Jan 24, 2000 "Boynton" (found site through: Familysearch.com) --- This is not as short as prior, found we share thru Joshua and Mary Dole then we branch from Moses dob 04-18-1714 who married Abigail Goodrich dob 04-15-1716 I do have marriage dates and can give them if anyone need it. Their son Oliver dob 04-30-1747 married Mary Brown dob 10-06-1742. Their son Thaddeus dob 01-03-1777 married Sarah Robertson, their son Norman dob 08-11-1818 married Rachel Potter dob 06-08-1824 their son Walter Norman dob 02-24-1859 married Cornelia Andrews Beach dob 01-20-1863, their son Clarence Norman Boynton my grandfather dob 05-14-1892 deceased but dtr cornelia boynton still living in Branford Ct My father Charles Eldred Boynton dob 10-21-1916 died 08-07-1962 hs 7 children two sons Robert Charles and Anthony Norman dtrs Ruth, Barbara Deborah, Wendy and Nan meredith from Ruth Dianne Boynton Waldvogel --- Email: pandr87 (at) uswest.net
    21. [MBQ] Jan 27, 2000 "Hi." (found site through: Hotbot) --- I like your page. Nice job! from Ben --- Email: benr (at) birdmail.com Web Page: http://www.angelfire.com/mo/ben57/
    22. [Boynton] Feb 5, 2000 --- Come tour Alaska community by community! from Linkup Alaska Web Page: http://www.linkupalaska.com/
    23. [Boynton] Feb 6, 2000 --- Nice web site from Robin Lee Boyer from Robin Lee Boyer --- Email: Leegate (at) mediaone.net Web Page: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/b/o/y/Robin-G-Boyer/index.html
    25. [Boynton] Feb 13, 2000 "Query" (found site through: ?) --- Thank you for a fascinating site; I've spent several hours browsing already! My 3 Great Grandfather Benjamin Phillips married Electa Boynton (1796-1866) in Massena, NY. Does that let me into the clan? She was the daughter of Lydia & Stewart Boynton, had a sister Nancy who married Uriel H. Orvis. (Benjamin & Electa's daughter Nancy Orvis Phillips married ny Great-great Grandfather David Nevin of Helena NY.) Can you place Stewart in your Boynton geneology? from Benjamin Ethan Nevin, Jr --- Email: abnevin (at) ptd.net
    26. [Boynton] Feb 18, 2000 "reference: Palin, Thomas" (found site through: familysearch.com) --- The reference from Familysearch.com gave this address! How do I find the name and person? from Jim --- Email: jscott239 (at) netscape.net
    27. [Boynton] Feb 19, 2000 "Name searching at this site" (found site through: I'm the webmaster) --- (in response to question above) There is no Palin at this site. There are some Thomas references. In general the easiest way to find text buried in a site is to use the 'FIND' capability in your web browser. For instance under the 'EDIT' tab select 'find in top window' and type in the text of interest. Sorry that I don't have any Palin references for you (apparently when FamilySearch.com was asked for Palin, Thomas it gave you either name instead of both). Regards, from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    28. [Boynton] Feb 21, 2000 "Hilkiah and Joanna Boynton" (found site through: www.familysearch.org) --- Until about 20 minutes ago I only new about 2 Boyntons. Now I'm overwhelmed! My 7th great grandparents were Hilkiah Boynton and Priscilla Jewett. Their daughter, Joanna (b. 1712) married John Grout in 1727. I didn't see these two couples listed in your direct line, but I'm hoping you can tell me if and where they might fit with your information. Anything you're willing to pass on will be greatly appreciated. from Barbara Senden --- Email: SendenBA (at) aol.com
    29. [Boynton] Feb 23, 2000 "Kenneth J. and Kenneth Addison Boynton" (found site through: Genealogy Forum) --- I am looking for information on my husband's grandfather - Kenneth J. Boynton. He lived in Portland, Oregon for several years. Children Kenneth Addison Boynton, Dona Marie Boynton Strawn. Thank you from L. L. Seaton --- Email: LSeaton225 (at) aol.com
    30. [Boynton] Mar 3, 2000 "Joel" --- Does significant documentation exist to name the children of Joel Boynton who was born ca 1759? I need absolute proof to gain DAR membership for my daughter who will claim Joel as her direct Revolutionary ancestor? Ruby from James R. Mitchell --- Email: mitchell (at) avonil.net
    31. [ASB-TREE] Mar 12, 2000 "Lucinda Stanford" (found site through: Familysearch.org) --- wished I could find my ancestors,I'll Keep on Lookomg thank You. Ada from Ada Rasmusson --- Email: roseada_30 (at) yahoo.com
    32. [ASB-TREE] Mar 12, 2000 "Lucinda Stanford" (found site through: Familysearch.org) --- wished I could find my ancestors,I'll Keep on Lookomg thank You. Ada from Ada Rasmusson --- Email: roseada_30 (at) yahoo.com
    33. [Boynton] Mar 15, 2000 "Boyntons " --- We are descendents of John Boynton, brother of William, and our line moved to Texas in the 1800s. We enjoyed your page. from Robert and Kim Reedy --- Email: rkreedy (at) comanchetx.com
    34. [Boynton] Mar 16, 2000 "boynton" --- my grand mother was camila[millie] boynton,and looking to find out info on her from carl hannon --- Email: papa1999 (at) mediaone.net
    35. [Boynton] Mar 19, 2000 (found site through: yahoo) --- Attention Iowa Boyntons: Wondering where the descendants of Wilbur and Abbie Boynton are now? There was a Thomas of Forest City,Iowa and a David F. of Waterloo. This was at the time of Wilbur's death in 1931.There was a daughter named,Mrs. Flora Ross. I know the son,Clinton Ernest who died in Fort Pierce,Fl. This Wilbur F. Boynton had a brother named T.J.Boynton of Arlington,Ma. and one sister,Mrs.Lydia Farman of South Craftsbury,Vt. Any of these sound familiar to you Iowans and New Englanders? Write to us at SBoynton (at) aol.com.(Descendant of John) from Sandra Boynton --- Email: SBoynton (at) aol.com Web Page: http://hometown.aol.com/albion1600/myhomepage/profile.html
    36. [Boynton] Mar 24, 2000 "Wondering if we're related." (found site through: Yahoo) --- In looking at the web page I was just wondering if we are related. I have a feeling that we are. I'm in Alabama, however as far as I know my particular line of the Boyntons' are from Georgia. I remember seeing another Boynton web page with a coat of arms which had a ram in it. Not only did I remember seeing that while growing up in Philadelphia PA, but I have some family members that have it displayed in their homes now. If you can give me more insight on this please email me. Thanks a lot. from Samuel William Boynton, III --- Email: bboyn (at) bellsouth.net
    37. [Boynton] Mar 26, 2000 "Boynton-John" (found site through: a recommendation from another Boynton member) --- I am in the process of finding Boynton Information. I have a few books about Rowley's Early Sett. I am trying to find out what happened to the 3 John who lived in Alda Maine. I was able to find many graves of Boynton's but no information on John's (the immigrant). Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks, Karen from Karen A. Nelson --- Email: JMNels7 (at) aol.com
    38. [MBQ] Mar 29, 2000 --- My wife, Michele, and I had the good fortune to spend many evenings with Van and Marjorie at their summer cottage on the lake in Harvard. These evenings, the convestation, the laughter, the companionship are some of the happiest memories of my life. I knew Van through his work when I first moved to Harvard and I was amazed to find myself living across the street from him. Our friendship of over 25 years is a treasure. from Dan Page --- Email: dmpage (at) aol.com
    39. [Boynton] Mar 30, 2000 "Hilkiah Boynton/Priscilla Jewett" --- I haven't had much experience at this, so I'll tell you how I found the connection. I got Joanna Boyenton's name from "The Grout Family" by Abner Morse, privately pub. 1857, available on FTM's GenealogyLibrary.com site. It has birth and death dates for her husband, John Grout (b. 14 Oct 1704; d. June 1771), who m. Joanna who was "from Rowley" 18 Mar 1727-8. It also mentions a land purchase in Lunenburg, 10 Nov 1740, from Hilkiah Boynton. Then I went to the LDS site and looked for any Joanna Boynton in Rowley around the right time. I found a several listings for her (with various spellings), b. 17 Aug 1712 in Rowley with parents Hilkiah Boynton and Priscilla Jewett. One listed a relative instead of parents, Lucretia C. Houston Boynton. Although the IGI also lists possibly another Joanna, b. about 1704 (John's birth year) and m. to John Grout, the land purchase from a Hilkiah and the fact that John and Joanna named their first son Hilkiah makes me think that this is a good connection and that the "about 1704" Joanna is the same person, but I'd still like to find more evidence. I don't know how far afield your Boynton book goes, but here are the children of Joanna B. and John Grout (from "The Grout Family").
      	Hilkiah (Major), b. 23 July 1728; m. Submit Hawkes
      	Johanna, 8 Jan 1729-30; m. (?) Parker
      	John, b. 13 Jun 1731; lawyer in Montreal
      	Elijah, 29 Oct 1732; d. Mar 1807; m. Molly Willard
      	Joel, b. 6 Mar 1734-5; d. 1797; m. Sarah Hudson
      	Jonathan, b. 23 Jul 1737; d. 8 Sep 1807; m. Sarah Page
      	Sarah, b. 28 Nov 1738; d. 27 Oct 1817; m. Eph'm Stockwell
      	Patience; b. 23 Aug 1740; m. Wm. Judevine
      	Peter, b. 9 Oct 1743; moved west and was never heard from
      	Abigail, b. 23 Mar 1745; d. 14 Sep 1838; m. Nathan Hale
      	Josiah, b. 28 Nov 1748; d. unm., estate inventoried Jan 1777
      	Solomon, b. 27 June 1751; m. Ruth Putnam
      	Jehoshaphat, b 7 Aug 1753; d. 6 Sep 1806; m. Anna Parker
      	Peter, b. ?, remained unmarried
      Jonathan, (another one?) b. around 1767 (it says he was only 4 when his father died in 1771). He went to live with "his uncle Hurd" until he was 16. He m. Anna (?) I don't have a death date for Joanna Boynton Grout, but if she was born in 1712, that would make her about 55 when the second Jonathan was born! I guess it's theoretically possible, but it seems like a stretch to me. It doesn't say anything in "The Grout Family" about John having a second wife, though it does say they moved to Rindge, NH and later to Jaffrey, where he died. And it does mention that more research needed to be done on the end of his life, so maybe there was a second wife that just wasn't known to the author. As I said in my earlier message, the only Boynton's I knew about before last night were Hilkiah and Joanna....and of course Priscilla (Jewett) Boynton, Hilkiah's wife. I've got info on the Grouts down to Sophia (b. 1765) who married into my Stevens line. I hope this provides enough information for you. If it does, I'm definitely going to have to look into buying that Boynton book! If it has lots of other surnames, it sounds like it might be a good purchase anyway. In the little time I've been working on this, I've found a lot of criss-crossed connections with various people. Thanks, from Barb Senden --- ESendenBA (at) aol.com
    40. [Boynton] Mar 30, 2000 "Boynton" --- Parents of Elbridge Boynton were Charles and Lucy Thompson,Boynton. parents of Charles were William and Nancy [Rowe} Boynton from - --- Email: JNCW35 (at) aol.com
    41. [Boynton] Apr 1, 2000 "was she my great grandmother" --- was she my greatgrand mother from Paul Paine --- Email: cscmp (at) webtv.net
    42. [Boynton] Apr 6, 2000 "Boynton Research" (found site through: ScottMichaul material) --- Last known Boynton relative John Boynton born in Scarbourgh 1750s has son william who is mariner who mves to Hartlepool my home town were my mothers side of the family starts. from Phillip Quinn --- Email: phillip (at) quinn10061.freeserve.co.uk
    43. [Boynton] Apr 10, 2000 (found site through: www.familysearch.org) --- Didnt find what I was looking for, but liked your site,cousin. from Charles Rodney Boynton --- Email: rboynton (at) mtco.com
    44. [Boynton] Apr 11, 2000 "Boyntons" --- My grandmother had, in a handwritten tablet, her Boynton lineage back to the ten hundreds when she died. It also included the comment, "The Boyntons are given credit for bringing the first boatload of sheep to the mainland." True or false? from James R. Mitchell --- Email: mitchell (at) avonil.net
    45. [Boynton] Apr 15, 2000 "Aronson / Klein" (found site through: FamilySearch.org) --- Referred to your site re: inquiries for Lorraine Klein, Stanley Klein (half-siblings), but can't find where. I am trying to track down info on their father, Sam Klein of NY. from Linda Aronson --- Email: LARONSON (at) hotmail.com
    46. [Boynton] Apr 23, 2000 "Looking for Boynton ancestors" (found site through: FamilySearch.org) --- I'm Brian Boynton. My father is Robert Boynton. His father was John Boynton. His father was Calvin Boynton.Who's next? from Brian James Boynton --- Email: bboynton3 (at) hotmail.com
    47. [Boynton] Apr 25, 2000 "Early Boynton Family in the USA" --- This is from Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts. The numbers on the left correlate to the work that I am doing.
      • 28. William Boynton (William 27-1) Yorkshire, England (1605-6 to 8 Dec. 1686) Planter, weaver, tailor, teacher. Freeman 13 May 1640. Owned 1 1/2 acre house lot on Bradford St. next to his brother John's in 1643. He was a schoolmaster in Rowley for many years. He married Elizabeth Jackson who died 1687 in Salisbury. William died in Ipswich. Children:
      • 28-1 John b. 19 Dec. 1640 buried 26 Mar 1665.
      • 28-2 Elizabeth b. 11 Dec 1642 married John Simmons.
      • 28-3 Zachary b. 11 Oct 1644 buried 4 Aug 1660.
      • 28-4 Joshua b. 10 Aug 1646 married Hannah Barnet.
      • 28-5 Mary b. 23 Jul 1648 married John Eastman.
      • 28-6 Caleb b. 7 Apr 1650 married Mary Moore.
      • 28-7 Sarah b. 1 Dec 1652 buried 28 Aug 1654.
      • 29. Joshua Boynton (William 28-4)- Carpenter. (10 Aug 1646 - 12 Nov 1736) Married 1st wife 9 Apr 1678 in Newbury Hannah Barnet or Burnet d. 12 Jan 1722-3. Married 2nd wife 29 Nov 1725 Mary (widow of Richard Syle) d. 28 Jul 1727 in Rowley. Married 3rd wife 30 Oct 1727 Mary (widow of John Boynton [31]). Joshua was a soldier under Major Appleton in the "Warrs at Narragansett" 1675. Children:
      • 29-1 Joshua (4 May 1679 - 29 Oct 1770) married 30 Apr 1708 Mary Dole of Newbury. She died 26 Dec 1777. They had children born in Newbury.
      • 29-2 John (15 Jul 1683 - ?) married 27 Nov 1717 Jemima Woster of Bradford. They had seven children.
      • 29-3 Zachary (20 Jul 1690 -?) in Rowley. Married 15 Nov 1715 Sarah Wicom.
      • 29-4 William (26 May 1690-?) married Nov 1713 in Salisbury Joanna daughter of John Stevens of Salisbury.
      • 29-5 Hannah (5 Apr 1696 -?) in Rowley. Married John Dresser.
      • 30. Caleb Boynton (William 28-6) Farmer. (7 Apr 1650- abt. 1695-6) married 24 Jun 1672 in Newbury-Mary Moores. Caleb joined Rowley church 2 Jul 1676. Children:
      • 30-1 William (24 Jul 1673-prob.died in service) was a soldier in the Canada Expedition of 1690.
      • 30-2 John (9 Apr 1676 - 27 Jun 1748)
      • 30-3 Ann b. in Ipswich 30 Jan 1678-9.
      • 30-4 Hepzibah b. Ipswich 13 Nov 1681 married in Newbury 12 Jun 1711 Judah Colman of Newbury.
      • 30-5 Caleb b. Ipswich 24 Nov 1685 married Christian Parsons. Resided in York, Maine and had eight children (Hoyt).
      • 30-6 Elizabeth b. 10 Jun 1688 married in Newbury 1 Jan 1712-3 John Ayers.
      • 30-7 Mary b. Ipswich 21 Jan 1692-3 married Zechariah Boynton.
      • 31. John Boynton (William 27-2) (1614 - 18 Feb 1670-1)Tailor. Owned 1 1/2 acre house lot on Bradford St. next to his brother William in 1643. Married Ellen or Ellenor Pell of Boston. (Widow Ellen married Dea Maximilian Jewett). Children:
      • 31-1 Joseph b. abt. 1645 married Sarah Swan.
      • 31-2 John b. 17 Sept. 1647 married Hannah Keyes.
      • 31-3 Caleb b. abt. 1649 married Hannah Harriman.
      • 31-4 Mercy b. 5 Dec 1651 married 14 Dec 1670 Josiah Clarke of Ipswich who died 27 Sept 1691. Widow Mercy married 4 Jul 1692 Joseph Goodhue. Mercy married 30 Nov. 1712 John Hovey of Topsfield and died his widow 22 Dec 1730.
      • 31-5 Hannah b. 26 Mar 1654 married 24 Nov 1673 Nathaniel Warner of Ipswich.
      • 31-6 Sarah b. 19 Apr 1658 d. 10 Dec 1704 married in Charlestown 18 Sept 1682 Hopewell Davis.
      • 31-7 Samuel b. abt. 1660 married Hannah Switcher.
      • 32. Capt. Joseph Boynton (John 31-1) (abt. 1645 - 16 Dec 1730) married 13 May 1669 Sarah daughter of Richard Swan. Sarah died in Groton 27 Feb 1718-9. Joseph married in Rowley 11 Mar 1719-20 Elizabeth Wood. Joseph was Captain in Col. Francis Wainwright's First Regiment-Red-In Service 1706 and 1707, Port Royal Expedition; Town clerk, and representative for many years. Children:
      • 32-1 Joseph b. 23 Mar 1669-70 married Bridget Harris.
      • 32-2 Sarah b 11 Jan 1671-2 married dea. Samuel Tenney.
      • 32-3 Ann b. 14 Aug 1673 prob. d. 4 Jul 1737.
      • 32-4 Richard b 11 Nov 1675 married Sarah Dresser.
      • 32-5 John b. 9 Apr 1678 married Bethiah Platts.
      • 32-6 Jonathan b 25 Feb 1679-80 d. soon after birth.
      • 32-7 Benoni b. 25 Feb 1681-2 married Ann Mighill.
      • 32-8 Jonathan b 19 Aug 1684 married Margaret Harriman.
      • 32-9 Hilkiah b. 19 Nov 1687 married Priscilla Jewett.
      • 32-10 Daniel b. 26 Sept 1689 d. 8 Oct 1689.
      • 33. John Boynton (John 31-2) Weaver. ( 17 Sept 1647 - 22 Dec 1719) married 8 Mar 1675 Hannah, daughter of Solomon and Frances Keyes of Newbury and Chelmsford. She was born 12 Sept 1654 in Newbury and died 1 Apr 1717 in Bradford. John married 19 Feb 1718-9 in Haverhill Mary (widow of Simon Wainwright). Widow Mary married Joshua Boynton. Children:
      • 33-1 Ichabod b. 19 Apr 1677 married 18 Feb 1705-6 Elizabeth Haseltine. They had seven children.
      • 33-2 Jane b. 9 Aug 1678 in Bradford.
      • 33-3 Hannah b. 17 Feb 1682-3 married 8 Dec 1712 in Bradford to Joseph Barnes.
      • 33-4 Zechariah b. 16 Feb 1688-9 married 19 Feb 1718-9 in Bradford to Mary Boynton (Caleb 30-7).
      • 34. Sergt. Caleb Boynton (John 31-3) Blacksmith. (Abt. 1649 - 13 Sept 1708) Married 26 May 1674 Hannah daughter of Leonard Harriman. She died 19 Feb 1725-6. Children:
      • 34-1 Hannah b. 5 Sept 1675.
      • 34-2 Margaret b. 23 Sept 1677 married John Chaplin.
      • 34-3 Ruth b. 14 Jan 1681-2 married Judah Clark.
      • 34-4 Jeremiah b. 8 Jan 1685-6 d. 1 Jun 1709 unmarried.
      • 34-5 Ebenezer b. 17 May 1688 married Sarah Wheeler.
      • 35. Samuel Boynton (John 31-7) Wheelwright. b. Abt. 1660 married 17 Feb 1686 Hannah Switcher. She died 13 Mar 1717-8. Children:
      • 35-1 Samuel b. 23 Nov 1687 buried 18 Mar 1687-8.
      • 35-2 Samuel b. 24 Feb 1688-9 d. 15 May 1689.
      • 35-3 Ellen b. 15 Mar 1689-90 married Daniel Pierce.
      • 35-4 Daniel b. 26 May 1692 died before 1756.
      • 35-5 Samuel b. 19 Sept 1694 "Froze to death" Dec 1711.
      • 35-6 Eleazer b. 15 Nov 1696.
      • 35-7 Isaac b 11 Apr 1699.
      • 35-8 Stephen b. 14 Jul 1701 d. 1756 in Groton.
      • 35-9 Abraham b. 15 Nov 1703 d. May 1706.
      • 35-10 Abraham twin b. 24 Nov 1706 d. 1 Dec 1706.
      • 35-11 Moses twin b. 24 Nov 1706 d. 7 Dec 1706.
      • 35-12 Hannah b. 5 Dec 1707 married --------Whipple.
      • 35-13 Abraham b. 30 Oct 1709.
      • 35-14 Sarah b. 11 Jul 1713 married --------Woods.
      • 36. Dea. Joseph Boynton (Capt. Joseph 32-1) (23 Mar 1669-70 - 25 Nov 1755) Married 30 Jan 1692-3 Bridget daughter of Nathaniel Harris. He was deacon of Rowley church from 1723 until his death. Children:
      • 36-1 Sarah b. 3 Dec 1693 d. 23 Dec 1693.
      • 36-2 Nathaniel b. 11 Dec 1694 d. in Peppercell.
      • 36-3 Bridget b. 5 Oct 1697 d. 6 Nov 1697
      • 36-4 Joseph b. 20 Nov 1698 Tailor in Gloucester 1727-33. Died 25 Dec 1738 in Rowley. Unmarried.
      • 36-5 Benjamin b. 22 Dec 1700 married 29 Nov 1723 Martha, daughter of Stephen Rowe.
      • 36-6 Bridget b. 29 Jan 1702-3 married Jonathan Bailey.
      • 36-7 Abiel b. 15 May 1705.
      • 36-8 Ephraim b. 16 Jul 1707 married Sarah Stewart.
      • 36-9 Zacheus b. 3 Apr 1710 married in Lancaster 12 Jul 1739 Anna Ross of Lancaster where she died 5 May 1746. He remarried 9 Dec 1746 Hannah Peabody of Lancaster.
      • 36-10 Edna b. 26 Sept 1712 married 9 Apr 1734 Samuel Brown of Ipswich d. his widow, 23 Mar 1786.
      • 36-11 Elizabeth b. 2 Nov 1714 d. 11 Jun 1736; unmarried.
      • 37. Sergt. Richard Boynton (Capt. Joseph 32-4) (11 Nov 1675 - 25 Dec 1732) married 24 Dec 1701 Sarah, daughter of Lieut. John Dresser. Sarah died 26 Aug 1759. Children:
      • 37-1 David b. 8 Oct 1702 married Love Hutchins of Bradford.
      • 37-2 Nathan b. 27 Sept 1704 married Hannah Todd.
      • 37-3 Richard b. 26 Sept 1706 married Jerusha Hutchins.
      • 37-4 Sarah b. 5 May 1708 married Jonathan Chaplin.
      • 37-5 Martha b. 2 Apr 1710 married 15 Mar 1732-3 Joseph Bailey of Newbury.
      • 37-6 Nathaniel b. 18 Aug 1712 married Mary Stewart.
      • 37-7 John b. 8 Jan 1715-6.
      • 38. John Boynton (Capt. Joseph 32-5) (9 Apr 1678 - 8 Oct 1718) married 17 Apr 1707 Bethiah, daughter of Samuel Platts. His widow Bethiah married John Northend. Children:
      • 38-1 Dorothy b. 13 May 1708 married Samuel Dresser.
      • 38-2 Mary b. 20 Dec 1709 married Samuel Northend.
      • 38-3 Bethiam b. 5 Feb 1711-2 married Jacob Jewett.
      • 38-4 John b. 26 May 1714 d. 19 Oct 1714.
      • 38-5 Hannah b. 29 Feb 1715-6 married 17 May 1744 Jonathan Smith; d. 16 Dec 1747.
      • 38-6 John b. 22 Dec 1718 d. 18 Apr 1719.
      • 39. Benoni Boynton (Capt. Joseph 32-7) b. 25 Feb 1681-2 married 4 Apr 1706 Ann, daughter of Stephen Mighill. They were dismissed 4 Dec 1715 from Rowley Church to the Church in Groton. Later he was of Lunenburg. Children:
      • 39-1 Sarah b. 9 Mar 1706-7, d. 5 Apr 1707.
      • 39-2 Sarah b. 17 Jun 1708.
      • 39-3 Stephen b. 7 Apr 1710.
      • 39-4 Ann b. 21 Nov 1713.
      • 40. Jonathan Boynton (Capt. Joseph 32-8) b. 19 Aug 1684 married 6 Jun 1711, Margaret, daughter of Jonathan Harriman; d. 16 Mar 1740. His widow Margaret married 12 May 1742, Daniel Gage of Bradford; She then married John Stewart. Children:
      • 40-1 Margaret b. 5 Apr 1712 married 12 Oct 1731 Dr. Philip Fowler of Amesbury.
      • 40-2 Sarah b. 10 Dec 1713 married in Bradford 11 Nov 1736, Joseph Hutchins of Tewksbury.
      • 40-3 Elizabeth b. 21 May 1715 married 28 Nov 1735 Joseph Bailey of Bradford.
      • 40-4 Jonathan b. 16 Mar 1716-7 married Elizabeth Wood of Bradford.
      • 40-5 Benjamin, twin, b. 12 Apr 1719, prob. died soon after birth.
      • 40-6 Ellenor, twin, b. 12 Apr 1719, prob. died soon after birth.
      • 40-7 Mary b. 21 Aug 1720 married 11 Jan 1741-2 James Stewart of Tewksbury.
      • 40-8 John b. 22 May 1723 married Martha Atwood.
      • 40-9 Anne b. 29 Oct 1726 married 12 June, 1744, Daniel Warner of Bradford.
      • 41. Hilkiah Boynton (Capt. Joseph 32-9) b. 19 Nov 1687; married 2 Feb, 1708-9, Priscilla, daughter of Capt. Joseph Jewett. They moved, about 1726, to Winehendon and later to Lunenburg. Children:
      • 41-1 Jane b. 19 Nov 1709; d. 25 Nov 1722.
      • 41-2 Johannah b. 17 Aug 1712.
      • 41-3 Hilkiah, twin b. 11 Apr 1714; d. 28 Apr 1714.
      • 41-4 Priscilla, twin b. 11 Apr 1714.
      • 41-5 Joseph b. 4 Dec 1717; d. 8 Feb 1717-18.
      • 41-6 Sarah b. 1 Jan 1718-19.
      • 41-7 Ruth b. 2 Jul 1721; d. July, 1721.
      • 41-8 Jane b. 10 Mar 1722-3.
      • 41-9 Hilkiah, twin b. 8 Aug 1725; d. 24 Aug 1725.
      • 41-10 Mehetabel, twin b. 8 Aug 1725; d. 15 Sept 1725.
      • 42. Ebenezer Boynton (Sergt. Caleb 34-5) b. 17 May 1688; married in Newbury, 25 May 1711, Sarah, daughter of Nathan Wheeler. He was a blacksmith, and moved to Weston Middlesex County, before 1726. Children:
      • 42-1 Jeremiah b. 27 Dec 1711; married Patience Boynton d. in Sudbury.
      • 42-2 Hannah b. 4 Aug 1713.
      • 42-3 Jerusha b. 6 Jul 1715.
      • 42-4 Son b. 17 Jul 1720.
      • 42-5 Mercy b. 15 Jun 1722.
      • 42-6 Caleb b. 18 May 1724.
      • 43. Ephraim Boynton (Dea. Joseph 36-8) b. 16 Jul 1707; married 2 May 1732, Sarah, daughter of John Stewart. Children:
      • 43-1 Elizabeth b. 26 Aug 1733; married James Payson.
      • 43-2 Ephraim b. 9 Mar 1734-5; married in Newbury, 19 Feb 1756, Abigail Emery of Newbury.
      • 43-3 John b. 8 Sept 1736.
      • 43-4 Joseph b. 24 Jun 1738.
      • 43-5 Sarah b. 26 Jun 1740.
      • 43-6 Amos b. 23 May 1742.
      • 43-7 Jedidiah b. 22 Jan 1742.
      • 43-8 Edna b. 27 Apr 1746.
      • 43-9 Job b. 10 Jan 1747-8.
      • 43-10 Mary b. 8 Oct 1749.
      • 43-11 Abiel b. 6 Jan 1753.
      • 44. David Boynton (Sergt. Richard 37-1) b. 8 Oct 1702; married 23 Oct 1725, Love Hutchins of Bradford. He lived in Rowley until 1730, when he moved to Bradford and died there 12 May 1734. His widow married Bartholomew Pearson. Children:
      • 44-1 Oliver b. in Rowley 16 Aug 1726; died soon after birth.
      • 44-2 Jane b. in Rowley 20 Dec 1728; d. in Bradford 2 Jun 1736.
      • 44-3 Oliver b. in Bradford 31 Aug 1731; d. 19 Oct 1736.
      • 45. Lieut. Nathan Boynton (Sergt. Richard 37-2) b. 27 Sept 1704; married 10 Aug 1738, Hannah, daughter of James Todd; died 25 Apr 1766. Hannah died 10 Apr 1801. Children:
      • 45-1 James b. 5 Aug 1739; married 14 Jun 1763, Mary Wood of Boxford. Rev. soldier, killed at Bunker Hill.
      • 45-2 Mary b. 18 Apr 1744; d. 20 Mar 1818, unmarried.
      • 45-3 Richard b. 8 Oct 1746; d. 19 May 1766; unmarried.
      • 45-4 Moses b. 27 Nov 1752; married Lucy How.
      • 46. Richard Boynton (Sergt. Richard 37-3) b. 26 Sept 1706; married 2 Sept 1730, Jerusha, daughter of John Hutchins, of Bradford, where she was born 1 Sept 1710. They moved in 1741, from Rowley to Tewksbury, where he died 1 Feb 1754. Children:
      • 46-1 Elizabeth b. 18 Apr 1731 in Rowley.
      • 46-2 Richard b. 22 May 1733; d. 7 Aug 1736 in Rowley.
      • 46-3 Sarah b. 27 Jul 1738; d. 4 Aug 1738 in Rowley.
      • 46-4 Sarah b. 10 Aug 1739 in Rowley.
      • 46-5 Richard b. 22 Mar 1741 in Tewksbury.
      • 46-6 John b. 28 Feb 1743 in Tewksbury.
      • 46-7 William b. 4 Aug 1746 in Tewksbury.
      • 46-8 David b. 29 Jul 1751 in Tewksbury.
      • 47. Nathaniel Boynton (Sergt. Richard 37-6) b. 18 Aug 1712; married 8 Mar 1736-7 Mary, daughter of Edward Stewart; died 13 May 1762. He and six others were lost by shipwreck near Annis Squam Bar, Gloucester. Children:
      • 47-1 Mary b. 17 Feb 1737-8; d. 13 Mar 1737-8.
      • 47-2 Eunice b. 16 Mar 1738-9; married 15 mar 1757 Eliphalet Tenney, as his second wife. In 1780 they were living in Stow.
      • 47-3 David b. 19 Apr 1741; d. 22 Oct 1745.
      • 47-4 Thomas b. 18 Aug 1743; d. 24 Oct 1745.
      • 47-5 David b. 18 Jan 1745-6; married in Bradford 7 Jan 1773, Susannah Woodman of Bradford; Moved to Townsend.
      • 47-6 Mary b. 8 Feb 1747-8; married 7 May 1766, Samuel Kezer, Jr.
      • 47-7 Nathaniel b. 27 Jul 1750; settled in Lynn.
      • 47-8 Thomas b. 2 Sept 1752; married 10 Dec 1776, Elizabeth Kezer; moved to New Hampshire.
      • 47-9 Richard b. 17 May, 1755.
      • 47-10 Lois b. Sept 1757.
      • 47-11 Asa b. 4 Mar 1760; settled in Lynn; Rev. soldier.
      • 47-12 Setphen b. 28 Jun 1762; d. 13 Feb 1780; unmarried.
      • 48. Jonathan Boynton (Jonathan 40-4) b. 16 Mar 1716-7; married in Bradford, 5 Jun 1739, Elizabeth Wood of Bradford. They lived in Second Parish, Rowley, but moved, before 1758 to Lunenburg. Children:
      • 48-1 Elizabeth b. 1 Mar 1742-3.
      • 48-2 Mary b. 8 Oct 1744.
      • 48-3 Jonathan b. 11 Feb 1745-6.
      • 48-4 Ellinor b. 4 Feb 1747-8.
      • 48-5 Joseph b. 16 Aug 1749.
      • 48-6 Ann b. 8 Nov 1751.
      • 48-7 Solomon b. 14 May 1754.
      • 49. John Boynton ( Jonathan 40-8) b. 22 May 1723; married 30 Mar 1742 Martha Atwood. He was a carpenter. Children:
      • 49-1 Oliver b. 9 Jul 1743.
      • 49-2 Elizabeth b. 26 Jan 1744-5.
      • 49-3 John b. 21 Mar 1746-7.
      • 50. Moses Boynton (Lieut. Nathan 45-4) b. 27 Nov 1752; married 3 Aug 1786 Lucy How of Ipswich. He was a carpenter. He died 19 Jan 1823. Rev. Soldier. She died, his widow, in Georgetown, 4 Feb 1848. Children:
      • 50-1 Hannah b. 8 Nov 1786; d. 17 Feb 1789.
      • 50-2 Hannah b. 15 Oct 1790; married 30 Jul 1811 Joshua Rea of Charlestown. Records show Joshua is also John.
      • 50-3 John b. 28 Oct 1792; d. 31 Mar 1824; unmarried.
      • 50-4 Lucy b. 6 Aug 1794; married 6 Nov 1814 Joseph Wilson of Charlestown.
      • 50-5 Elizabeth Howe, b. 18 Spt 1796; married 8 May 1828, Hiram Harriman, son of Enoch.
      • 50-6 Caroline b. 7 Sept 1802; d. 16 Jun 1825; unmarried. from Judy --- Email: Spiritshel (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] Apr 25, 2000 "Boynton family connection" --- (found site through: familysearch.com) --- Mother-in-law, Jenny Mae Boynton(BD1012/1906-D1/7/1998) was a grandaughter of Jonah Charles Boynton, Jr, and Elizabeth Oswalt (Deceased 1908)who lived in Freeport, Illinois area in 1860's. I am looking for earlier connections of Boynton/Boiynton familes. You have a very wonderful website. Hopefully, I will find some connections in the near future. Sincerely, Betty from Elizabeth A. Mack --- Email: subettyve (at) qconline.com from Elizabeth A. Mack --- Email: subettyve (at) qconline.com
      • [Boynton] Apr 29, 2000 "Joel Boynton" --- --a great source of Boynton information--ancestors through my grandmother. Thanks from James R. Mitchell --- Email: mitchell (at) avonil.net
      • [Boynton] May 4, 2000 "Research" (found site through: msnsearch) --- Professor Quine; I am a second year student a Sierra College. I am doing a research paper on you for my mathmatics professor. I was hoping to get some personal information to add to the paper, I have found this research to be quite interesting. Thank you for all that you have brought to the world of education. Also thank you for all you did during the war to help. I hope this finds you well. Carol Duncan, 4455 Pacific st #12, Rocklin, CA 95677, (916) 315-8103 Please send anything that might be of help to my research Thank you from Carol E Duncan --- Email: lorac59 (at) hotmail.com
      • [Boynton] May 9, 2000 --- Just passing thur; you have done an excellent job with the Boynton Family.Mary Boynton b 1648 m 1670 John Eastman is my connection with the family from Hal Young --- Email: halyoung (at) quiknet.com
      • [Boynton] May 9, 2000 "Boyington" --- http://www.gresham.k12.or.us/students/rjohnson/ from Greg Boyington --- Email: GregoryPappyBoyington (at) juno.com Web Page: http://www.gresham.k12.or.us/students/rjohnson/
      • [Boynton] May 11, 2000 "Wonderful site" (found site through: rowley mass website) --- This is helpful website thanks for the help from Denise Brock --- Email: deniseb (at) kear.net
      • [Boynton] May 18, 2000 "Byington Missouri Boynton" (found site through: family tree - and roots not sure) --- I found you by typing in just DeBoynton. What I am looking for is infor. on Byingtons that left there and moved to MIssouri, that is where my mother-in-law came from. and she married Thomas Hogenmiller. Her farther was Newton Armiti Byington born Nov. 11,1865 and died 1939/ married Mollie E. Buckner/ mollie was born 2-24-1871died 11-1895, 4 children were born. he married Frances Mary Watts .nov. 1895. and had 10 children. Newton's fathers name was William. Can't find any info on them at all. William's wife was Margareta La Coers. and Frances's mom and dad was John Watts,& Martha Peringer. I have tryed the family of Byingtons and I WAS ABLE to get some info. But I DON'T have alot. just what I have found on the net. I FOUND THAT THEY GO BACK TO 1067. and that they came to the USA. IN 1638..We would like to fine out when we move to Mo. Then some moved to Wi. thank you Alvin & Rita K. Hogenmiller from Rita K. Hogenmiller --- Email: rital (at) newnorth.net
      • [Boynton] May 18, 2000 (found site through: LDS Family Search) --- Great info from Al Fernandez --- Email: Ferngbs (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] May 22, 2000 --- I have always wonder were my family came from my dad was born a boynton who died in 1987 I would like to be able to tell my granddaughter about her greatgrand father side of the family karen B from Karen A Boynton --- Email: kboy380678 (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] May 31, 2000 (found site through: metagopher) --- what a thoughtful site. I'm just trying to trace my family history. thank you from Lee Clayton Boynton --- Email: leeboynton (at) earthlink.net
      • [Boynton] Jun 2, 2000 "Boynton family in Canada" (found site through: yahoo) --- Interesting site. My wife is a descendant of Boyntons who left Mass. after the war of independence, who trace back through the same individuals who originally came to Mass. They became united empire loyalists, among the founders of the political entities that became Canada. from Larry Boswell --- Email: laboswell (at) home.com
      • [Boynton] Jun 3, 2000 "The Boyntons" (found site through: word search) --- I'm from the UK - did not the Boyntons originate from England - and before that France as the "de boingtans" or something similar. Perhaps this explains my liking for garlic?? Just kidding - about the garlic that is! Best Regards Chris K Boynton - Entrepeneur, Curry Lover, Not to be taken seriously, world war 3 vet etc. ect. tec or any other versions of etcetera! from Chris Boynton --- Email: cboynton (at) ntlworld.com
      • [Boynton] Jun 19, 2000 "Fellow Boynton" (found site through: Hotbot) --- Hello, I live in Nashville, TN and was just looking up my family geanology. I'm probably not related directly but I do know that we used to be a knighthood and came from England. After coming over in 1632, the first Boyntons lived in the Northeast and then split over the issue of the Trinity. Those that believed in the Trinity moved to the south. I guess that is where I come in. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. from Andrew B. Boynton --- Email: james_bung (at) hotmail.com Web Page: http://www.angelfire.com/punk/blackdeath/
      • [Boynton] Jun 20, 2000 "Query" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I found your site quite by accident but would like to know more about the boynton family in Britain Thanks from Matthew Boynton --- Email: velvet_jazz_spider (at) mailcity.com
      • [Boynton] Jul 3, 2000 "Guess what!?" (found site through: MSN) --- I have a comment... It's not very big... I'm a Boynton! from Stephen Boynton --- Email: stephen864 (at) yahoo.com Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/stephen864/
      • [Boynton] Jul 3, 2000 (found site through: Tenney Family Association) --- Thank you for putting the information online. Was interestion to see the family line as far back as is listed. from Dency J. Terrill --- Email: DENCY (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] Jul 6, 2000 "family history" (found site through: ask jeeves) --- from todd edwin boynton --- Email: cleantouch1 (at) msn.com
      • [Boynton] Jul 8, 2000 "Boynton" (found site through: Google) --- All of this is making me dizzy. My father Malcolm E. Boynton jr. passed away in 1985. My paternal grandmother at that time produced a copy of "A History of Weare, NH" and showed us a direct line to Moses Boynton around the beginning of the 18th century. She has sinced passed on and the whereabouts of the book went with her. I've been piqued by your website. Do you or does anyone have any information regarding the Weare Boyntons? My father and I were born in Framingham, MA . from Malcolm Boynton (Malcolm Ernest Boynton III) --- Email: malcolm (at) connriver.net
      • [Boynton] Jul 16, 2000 "Charles Mcbride Boynton Family, from West Georgia" (found site through: Intranets.com) --- I live in Covington,Georgia, my mother was married to Robert Lee Boynton, from Carrolton, Georgia and divorced in the 1980's Roberts dad was Charles Mcbride Boynton from west Ga and he was a Twin born around 1897 or so if any information is out there I would appreciate it thanks from Robert David Boynton --- Email: dboyn12125 (at) juno.com
      • [Boynton] Jul 16, 2000 "Boynton's" (found site through: Boynton) --- Would you have any information on Francis W Boynton's children
        1. Wallace Boynton m. Alice Estes
        2. Charles W Boynton m. Cora Leavitt
        3. Manley Boynton m. Annie York
        4. John Royal Boynton M Mehetabel Lois Farrington (1) then Minerva L. Waite Francais born about 1834 d Feb 8, 1890 Would appreciate knowledge of his children's children, dates for birth & death and marriage. Another decendent of the Boynton line. from Jacky --- Email: plumbing (at) nb.sympatico.ca
      • [Boynton] Jul 17, 2000 (found site through: google) --- I am a member of the Boynton family! But not your family. i have heard though that all Boyntons in the US are related! from Holly Boynton --- Email: Holly_gorillagal (at) hotmail.com
      • [Boynton] Jul 18, 2000 "Hannah Boynton 1749" (found site through: usgenweb) --- fantastic accumulation of info on the Boyntons. I have a spin off, the HAZELTINE'S (HASELTON'S) whom Hannah married around 1768 from William Petersen --- Email: bpeter8990 (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] Jul 20, 2000 (found site through: MSN, AOL) --- I went to the Boynton family reunion in Taunton MA then to Rowley MA where I bought the book on Rowley. My family made its way from MA to TX. I live in Virginia now (DC area). I enjoyed your website. from Michael Raymond Boynton --- Email: mrboynton (at) hotmail.com
      • [ASB-TREE] Jul 26, 2000 "looking for family coat of arms" (found site through: Boynton family tree) --- looking for coat of arms from Tracy W BOYNTON --- Email: Tracyy (at) snet.net
      • [Boynton] Jul 29, 2000 "Where are you from" (found site through: Google) --- I'm from the UK Isle of Wight United Kingdom - tell me more about yourself from Chris Boynton --- Email: cboynton (at) ntlworld.com
      • [Boynton] Jul 31, 2000 "Boyanton Family Genealogy" (found site through: Wild Card) --- I am looking for any information on Aron Boyanton.We have traced our (Boyanton) tree back seven Generations bot have lost out on Aron. I am sure Boynton and Boyanton are the same name. Any help would be appreciated.
        Aron or John Aron Boyanton(?)
        H.R. Boyanton (Wesson Mississippi)
        Jim Boyanton
        Walter James Boyanton
        Walter James Boyanton, Jr
        Walter James Boyanton 111
        Walter James Boyanton IV
        Any help would be appreciated. from Rena Boyanton --- Email: tnwrboy (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] Aug 14, 2000 "Help with Isle of Man research" (found site through: widders) --- Hi, I'm trying to find info on a woman (name unknown) who is a reputed ancestor. All I know is she was the only child of an earl on Isle of Man. She ran away to australia with a 'commoner'(name unknown). Her descendants include my grandmother, Margaret Jane Potter (deceased). I've tried web searches but there doesn't appear to be any place I can check out records that may help. I'm hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction. Sorry if I've done the wrong thing here. Thanks. from Katrina Smythe --- Email: kyrox (at) dingoblue.net.au
      • [Boynton] Aug 16, 2000 "want to know more about family history" --- hello i am looking for my family history...i didnt see some of the boyntons on your web site from kennth mark boynton --- Email: ken67545 (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] Aug 19, 2000 "Jo Ann's site" --- You have a nice website. Thank you for letting me visit. Jo Ann from Jo Ann Ellis --- Email: ellisjoo (at) yahoo.com Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/ellisoo/reliv.html
      • [Boynton] Aug 30, 2000 "Oliver Boynton" (found site through: MAME-L (at) rootsweb) --- I'm searching for proof that Oliver Boynton, b. abt 1777, d. 1866 , Rowley, Mass.,and his wife, Lucretia Hodgen, were parents to Betsey Boynton Spear born ,13 Aug 1814, d. 1846. Although I know they were her parents I need some kind of proof. I need marriage record for Oliver and Lucretia and something for Betsey.I know nothing of Lucretia, my grgrgrgrandmother. Oliver was first from Rowley,Mass., as were his ancestors. Then I found them the couple in East Palermo, Maine, where Lucretia died. Then Oliver and his son, Oliver, moved to Mason City, Iowa where Oliver Sr. died. There was no help to be found in Iowa.Betsey was my grgrgrandmother. Oliver's parents were Oliver Boynton, b.1743 in Rowley, Mass.and Sarah Carr Fletcher, b. 1754 in Biddeford, Me. Thanks for any help you can give. Joy from Joy Spear Jordan --- Email: spearjordan (at) downeast.net (new address Jan 28, 2002)
      • [Boynton] Aug 30, 2000 "Family history" (found site through: Netscape) --- Found the Boynton pages just by chance - I am a Boynton, father is Walter Austin Boynton who lives in Glenview, IL and has lived in the Chicago area all his life. Would be interested in learning more about his family. Would love to learn any details. from Barbara Boynton Hildebrandt --- Email: bhildebrandt (at) home.com
      • [Boynton] Sep 6, 2000 "Boynton Link" --- Anyone have a link to a Harold Boynton (McQuon, Il., ca.1850s) or a John Boynton same area DOB ca.1900s? from Blane R. Boynton --- Email: bboynton (at) email.arizona.edu
      • [Boynton] Sep 6, 2000 "My grandfather John Amos Boynton" (found site through: roots web) --- I amm trying to find my family members,John Boynton was married to Odessa Goggins they lived in Ga. as far back as 1945 before that I don't know .If you have any information on these please let me know. hanks from Ruth Canup --- Email: rufus1 (at) bellsouth.net
      • [Boynton] Sep 9, 2000 "adoption question" (found site through: netzero) --- I sort of stumbled across the site while web-surfing, and was quite stunned at the amount of information I found. My knowledge of my own family's history is somewhat limited. From what I understand, my grandfather, Maurice R.(?) Boynton was adopted. (Unfortunately, he passed away when I was a baby.) Whether he was officially adopted or not, I don't know. I suppose my question is whether any of the documented Boyntons you have found had given any children up for adoption that were born around the early 1920s? Or, if any of them moved west into the Upstate New York area were my grandparents resided. It would be wonderful to be able to trace our branch of the family back further. I appreciate any information you might have. Sincerely, Laura Boynton from Laura Boynton --- Email: archise (at) netzero.net
      • [Boynton] Sep 18, 2000 "Georgie Boynton" (found site through: familysearch.com) --- I am looking for the genealogy of a one Georgie Boynton. She was my father's mother's mother. She married a one Alfred Thurston Child of Woodstock, CT. Her branch of the Boyntons were from Sewarren, NJ but were related to the old Boynton farming family of VT. I was wondering if you could provide me with the genealogy of Georgie or any other interesting information with regard to the Boynton family. from Jeff Freeland --- Email: jefffreeland (at) earthlink.net
      • [Boynton] Sep 19, 2000 "genealogy" (found site through: MSN) --- Do you know if Catherine Clucas m) to John Joughin 20/May 1826 was the daughter of Margaret QUINE m) to Wm. Clucas late 1700's)? from C. Joughin --- Email: ceecee (at) uniserve.com
      • [Boynton] Sep 24, 2000 "Byington from Connecticut who cabled Lincoln about Gettysburg" --- Trying to find out Byington from Connecticut who owned a weekly paper in Norwalk and cabled the White House on July 3rd, 1863 telling Lincoln about the good signs for the Union about the battle of Gettysburg from Maria Elisa Botelho Byington --- Email: mebby (at) uol.com.br
      • [Boynton] Sep 30, 2000 "United Empire Loyalists" (found site through: altavista) --- My mother was a byington. Their family moved from USA in late 18th century. from Glen Byington Darou --- Email: gbdarou (at) attglobal.net
      • [Boynton] Oct 9, 2000 "ancestors of robert strangeways" --- Do you know of any ancestors of Robert Strangeways? I found one site that claims to link him to the royal family, do you know of any such link. from Don Clark --- Email: don1066 (at) yahoo.com
      • [Boynton] Oct 18, 2000 (found site through: Metacrawler) --- Hi there! It's my day at checking out my name. I've been meaning to do that for some time and, well, I stumbled onto your page. Russ from Russell A. Boynton --- Email: rboynton (at) ispchannel.com and rboynton (at) accidentreconstructionofne.com
      • [Boynton] Oct 18, 2000 "I am a Boynton Too!!" (found site through: yahoo) --- I was wondering if you'd be interested in our Boynton family tree. My grandfather is Vaughn Elliot Boynton (88 yrs young) and my father is Arnold Lee Boynton (57 yrs young). Thank you.. Kelly Marcus Boynton from Kelly Marcus Boynton --- Email: KMBATHOME (at) centralhouse.net
      • [Boynton] Oct 20, 2000 "DAVID BOYNTON" (found site through: Google, but I've been here beforeas well, can't recall how) --- Would you know of a DAVID BOYNTON who ran an inn near Derry, New Hampshire? Probably 18th-19th century? I'm researching some type of connection from family notes that I received that don't explain the exact connection. The notes I received read: "In the beginning was DAVID BOYNTON who ran an inn near Derry, NH... He begat Frank and Walter Scott (and there's my problem...a Boynton "begatting" two Scotts?) and sent them off to Haverhill, MA to seek their fortunes at an early age... Frank, a farmer, married and had a daugher, Mabel, who died childless. But Walter, who was a house painter, policeman, and a sailor in the Civil War...married Hannah Frances Starbird of Portland, ME, and they begat Ethel, Carrie, Emma, MAY, Herbert and Harold, plus two others that died young. MAY married BOYNTON GRAHAM, b. 1912, who is my first cousin, once removed. I'm trying to straighten out this part of the family tree! Any ideas about where David Boynton might have come from and exactly how he might be connected to Boynton Graham? Thanks! from Marian Smith Corbyons --- Email: msc62 (at) hotmail.com
      • [Boynton] Oct 27, 2000 "Boynton Ancestors" (found site through: A cousin found it & sent me the URL) --- We share the same lineage. I'd love to give you our part of the line. Do you have a clear picture of the parentage, births and deaths of the Walter, Ingraham,Walter,Thomas,Thomas & Henry? All of the dates I have found only make it more confusing.I'd like to compare notes with you. Thank you for such a nice site. from Linda Blanchard Steiner --- Email: Donnasmom (at) usa.net
      • [Boynton] Oct 27, 2000 "Mary Boynton...her father and mother" --- Mary Boynton was married to john Rollins in Salem N.H. on May 15,1830 They were married in the Congregational Church by a Rev. Balch. Does anyone have an idea what branch of the many Boyntons she belonged to?She was the mother of Charlotte, Eveline, William, John. The family finally after several moves settled in Palatine, Il about 1850.I can find no death record for her . She was my husband's g.g.g grandmother. from Marcia Jolitz --- Email: marmel62 (at) hotmail.com
      • [Boynton] Nov 6, 2000 "Related to the Boyntons of Yorkshire England." --- I am the daughter of Irene Allen (nee Boynton). I would like to trace my family tree back from the present day, to see if we are related to William Boynton at Burton Agnes. My grandad was Thomas Boynton, who died in approx.1959. Any information you may have would be very useful. Thankyou. from Gaynor Titchmarsh --- Email: gtitchmarsh (at) ntlworld.com
      • [Boynton] Nov 17, 2000 --- Just checking to see if we're related from Mack M. Boynton --- Email: boyntonms (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] Nov 21, 2000 "Who was Mary Boynton Rollins?" --- Could Mary Boynton have been the daughter of Methusalech Boynton?She married john Rollins in 1830 in Salem, N.H. but the Rollins Family History list her from Marbelhead. She is my husband's g g. grandmother and I cannot find a real clue to her beginnings. from marcia Jolitz --- Email: marmel62 (at) hotmail.com
      • [Boynton] Nov 27, 2000 "Boyntons" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I just found your web site. I am a descendent of John, not William. We always had a framed geneology on our wall as I was growing up, going back through Boyntons to John of Rowley, Mass. It also showed the Boynton Crest. My grandfather was Merrill Holmes Boynton, and my Dad is Robert M. Boynton. I find it interesting that it seems that most Boyntons is the USA go back to John or William. from Sherry Boynton Contreras --- Email: contreras3sd (at) earthlink.net
      • [MBQ] Nov 29, 2000 --- An intelligent and a gracious lady. It was a priviledge to know Mrs. Quine. Nanette deMaine, Philosophy Department Staff at Harvard from Nanette deMaine --- Email: demaine (at) fas.harvard.edu
      • [Boynton] Nov 30, 2000 "ancestry of John Boynton b. 1614" (found site through: familysearch.com) --- I am researching the ancestry of John Boynton b. 1614 and tried to do so on familysearch.com...then I found your page. Somehow I trust your page as the LDS site has many discrepancies. I would like to communicate with you to clear up some of these ancestors if you have the time and inclination or should I just take it off the ancestors section of your web. I could call you if that would be okay. I got back to bartholomew, but through a different route. (wrong, I suspect) This is what i have in the notes on John: Early Families of Plymouth, Vermont, page 11 Torrey, page 89 born in the East Riding of Yorkshire. He was amoung the original proprietors of Rowley, MA. majority of whom were weavers from Yorkshire, he was a tailor. He married about 1644 Ellen (Eleanor or Helen) Pell Of Boston. ----- JOHN BOYNTON Compact Disc #14 Pin #595807 (AFN: 229Q-K3) Sex: M ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Event(s): Birth: 1614 Place: Of Knapton,East Riding,Yorkshire,England Christening: 1614 Place: ,Wintringham,Yorkshire,England Death: 18 Feb 1670 Place: ,Rowley,Essex,Massachusetts Burial: 18 Feb 1670 Place: Rowley,Essex,Mass ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Parents: Father: William BOYNTON Disc #14 Pin #596235 Mother: Mrs. William Disc #14 Pin #596236 from ruth burell-brown --- Email: rburell (at) optonline.com
      • [Boynton] Dec 1, 2000 "researching family tree" (found site through: yahoo) --- Was looking for any references to my families history but am not having much luck. from Dan G Boynton --- Email: pappyboy53 (at) yahoo.com
      • [Boynton] Dec 2, 2000 "Need some data on mary Boynton Rollins" (found site through: yahoo) --- Can anyone establish whether mary boynton rollins was the daughter of Methuselah boynton. I have hit a dead en marmel62 (at) hotmail.com from marcia jolitz --- Email: marmel62 (at) hotmail.com
      • [Boynton] Dec 3, 2000 "Methusaleh Boynton" (found site through: I created the web site) --- My Boynton book indicates that Methusaleh Boynton (born Nov 17, 1777) (my great, great great grandfather who was a mariner and died at sea of a wound to his hand in Nov 1819) had 6 children including # 2 named Mary Ann (page 35) born August 2 1809. I have no way to tell whether she married a Mr. Rollins and became Mary Boynton Rollins. Regards - from Doug - http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
      • [Boynton] Dec 15, 2000 "Ancestors" (found site through: Ancestor.com) --- Which borther are you descended from William or John,who came to Rowley Ma in 1638. Mary from Mary Boynton Gillmore --- Email: gillmore (at) strato.net
      • [Boynton] Dec 21, 2000 "Boynton Garfield connection" --- My family line is from John Boynton who came to Rowley in 1638. His son Caleb(Sergt),his son Ebeneezer, his son Jeremiah, his son Caleb, Boynton b 1749 Sudbury Ma/VR Sudbury,m Sarah Flagg no other info. Their son Caleb b April 25,1775 Hubbardston Ma d 1821 Independence twp Cuyahoga Co. Oh. m abt 1804 Asenath Hill Garfield in Otsego Co NY. Asenath was the widow of Thomas Garfield and Grandmother of President Garfield. She had 4 Garfield children and 9 Boyntons. I've not been able to verify their marriage date, or the birth of Nathan their second child, who was either born in Otsego NY or ST Lawrence co NY on May 9,1809. I have 12 generations of info, from Rowley to present day in Michigan if anyone is interested. Anyone know about the marriage of either Caleb and Sarah Flagg or Caleb and Asenath Garfield? Certainly could use some ideas. Mary from Mary Boynton Gillmore --- Email: gillmore (at) strato.net
      • [Boynton] Dec 22, 2000 "Augustus Swain Boynton: Occupation?" (found site through: hotbot) --- Augustus Swain Boynton was an educator. Did he teach American History? Where? from Jennifer Lee --- Email: jenleeo (at) hotmail.com
      • [Boynton] Dec 22, 2000 --- Wondering if there are any descendents of John Boynton of Rowley who are also related to the Garfield family, from the marriage of Caleb Boynton and Asenath Hill Garfield. Would certaonly like to hear from you. Mary Boynton Gillmore email gillmore (at) strato.net from Mary Boynton Gillmore
      • [Boynton] Dec 24, 2000 "Bishop Line" (found site through: LDS) --- We have researched your line, and have found that we are related through David Byington possibly. Would be interested in swapping info with you. Happy Holidays!! Mike & Brenda Tuntland from Mike & Brenda Tuntland --- Email: mt77vette (at) Qwest.net
      • [Boynton] Jan 3, 2001 "Family history" (found site through: Yahoo!) --- Hi, My father's name is Micheal Boynton Adler. His mother was Helen Leavenworth Boynton-Adler. I just noticed that we share common ancestry. Please e-mail me and we could discover the link between our families. from Morgan Rachelle Adler --- Email: morgana (at) QuixNet.net
      • [Boynton] Jan 4, 2001 "Boynton Geneology" (found site through: dogpile) --- I was comparing some of the events listed on your site, item 23, William Boynton, and found discrepencies with the pedigree files at LDS (www.familysearch.org). I don't have any documentation to suggest that either is right or wrong, just that these two sites are so different. Our personal family records stop with Hanna Green,B. 20 Dec, 1677, who married Thomas Eastman, mentioned below. My wife is direct decendant of Roger Eastman, B. 4/4/1610 in England, who is father of 12 children, among them John Eastman, B. 9 Mar, 1640 in Salisbury, MA and Thomas Eastman, B. 11 Sep, 1646 in Salisbury, Mass. My wife's lineage is from Thomas, while John married Mary Mercy Boynon (third wife), and her lineage is traced back to about 1050. I think the William listed on your site (#23) is Mary Mercy's father, the wife and dates match, but the children are different. Good luck. from David Whipple --- Email: dave_whipple (at) agilent.com
      • [Boynton] Jan 11, 2001 "Boynton" (found site through: don't remember) --- No comment, just wondering if I was related to all these Boyntons from Robert L. Boynton --- Email: bobb (at) airmail.net
      • [Boynton] Jan 23, 2001 "Boynton" (found site through: Yahoo) --- My great-great-grandmother was a Boynton. Harriet Frances Boynton was a direct descendant of John Boynton, brother of William Boynton. I found this out through family notes, and vital statistic records. A lot of the information I collected was confirmed by the LDS familysearch and the same source you have, The Boynton Family, A Genealogy of the Descendants of William and John Boynton. Even though there are three generations and three name changes between me and Harriet, we're still cousins, aren't we? Also, I just wanted to say that I think your website is excellent. See ya'. from Donna Jussila Doucette --- Email: Doucette (at) loa.com
      • [Boynton] Jan 23, 2001 "Boynton" (found site through: Yahoo) --- My great-great-grandmother was a Boynton. Harriet Frances Boynton was a direct descendant of John Boynton, brother of William Boynton. I found this out through family notes, and vital statistic records. A lot of the information I collected was confirmed by the LDS familysearch and the same source you have, The Boynton Family, A Genealogy of the Descendants of William and John Boynton. Even though there are three generations and three name changes between me and Harriet, we're still cousins, aren't we? Also, I just wanted to say that I think your website is excellent. from Donna Jussila Doucette --- Email: Doucette (at) loa.com
      • [Boynton] Jan 24, 2001 "John Leonard Boynton" (found site through: ancestors.com, a Ruth Boynton wrote me an email) --- I am trying to locate information about my paternal lineage. There is little info now: I was born in 1969 in Bethesda, MD; my father is Edmund Stratton Boynton, born 1932 in Tarrytown, NY: his father was John Leonard Boynton, born 1908 in Mass I think. He lived in Somerset, MA when he died in 1977. I've always been told that our family of Boyntons is originally from MA. Do you have any idea if my family is related to your family tree somehow? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for compiling such a thorough family tree. Sincerely, Anne Hunt Boynton from Anne Hunt Boynton --- Email: ahbvideo (at) yahoo.com
      • [Boynton] Jan 24, 2001 "Mary Boynton, wife of David Lewis" (found site through: Fellow researcher sent to me.) --- I am searching for information concerning David Lewis, b. March 7, 1768, at Billerica, MA; d. March 08, 1813, at Ludlow, VT. The book on Edmund Lewis and his descendants states that his wife was Mary Boynton. David's parents were Jonathan and Persis (Crosby) Lewis who resided at Pepperell, MA, at the time of Jonathan's death in 1776. This is the only information that I have on Mary Boynton, and I was wondering if you have seen any additional data on this couple. from Wayne Lewis Shepard --- Email: wshep1 (at) infi.net
      • [Boynton] Jan 25, 2001 (found site through: Yahoo) --- Just wanted to say hi. Like your site. from C. Geary --- Web Page: http://www.orlandoattractions.com/
      • [Boynton] Jan 31, 2001 "family tree" (found site through: familysearch.com) --- I was directed to your site while looking for info on Edward J. Sanderson. What is the relation. from Beth Sanderson --- Email: sandersonbeth (at) hotmail.com
      • [Boynton] Feb 16, 2001 "Boynton Decendant" (found site through: Rowley, Massachusetts) --- I am a child of Leta Boynton Lanier and Robert Williams Lanier(Florida) and a grandchild of Ouida Blanche Cannon Boynton and Moses Tilden Boynton (Georgia).The Boynton ancestors go back to Amos Boynton(Rowley, Massachusetts and Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire) and on back to John Boynton of Rowley. It has been fun discovering new relatives! Best wishes to all. from Ouida Hayes Lanier --- Email: ohlanier (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] Feb 16, 2001 "Delete from Mailing List" (found site through: Rowley, Massachusetts) --- Please delete me from your mailing list. I DO NOT want to receive any Email whatsoever. Thank you. from Ouida Hayes Lanier --- Email: ohlanier (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] Feb 20, 2001 "Boynton Family" (found site through: I know the address by heart) --- I am a desc of John Boynton and have my family listed at www.dodd.us.com. Feel free to browse. from Cindy Dodd --- Email: CindyBDodd (at) aol.com Web Page: http://www.dodd.us.com/
      • [Boynton] Feb 20, 2001 "Looks Great!" --- Looks Great and forwarded it onto the rest of "my immediate" Boynton Family! I am sure they will enjoy. -JwB from John William Boynton --- Email: greensuites (at) home.com
      • [Boynton] Feb 22, 2001 --- brief family tree. Robert F. Boynton born 3/16/40 Dover Ma Father Frederick Herbert Boynton born 3.29.1907 died 11/8/1994 Boston MA Grandfather Herbert Boynton.from Eastport Maine and Boston MA died 1954 can you help tie me into the family tree? from Robert F. Boynton --- Email: boynton2attorney-cpa.com
      • [Boynton] Feb 24, 2001 (found site through: aol) --- Hello from Mack M. Boynton --- Email: boyntonms (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] Feb 28, 2001 "Sarah Boynton" (found site through: Family History.com) --- My 3rd great grandmother was Sarah Boynton who died April 11, 1859 and was born (according to her grave stone) about 1780. She is buried in New Boston, NH, and was married to James Wilson. I feel fairly certain that she was descended from your Boyntons, but cannot find out who Sarah's parents were. Would you happen to have any info here? Thanks, Ray Sweeney from Ray Sweeney --- Email: rayed (at) conknet.com
      • [Boynton] Mar 1, 2001 "needing help" --- hi there, i'm just starting out at researching my family. it would be very helpful to me if you had any tips that you could share with me. from Donnella Jane Boynton --- Email: riplee_2001 (at) yahoo.com
      • [MBQ] Mar 4, 2001 "Code Breakers of WWll" (found site through: MSN) --- I was delighted to find the information on Majorie B. Quine. My mother Velma McFadden from all accounts served in the "crypto" field in world war II. Only weeks before her death in 1997 did she disclose her participation in this service. The were sworn to secrecy and told they would indeed be executed if they ever revealed their knowledge or participation of such activity. I would be very interested in contacting anyone who worked with or knew her from 1942-45 when she served in Providence RI and also while living on Beacon Hill in Boston MA. Sincerely, Pat McFadden from Pat McFadden --- Email: patrickmcfadden (at) ireland.com
      • [Boynton] Mar 8, 2001 "Hello!!!!!!" (found site through: AltaVista) --- Howdy from the Boyntons in Plano, Texas - Paul Boynton is here, and he is just one of the last remnents of the male family line, going backback to John Boynton - my husband (Carter Reid Boynton) just recently sold off the last remaining piece of Boynton property in "Five Islands, Maine" which went back to the 1600's - any family reunions in the making? PLEASE SAY "HEY" - Pat and Carter from Patricia McDowell Boynton --- Email: foggymist (at) aol.com
      • [Boynton] Mar 10, 2001 "Boynton Genelogy" (found site through: Nescape) --- Desendent fron John Boynton, brother of William Boynton from Clayton J. Kern --- Email: cjknrk (at) epix.net
      • [Boynton] Mar 14, 2001 "Nina and Louella/Louise/Lulu?" --- I am visiting the US for a few days,would you have any info regarding Nina Boynton who married Dan Ostle(Yorkshire?) approx 1890's? Nina is my grandmother.Lulu was music teacher in St Paul,MN and made early radio broadcasts. Thanks for your help. from Marion Boynton --- Email: timcot77 (at) hotmail.com
      • [Boynton] Mar 17, 2001 "hello" (found site through: yahoo.com) --- My family tree, which I have lost in moving to a new home, did trace back to the Rowley era on your tree. There were several Andrew's in the direct lineage to me. Most of my 1900 ancestors lived in the Lynn-Saugus-Beverly, MA area. Nice to see your site. God bless. from Leonard Paul Boynton --- Email: lkaaa (at) hotmail.com
      • [Boynton] Mar 17, 2001 "Rev. Daniel Tucker Boynton--Kansas" --- Dear Pamela, Yes, the Boynton Book (reference at www.quine.org/boynton.html) page 207 says he was the 4th of 8 children and details his ancestors back to their arrival in the USA and then the family in the UK (as I do for mine): "born Feb 8, 1807 in Wiscasset, Maine, was a Unitarian minister. Residentce in 1884 was Oak Hill, Clay County, Kansas. He was a cultered gentleman and an eloquent preacher. He had a large family of children" ----------- The following entry (for his brother Joshua) is quite long and discusses Joshua's brave wife who defended the Union flag in the battle of Knoxville at her house by stepping out on her balcony as her father was dying and told the advancing troops she would kill the first person who touched the flag, they left it alone. Regards - Douglas Boynton Quine, Ph.D. www.quine.org/boynton.html
        Subj: Rev. Daniel Tucker Boynton--Kansas Date: 3/9/01 9:39:19 PM Eastern Standard Time From: familyattic (at) hotmail.com (Pamela Graf) To: webmaster@triskelion-ltd.com Hi, I was looking through your site to see if you have any one by the name of Rev. Daniel Tucker Boynton in Kansas. I did not see him listed, maybe I read through it to quick I don't know. He was a Unitarian Minister in Oak Hill, Clay County, KS in 1884. Would you know if you have any info on him? I did find some other Boynton's listed in Cemeteries in Clay County that I can give you. I am researching Rev. Daniel Tucker Boynton for a man on the net that wrote me as I am doing look-ups for people all over the United States with ties to Kansas. Please write soon. Pamela Graf from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
      • [Boynton] Mar 17, 2001 "Amos Boynton (answer)" --- Dear Jim, The Boynton book (reference in www.quine.org/boynton.html) page 63 shows Sarah Snow married Amos Boynton (5th generation in the USA) who was born April 26, 1742. The discussion of Amos and their children runs from page 106 through 112. Their children in turn have additional references. It probably makes sense for you to explore that book (I can't offer to transcribe everything for you since I get about 100 e-mails a day and have a full time job that takes about 12 hours a day). Good luck! Best regards - Douglas Boynton Quine, Ph.D. http://www.quine.org/boynton.html------------------ Subj: Amos Boynton Date: 2/19/01 9:27:54 AM Eastern Standard Time I am most interested in your data on Amos Boynton and his wife Sarah Snow. Their sons Elijah Snow and Moses moved to GA. Elijah Snow appears to have had a connection with James Oliver and Mary Dathney Morgan. Their descendants have many named Elijah/Snow/Snow Boynton. Any info on these Boyntons would be appreciated. One more question. Do you know if the Snow family moved to GA with Elijah Snow and Moses? Thanks. Jim King from Douglas Boynton Quine
      • [Boynton] Mar 17, 2001 "Nina and Louella/Louise/Lulu? (response)" --- Dear Marion, I wish you a great trip to the United States. I have a listing of one Nina M. Boynton born July 15, 1874; a teacher in Syracuse, New York. Her father was Fred A. Boynbton (born Feb 15 1848) in Pulaski, New York. The entry is page 222. My old source for Boynton family records is the book referenced in my web site below - and that book was published in 1896. This book records the many descendants of John and William Boynton who came to the America in 1638 and settled in Rowley, Massachusetts. This means that I only have the possibility of finding references to people who were born before 1896 in America (or before 1638 in England) Regards, Doug Douglas Boynton Quine http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
        Subj: Nina and Louella/Louise/Lulu? Date: 3/14/01 6:06:09 PM Eastern Standard Time [Boynton] Mar 14, 2001 "Nina and Louella/Louise/Lulu?" --- I am visiting the US for a few days,would you have any info regarding Nina Boynton who married Dan Ostle(Yorkshire?) approx 1890's? Nina is my grandmother.Lulu was music teacher in St Paul,MN and made early radio broadcasts. Thanks for your help. from Marion Boynton --- Email: timcot77 (at) hotmail.com Web Page: from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
      • [Boynton] Mar 17, 2001 "Sarah Flagg and Caleb Boynton and the Garfields" --- Dear Mary, Regarding your old question (December 21, 2000). The Boynton book from 1896 (reference in www.triskelion-ltd.com/boynton.html) page 222 lists the marraige of Sarah Flagg and Caleb Boynton and then devotes about 2 pages to their childrten and grandchildren including some discussion of the Garfields including the comment that General Garfield and Dr. Boynton shared a common grandmother, their brothers were half brothers, and their mothers were sisters. Regards - from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
      • [Boynton] Mar 17, 2001 "Sarah Boynton and James Wilson (Feb 28 2001 question)" --- Ray, I'm also striking out. Although my 1896 Boynton book (citation in http://www.quine.org/boynton.html) index shows a person with the last name of Wilson on page 123 and a Sarah Boynton on page 123, the Sarah was born Aug 28 1770 and married a David Kenny - and there is no Wilson anywhere! I find no James Wilsons anywhere (there are too many Sarah Boynton track them all right now). Regards - from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
      • [Boynton] Mar 17, 2001 "ARON BOYANTON" --- Dear Rena (July 31, 2000 letter), I regret that I can find no information on the Boyanton family in my Boynton book nor can I find any Aron (Aaron is common). It does list BOYENTON, BOYINGTON as the closest variations to yours. My source for Boynton family records is the book referenced in my web site below - and that book was published in 1896. Regards, Doug from Douglas Boynton Quine - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
      • [Boynton] Mar 17, 2001 "Mary Boynton and John Rollins (October 27, 2000 question)" --- Marcia - I've struck out trying to find Mary Boynton and John Rollins in my Boynton family book referenced in my web site below - that was published in 1896. This book records the many descendants of John and William Boynton who came to the America in 1638 and settled in Rowley, Massachusetts. There are several Rlllins references - but none in this time frame married to a Mary Boynton. There are references to Evaline (2x) and Eveline (2x) but none have the other names that you are seeking. If you find the answers please post there at the web site below. Sorry - from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
      • [Boynton] Mar 17, 2001 "Boynton Coat of Arms (question July 26, 2000)" --- Tracy, The Boynton Coat of Arms is reproduced in color in the Boynton family book referenced in my web site below - and that book was published in 1896. The introduction includes a discussion of the coat of arms that was being used by the Baronet Sir Henry Somerville Boynton in 1896. This book records the many descendants of John and William Boynton who came to the America in 1638 and settled in Rowley, Massachusetts. Regards, Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
      • [Boynton] Mar 17, 2001 "Anglemyer or Engelmayer or Arch" --- Dear Heidi, I'm striking out. I can find no Anglemyer or Engelmayer or Arch in my source for Boynton family records which is the book referenced in my web site below. The book was published in 1896. This book records the many descendants of John and William Boynton who came to the America in 1638 and settled in Rowley, Massachusetts. This means that I only have the possibility of finding references to people who were born before 1896 in America (or before 1638 in England) who are either ancestors or descendents of John and William (and fit the dates of this book). Regards, Doug Douglas Boynton Quine http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
        Subj: Boynton's Date: 11/3/00 4:58:11 PM Eastern Standard Time From: heidimarlow-erinet.com (Steve & Heidi Marlow) I'm searching for my G-grandmother. Her name is Ellen Boynton m. Jacob Anglemyer (Engelmayer) children: Arch, Lucille, Joe Carrie, Jake, Rosa & John. Is this the same line, if so write back. Thanks, Heidi from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
      • [Boynton] Mar 17, 2001 "Boynton - Garfield connectiion" --- Hi- There are many descendents of Caleb and Asenath in Ohio and Michigan. I have traced the family from Ma to Mi where my gggrandfather Nathan Boynton and his brothers William and Jeremiah homesteaded land in Kent and Ottawa Co. Some of the Garfields moved to Mi about the same time and owned land in Jamestown, not far from the Boyntons. An interesting book about the two familys is The Garfield Orbit. It seems the Garfields and Boyntons owned land near each other in Ohio also. Dr Silas Boynton took care of President Garfield after he was shot. My stumbling block is in New York where old Caleb and his wife Sarah Flagg moved there family in about 1795 Otsego Co. and then to St Lawrence Co. You probably have the info on JOHN Boynton m Ellenor (Ellen) Pell, children Caleb (sergt), Joseph, John, Mercy, Hannah, and Sarah. Sergt CALEB m Hannah Harriman, Children Ebenezer, Hannah, Margret, Ruth, Jeremiah, and unnamed infant. EBENEZER m Sarah Grout, children Jeremiah, Hannah, Jerusha, Joshua, Mercy, Caleb Sarah. JEREMIAH m Patience Sanderson children, Caleb, Edward, Mary, Sarah, Ebenezer, David, Jeremiah, Patience and Nathan. CALEB m Sarah Flagg, children, Amos, Caleb, Elisha, Ebenezer, Enoch, Nathan, Sarah, Mary, Jeremiah. CALEB m Asenath Hill Garfield, children, Amos, Nathan, Anna, Alpha, Jeremiah, Martyn, Calista, John, William. NATHAN m Sarah Harmon, children, Jeremiah, Mary Ann, Calista and Nathan Wallace. JERRY ( Jeremiah Harmon) m Mercy M. Smith, children, William Scott, Nahan, and Calista. WILLIAM SCOTT m Eidth Comstock, children George William, and Adeline. My father is GEORGE M Gladys Sterling (Sturink, Sturing). The rest of us are still around so would rather not put their names out. Caleb and Asenath moved the Garfield and Boynton children from St Lawrence Co NY to Ohio in abt 1820, first census I found of the family. Caleb died in 1821 and Asenath married two more times. That's about it, unless you want all the dates and info, if so will have to be after the first of the year. from Mary --- Email: gillmore-strato.net

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