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  • Boynton Guest Book Volume 9 entries 960 - now (July 1, 2009 - present)

    1. [Boynton] July 5, 2009 --- "Charles Sperry Byington burial" --- Hi, In doing research for a book I'm working on, I ran across the site regarding the Byington / Boynton's. Reading thru your articles I saw mention of Charles Sperry Byington and I have a little info you might want to add:
      Charles Sperry Byington b. March 14, 1861; d. March 20, 1922
      Jennie Stanford Byington b. November 23, 1860; d. November 23, 1921
      Both Charles and Jennie were cremated and their remains rest at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. They are located in the Cathedral Mausoleum Foyer niches, West wall, Tier 2, Niche 4. Tony Scott --- vicdru1 (at) yahoo.com --- web: www.starsofhf.com
    2. [Boynton] August 11, 2009 --- "Henry Van Boynton" --- What line does Henry Van Boynton come from---either William b. 1606 or John b. 1614—the two emigrant brothers---what generation is he from either brother? Gary Nelson --- gnelson (at) midstatetel.com
      Gary, General Henry Van Ness Boynton (page 234 of the 1896 Boynton History book) and son of Charles Brandon Boynton (born 1806) is in a chapter of the book for which the links are not yet determined to the emigrant brothers William and John. Best regards - Doug
    3. [Boynton] August 20, 2009 --- "Franklin A Boynton" --- Your web site is quite interesting... but once again I've hit a brick wall with my Boynton line. I did not see any of the Boynton line I have been tracking... Franklin A Boynton b.1833 Mass. or NH married Adelyn Worsley b. 1838 NY... in 1860 they were living in Grant Co. Wisconsin... Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you, Lorry
      Lorry - I've not been able to wade through all of the Franklins. I did check for Worsley (surname) and there is no mention of that name... Unfortunately there is no geographical index. Regards - Doug
    4. [Boynton] August 31, 2009 --- "Kenison / Kennison" --- Hello Douglas, Our gggggggg Grandfather was Jeremiah Kenison.Kennison born 1781 and married to Abigail Welch. They lived in York County Maine. Is this the same Jeremiah Kension/Kennison married daughter of Gen?.... that is in your site? If this is so, who is the general? I have been unable to find any history on Jeremiah and Abby. Thank you in advance. Chris Arseneau --- carseneau (at) cox.net Chris - I've checked my Boynton history book and don't see any link to Kenison or Kennison. Regards - Doug
    5. [Boynton] Sept. 2, 2009 --- "Seeking information on Benjamin Turner Boynton" --- Hello, My name is Sean Boynton, and I live in China, Maine. Your Boynton website and work are amazing. Wonderfully done. I was just wondering if anyone could help me trace back to the Boynton's that established Rowley, MA (I'm just assuming I'm related). I can go as far back as Benjamin Turner Boynton, who was born in Montville, ME, in 1829 (d. Jan 1912), but that's it. In order to get to me, you would go through his son, Franklin Gustavus Boynton, whose son was Harold Boynton, then to my father Ivan Boynton, then to me, Sean. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, would anyone happen to know if there are any Mayflower descendants along the back in my line (obviously marrying into the Boynton name). Thank you so much, Sean --- skboynton74 (at) gmail.com
      Dear Sean, I've found a remarkably close match on page 296 of my 1896 Boynton history book (in a long and tangled narrative). There is a Benjamin F. Boynton (8th generation in America) born Sept. 11, 1829 who married Nancy Griffin a resident of Liberty, Maine. Their 11 children included a Franklin G. Boynton. Tracing backwards we get:
      generation 7: James Boynton born Sept 25, 1795 (page 295)
      generation 6: Asa Boynton born Aug 6, 1774 (page 156 of Liberty, Maine)
      generation 5: Oliver Boynton born July 9, 1743 (page 156 of New Rowley, MA)
      generation 4: John Boynton
      generation 3: Jonathan Boynton
      generation 2: Joseph Boynton
      generation 1: John Boynton immigrated to Rowley, MA
      Regarding your Mayflower question. When you go this far back there are many Mayflower connections. It would be a matter of mapping it all out - which I'll leave to you. Best regards - Doug
    6. [Boynton] Sept. 2, 2009 --- "Seeking information on Gr. Gr. Grandfather Francis A. Boynton" --- I have been trying to find information about my Boynton line. My gr. gr. grandfather was Francis A. Boynton b. 1835 in NH or Mass. I have found his name as Francis and Franklin. He married Adaline Worsley b. 1838 NY. They had numerous children James, Willis, Charles, George, Frank (my gr. grandfather), Alick, May, Robert, and Olive. Born between 1855 and 1880. Francis served with the 7 Wisconsin Infantry in the Civil War. Any information would be helpful. thank you, Lorry --- Lorrypat (at) aol.com
      Lorry - Thanks for your note. The Boynton history from 1896 has about 100 entries for Frank / Francis / Franklin each of which takes some time to trace. I've not been able to find the time to check them all. Certainly there are some entries relating to Wisconsin and at least one in the 6th Wisconsin in the Civil War (wrong birth date and wrong children's names). I hope that another reader has a more efficient way to search - or perhaps if time permits you can borrow a copy of the reprinted book to explore. Best regards - Doug
    7. [Boynton] August 11, 2009 --- "Gregory “Pappy” Boynton" --- Thanks Doug, I appreciate your help [with my question on Aug. 11, 2009]. Another question, Gregory “Pappy” Boynton was an ace pilot in World War 2. I understand that there was an airport in the state of Idaho named after him. Do you know how he fits in the Boynton / Boyington family? I come from the Byington family — from the emigrate brother William. My mother was a Byington — her father John was the first member of the family to travel west to North Dakota to homestead. Thanks... Gary S. Nelson --- gnelson (at) midstatetel.com
      Gary, My Boynton reference book ends in 1896 and therefore was no help regarding Pappy but a reader posted a little information in an earlier guest book posting and I found some information at Wikipedia:
      • #899 [Boynton] September 26, 2007 --- "Coeur d'Alene, Idaho airport named after 'Pappy' Gregory Boyington, a World War 2 flying ace" --- Hello Doug, Just thought your readers may like to know about this honor for the Boyntons. My husband, Bob, and I now live near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. There has been a controversy here on naming the airport after "Pappy" Gregory Boyington, a world war 2 flying ace. Finally this was recently done. It is now Coeur d' Alene Airport, Pappy Boyington Field. We are so glad to see him thus honored. Sandra and Robert Boynton [Congratulations, this is a well deserved honor. Pappy is one of my wife's heroes - and she didn't even know we were related! Regards - Doug]
      • Wikipedia has some information about Pappy's family history: Boyington married shortly after his graduation and worked for Boeing as a draftsman and engineer.[1] He had grown up using the name Hallenbeck, after his stepfather. But when he decided to apply for flight training, he obtained his birth certificate and learned his father was actually named Charles Boyington, and his parents had divorced when he was an infant. Since there was no record that Gregory Boyington had ever been married, he was free to become a cadet pilot under that name in the U.S. Marine Corps.
      Unfortunately, I don't have enough information about his ancestors to make the connections to our family tree. The only Charles Boyington that I can find was born (in Chicago) around 1842 which seems too early. My newer Boynton / Byington book has no mention of Boyingtons nor of Pappy. Keep me posted if you learn anything further. Best regards - Doug

      Thanks Doug - I have done an extensive genealogy on the Boynton to Byington lines and like to include interesting stories like Pappy - and will include him once I can get a connection. He has a different spelling so it should be interesting to learn if the name came from England or if the name was change in America. This past summer I visited Yorshire (Northern England) where the family came from---stay in touch-- G
      Gary - There are certainly many stories claiming that the spelling changed here in America and indeed some of the entries mention a generational change. I'm not aware of whether there were any Boyington / Byington / Bointon / Boington / Boyenton / Byinton names in the UK. Regards - Doug
      Doug - I agree. I think the (alternative) Boynton spellings originated in American but when and at what branch I do not know. G
      Gary, Interesting, as soon as you presented the problem this way, I thought to check the index of my book for the earliest mention of Boyington. It is page 263. I attach a scan of pages 262 to 287 plus the index pages 328-329. I also recall seeing entries scattered through the book when there would be mention of a spelling change attributed to transcription errors or personal preference. Note on page 263 that the third entry, Jonathan Boyington, has a father John Boynton, a grandfather Caleb Boynton, and a great-grandfather William Boynton (who emigrated to America). All three of the sons are spelling their names in a different way. At least one man had his name listed with two spellings (Henry Boynton / Henry Byington page 285). Note, we have to be very careful in spell checking to ensure that we don't further confuse the situation! Best regards - Doug
    8. [Boynton] Oct. 7, 2009 --- "Boynton family" --- My name is Richard Boynton. I am from Skagit County in Washington State. My Grandfather was sheriff of Skagit County for twenty-one years. His name was John Boynton. His father was one of the first doctors in our area. His name was George Boynton. He had a brother who was also a doctor in the Bellingham area. I just wanted to say hello. - Richard Boynton --- cleanair4 (at) aol.com
    9. [Boynton] Oct. 8, 2009 --- "Billy J. Kramer / Boynton trivia" --- Recently I was listening to a Billy J. Kramer CD for a touch of oldies. When I looked him up in Wikipedia to see what became of him, I discovered this unexpected nugget: In 2005, Kramer recorded the song "Cow Planet" for Sandra Boynton's children's album, "Dog Train". A long term fan of Kramer's, Boynton had sought him out for her project: in 1964, at age 11, she had bought "Little Children" as the first album she owned.. A little Boynton trivia for the collection... - Doug www.quine.org/boynton.html
    10. [Boynton] Oct. 20, 2009 --- "John Boynton and Solomon Boynton" --- Hi Doug, Hope this message finds it's way to you. I am permanently cross eyed after reading and scanning your guest books!!! I am directly related from early settler, John Boynton of Rowley, MA. My research for the DAR found that I am 12 gen. from him. I was interested in Solomon Boynton, born May 14, 1754 in Rowley. He is my Rev. War patriot. I was interested in any knowledge you may know about his wife, Abigail Warren. She is listed as his wife in the Genealogy of the Descendants of William and John Boynton as the niece of General Joseph Warren on page 151 of this book.. Do you know anything more about her parents or facts about her? John Boynton, Capt. Joseph Boynton, Jonathan Boynton, Jonathan Boynton II, Solomon Boynton. Thanks, Elizabeth Maher --- elizmaher (at) comcast.net
      Elizabeth, Thanks for your note - and my apologies for my long delayed response. I regret that I have no further information regarding your relative as everything that I have is in the same book that you're reading. Perhaps a reader of these guest book notes will be able to add some more details. Best regards, Doug
    11. [Boynton] Oct. 28, 2009 --- "Francis Boynton and Anne Agars" --- Hi, I am related to an Elizabeth Boynton (1817 – 1886) from Bempton, East Yorkshire. She was married to Robert Ireland (1815 – 1891). Her parents were Francis Boynton and Anne Agars. I would be grateful to get to know more about this side of the family tree, please and thanks if you can possibly help me in any way, much appreciated. From Deborah Burton --- debbieburton11 (at) hotmail.com
    12. [Boynton] Nov. 7, 2009 --- "descendents of Graham L. Boynton" --- I am looking for descendents of Graham L. Boynton, I know his son Albert G. Boynton came to Detroit, and his family was daughters Frances, Gertrude and Mrs. F. B. Whitton and son Walter Boynton. The Boynton family placed a memorial stained glass windows in Unitarian Church in Detroit, designed by John LaFarge. Trying to find any relatives still in Michigan, or wherever. Thanks. --- Barbara Krueger --- Michigan Stained Glass Census --- BEK4450 (at) aol.com
      It sounds like the Boynton family made a very special gift to the Unitarian Church. I regret that I can find no mention of any of these people in my Boynton family history book of 1896 - and I don't have any resources to identify the location of current family members. Perhaps a reader of these guest book notes will be able to add some more details. Best regards, Doug
    13. [Boynton] Nov. 9, 2009 --- "Cyntha Boynton" --- Hi, I stumbled on your website concerning the geneology of the Boynton's and Quine's. I can't tell you how impressed I am with your research! I have recently been asked to find some history on Cyntha Boynton. She was the daughter of Alfred and Adeline Boynton. Her siblings were Edwin, William, Mylo, Nellie, Mary, Allen, and Cara. I saw in your volume 6 that someone who was the ggrandaughter of Mylo was asking a question so I know this is in the same line. Cyntha married a Harvey Miller on January 12, 1881. Within the next couple of years, she had a daughter. The marriage ended in divorce and the daughter was given to Cyntha's parents on their farm. She was later adopted out. We believe Cyntha remarried after Harvey Miller but can not find the trail to her married name. She died young in 1893. She was born in 1865. Would you have any information on who she may have been remarried to? Any help is greatly appreciated! Debra Stanley --- Office Manager, Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, MI --- bcoakhill (at) sbcglobal.net
    14. [Boynton] Nov. 9, 2009 --- "Gaines Moses Boynton" --- I have information regarding the Boynton family that I would like to add to your family tree website. My great Grandfather was Gaines Moses Boynton, my Grandfather was EV - married to Elzada (Dane) My father was EV Jr. (married to Geraldine Baumgarder) and also information regarding my Boynton aunts including those who died as chidren, and their families. Please advise on the information and format that you need and also where in your site EV listed along with his children - I found it about a year ago and simply cannot find it again! Thanking you in advance, and looking forward to visiting with you, --- Jean Ann Boynton Pharr --- abpharr@gmail.com
    15. [Boynton] Dec. 28, 2009 --- "Bank of Boynton" --- Hi: You seem to have some connection with the town of Boynton, Florida. I found an old blank check of the Bank of Boynton from the 1920s. Do you have any information on this bank? I am interested in the location of the bank, whether it survived the depression, and if it still exists under a new name, and ony other interesting items. Can you help or do you know someone who might help? Thank You - Bob Freid -- bcfreid (at) juno.com
      Bob - From what I can see with a quick Google search for "Bank of Boynton", there was "The Bank of Boynton" and "The First National Bank of Boynton" in 1916 in Oklahoma as well as "First National Bank of Boynton Beach" in 1968 in Florida perhaps renamed as the "First Bank of Boynton Beach" by 2005. You can probably pursue these threads through Google. Best regards - Doug www.quine.org/boynton.html
    16. [Boynton] January 17, 2010 --- George Augustus Boynton - Irene Smith - Charles Goodwin Emery" --- George Augustus Boynton was born about 1848 in MA. He married Irene Smith and divorced her in San Francisco in 1895. It is my understanding the he was wealthy and made furnaces.. I am working on a biography of Charles Goodwin Emery. Irene was his second wife married in London in 1901. --- Rex Ennis (This is an update to entry #865 in Boynton guestbook 7)
    17. [Boynton] March 31, 2010 --- Have you known about Ebenezer Hilton of Pownalborough? --- There was a John (?) Boynton who married a Hilton daughter of Ebenezer Thompson Gray. (Alexander Gray was the step father.) Mr. Boynton wrote and studied this family, he has since died. I had met him. He lived in Fairfield Maine and his papers have been donated, I know. Fairfield Public Library may be able to inform you or Augusta Maine State Library. When I knew him he was searching for years into the Hilton / Boynton families. Maybe an area Genealogical Group could help. One in Winslow could help. I can't recall the name. Sincerely, Odile Williams
      Odile, In my 1896 Boynton book (page 202) I see a Joshua Boynton (7th generation Boynton in America) born in Wiscasset, Maine in 1762 who married Betsey Hilton of Pownalborough on Jan 10, 1788. They moved to Mercer and he died July 5, 1813 and she died Nov 27, 1843 at the age of 73. They had 8 children the first of whom, Joseph, married Hannah Gray. Best regards – Doug
      (update April 4, 2010) Ebenezer was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Thompson and Mainwaring Hilton (a son of William Hilton and Ann Parsons Beale.)Elizabeth had another child by a Ball. The two fellows skipped town when she revealed civilly and at church in Berwick, Maine. I believe Eliabeth wanted to join a church as well and her son probably when she married Alexander Gray. Ebenezer had gone by his stepfather's name then when Ebenezer married Mary Lord he took his father's name legally Hilton.

      Ebenezer Hilton the Boynton young man were killed by Indians at Montsweag. He managed to get to the garrison but died. Ebenezer with his feet cut off fought on his knees. William a young son was taken to Canada and escaped (New England Genealogical Society). There were depositions by the children in Boston about the attack. Tappan sent for the family and brought them down to Mass. The very accurate account by Charles Thornton Libby who was Sec'y at the Society has it right on the genealogy of the Hilton families in The Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New England I believe Savage had one by that title.

      I am not sure that his name was Joshua Boyntoin but there have been reports of the fondness for the name perpetuated in the Hilton families. The Hiltons descendants of Ebenezer and Mary Lord Hilton are numerous. Genealogies were really messed up, until Libby put out facts in The Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and NH by Noyes, Libby and Davis is the important book on this family as Libby got the answers right with verification. Some books published around the late 19th or early 20th centuries, were deceptive about our Ebenezer. Why? Some of the better genealogist stopped when they encountered the genealogy of the illigitimacy. Ebenezer Hilton was tacked on to the line Of Edward of NH rather than to the Williams born along with his brother Edward in Northwich Cheshire County, Lancastershire. Their parents were also from there. Wlliam Hilton and Ellen Mainwaring (she died in London) to perpetuate a distortion even today. My husband's family connects to three of the Ebenezer children.
      • Joseph Hilton (was at the Battle of Plains of Abraham) married Anna Gray. Had a nephew by the name of Joseph Hilton in the Embden, Maine region. Anna Gray, born in England, had a mother with surname of James.
      • Daniel Hilton (War of 1812 married Polly Brewer. Their daughter was Mary Ann Hilton who married for second husband Simeon Williams (Litchfield, Maine). ,
      • Moses Hilton's daughter was Anna Hilton. Moses Hilton first wife was Rachel Anna Thompson, Anna their daughter lived in Wiscasset. Anna Hilton married Lemuel Williams, an officer in the Rev. War. They had twenty children, North Anson, Somerset County.
      Maybe there is info in the Maine Census of 1790, some in Vol 4 or 7 ,may have Boyintons and others of interest. Those books were National Prize winners . I helped one name of the Williams, Elaine Bush Prince did the others. I believe I had two names more. can't be sure maybe, Jordan and True. I recall my Hilton genealogy was turned down. OK to me . I have seen another later volume accepted Hiltons

      I need to finish but want to say that Tappan sent for the Ebenezer family after the massacre. Seems Hilton had been working for the company. Later depositions were made by family members What a movie this would make ! Better a book !

      I could write on the deceptions from 25 years of research on this family.. I am not a genealogist, (maybe a competitor?) I would love to live long enough to see it all out there . I am not the only Hilton searcher who admits to having bins of this family's genealogy . A very difficult searh it has been and will continue until THe book is out. It is needed , I wonder how many people travel to the Hilton castle with misdirectives.

      The search up to now has been fun. Lot's of "Why's in here" and I am a suspicious sort. Sincerely, Odile H. Williams Mrs Melvin Louis Williams --- MLOHWill (at) aol.com

    18. [Boynton] April 13, 2010 --- Col. John and Elizabeth (Beaman) Boynton --- Hi! Doug, The Bigelow Society has placed the Genealogy of the Bigelow Family in America by Gilman Bigelow Howe, published in 1890 and republished in two volumes circa 1986, on the family website with the names indexed and containing hyperlinks. Almost all surnamed Bigelows anywhere in the world (regardless of spelling variations) are direct descendants of the 1630-35 Winthrop Migration immigrant John Biglo (1617 - 1703) [Bigelow Family Member #1] , who came on one of the early ships as a teenager from Wrentham in Suffolk, England. Probably due to the vagaries of post-Elizabethan orthography and pronunciations and the general illiteracy of the times, his surname Baguley morphed into the unique name "Biglo" in the early records of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. His marriage to Mary Warren (1628 - 1691) in 1642 was the first recorded marriage of Watertown, Massachusetts.

      The sixth generation, third child Silas (1766-1833) [family member #15326.3] https://bigelowsociety.com/rod/sil63263.htm} married Elizabeth Beaman Boynton, identified as the daughter of Col. John Boynton. For years I've been mildly curious about Col. John and have long suspected that his wife's surname was Beaman, but until today when for the first time a search took me to your excellent website, I never had had it confirmed. Do you have any further information available, especially in a gedcom file, on the ancestry of Col. John and on the ancestry of his wife Elizabeth Beaman? Thank you.
      Yes, it appears (Boynton book page 97) that Col. John Boynton (born in Rowley Sept 8, 1736) married Elizabeth Beaman of Shrewsbury on Dec 16, 1762. She was the 2nd of his 3 wives. When he died at 87, he had 11 children, 64 grandchildren, and 120 great grandchildren!

      I do not have any gedcom files but the ancestors of Col. John Boynton (generation 5 in USA) are:
      Ephraim Boynton (gen 4)
      Joseph Boynton (gen 3)
      Joseph Boynton (gen 2)
      John Boynton (gen 1) who then connects into the list on my web page and will carry you back another 22 generations in the United Kingdom.

      Best regards - Doug
    19. [Boynton] April 16, 2010 --- Quine Boynton --- Hello I was looking at your family tree and was very interested as I was adopted by William and Nora Quine (nee Gunn) in 1948. My fathers ancestors hailed from the Isle of Mann. I have since located my biological mother in Nottingham UK and found out that my biological father was James Boynton from Nottingham UK. So you can see why the Boynton Quine interested me. James Boynton died around 2000 in Nottingham leaving behind a wife and 2 daughters. I have not tried to locate them. Regards, Elspeth Hibbert --- elspeth.hibbert (at) yahoo.co.uk
      Elspeth, Thanks so much for your message. I must admit that you’re the first person outside my immediate family that I’ve ever heard from with both a Boynton and a Quine connection! I gather that you’re a resident of the UK and therefore are connected to Quine and Boynton families that remained in the UK / Isle of Man (rather than those who came to America). Best regards – Doug
    20. [Boynton] September 22, 2010 --- Horace Rollin Boynton and David Jewett Boynton further details --- Douglas: I am sorry to be so incredibly slow in reply to your 2007 response to me, but I must insist that Horace Rollin Boynton II was one of six children of Horace Rollin Boynton, Sr. and Mary Louise Homes. Horace Rollin Boynton, Sr., who died in a dental chair in Los Angeles in 1910, had David Jewett Boynton (1823-1900) and Martha S. Challen (1828-1872) as parents. I do have some documents signed by David Jewett Boynton so I know he existed in my line of the family. Regards - Phil Boynton, Ukiah, California email: philip42 (at) comcast.net
      Phil - Thanks for the follow-up message! This pertains to entries #900 (from 2007) and #920 (from 2008) in volume 8 of the Boynton guestbook https://www.quine.org/guestby8.html - Doug
    21. [Boynton] October 15, 2010 --- David Ulysses Boynton My Great Grandfather --- Greetings. Just viewed a JOHN BOYNTON genealogy done by a Mr.Timothy Gray of Raymond, New Hampshire. He has Levi not Ulysses as David's middle name and omitted my grandmother ILA MADELINE BOYNTON'S birth 23 October, 1903 died 9 May, 1966 (Camden,Maine) third child of DAVID ULYSSES (1870-1964) and AVA ARVILLA (WELLINGTON) BOYNTON. Ila was adopted by her Aunt Hattie (Wellington) Wing of Searsmont, Maine wife of Ernest Sprague Wing. Charles Whiting, Harwinton, Connecticut 06791 email-- deuce134 (at) charter.net
    22. [Boynton] October 26, 2010 --- David Ulysses Boynton Grave Marker, Mt.Repose Cemetery, Montville, Maine --- Hello Cousin. A few years ago I decided to journey to Newburgh, Maine to visit a Boynton relative by the name of John Tivnan son of Hattie (Boynton) Tivnan. Most of our family including my mother were never permitted to even speak the Boynton name in grandmother Ila (Boynton-Wing's) presence. My mother in her youth was playing in the Montville woods one day and mistakenly ran directly into a man who frightened her at first but then relayed to her that he knew who my mother (Katherine) and her mother (Ila) were and he (David) was her grandfather. My visit to the Tivnans was years after Ila (Boynton) Jackson had passed away. It was a very fruitful day John had an old sea trunk brim full of old family pictures and stated that "Grampa Dave" was his only real time father and they would hunt and fish together many many times. I have been researching my roots for many years and these old pictures were a real treasure trove especially the ones of David working in a local cooper shop. David was a great woodworker and participated in the construction of many homes in the Kingdom. During my visit I was asked if I wanted to take a trip out to the Kingdom. We spent hours in this area and I was shown a lot of these buildings that David had built. The last thing we did was take a tour of Mt.Repose Cemetery and I took John over to some Wellington stones I recently purchased and had placed here. John then took me over to David's plot and said he recently purchased stones for David and mother Hattie. It was then I noticed the letter "M" as a middle initial and delicately as I could stated that David's middle name was Ulysses. John asked me if I had any proof of this and I then took him over to Ava Arvilla (Wellington's) grave and he saw her identified as the wife of David U. Boynton. He also said he would attempt to correct the mistake and I haven't returned to see if this was actually done.For years I have attempted to get my aunt to return to Newburgh and get copies of all those family pictures before they end up in a yard sale. One picture that caught my eye was a tintype of three men two standing and one sitting. John said he didn't know who they were to which I replied I knew exactly who they were.They are William,John,and Peter Wellington. Three brothers who served in the civil war from Appleton,Maine. I also selected another family group picture of William Wellington and family also of Appleton.Ava Arvilla Wellington is also pictured. John graciously gave both pictures to me. Charles Whiting, Harwinton, Connecticut 06791 email-- deuce134 (at) charter.net
      Charles, Thanks for the wealth of additional information. Three quick questions: 1/ I was curious about the reference to the “Kingdom”. What is that?; 2/ Also any idea why Ila didn’t want “Boynton” mentioned? 3/ Finally I notice that you reference Ila in two different ways: 1/ grandmother Ila (Boynton-Wing's); 2/ Ila (Boynton) Jackson. Am I correct they are the same person? Regards, Doug
    23. [Boynton] October 28, 2010 --- David Ulysses Boynton follow-up --- Hello again Doug. The "Kingdom" is an area off route three behind the Mount Repose Cemetery(Montville). If you are headed south on three the cemetery would be on your right. Just past this cemetery also on your right is a small dirt road which will take you into the "Kingdom". David U. Boynton was known as the "King of the Kingdom". After the death of Ava Arvilla David found he couldn't support his family of three young girls so he asked Ernest and Harriet Wing to take all three. Of the three children eventually Ila was the only one to remain with the Wings the other two girls made different arrangements. While the three lived for a while at the Wings David according to John Tivnan would make numerous attempts to visit and was always treated badly and finally optioned to stop the visitations and Ila never forgave him. Ila (Boynton-Wing) met and married Hervey Lozene Jackson of Searsmont,Maine and after a while they removed to Belfast and eventually began a local bakery business which continued there for more than forty years. Charles Whiting.

    24. [Boynton] November 13, 2010 --- Martha Edna Black and Jacob Leighton Boynton --- Good Morning from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am doing my family genealogy (how many thousands of emails start with that line) and I am searching for information re the Boynton family. My gggg? Martha Edna Black (b. 16 April 1869, Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada) married Jacob Leighton Boynton (b. September 1859, Ashland, Maine, USA) on 17 February 1897 in Saugus, Massachusetts, USA. They had the following children:
      • Roland I. Boynton (b. 3 January 1892; d. 29 September 1960 Lynn, Massachusetts)
      • Alzelma M. Boynton (b. 16 November 1899 d. 9 February 1991, Lynn, Massachusetts)
      • Una B. Boynton (b. 27 December 1909 d. 13 December 2002, San Diego, California)
      Roland married Clara B. Jenkins (I only have ca 1920) and had 2 sons:
      • Roland I. Boynton, Jr. born 30 May 1921; d. 27 August 1975)
      • Ernest Boynton (born December 1925 – no other information)
      Do you have any information of this part of the Boynton family? I thank you and look forward to your reply. Regards, Judith Archibald --- email: archibaldj (at) eastlink.ca
      Judith, I regret to say that I can’t find Edna Black or Jacob Leighton Boynton in my Boynton history book from 1896 (and obviously it can’t list anyone later). There is only one “Black” mentioned – a man and although there are 9 Jacob Boynton listings none match at all. Perhaps Jacob came from another immigrant Boynton line (this book lists only the descendants of John and William Boynton who immigrated in 1638). It is also possible that the book wasn’t updated with Jacob’s line and that we need to go a generation earlier to find his ancestors. Do you by chance know his parent’s names? Best Regards, Doug

    25. [Boynton] December 11, 2010 --- Boynton Family tree --- Hello Im new to the family tree thing and I was hoping if you had any info on the Boynton famliy line that you could email me that would very great! My name is Damien e Boynton, my mother is Laurie r Boynton, her father was Calvin L Boynton. Thats all I have so far... not much. Any help would be great, Thanks for your time. Damien Boynton --- damieneboynton (at) hotmail.com
      Damien, My Boynton family reference book was published in 1896 so I probably need to know the name of your Great-Grandfather (or earlier) to find anything there. I did check my website guestbooks and these are all the references to “Calvin Boynton” that I find (these are posted by visitors like yourself and therefore can carry references to much more recent family members):
      • https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/guestby3.html entry#309 [Boynton] Feb 5, 1999 MY GRANDFATHER WAS JOHN PAUL BPYNTON FROM ENGLAND. MY FATHERS WAS CALVIN LEON BOYNTON FROM OKLAHOMA...
      • https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/guestby4.html entry#447 [Boynton] Apr 23, 2000 "Looking for Boynton ancestors" --- I'm Brian Boynton. My father is Robert Boynton. His father was John Boynton. His father was Calvin Boynton...
      • https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/guestby7.html entry#851 [Boynton] August 5, 2005 "Hi My name is Barbara Boynton Boe and I live in Louisiana. My Grandfather was John Paul Boynton. He came from England and his family there had a castle that was called Boynton castle. Is there some way we could be related, my father was Calvin Leon Boynton...
      The one mention I see of a Laurie Boynton is in:
      • https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/guestby3.html Entry 320: [ASB-TREE] Feb 15, 1999 "Blanche Bessie Boynton" ... The only of Mom's brothers to have produced offspring was Philip, whose children (Brenda, Laurie, Wayne and Philip Scott) ...
      Any details that you can add to your question may help others to trace their family connections or provide more information to you. Best Regards, Doug

      This sounds interesting. Unfortunately, I don't know of an M. Boynton painter active in 1960. Can anyone else help? - Doug

      [M. Boynton painting]
      [M. Boynton painting face detail] [M. Boynton painting signature]

    27. [Boynton] January 14, 2012 --- Silas Webster Boynton --- Trying to follow an ancestry for Silas Webster Boynton, probably born in 1848. I'm not sure how to use your website to check that out. Can you help? - Janet Speer

      A very reasonable question. The best tool is the "FreeFind" at the bottom of the page. Using that, I discovered that: Finally, I checked my Boynton family genealogy book (from 1896) and found one reference to a Silas W. Boynton (born January 18, 1848) on page 152. There are also Silas Boynton references (pages 118, 171, 172, and 174).
      Best regards - Doug

      Janet –
      After I sent the message, I realized that the link I found matches your desired date. The Boynton genealogy book has all the details for Silas W. Boynton going back dozens of generations. (I don't know whether this is Silas Webster Boynton).
      • Silas’ father was Fitzalan Boynton (Dec 25, 1814)
      • His father was Solomon Boynton (Oct 18, 1778)
      • His father was also a Solomon Boynton
      • His father was Jonathan Boynton
      • His father was also a Jonathan Boynton
      • His father was Joseph Boynton
      • His father was John Boynton who emigrated to America in 1638
      This links into the long genealogy that my Boynton site reports.
      Best regards - Doug

    28. [Boynton] February 1, 2012 --- seeking records of George Boyington and Sarah Elizabeth Mansfield --- Hi. On records of marriage for William Boyington, George Boyington and Elizabeth or Sarah (I've seen both) Mansfield are listed as the parents. William Boyington my great grandfather was married four or five times. I've copied information from two marriages. Do you know anything about GEORGE BOYINGTON and SARAH ELIZABETH MANSFIELD? I believe they were both born in Vermont within the first decade of 1800. Thank you for your time and help. Cynthia Prestidge (email) -- cynthiaprestidge (at) att.net

      Michigan Marriages, 1822-1995 for William Boyington:
      groom's name:    William Boyington
      groom's birth date:    1839
      groom's birthplace:    Canada
      groom's age:    61
      bride's name:    Frances Rotherick
      bride's birth date:    1850
      bride's birthplace:    Mich.
      bride's age:    50
      marriage date:    19 Oct 1900
      marriage place:    Marshall, Calhoun, Michigan
      groom's father's name:    G. Boyington
      groom's mother's name:    Elizabeth Mansfield
      bride's father's name:    Jonas Rotherick
      bride's mother's name:    Mary Ann Hoyt
      groom's race:    White
      groom's marital status:    Unknown
      groom's previous wife's name:
      bride's race:    White
      bride's marital status:    Unknown
      bride's previous husband's name:    Bennett
      indexing project (batch) number:    M01300-5
      system origin:    Michigan-EASy
      source film number:    1009298
      reference number:    p27 rn6452
      Michigan Marriages, 1822-1995 for William Boyington:
      groom's name:    William Boyington
      groom's birth date:    1839
      groom's birthplace:    Canada
      groom's age:    49
      bride's name:    Julia A. Mills
      bride's birth date:    1831
      bride's birthplace:    Canada
      bride's age:    57
      marriage date:    06 Mar 1888
      marriage place:    Spring Arbor, Jackson, Michigan
      groom's father's name:    George
      groom's mother's name:    Sarah Mansfield
      bride's father's name:
      bride's mother's name:
      groom's race:    White
      groom's marital status:    Unknown
      groom's previous wife's name:
      bride's race:    White
      bride's marital status:    Unknown
      bride's previous husband's name:
      indexing project (batch) number:    M74385-6
      system origin:    Michigan-EASy
      source film number:    941635
      reference number:    V. G-H, Line #5
      Cynthia -

      Good to hear from you again. We corresponded extensively in June, July and September of 2008 about Zera Boynton (see also https://www.triskelion-ltd.com/guestby8.html entry 936). I’ve searched all the documents that I have available. In my 1896 Boynton genealogy book, there are no Mansfield entries it all. It only lists William Warren Boyington (a noted architect in Chicago) who was apparently born in the early 1800's since his children were born starting in 1840. His son William W. Boyington was born 1840 but died as a youth in 1854. Another son, George Boyington was born after 1840. No more details are provided. Boyington is a tricky name because it typically occurs from spelling variations (William Warren Boyington was the first generation in his family with that spelling, his father Juba of Springfield Massachusetts spelled their last name Byington). I also checked my Byington / Boynton genealogy book from 1996 (a hundred years later) without any luck.

      For ongoing research, last names of spouses are especially helpful as they are typically unique names in the books (like Mansfield). If they hit there is often success – and if they fail you know it quickly... Good luck in your ongoing search. If you happen to find the answer yourself, please tell me and I’ll add that to the body of knowledge as well.

      Best regards - Doug

      Doug, Thank you for the very quick reply to my email.

      Noted on several census records for William Boyington, his parents were both born in Vermont. I’m guessing around 1810-1815 since William was born in 1839. Are you aware of Vermont Boyingtons that might have a George? I’ve been stumped for quite some time on this branch of my tree. I really thought Zera was in my line until I came across several marriage records and saw my great grandmother listed as a witness. At times this is like hunting for needles in haystacks; tedious, frustrating and some great surprises. If you come across a needle i.e. George or Sarah from Vermont, please let me know.

      Thank you again, Cynthia Prestidge

    29. [Boynton] March 9, 2012 --- seeking family of SSgt Hugh Boynton of East Wareham, MA --- Hello, I'm trying to contact the family of SSgt Hugh Boynton, who gave his life in the service of his country in June 1944. His mother's name was Ellen V. Boynton of East Wareham, MA. Any information you can give me would be welcome. Sincerely, Dan Lee, PhD, Historian, Dept. of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) 703-699-1171 --- email: dtlee3 (at) gmail.com
      Dan, My regrets. My primary resource is a book published in 1896 so I have no information about recent people except what is provided by other visitors to my web site. I’m hoping that someone else will see this message that can help you. Please keep me posted. Best regards, Doug

    30. [Boynton] March 9, 2012 --- seeking family of SSgt Hugh Boynton of East Wareham, MA --- Hello, I'm trying to contact the family of SSgt Hugh Boynton, who gave his life in the service of his country in June 1944. His mother's name was Ellen V. Boynton of East Wareham, MA. Any information you can give me would be welcome. Sincerely, Dan Lee, PhD, Historian, Dept. of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) 703-699-1171 --- email: dtlee3 (at) gmail.com
      Dan, My regrets. My primary resource is a book published in 1896 so I have no information about recent people except what is provided by other visitors to my web site. I’m hoping that someone else will see this message that can help you. Please keep me posted. Best regards, Doug

    31. [Boynton] March 9, 2012 --- seeking David Boynton of New York (born ~ 1823) ---
      My name is Peter Joseph Boynton and I am the Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandson of David Boynton born around 1823 in New York state. He married Salina Scudder and had two sons with her: Frank and Fred. Frank is my Gr-Gr-Grandfather.

      I am having no luck in finding where David came from or what happened to him after 1850. No records of him exist but one. The 1850 census for Otsego county New York. David and Salina were included in the 1850 census, but only Salina and the kids (Frank and little brother Fred) are in the 1860 census from Oneida county New York. Little Fred was 8 in 1860 so that would have David around until 1852 at least.

      The 1850 census has David, Salina and young Frank listed as farmers in Edmeston, New York. Both David and Salina are listed as being born in the state of New York. The 1860 census has Salina, Frank and Frederick listed as weavers in Paris Oneida, New York. In both census records Boynton is spelled Boynton it. David is listed as 27 years old in 1850 and Salina is listed as being 26. One brother and one sister of hers lived them in 1850 and 1860 on the farm.

      In the limited docuentation I have been able to find online about Boyntons in New York state I found that there were several (Jared, Jonah, Herman, Daniel III, Rufus Spencer, and Elizabeth) sons and daughter of Daniel Boynton and Elizabethe Hall of Branford Ct that must have moved to Onieda county NY because they all died there between 1829 and 1850. The bothers and sister were all in their late 40's-50's when David was born so are unlikely fathers or mother. Also this branch was spelling Boynton as so: Byington. David and Salina's 1850 Otsego county census entry was clearly written Boynton.

      The oral history of my family has always been we came from a family that came over shortly after the Pilgrams and that we were the first family to bring domesticated goats and sheep to the New World. What I would do right now to have a talk with my Grandfather Thomas Walter Boynton 1907-1997 who could most likely settle this matter, but I only gained interest in my family's past when my son Thomas Celio Boynton was born in 2006. He is an only child and I want him to know he comes from a big family that he can trace back and wonder upon just like I am doing now.

      Any help in finding David would be much appreciated.

      Thank you - Peter Boynton --- email: peter.boynton (at) gmail.com
    32. [Boynton] March 9, 2012 --- Boynton - Bokee - Eldridge - Hoyt - Connections? ---
      My great-grandmother named Mary Ellen Boynton (1842-1883) was married in Augusta,ME in 1866 to David Alexander Bokee Jr of Brooklyn. She had at least two sisters (Abbie & Hannah Hoyt). Mary Ellen died shortly after child birth & the father died 7-8 mo later. Abbie the aunt adopted the infant son & his four older sisters. I Believe these Boyntons were all from ME (perhaps Bangor), but probably had moved to Brooklyn. Abbie's husband,Daniel Eldridge (also from ME?) is a rather mysterious figure involved in a number of business ventures (mostly unsuccussful).

      A Daniel Eldridge from Brooklyn was a member of the Tweed Ring & was a big-time embezzler. He built a large house in Brooklyn in 1870 (now a historical site) known as the Abbie B. (Boynton?) & Daniel Eldridge House. Is this a double coincidence? Daniel Eldridge left few footprints. Abbie died in Louisville, KY in 1908 having lived there since at least 1892. They also lived in Erie,PA in 1885-87 until a salt mine of Daniel's went into receivership.

      I would value any help or advice on how to further pursue these items. Alan Burgess -- email: AlandorisB (at) aol.com --- San Jose,CA

      Alan, I've finally returned from my extended travels and had a chance to check your material in my 1896 reference book. Much to my surprise (considering your detailed information), I find no references to any Bokee or Eldridge last names. The closest reference I find mentions (except the years and full names are mismatched for your relatives) a Thomas Boynton (page 169: born in Hollis NH on May 17, 1769 and died in Washington VT on Aug 18, 1847) who married Hannah Putnam and had children named Hannah (Oct 26, 1792), Abigail July 4, 1794 - Mar 20, 1811), Sally, Amos, Jacob, and Moses. His 2nd wife was a "Miss Hoyt" but they apparently had no children. There are also three other references to Hoyt in the book but none of the names match yours...

      I hope that one of the guest book readers can offer some help which I can post and relay to you. Otherwise, keep searching on the Internet using the last names as keywords and please advise me of any clues that you find. Good luck!

      Best regards - Doug

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