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Boynton Family Guest Book volume 6 by Douglas Boynton Quine

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  • Boynton Guest Book Volume 6: August 1, 2002 - December 31, 2004

    1. [Boynton] Aug 3, 2002 "Boynton Family History" --- I have been collecting Boynton History in Winona County MN for many years; have the Boynton Family History by John Farnham & Caroline (Harriman) Boynton; have both Granville Boynton in Winona MN; and our line which is Iram, son of David and Asenath; Iram's son Addison and his 14 children; will share info. Norma J. Benson, 671 W 5th, Winona MN 55987 from Norma J. Benson --- Email: njbenson (at) msn.com Web Page:
    2. [Boynton] Aug 5, 2002 "Thankful Delano Boynton" --- I have information concerning Thankful Delano Boynton b. 9/4/1804 in Maine, daughter of Joshua Boynton b. 2/20/1773 Wincasset, ME and Beza Delano b. 3/4/1776. She is buried in a small cemetary in Lee Center, Michigan, along with 7 generations of my family. There is also a great deal of information available about her mother's family, the Delano's of MA, including the fact that their genealogy contains 4 members of the "Mayflower" complement. Am interested in trading for information on Solomon S. Emerson, her husband. from David J. Richardson --- Email: djr (at) starsend.com
    3. [Boynton] Aug 6, 2002 "would like to know more about our family" (found site through: ) --- can you help from john mark wilband
    4. [Boynton] Aug 17, 2002 "John brother to william" --- Loved your site! My line leads to John, William's brother. Never realized how many Boyntons there were. My great Grandfather was Addison and great great gandfather was Iram. Both died in Minnesota. I would love to hear from any cousins out there. Thanks Kimberly from Kimberly Boynton --- Email: kboynton58 (at) aol.com
    5. [Boynton] Aug 20, 2002 "Awesome info!" (found site through: fast) --- Awesoe site. from david hoshaw --- Email: david (at) valenciahome.com Web Page: http://www.valenciahome.com
    6. [Boynton] Aug 24, 2002 "hello" (found site through: google) --- just came upon this web site by chance and found it amazing that there are so many Boyntons out there . There are not many that we know of here in Ontario Canada from Catherine Boynton --- Email: catg2001 (at) hotmail.com
    7. [Boynton] Aug 24, 2002 "Boynton's of Weare NH" (found site through: google) --- I'm looking for information about the boyntons that moved to weare new hampshire. My father had a geniology which goes back to his grandfather Harvey Boynton. He also used to talk about a Paige Boynton, I beleave he went out west. from John M. Boynton --- Email: boyntonjarj (at) netscape.net
    8. [Boynton] Aug 28, 2002 (found site through: rootsweb) --- really enjoyed your site, hope I can connect into it, still researching, stil trying to find the supposed "royalty" connection to my son's Boynton side of the family. Can anyone help?? TiaDeana1 (at) aol.com
      1)William H or M.  BOYNTON b Vermont  
      m Lovica HANCOCK b NY
      2)Charles Sherman BOYNTON  b1821 NY d 1916 Iowa 
      he married Clarissa in 1845
       m Clarissa EDMONDS b 1828 NY 
      (first married sister Sally EDMONDS, she died 1844 they married 1843, no kids)
      Clarissa and Chas had at least 5 kids
      3)Charles Henry BOYNTON 1848/52 d 1930   m 1870
      m Sarah Ellen COLE 1848 Iowa  d1927  they had 5 kids
      4)Charles (midname Burton/Bert or D.) BOYNTON 1973Iowa d 1945
      m Eda Martha HALL 1881-1954  they had 3 sons
      5)Charles Herbert BOYNTON 1902 Iowa -died 1994 Oreg   
      m Florence Ruby HUGHES 1905 PA died 1970 OR... 
      (6 kids...1 adopted son Gene)
      6)Norma Rae BOYNTON 1930  Oreg-living 
      (7 kids,5 with WAY, 2 with POND) 
        m James Miller WAY 1925 TN-1957 OReg....5 kids with Norma
        m2 Robert O POND 1915-1991 Oreg....2 kids with Norma
      7)Jeffery Steven WAY 1956 Oreg-living, 
      jeff has 3 sons with Deana and he has none with anyone else 
      m Deana Katheryne SCHULTZ 1959 Oreg.  (me)
      Deana has 3 sons with WAY, 2 daugs with WADE, 
      her sons use WAY-WADE for a surname
      8)Nathaniel Christian WAY-WADE 1979-living
      8)Timothy Abraham WAY-WADE 1983-living  has 1 daug
      8)Jonathan Beaujames WAY-WADE 1984-1988  died age 3 hit by truck
      9)Crystal Rose WAY-WADE 2002-living
      from Deana SCHULTZ --- Email: TiaDeana1 (at) aol.com
    9. [Boynton] Aug 30, 2002 "intresting" (found site through: Google) --- I'd like very much to make some sort off connection to my roots. I know very little about my family tree. from Rodney Boynton --- Email: r.boynton4 (at) verizon.net
    10. [Boynton] Sep 4, 2002 "Very interesting....!!" (found site through: google) --- Hi, I was browsing to see if I could find any information on my Dad's side of the family, and put "Joseph Boynton" into google. Incredible!! I thought finding another family back to 1525 was pretty impressive. :-) Thanks so much for sharing the info. I'm decended from John Boynton through his son Joseph, to Benoni, to Joan, who married William Nutting. Very neat! from Shyanne Sullivan --- Email: joes (at) proaxis.com
    11. [Boynton] Sep 7, 2002 "not Boynton but descended" (found site through: Google) --- Right now just looking for info on Boynton/Boyington, Merrill,Hutchins, and Leighton. Doing all 4 for my grandchildren.Looks interesting but I'm running out of time today so I'll be back. --Later-- from Richard Leighton --- Email: dadmomleigh (at) earthlink.net
    12. [Boynton] Sep 12, 2002 "Boyntons in West Boylston, MA " (found site through: Google) --- I'm descended from Boyntons in the John lineage. My g-grandmother, Flora/Florence Christine Boynton was the one in my line who left West Boylston. Her father was Henry Alonzo Boynton & lineage up is Asa Raymond Boynton, Asa, Abiel, Ephraim, Deacon Joseph, Capt. Joseph, John. Interested in locating any others from the West Boylston, Massachusetts branches. P.S. Great website for ancient Boyntons info. from Sarah Robinson --- Email: sarah17 (at) attbi.com
    13. [Boynton] Sep 17, 2002 "Your Cousin" (found site through: Dr. Bob Boynton...a cousin) --- I am descended from John Boyton b. ca. 1610 in England, arrived Rowley, MA., 1638 & d. 1670. Marr. Eleanor Pell. from Carla Ewald Pedersen --- Email: carlap132 (at) aol.com
    14. [Boynton] Sep 19, 2002 "Relations?" --- In my Waters family line, we show a Mary Boynton marrying Thomas or Philemon Waters ca. 1705. Do you have data agreeing with a Mary Boynton marriage to a Waters in the early 1700's? Thank you for your time and effort. Randall Evins and family from Randall Evins --- Email: rde1022 (at) yahoo.com
      Randall - I did check into my Boynton history book without luck for her husband (it would take a very long time to check for all "Mary" entries). Also, this book is only a listing of the descendents of John and William Boynton who arrived in America around 1638. I don't have records for any others ... Regards - Doug
    15. [Boynton] Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 I have just recieved a beautiful mug from the Historical Research Center (shipping dept.) and am satisfied with it. However it is not our personal family coat of arms.This shield seems to have a German flavor to it with the wolf heads. I have ours, as researched many years ago by my Irish grandmother. My question to you is as follows could you (or direct me to the correct place) make a small mug(s) with our personal family coat of arms on it? It is beautiful with a red upside down v shaped red banner with 3 gold scallops on it as we were sea faring people. An elaborate type of flowing scarf like material in shades of silver,laced with gold around the shield topped off with a beautiful knights silver and gold helment with a lovely cupid standing atop the helment, holding his bow and arrows in the air. The scarf was draped around him. This shield was carried to battle in the crusades in front of our clan. Cupid represented the kindness and love that we had but the bow held high was not to be ignored. The knights wore around their necks a necklace of golden sea scallops. You can see why I would like a mug or two with the above shield on it. I will furnish the proper duplicate picture of it. Please advise ASAP either way.
      Thank you; James Dew Tully/pct (at) sccoast.net

      James: I am not familiar with a specific vendor of custom mugs. However, if you have the art work then any vendor that makes promotional pieces for businesses or trade shows could do it. The back of Business Week might have advertisements for such a vendor. I find many "historical research" companies simply get a coat of arms for each name and use it regardless of the specific family history. Since often the coat of arms has variations for each branch, even the very responsible ones may have a hard time getting the exact one associated with a particular branch of the family tree. Regards - Doug

    16. [Boynton] Sep 25, 2002 "ok" (found site through: boynton family guestbook) --- very nice oso ego oooooo,. from mputolo ego1 --- Email: mputoloego (at) yahoo.com Web Page: vety good
    17. [Boynton] Sep 27, 2002 "Family" (found site through: Family Search) --- My father's family name was Boynton. I haven't been able to find much out about it, but it is alot of fun to read about the other Boynton families. from Ruth Boynton Kraus --- Email: racingfan53704 (at) charter.net
    18. [Boynton] Oct 3, 2002 "Gertrude West Boynton" (found site through: worldconnect boynton list) --- I'm lookin for information about my g-grandmother, Gertrude West Boynton, born 6-26-1875 in Rockport MA. She's not in the Rockport records. She married Leon Truesdell in Boston 12-6-1893. Any suggestions as to her family? from David Kew --- Email: David_Kew (at) alum.mit.edu Web Page: members.bellatlantic.net/~vze2c48q
      David - I did check into my Boynton history book without luck for her name and her husband. Unfortunately the book ends in 1896 so her marriage would not likely be listed in any case. This book is only a listing of the descendents of John and William Boynton who arrived in America around 1638. I don't have records for any others ... Regards - Doug
      (see follow-up message at Dec 23, 2002)
    19. [Boynton] Oct 10, 2002 "find my dad" (found site through: ask jeeves) --- help me find my dad im all alone from iszabel
    20. [Boynton] Oct 10, 2002 --- help me!! from iszabell
    21. [Boynton] Oct 10, 2002 "Mary Boynton" (found site through: Rootsweb search) --- Trying to find ancestry of Mary Boynton who married Samuel Alexander son of Randal Alexander of Nutfield (Londonderry NH). Samuel was born in 1737, so Mary would have been born around that time. They moved from Londonderry NH to Bow VT around 1762. from Jay Wondolowski --- Email: woolcroft2 (at) hotmail.com
    22. [Boynton] Oct 10, 2002 (found site through: Google) --- This is a great site! from Frederick George Boynton --- Email: fboynton (at) bellsouth.net
    23. [Boynton] Oct 13, 2002 "Samuel Boynton, ME, MASS" (found site through: GOOGLE) --- Great site!Looking for information on Samuel F.Boynton born in Maine according to the 1880 Essex County Lynn,Mass census.Married Mary H.Dougherty born in St Andrews,New Brunswick,Canada.She was born 1842.Samuel was listed as 40 yrs.old in 1880 census.They had two children that i am aware of.May H Boynton born abt.1865,married Homer Chase and live in Lynn,Mass in the 1920 Essex co,Lynn mass census.Second child was George F.Boynton born abt.1867.Living in Essex co Saugus Township,Mass in 1920 census.Do you have anything on these Boynton?Appreciate any help i can get.Thank you. from Nancy Doherty-Perry --- Email: NncyJnn (at) aol.com
    24. [Boynton] Oct 15, 2002 "hey whats up" (found site through: google) --- whoa.. a whole page devoted to boynton's?? holy cow we are the boyntons out of albany NY cya from matt boynton --- Email: boyntonm (at) greenmtn.edu
    25. [Boynton] Oct 21, 2002 "Boyntons of New Zealand" (found site through: Google) --- My G.Grandmother was Caroline Mary Boynton born circa 1863.Caroline's father emigrated to Australia and had three children there.Caroline married W.W.B.Parkinson in New Zealand and they had 13 children. Could Vikki Leeson of Australia, who left a message in this guest book (May 12 1999) please contact me.I would also be pleased to hear from anyone else who thinks they may be connected to our Boynton Family in New Zealand or Australia. from Trevor Ratcliffe --- Email: bidzee48 (at) hotmail.com
    26. [Boynton] Oct 23, 2002 "Ann Lummus Boynton" (found site through: gen web) --- Ann L. Boynton was married to my G. Grandfather Augustus Bryant I am trying to verify which nathanial is Anns father from Loretta Bryant Barchus --- Email: chickyyuma1 (at) aol.com
    27. [Boynton] Oct 25, 2002 "glad to find this on web, will come back with comments later" (found site through: Family Search) --- I am on the quest of verifying the link of my great grandparents who were James Henry Boynton (1836 - after 1900) and his wife, Harriet V. Watrous whho was the child of Henry Reed Watrous (1799) and Mary Huntington Chadwick. Harriet died when my grandmother, Grace Stanley Boynton (born 1860) was an older teen. She had an older sister Maude and a younger brother Harry. That family lived in Brooklyn Heights, James Henry was a manufacturer of high end (and new-fangled) ready to wear suits. His store was on Broadway and he is said to have been in the first wave of pedestrians to walk the Brooklyn Bridge to work. But I can't verify his place of birth, marriage or death. Nor Harriet's death place and date -- variously 1888 -- but that conflicts with the memory of my sister that Grace was younger -- about 19 not 25 -- and was therefore sent off to Wells College. Perhaps you know more. Willing to share what I've found. Debby from Deborah Shaw Link, MD --- Email: linkdebs (at) ix.netcon.com
    28. [Boynton] Oct 27, 2002 "Another Branch of the Family" (found site through: google) --- We have enjoyed your site very much. My son used some of your information for his 4th grade ancestor report. My family descends from John Boynton (of John and William who immigrated from Hull). My grandmother on my fathers side was Beulah Beatrice Boynton (1888-1976). Let us know if you would like further info! Thanks for your postings. Jody and Dan Allen from Jody and Dan Allen --- Email: dallen (at) swpartners.com
    29. [Boynton] Oct 29, 2002 "Descendant of George Boynton" --- My great grandfather was George Boynton of Kentucky last I heard. My Grandfather, John O Sr moved to Gadsden County Florida. from John O'Hara Boynton III --- Email: boyntonlj (at) peoplepc.com
    30. [Boynton] Oct 29, 2002 "Possibly related" (found site through: Boynton family) --- My mothers maiden name was Gwendoline Anne BOYNTON, her fathers name was GEORGE THOMAS MONTAGUE BOYNTON who came to Australia IN THE EARLY 1900'S HE HAD AFAMILY OF 9 CHILDREN WAS A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MAN. IN ONE OF HIS BUSINESSES I NOTICED HE USED THE COAT OF ARMS DEPICTED ON YOUR SITE. I AM SURE HE HAD AT LEAST ONE BROTHER & ONE SISTER HERE IN AUSTRALIA BUT I BELIEVE THERE WAS A FAMILY OF AT LEAST 12 SOME OF WHICH WENT TO AMERICA. from Desmond George FERGUSON --- Email: pamdes (at) bigpond.net.au
    31. [Boynton] Nov 3, 2002 "Search for Ancestors of Ira Thurston Boynton" (found site through: Boyntons' of America) --- Would like information on any Boynton families that lived in Monmouth Ill. Our grandfather Ira Thurston established a home in Clark County South Dakota in 1902 and also at Bath, S. Dak. We believe that our forefathers were involved in maritime activities along the coast of Maine. Ira Thurston Boynton had severla brothers one of which was named Edmund who was the first child born in Edmund County South Dakota. Ira married Blanche Smith of Groton South Dakota. They had three children, Basil, Earl and Viola. Earl was my father. Earl married Dora Holmes of Clark, South DAkota. They had five children after their marriage in l931. Earl, my father, passed away in l939. Mother later married Basil Boynton in l943 as he was divorced from his wife. I lost two brothers between l937 and 1942. I have an oder brother, Charles and a younger sister Doris. If anyone has information in relation to my ancestors I would greatly appreciate their contacting me via e-mail or by mail. Address is: Covington, Ok. 73730. I have very much enjoyed reading the Boynton history and am impressed with all of the work you have completed. Best wishes. from Donald O Boynton --- Email: kcboy39 (at) hotmail.com
    32. [Boynton] Nov 9, 2002 "Tracing my name" (found site through: google) --- I am trying to trace my family name of De.st.aubin. I understand that the name originated from france. Can anybody help me. from Mr J.De.st.aubin --- Email: de.st.aubin (at) ntlworld.com
    33. [Boynton] Nov 10, 2002 "Hannah Harriman & Caleb Boynton" (found site through: google.com) --- I am a direct descendent to Leonard, the Immigrant. My line is Matthew to Joseph (w. Lydia Eaton) to Joseph Harriman, deacon, w. Abigail Dow, to David Harriman (w. Sarah Morse) to John Harriman, Elder (w. Rachel Gile) to John Harriman, Rev. w. Julia Ann Noyes (who emigrated to CA) to Frank Giles Harriman to George Edwin Harriman to me. I have two questions: #1 Leonard's daughter, Hannah, married Caleb Boynton (parents John Boynton and Ellen Pell). Do you have a little more info. on Caleb and parents? #2 On perusing your excellent website, and descendents back many generations into England, did any other Boynton marry a Harriman? I thank you in advance for any efforts in this regard. Ralph Harriman from Ralph Harriman --- Email: emmit (at) hypersurf.com Web Page:
    34. [Boynton] Nov 11, 2002 "Search" (found site through: Google) --- I have an old photographic copy of the 1773 English commission (issued by Thomas Hutchinson, Esq., Captain Gen. and Vice -Admiral of Province of Mass. Bay) of John Boynton. Comm'd. as a Lieutenant in Wimbledon(?), Abel Wilder was Captain. Signed by Jm. Cotton D. Sevoy(?) and Governor Murray. Family lore says he hated the English and promptly defected to the Americans and was comm'd. into the Revolutionary Army as a captain. Whether he was issued this comm. in England or America, I'm not sure. A side note is that through John, I am supposedly directly descended from Benjamin Franklin's sister, Mary. There is a family tree in existance and my aunt is searching. My question is if John is related to the Mass. Boynton's and possibly the Franklins. I'd appreciate any help you can give. I will also be happy to email you a copy of the comm. I have. Many thanks from a fellow Boynton! Cinda from Cinda Ann Boynton Rickel --- Email: cinda.david (at) verizon.net
    35. [Boynton] Nov 12, 2002 "Thomas & Margaret Boynton" --- Hello, I am M. DeLano Warner. I am a researcher for American Pedigree Resources and have published 7 books for clients who commissioned my services. I have been hired to research the Boynton Line and I have enjoyed your web site. I do have a few notes that you may wish to research. I look forward to corresponding should you wish. Cheers, MDW Re: Thomas Boynton and Margaret his wife; The Will of Margaret’s husband Thomas [ Will July 29, 1408, proved York, September 6th, 1408/9 ] states her surname as: Conyers. This is from the notes on the Boynton pedigree found in the Visitation of the North. Margaret is stated to have had a brother John Conyers. A careful review of the Conyers pedigrees from the Visitations of Yorkshire and others along with parish records we found that Margaret Conyers married John Normanvile and had no issue. After, this marriage Margaret married Sir. Thomas Boynton. Margaret is the daughter of Christopher Conyers and his wife Anne Markenfield daughter of John Markenfield. from M.DeLano Warner --- Email: MdelanoW (at) aol.com
    36. [Boynton] Nov 18, 2002 "John Farnham Boynton" (found site through: alltheweb.com) --- I would like to correspond with any descendants of John Farnham Boynton who compiled the genealogical information that his wife Caroline Harriman Boynton published in 1897 in the book "Genealogy of the Descendants of William and John Boynton". I'm a descendant of William Boynton through the Boyntons who migrated and settled in Wolcott, Connecticut, and revised the spelling of the surname to Byington. from Jay G. Burrup --- Email: burrupfam (at) aol.com
    37. [Boynton] Dec 1, 2002 --- muguoooooooooooooooo from suleman --- Email: mugu (at) guyman.com
    38. [Boynton] Dec 7, 2002 "combs family.coat of arms and crest." (found site through: search) --- my grandfather is a combs.but he has pass away.he did have a card with our coat of arms and crest.but i forgot what it looks like.and i would like to know more about the combs family.thank you.rebecca ballenger. from rebecca ballenger --- Email: ballengerrebecca (at) hotmail.com
    39. [Boynton] Dec 12, 2002 "Wow, you mean Im not the only one???" (found site through: Google.com) --- Fantastic! from Robb Boynton --- Email: friggin-boffin (at) blueyonder.co.uk
    40. [Boynton] Dec 12, 2002 "Living in England" (found site through: Google.com) --- My name is Robb Boynton, I was born in Toronto Canada in 1983. I am now 19 and live in a small town called Elland in West Yorkshire Egngland. Iv been to The town of Boynton not far from Scarborough, I actually drove through it by accident one time and only noticed on the way back home. This research has been very interesting and helpful. from Robb Boynton --- Email: friggin-boffin (at) blueyonder.co.uk
      Robb - Thanks for your note. I know our ancestors came from Boynton - and that there is a Manor House there - but I'd never heard from someone who bumped into it before. Regards - Doug
    41. [Boynton] Dec. 18, 2002. ----- "Boynton and The Knights of the Maccabees" Dear Boyntons, I am R S Patterson, direct decendent of Sir Mattew Boyton. He was knighted for intrioducing sheep and goats to america in the seventeen hundreds. After it is a blur until Granville F. Boynton father of, Major N S Boynton, born July 23, 1837, in Port Huron Michigan. My greatx5 grandfather . The founder of The Knights of the Maccabees, civil war hero and Founder of Boynton beach florida. I want to find distant cousins from Michigan or Florida where he frequented most. I have in my possesion many relics from the Maccabees and many things presented to our family. email me at ryanpatterson111 (at) hotmail.com
    42. [Boynton] Dec 23, 2002 "Gertrude West Boynton (follow-up to Oct 3, 2002 message and response" Hi Doug, Thanks for looking. I made one step further back into the Boyntons since my query: Gertrude's marriage record in Boston lists her parents as George H and Margaret Boynton. - David Kew - email: vze2c48q (at) verizon.net
    43. [Boynton] Dec 24 2002 "Hello This is interesting!" Im a Boynton just looking through my background, spotted this site and thought Id write. Signed - Boynton -Tennessee Wbhoops50 (at) aol.com
    44. [Boynton] Dec 25, 2002 "Boynton web site moved to new URL" Hi Doug. My new website address is currently: http://home.attbi.com/~dondillaby My Boyntons are still there! Regards, Donald Dillaby
    45. [Boynton] Jan 13, 2003 "Cassimer Whitman BOYNTON and Eunice Adelia HARRIMAN I am looking for information on the Cassimer Whitman BOYNTON and Eunice Adelia HARRIMAN family. After the Civil War he started a brick and drain pipe manufacturing company at Sewaren, NJ. The family remained in Sewaren. for many years. At one time the town was called Boynton Beach. I have many old post cards and a family portrait that I would be glad to send to anyone wanting to exchange information about this family. from SandraVan --- email: SandraVan (at) prodigy.net
      Sandra - The Boynton genealogy book has the following details and photograph regarding Cassimer Whitman Boynton on pages 178-179. Grandfather Nathaniel Boynton (generation 6 in America) was the son of Captain Joseph Boynton (gen 5) who was the son of Samuel Boynton (gen 4) who was the son of Daniel Boynton (gen 3) who was the son of Samuel Boynton (gen 2) who was the son of John Boynton (gen 1) who emigrated from England. Ancestors going back another 550 years from there are posted at www.quine.org/boynton.html Best regards - Doug
    46. [Boynton] Jan 13, 2003 "Andrew Boynton" --- Doug, I am a descendent of John Boynton that came over in 1638 and have been searching for my Ancestors ever since I found out that my Great Grandmother is named Sarah Boyington. After a lot of research I finally found that she is decended from John Boynton whose son was named Andrew Boynton. Andrew Boynton's son was Sgt Andrew Boyington who served in the Revolutionary War signing up 3 times. (note the changing of the name to Boyington). Sgt Andrew died in Angelica, New York in 1835 at the ripe old age of 96. My line from Sgt Andrew is David, Ashel, Hiram, and Sarah (who married Dwight Wheelock) then Cora Wheelock who married George R. Morris then comes my mother Veda Morris. I have more info on this line if you would be interested. You have a great site!!! Paul Gibbs --- E-MAIL is: gabbygibbs (at) surfside.net.
      Paul - Thank you very much for the update - it is this kind of detailed information in the guest book that really helps people. Regards - Doug
    47. [Boynton] Jan 14, 2003 "Acklam Hall Grammar School - coat of arms" --- As a former pupil of AHGS I was wondering if you could tell me the significance of the 'dog badge' worn on the breast pocket of the school blazer. This was for pupils in years 1 - 4, in fifth year it became the coat of arms. Regards, George Morland --- email: george.morland (at) ntlworld.com>
      I'm sorry I have no information about it. Perhaps they regarded the younger class members as "underdogs". Can anyone else help? Regards - -Doug

      ------------- May 25, 2003 "Acklam Hall Grammar School - coat of arms update" --- Sir, You refer to the Acklam Hall Coat of Arms. Two points: The Hustler Family that owned the manor originally had a coat of arms that was adopted by the school 300 hundred years later. It appears in various places in the ceiling plasterwork. I am not a Heraldist but the shield was 'topped' by a dog called a Talbot. This was an old country hunting hound, much favoured by the nobility. The shield itself contained two birds plus a band with three fleurs de lys. The motif was "Aut Nunquam Tente Aut Perfice" - translated variously as 'nothing less than thoroughness' or ' work or get out'!!! The dog (Talbot) on the blazer badge is simple - it was much harder to embroider the full coat of arms. In the old days, all blazers had green, black and silver braid around the edges also.

      How do I know ? I was there - 1947 plus - and detested the place. Fortunately, I was able to erase its past from my 'hard disc', re-incarnate and move on.

      Dr Doug Todd, Resident Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance, Agency for Fiscal Analysis, 5th Floor, Jl Dr Wahidin, No1 Jakarta 10710 INDONESIA
      Phone: 385-9219: Fax: 385-9213: HP: 0818419087 e-mail: dtodd (at) cbn.net.id
    48. [Boynton] Jan 21, 2003 "Cynthia Byington" Hi. I am trying to learn more about my supposed ancestor Lady Cynthia Byington , who was closely associated with the Goss family of New England. First of all, is Byington a form of Boynton? Do you have this Cynthia in your records? She was probably born ca. 1780. Thanks. John C. May email: CajunKaiser (at) comcast.net
      I have no record of her - but my records only cover the family members in the USA. Byington is indeed a form of Boynton - my understanding was that the change was made in the USA - I'm not sure about the history in the UK. Regards - Doug
      Doug, thanks so much for your reply. I appreciate it. John
    49. [Boynton] Feb 3 2003 "Victor LeGrand Boynton" Any information on Victor LeGrand Boynton 1900's ? to 1967. He was a veteran of WW and is buried in National Cemetery near Los Angles. Thank You! Victor Boynton II. email: boyntonsrule (at) centurytel.net Victor - I'm sorry but my references end in 1896. I believe that ancestors.com and other such sites could probably help. Good luck - keep us posted on any news - Doug
    50. [Boynton] Feb 10 2003 "William BOYNTON - Yorkshire" I am a direct descendant of William BOYNTON of Yorkshire through Martha BOYTON m. Timothy TILTON in NH. Do you have additional details regarding the "expedition" you mention in the 'Boynton Genealogy 34 Generations'. Two or three years ago, I believe I went to your site and through it found a reference to the fact that William, together with several other wealthy individuals from Ipswich, Yorkshire, sailed to the Colonies from Hull, Yorkshire, on the Mary and Joseph. I have searched everywhere and found no reference to this ship. I now note that another ship, the John and Mary, also referred to as the Mary and John, sailed several times to the Colonies from London at exactly the same period. (Ref. LADD genealogy). TIA for any information you can give me. from - MAGDALENA email: - magdalena (at) oninet.pt
      I do not have ready access to the ship name to confirm or correct the information. My 1897 book only mentions (page XII) that
      "These two brothers [John and William Boynton], in the year 1637, joined the expedition which was fitted out under the auspices of Sir Matthew Boynton and others who had made extensive preparations for a settlement in New England. [Sir Matthew made preparations for accompanying them, but the prospects of the Puritans becoming brighter in England, he remained at home, and was of great service to the cause espoused by Oliver Cromwell - page X.] Sir Matthew remained behind and joined the fortunes of Oliver Cromwell. The remainder of the party embarked at Hull, in the autumn of 1638, and arrived at Boston, in New England, the same year. Many of the families were wealthy, and with the means brought with them purchased a tract of land situated between the towns of Newbury and Ipswich, which they took possession of in April 1639, and called it Rowley in honor of their minister, Mr. Ezekiel Rogers, who had been sometime preacher at the village of that name in Yorkshire."
      Perhaps another reader will be able to help with the ship name. - Regards - Doug

      John of London

      [Boynton] July 20, 2003 "ANSWER From: GFBoynton (at) aol.com" Hi Doug. The question posed by Magdalena regarding the ship William and John came over on was the "John of London". This from Rootsweb Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. Sailed from Hull, England to Salem, MA Summer 1638. It lists quite a few names including William, his wife Elizabeth and John. Hope this helps. George
    52. [Boynton] Feb 14 2003 "De Boynton" thank you for the research - Judith Wills - jwirret (at) lakenet.com
    53. [Boynton] Feb 25 2003 "Boynton Offshoot?" My line is the Nottingham, UK, line of at least 4 that migrated from Snape and Well Yorkshire about 1800. Upon moving to Nottingham, Leeds, Grimsby and Hull in the UK they changed their name to Boyington. The root family we can each trace back to is Marmaduke Boynton, woolcomber, (b around 1751, Yorkshire, christened at Well, married Dorothy Wass at Catterick 1781, buried St Helens, Ainderby Steeple. Three children, George b 1781, Richard, b 1786, d Nottingham 1845, Mary, b 1791. Mary had an illegitimate child John who carried the Boynton name to descendents in Leeds, and Hull. Several villages close to Well have records of Tuck family. Parish registers in the IGI also indicate a Marmaduke Tuck from the 1650's. About 1800, the group above changed names to variants such as Boyenton, Bointon, Boyinton and Boyington, this latter being the spelling of the last 4 generations. Any info I may have useful to you or vice versa, I would be happy to share. /gt -- George Tuck -- Address and phone number on request to: gtuck (at) canada.com
      A number of variant spellings are also listed in the 1897 Boynton book for the descendants in the USA from the Boynton brothers who came here in 1638. I see: Bointon, Boington, Boyenton, Boyington, Byinton, and Byington. Many postings at this web site reflect these alternative spellings and include instances of people who have identified the ancestor who changed the spelliong. - Doug
    54. [Boynton] Feb 26 2003 "Boynton Heraldry" Hello - Your coat of arms clearly indicates a close link with the family of Walter 'The Fleming' who held the Barony of od Odell in Bedfordshire. The arms shown by that family are Or, 3 crescents gules [gold shield with 3 red crescents (moons?)] This indicated that he was the second son of Lambert de Lens [ his C of A was Or a crescent gu.He was killed 1054when he was married to a sister of William The Conqueror. His father was Count Eustace of Boulogne who fought in 1066 at The Battle of Hastings. Either Bartholmew was part of the same family or what is more likely his wife was and that would explain their son being Walter. Torchill de Bovington could be the same as the Turgis [Thorgils] a Doomsday tenant of Nigel de Albini at Priestly, Bedfordshire. Thomas de Boynton used the same C of A in the Heraldic Roll of King Richard II. -- Caraline Bingley email: Fiojot (at) btopenworld.com
    55. [Boynton] Feb 27 2003 "Frank Boynton...." Hi, I am looking for the parents of Frank Boynton who married Bessie Avery in South Coventry, CT on Dec 10, 1902. Bessie Avery's father was George Avery. My grandmother Ethel Boynton-Peck was the daughter of Frank and Bessie Avery Boynton. She had 3 sisters, Alice, Ruth, and Helen, and 2 brothers, Raymond and Russell. I have never been able to find any more information about Frank Boynton. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Gary Nilson Wallingford CT email: gary.nilson (at) snet.net
    56. [Boynton] March 1, 2003 "Family Origins" hi my name is dustin lee shattuck and am researching my family origins and geneology and ran across this site -- dustin lee shattuck email: ForNzicksboy (at) aol.com
    57. [Boynton] March 9, 2003 "Fox and Boynton" Hi, I am researching the Fox family tree. Eliza Stott (widow) formerly Wood, married Henry Nevile Fox 1849. Eliza's father is named as John Boynton (living); occupation, Gentleman. Eliza and Henry lived at Dyer Lane, Parish of St. Mary and St.Nocholas, Beverley, York. Does anyone have any further knowledge of Eliza Wood and John Boynton? AJ -- email: Jakandasha (at) aol.com
    58. [Boynton] March 13, 2003 "George Douglas Boynton" I could not find any connection to my father George Douglas Boynton, but very much enjoyed reading about the Boynton name. I was not aware that my name had such history. My name is Brad Douglas Boynton from Texas. Thanks, Brad Boynton -- email: Brad.Boynton (at) mbna.com
    59. [Boynton] March 15, 2003 "Ebenezer & Naomi Boyington" I have a copy of a newspaper article describing an indictment of Abraham Taylor for a positively grusome attack on Ebenezer and Naomi Boyington that took place in the late 1700's, apparently in Hartland, Vermont. As a member of the Hartland Historical Society I have been researching this brother and sister to see how their lives progressed (they were 8 and 10 years old at the time of the attack). I have found that Naoimi married and had at least one child but have found nothing for Ebenezer yet. I'd be glad to share this article with anyone working on this line but must warn you that it is upsetting to read and not suitable for posting on this site, in my opinion. If anyone has any information regarding this attack I am interested, particularly in finding out how the perpetrator was punished, etc. Naomi Boyington must have been a remarkable girl to survive and go on to marry and have a family. You have a very helpful website. Bev Lasure --- email: vtrealtr (at) sover.net
    60. [Boynton] March 16 2003 "John Boynton" I am searching for documentation for the Rev War military service for my ancestor, John BOYNTON (b. 30 Aug. 1713, Bradford, MA- d. 13 Oct. 1777, Buxton, ME). When was he mustered in & where, what regiment, who was his commanding officer? I also need the record of his birth and the record of his marriage to Mary HANCOCK on 16 Oct. 1739. (Is Mary related to the famous John Hancock?) I descend from John & Mary BOYNTON'S daughter, Hannah BOYNTON, who married Capt. John LANE. -Julie Johnson, Boise, Idaho emasil: Juliealice (at) aol.com
      Julie - My Boynton family history book lists John Boynton on page 68. He was born in Bradford, Mass on Aug 30, 1713 and married Mary, daughter of William Hancock, October 16, 1739. He was called John the Blacksmith. Residence on Water Street in Haverhill until March 28, 1760 when he sold out and removed to Buxton, Maine (then Narraganset No. 1.) It is said he died in the Army in 1777, in a barn used as a barrack by the soldiers. Elisha Andrews watched by him the night he died. His children were:
      1. Sarah -- born Nov 12, 1740
      2. Hannah -- born June 18, 1742, married first Samuel Hazeltine, Feb 18, 1768, he died 1776; she married 2nd Captain John Lane, Sept 21, 1777 (your ancestor)
      3. William -- born Dec 5, 1744, married Mary McLucas, Oct 2, 1766 [further entries in book for descendants]
      4. Daniel -- born March 25, 1747, married Hannah Babb, July 11, 1793 [further entries in book for descendants]
      5. John -- born June 20, 1749, married 1st Hannah Elwell of Pepperellborough, July 18, 1771; married 2nd Hannah Mason, March 25, 1800 [further entries in book for descendants]
      6. Isaac -- born Oct 3, 1752, died Sept 26, 1753
      7. Isaac -- born Jan 14, 1756, drowned, probably unmarried
      8. Mary -- born June 5, 1758; never married

      - Doug
    61. [Boynton] March 17, 2003 "Frank Boynton.... found" Hi Doug, Since I posted the query I finally found who Frank Boynton's father was! I took a couple of days searching old vital records of Mansfield, CT, Coventry, CT and Killingly, CT. I found that his father was Austin Boynton and his mother was Matilda Clark. I found his birth record in the Coventry vital birth records Vol 3 page 83. I was able to follow it back 3 more generations in the Coventry records. Austin's father was Thaddus Boynton. Thaddus's father was Oliver Boynton, then finally Moses Boynton! Thanks for posting the query. Gary Nilson Wallingford, CT --- email: gary.nilson (at) snet.net
      Gary - Thank you very much for the update. Sounds like you did some good digging. It is wonderful when the answers become available to everyone. More information! With the details that you provided, I have also found Frank Boynton in an addendum section to the Boynton family book on page 248. Austin Boynton first married Nancy Burt Hunt, May 30, 1854; married 2nd Amilda Lucretia Clark, July 1, 1872. Children and spouses are listed. The history of Austin's ancestors is on page 27. Austin's father was Thaddus Boynton. Thaddus's father was Oliver Boynton, Oliver's father was Joshua Boynton. Joshua's father was another Joshua Boynton. Joshua's father was William Boynton. William was one of the two Boynton brothers who came to America in 1638. From there the family history goes back another 22 generations as documented at my website: www.quine.org/boynton.html We share the two Joshua Boynton's as ancestors and obviously everyone before them. This gets you about another 26 generations back. Best regards - Doug
    62. [Boynton] March 19, 2003 "Stanley G. Boynton" I am the grand daughter of Stanley G. Boynton b. 1895. Married Lucy (Tebo) Thibault. Had two sons-Sinclair Martin and Stanley G., Jr. I would appreciate any info. I am new to all this and would love to get guidance as to where to start. There are no more living from his generation. Many thanks, Lisa Boynton Forester --- email: lforester54 (at) aol.com
      Lisa - Thanks for your note. I regret that my reference materials end too early to include your grandfather. If you know his father's name then I may be able to help. Otherwise the Boynton web site and guest books are full of information. You can use the "FreeFind" box on the web pages (www.quine.org/boynton.html) to enter names that you are seeking. Best regards, Doug
    63. [Boynton] April 8, 2003 "Seeking Boynton Family in Canada" Hello. My name is Amy and I had no idea their were so many Boyntons. I have just become a Boynton, Just wondered if any of your 'Boyntons' had links in Canada or Scotland-England as my husband is Canadian and his great-gradparents were from England. Wow! so many Boyntons. - from amy fozard --- email: robbshoney (at) hotmail.com
      Amy - Thanks for your note. Welcome to the Boynton family. Although I did my post-doctoral work in Halifax, Canada, I don't know of any Boynton family there. Certainly if you trace back far enough all the Boynton family members came from England. My ancestors came in 1638 to Rowley, Massachusetts. Best regards - Doug
    64. [Boynton] April 8, 2003 "By The Quay" I am renovating the home that Major Nathaniel Boynton built in Port Huron in the late 1800's. Attached is a picture of it early this year. If you have any early photos or information, I'd appreciate it. Thank you, Janice Littlefield, 1005 Huron Avenue, Port Huron, MI 48060 janice (at) bythequay.com
    65. [Boynton] April 10, 2003 "Samuel BOYNTON--Evelina Andville SPAULDINGH DUNN" Researching my gggreatgrandfather Asaph BLAISDELL Ward One Boston. Time frame early 1800's Boston. Asaph m. Sally CLOWE PAGE BLAISDELL.abt. 1820. 6 ch. This is 5 year search. 1850 Somerville, Ma.census Sally BLAISDELL was neighbor to Samuel BOYNTON and Evelina SPAULDING. Samuel BOYNTON(William) was b. July 5th Meredith N. H. d. August 22,1888 Westford, Ma. He m.. Evelina Andville SPAULDING DUNN Jan. 2, 1842 dau. of James SPAULDING and Anna TENNEY. She was b. June 28, 1807 Westford, Ma. d. June 23, 1897 Lynn, Ma.

      My greatgrandfather James Monroe BLAISDELL lived in Lynn at same time. He was an undertaker. Any info about a possible link to Asaph BLAISDELL.will be appreciated. Asaph kept extemely low profile. He's only in 1830 census Ward one in Boston. The death records of ch. say Chelmsford, Ma. Hooksett, N. H. and Manchester, Ma. Possibly Asaph was a relative of either Samuel or Evelina. That could be name change and explain why I can't find parents.of Asaph. BFNA has Asaph as LDU. Tyngsboro, Ma. Samuel BOYNTON and Mrs.Evelina DUNN m. 17th Nov. 1841 1880 census shows Samuel BOYNTON age 74, b.Meredith,Belkap,N.H. Regards, Joan Blaisdell email: --- joan.blaisdell (at) worldnet.att.net My reference book is striking out. I have a Samuel Boynton born in Westford MA in 1766 (page 76) and I have references to a Mary Blaisdell of Stetson ME who married Issac Boynton on April 10, 1806. Can anyone else help? - -Doug
      April 11, 2003 follow-up: "Hi Doug, Thank's for reply and additional info. On your site, Mary WADLAND had a query. Her e-mail is not correct. I tried to reach her thru another source and she is n't replying to messages. Mary lives in Melrose, Ma. I think she holds answers. I found on QUINE site. If I obtain success on any site, it will be yours, Have a nice day. Regards, Joan
    66. [Boynton] April 18 2003 "Seeking Blane Boynton" i want to talk to blane boynton if anybody knows him give me a mail i'm french and i know this guy , i was his old penfriend i remembered this trip in USa and it was very excellent i've got very good memories and his friends was(and are always i think) very nice with me and very cool !! So if anybody knows plz tell me !! thx a lot From: Vincent -- email: vinz2lam (at) wanadoo.fr
    67. [Boynton] April 18 2003 "Seeking Blane Boynton" hi i don't know if you're blan boynton but if you are this guy i think that you can remembered me ! I'm vincent your old french's penfriend !! Do you remember me ? if you do follow me a mail we can spoke again From: Vincent -- email: vinz2lam (at) wanadoo.fr
    68. [Boynton] April 27 2003 "wife of Ebenezer Boynton (Sergt. Caleb, John) born May 17 1688?" Doug, I'm looking for the correct wife of Ebenezer Boynton (Sergt. Caleb, John) born May 17 1688 in Rowley. According to the Early Settlers of Rowley, MA, it was Sarah Wheeler. Recently I've seen reported he married Sarah Grout. Which is correct? Or is Grout a second marriage? Thanks, Grace Bliss Smith --- email gracemi (at) comcast.net
      Dear Grace, My Boynton book from 1896 supports the Grout theory.
      Page 57 shows Ebenezer Boynton (son of Caleb, son of John) born May 17, 1688 who married first Sarah Grout (daughter of Caleb Grout). They resided in Byfield Parish, Rowley until 1726 when they moved to Weston Mass where she died Feb 1727 (or 1728). He married 2nd, Abigail Chadwick in Weston on June 7, 1728. He was a blacksmith and died in Milford on Sept 16, 1761. His 7 children (all with Sarah it appears) were Jeremiah (Dec 27, 1711), Hannah (Aug 4, 1713), Jerusha (July 6, 1715), a son (possibly Joshua) baptised July 17, 1720, Mercy (June 15, 1722), Caleb (May 18, 1724), and Sarah (June 26, 1726).
      I also checked for Wheeler references and could find no Sarah Wheeler in the book at all (there were 11 Wheeler references list but none to Sarah, none in the time period of interest. [2 of the index entries I could not find the reference in the text but they were in the 1800's in any case]
      Hope this helps - Doug

      Thanks, Doug. The Rowley Settlers book shows Ebenezer married to Sarah Wheeler, daughter of Nathan Wheeler and Elizabeth Safford. However, I did some checking and found some other references citing the marriage to Sarah Grout. - Grace
      MUCH MORE INFORMATION at ENTRY 819 dated November 23, 2003
    69. [Boynton] April 30, 2003 "usa boyntons" i am looking for info on any "Boyntons" in the united states.... my husbands grandfather was "Lounice C. Boynton " from texas , who ran a cotten gin here in east texas.....any info would sure be appreciated..... my thanks cindi Cindipuppylove (at) cs.com
    70. [Boynton] May 1, 2003 "Thomas Boynton" Hi, just stumbled on your web page when I punched my own name into the search engine! I'm Thomas Walcott Boynton (38, born July 1965) probably somewhat intertwined in the family tree, somewhere. My father is Richard Boynton originally from Rhode island. His father was Oliver Griswold Boynton. He has a pretty big family tree thing hanging on the wall in his house which has the same family crest ( Arms De Boynton) . This family tree, I think goes back to the 15 or 16 century, ever heard of my parents or grandparents? --- tomboynton (at) cox.net

      Thomas - I've not heard of your family members (I grew up in Massachusetts and my mother - Marjorie Boynton - grew up in Connecticut) but my Boynton family book carries the family back to the 11th century. If you can find the name of your great-grandfather (I need someone born before about 1890) and his wife's maiden name then I may be able to get you the link all the way back (the index is very hard to use if the first name of the Boynton relative is a common name). Best regards - Doug

      I was born in Meriden Ct. and have lived here all my life. My uncle ( Daniel Boynton), my fathers twin brother, lives in Massachusetts, and has lived there all his life. I think he lived in Lincoln for a while. My great grandfather was Henry Walcott Boynton who was a fairly famous author. He was born April 22 1869 in Guilford Ct. His wife was Lucia Griswold Merrill who died Sept 1899, and he remarried to May Whittemore who died in 1961. My Grandfather's mother was Lucia Merrill Boynton. My great-grandfather, Henry Walcott Boynton's father, was George Mills Boynton who was born in Brooklyn N.Y. in 1837. That family tree, my father has, starts with Bartholemew de Boynton, Living in Yorkshire England A.D. 1067. I do see a Douglas Boynton born in 1928 who is a relative, but probably distant to you. HTH .... Tom.

      Thomas - It sounds like you are already linked into the long family history back to Bartholemew de Boynton, Living in Yorkshire England A.D. 1067. It is a small world. My grandfather, Augustus Swain Boynton lived in Meriden at 291 Liberty Street from 1919 to 1978. He was the Director of State Trade School, Meriden CT (from startup 1919-1930) and then became the Connecticut) State Director of Vocational Education (1930-1945). My mother lived in Meriden until she went to college. Your great grandfather Rev. George Mills Boynton is described on page 117 of my Boynton family history book. He went to Yale College, Union Theological Seminary, married Julia H. Holmes. Was pastor of Presbyterian church at Riverdale NY then pastor of 3rd church in Guilford (1866) then 1872 pastor of Belleville Ave Congregational Church in Newark NJ and then Jamaica Plain, Mass (where my best man's father was later the pastor!). As of 1897, George Mills Boynton was secretary of the Congregational Sunday-School and Publishing Society in Boston. Best regards - Doug
    71. [Boynton] May 19, 2003 "usa boyntons" So enjoyed this site. I'm descended from William of Rowley, MA through his daughter, Mary, b. 1648 and m. to John Eastman, son of Roger. Learned such interesting new information. Suzi Larson --- darsuz (at) mayberryamerica.net
    72. [Boynton] May 20, 2003 "seeking Zalene Boynton" I'm looking for an aunt whose name i believe is Zalene. She last was heard to have lived in florida. My father's name is george boynton. Wanda Boynton - wboynton (at) tha-nj.org
      Sorry, I can't help with recent family members since my reference book was published in 1897. Perhaps another reader can help .. - Doug.
    73. [Boynton] May 23, 2003 "A great site" I love your site...I think I have traced my family back to Charles (Methusalah's Son) I was suprised to find how big the family was. Jason Boynton --- jasonboynton (at) aol.com
    74. [Boynton] May 23, 2003 "Augustus BYINGTON ... response to TE 96-10-06 (message 17 at http://www.quine.org/guestby1.html)" I have Augustus BYINGTON's father as Zina BYINGTON 1795-1886 b. CT, m. Huldah WEBSTER. Zinna;s father was Daniel BYINGTON 1773-1843. Daniel married 3 times. Zina's mother was Susan NORTON 1778-1803, Daniel's 1st wife. I am a descendant of Daniel's 2nd wife, Hannah ALCOTT. His 3rd wife was Herldan WAKEFIELD. That's some of what I have, plus brothers and sisters and some of their dates. My e-mail is mudder9651 (at) aol.com.
    75. [Boynton] June 2, 2003 "Lucius Darwin Boynton" I'm looking for dates, places, and spouses down to my g-father Roy J. Boynton of Michigan (b.1/1/1881) from Joshua Boynton (b. 5/4/1679 - d. 10/29/1770) who married Mary Dole 5/1708, had 5 sons: Jeremiah, David, Moses, Joshua, Enoch, and 8 daughters. I have only names for the descendents: Joshua Boynton -> David Boynton -> Samuel Boynton -> John Boynton -> Ezra Boynton -> Lucius Darwin Boynton -> Roy J. Boynton my grandfather who had two brothers, Elon and Perry. I would appreciate any information for this part of the lineage. from Dorie Boynton --- email: xcskiers (at) earthlink.net
      My Boynton book offers the following:
      1. my Boynton site carries the family history back to 1067 -- see: www.quine.org/boynton.html
      2. William Boynton born 1606 came to America in 1638 and had a son Joshua (page 1 in book)
      3. Joshua Boynton (born 1646) had a son also named Joshua (which you list above - page 3 in book)
      4. Joshua Boynton (born 1679) had a son also named Joshua- page 5 in book)
      5. Joshua Boynton (born Jan 20, 1717) married Martha Stickney on April 14, 1743 had 8 children (pages 12-13 in book)

      I've lost the trail from here because the children are named: Joshua, Martha, Benjamin, Mary, Amos, Sarah, Elias, Elizabeth. The only possible candidates would seem to be the males (because family name continued) named Joshua, Benjamin, and Elias (Amos died young). The descendents of each of these are known - but I'm not yet seeing the obvious connection. (I suspect that there is a missing generation before David's entry.)

      Trying to trace back from the present failed because Roy, Elon, and Perry are not obviously listed (the book ends in 1896 and is weak at the end). If any of this makes sense, I can dig deeper for you. I did not find Lucius Darwin Boynton. I did find a Lucius A. Boynton (but he died at age 14 - page 173). I found a Darwin R. Boynton born in Grafton in 1818, the son of David Boynton born in Paxton Maine in 1784. None of these sound like your relatives to me yet. Best regards - Doug
    76. [Boynton] June 9, 2003 "Hi from Charles Boynton the 7th" From your list and Deana Schultz's list it appears that I am the seventh Charles Boynton, dating from Methuselah's son Charles. Apparently we all find our individuality in the fact that we all have a different middle name. My grandfather was Charles Herbert Boynton. His father, Charles Burton/Bert or D. Boynton, I believe was actually named Charles Blane Boynton, as I believe my cousin Blane was named after his middle name. At least I think I remember his mother telling me that. In any case, I was quite close to my grandfather even though distance kept me from visiting much with him. Near the end of his life I had the pleasure of cleaning out grandpa's attic and in so doing, inherited much of his library of books, including some of my great grandfather's books. Incidently, he was a minister and labled the inside cover of his books with "PRIVATE LIBRARY C.B.BOYNTON". Like the rest of us out there, I am astounded at how many of us there are. Nice work! Thanks. C & L BOYNTON --- email: beachhouse (at) wcn.net
      P.S. Regarding my last entry: My father informs me that my great grandfather's middle name was indeed Burton and that he went by Bert as a nick name. Oh and by the way, my son is apparently Charles Boynton the 8th. The only time that the name Charles skipped a generation is when my grandparents named my father Dawn. The spelling reflects the blonde hair he was born with, which reminded my grandmother, Florence "Hughes" Boynton, of the rising sun.
      Thank you very much for the kind note. I actually have a great grandfather Charles Boynton and a great-great grandfather Boynton:
      1. Charles Boynton (May 9 1812 - June 30 1862) --- Married Matilda Burbank of Groveland on July 20 1846. Two sons: Charles P, Willard H. Four daughters: Caroline P, Sarah D, Matilda A, Annie M. Killed at 2 pm in Battle of Glendale, aka Frayser's Farm, White Oak Swamp, VA leaving a widow and young children.
      2. Charles P. Boynton (Jan 20 1853 - ?) --- Grocer (bought the general store where he started working as a child when his father died). Married Addie J. Peaslee of Newton NH. Three sons: Charles R, George H, Augustus S (my grandfather). One daughter: Marion L.
      - Regards - Doug
    77. [Boynton] June 20, 2003 "Boynton" Along with many others I studied WVO Quine at college. I notice his Boynton ancestry. I used to live very near Boynton and know the Boynton estate, just outside Bridlington on the Driffield road. From the genealogy "William Boynton (Yorkshire, England) (1605 or 1606 -) --- Planter, weaver, tailor, teacher. Married Elizabeth Jackson (in England, she came to Rowley with him). Four sons born in Rowley: John (Dec 19 1640 - Mar 26, 1665); Zachariah (Oct 11 1644 - Aug 4 1660); Joshua (Mar 10 1646 - ?); Caleb (Apr 7 1650 - ?). Three daughters: Elizabeth (Dec 11 1642 - ?); Mary (July 23 1648 - ?); Sarah (Dec 1 1652 - Aug 8 1654). William Boynton joined the expedition (with his brother John) under the auspices of Sir Matthew Boynton in 1637 to settle in New England." Many of the names in the family tree reflect places local to Bridlington, East Yorkshire and I know them well, Grindale (a small village where I once lived), East Heslerton, Acclam, Newton. Boynton Hall is a fine building in woody grounds, which often hosts charity fetes etc. Congratulations on an interesting addition to a philosopher's website. Yours faithfully, James Lambert --- email: hildabloodaxe (at) msn.com
      James - thank you for the wonderful message. It is great to gain a better understanding of the Boynton roots. A minor correction. WVO Quine is my father and my mother is a Boynton. Therefore I am the first generation to share both Boynton and Quine ancestors. Regards - Doug
      Addendum: Dear Sir/ Madam, I used to live in East Yorkshire, near Bridlington. In the 1970' s I remember studying Quine at college. I was not very good at philosophy in those days but he contributed to a view I now hold that science is three parts poetry. I am only 80% sure of this but I believe the main (titled) ancestral branch of the Boynton family tree now resides at Burton Agnes Hall, Burton Agnes, Driffield, East Yorkshire. The small village, Burton Agnes has a large duck pond. It used to be always cracking and draining. The village is located on the edge of The Wolds, a large region of arable cornfields. The land is so productive there are hardly any woods in East Yorkshire. Yours Faithfully, Mr. J.O. Lambert.
    78. [Boynton] June 25, 2003 "Hello to the Boyntons" I never knew there were so many! My father, Geoffrey Rockwell Boynton, son of George H. Boynton, Sr. was born in Huntington New York. He tells me that our particular branch came north from Atlanta where they had lived for many generations, though originally hailed from Vermont. My great aunt Virginia Boynton Cromer still lives in Atlanta. Thanks for the history! --- Mark D. Boynton -- mboynton (at) pharrlaw.com
    79. [Boynton] July 3, 2003 "Boynton information and conmnection to the Mayflower" Here's a little about us:
      Grandfather: Casimir Ware Boynton*
      Grandmother: Anne Dunbar*
      Father: Lewis Ware Boynton, Sr.*
      Mother: Sandra Mary Kaminski*
      Children: Lewis W. Boynton, Jr. (me), Pamela Anne Baldino, Christopher Dunbar Boynton.

      Casimir went by C. Ware Boynton had another son by a different wife. Sons name Gorham.

      *= deceased
      Have a more detailed family tree. Originally traced back to Mayflower to John Alden.
      ---- Lewis Boynton --- lewboynton (at) email.msn.com
    80. [Boynton] July 12, 2003 "Revolutionary War military members and deaths." Good morning. I am doing some research on the Boynton family and their involvement in the Revolutionary/1812/Civil War. I need to know if they were KIA, or honorably detached for membership in some of the organizations of those periods. I have been a member of the Mass. Ancient and Honorable some time ago but lost track of how I can find the information and hope you can assist me. I currently live in New Hampshire. Best regards, Jim Boynton --- focusnhinst (at) comcast.net
      Dear Jim, Since the Boynton family first arrived in America in 1638, a tremendous number of Boyntons were here for the early wars. The Boynton family history book (as of 1896) runs some 350 pages including many details of heroic efforts and patriotic contributions by our ancestors. I'd suggest buying a copy of the book - there is a bookseller listed at the web site: www.quine.org/boynton.html As one very close example, my great, great grandfather: Charles Boynton (May 9 1812 - June 30 1862) --- Married Matilda Burbank of Groveland on July 20 1846. Two sons: Charles P, Willard H. Four daughters: Caroline P, Sarah D, Matilda A, Annie M. Killed at 2 pm in Battle of Glendale, aka Frayser's Farm, White Oak Swamp, VA leaving a widow and young children. Best regards - Doug

      July 13, 2003 RE: Revolutionary War military members and deaths." Douglas, thank you for returning my email. I have looked at your site which is, well just fantastic and have located the Higginson Book Company and I will purchase the Boynton books. Thank you for your most helpful assistance. I hail from my Father Robert Lester of the Lynn-Saugus Boynton's and my mother from the Berube/Roy families of Rimounski, Canada. I am myself in my young sixties, a full college professor, part time economic development director, and past member of the NH House of Representatives and a candidate for the state senate in 2004. Best regards and keep up the good work. Jim Boynton
    81. [Boynton] July 14, 2003 "Boynton family info..." Hi Doug A few months ago you helped me out with some information I needed on a Frank Otis Boynton. You gave me the lineage back many generations. I just wanted to let you know that while researching it I discovered that Amilda Lucrettia Clark who married Austin Boynton of Coventry CT was a descendant of seven Mayflower passengers. I decided to pursue membership in the Mayflower Society and tonight I got word from the State Historian of the Mayflower Society that my application was approved in Plymouth and I will receive the "General Number" in about 7 days.
      This means that Austin Boynton's descendants thru Amilda and Frank Boynton's descendants are also Mayflower descendants. I want to thank you again for helping me out. If you would like to see the lineage back to John Alden (my Mayflower passenger I picked) let me know and I will forward it to you. I have a listing of all the source records I used if anyone is interested also. Sincerely, Gary Nilson, Wallingford, CT
    82. [Boynton] July 20, 2003 "ANSWER regarding the ship that Boynton brother sailed in from England to America in 1638" Hi Doug. The question posed by Magdalena regarding the ship William and John came over on was the "John of London". This from Rootsweb Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. Sailed from Hull, England to Salem, MA Summer 1638. It lists quite a few names including William, his wife Elizabeth and John. Hope this helps. George --- GFBoynton (at) aol.com"
      Thank you! - Doug
    83. [Boynton] July 24, 2003 "Seeking Lucreta Boynton 1783-1838" I have a Lucretia Boynton 1783-1838. Does anyone know who her parents were? She married Thomas Hairston in Georgia in 1807. -- Donna Lane email: ddlane (at) cox-internet.com
      Donna - Sorry I've struck out. My Boynton book (page 96) lists only a Lucretia A. Boynton (born June 1, 1832) who married Thomas N. Hooper, lived in Davenport, Iowa and had 7 children (her ancestors can be traced all the way back). I found no references to any "Hairston" family members. Maybe someone else will be able to help through the guest book. Best Regards - Doug
    84. [Boynton] August 18, 2003 "James Byington 1779 want to tie to Boyntons possible David Byington 1734" Re: James Byington (Bastard, Leeds, Ontario, Canada). I found this fantastic site through Goggle. Thank you for your work! For generations our family has been trying to find information to tie James Byington to the Boynton line. (James b. Abt 1775; d. Bastard, Leeds, Ontario, Canada about 1825; wife Susannah Nichols originally from Rhode Island, via Stephentown, New York, also died in Bastard, Leeds, Canada.) (Their daughter Mary Byington my 4th great grandmother was born 1811, Bastard, Leeds, Canada; married Southworth, died in Utah.) Some think James' parents may be David Byington b. 1734, Branford, New Haven, Ct. and mother Mary Sheldon. We cannot prove this. Were the Byontons Puritans? The Byingtons buried in Bastard, Leeds, Ontario, Canada, were buried in the United Church Cemetery. Did they keep Church records? We have tried with researchers and have only come up with the following article from North Seas Lantern, July-August 1982, p. 23: "The Byington Family of Portland (Ontario, Canada): James Byington, son of David and Mary Byington, fled the United States as United Empire Loyalists with his parents and settled in Nova Scotia. Descended from one of the three brothers who had arrived in Mass. In 1628. It was a great decision to leave. He married Susannah Nichols in approx. 1798. The family farmed but it is best remembered as carpenters and cabinet-makers and many local houses possess interior woodwork and furniture which attest to their skill. Many a local person went to his eternal rest in a Byington coffin. 8 generations in Canada, the family is still represented by the community. (1982)" I need any help I can get. I have searched many places, not on Loyalist Lists that I can see. Thank you. Merle Romer email: RomerM (at) ldschurch.org
      My 1896 Boynton reference book records the name change from Boynton to Boyington / Byington by John Boynton who was baptised in Newbury, Massachusetts on April 19, 1676 and later married Jane Swain. His Boyington / Byington descendants are recorded in pages 262 through 286 of the book. One hundred years later, in 1996 Roy E. Byington published a book "Byington, Boynton, Baker Genealogy (with the descendants of Cyrus Irving Byington of Norwalk, Connedcticut 1865-1953)". With my poor index, I regret that I have not yet found the linkage requested by Merle - has anyone else? By the way, the North Seas Lantern seems to have some errors. There were 2 Boynton brothers (not three) that came from England in 1638 (not 1628). Regards - Doug
    85. [Boynton] August 18, 2003 "Victor Boynton II" Anyone with info. on Lois Boynton living in the Los Angles area in the 1960's. Husband was Victor G. Boynton. Also info. of any children. Please e-mail. thank you Victor III -- email: boyntonrule (at) yahoo.com>
      Dear Victor - I regret that I have no information. I am, however, posting your message in the guest book. Unfortunately, my records end with a book published in 1896. Should you get additional information, please send it along and I'll post it as well. Best regards - Doug, webmaster
    86. [Boynton] August 18, 2003 "William Warren Boyington" I'm so happy to have found this site which gave me some information about the Boynton's in England. I'm also hoping to find any descendants of William Warren (W.W.) Boyington, the Chicago architect. He was married to Eunice Bingham Miller and they had 10 children. My mother was the daughter of William Walls who was the son of Homer H (son of W W) and Nance Josephine Walls. Nance and William had two children. Their son, William, had five children and their daughter, Ida Maude had no children. I know all of my cousins; however, we are sure there must be other descendents and we would love to know them and learn family lore. My mother was raised by her grandmother, Nance, and remembered the family being approached about and inheritance of property, a "castle" in England. Nance refused it; but, it must have been offered to other family members. Plus, W.W. seems like a fascinating man and we'd like to know more about him. If you're out there, please e-mail me... Susan E. Norman ...susane1 (at) earthlink.net
      Susan, thank you very much for the detailed message which has been posted in the Boynton (Byington, Boyington) guest book. My 1896 Boynton family history books shows a picture of the Boynton "castle" (manor house). William Warren Boyington is listed in there on page 276 as "an architect of note in Chicago" together with his siblings and children all linking into the family history. Best regards- Doug
    87. [Boynton] August 27, 2003 "Boynton Family info" My husband, John Howe Boynton (Aug. 27 1930) is the son of James Breck Boynton (1898 - 1984). John has a 1/2 brother, James B. Boynton,Jr. (1941 - ) and sister Beverly Boynton Kinsey (wife of Roy Kinsey) of Phoenix, AZ. Grandad's brother, Rt. Rev. Charles F. Boynton was Suffragan Bishop of New York Episcopal). Their sister, Martha Ferris is deceased. Don't know if any of this is of interest. We have two daughters: Jonna Lynne (Mrs. Jeffrey H. Waller) of Houston, and Melissa Anne (Mrs. Martin Joseph Mannion IV) of New York City. Nancy Boynton email --- nancyboynton (at) earthlink.net
      Dear Nancy - Thank you for the nice note which is appreciated and will be posted tonight, Please also wish your husband a happy 73rd birthday in the morning. Best regards - Doug (Douglas Boynton Quine, webmaster)
    88. [Boynton] September 4, 2003 "Elizabeth Boynton " I just found your website, and I would just like to add what happened to Elizabeth Boynton, born in Rowley, who married Elnathan Blood on Nov 26, 1741. Elizabeth lies buried in the Pine Hill Cemetary in Hollis, NH. Her gravestone reads, Mrs. Elisabeth Blood wife of Mr Elnathan Blood. Died march 30, 1789, age 69. Her epitaph......."Retire my Friends dry up your tears, Here I must lie till Christ appears." Hollis, NH records indicate Elisabeth Boynton and Elnathan Blood were married in Groton, MA in 1741. There are those who claim this cemetery is haunted. I am looking into it. You might like to visit http://www.geocities.com/pinehill_2003 for more information on Elnathan, Elisabeth, and some of her children and grandchildren. --- Helena Hayden -- email: hthayden (at) worldnet.att.net
    89. [Boynton] September 5, 2003 "Jack and Arvilla Boynton" My name is Aza Drielts. I am the grand daughter to Jack and Arvilla Boynton of Harbor Springs Michigan. I just was looking for information on a speech that I have to do for my speech class at school. Your site helped me a lot. My grandma keeps geneology records and is also interested in your site. Thanks!! -Aza
    90. [Boynton] September 6, 2003 "Winifield Scott Boynton" We are researching the Boynton Family My wife's great great grandfather was Winifield Scott Boynton. He died in 1911 and is listed in a Boynton famiy history book written in the later 1800's His father was Wilder P. Boynton, b. 1826 - d. 1900 buried Evergreen Cemetary - Colorado Springs Wilder's father was Gardner Boynton. 1792 - died 1873 Gardners father was Major William Boynton b ___ d 1805 Louden NH Most of Wilder's family came to Colorado Springs during the Gold Rush about the turn of the century. I'm not sure that my wife "Winifred", is related to your part of the Boynton's but would appreciate any help you can give. Best Gary Ledford / JESS RANCH --- emaqil: usinet.jessran (at) pop4.attglobal.net
      Jess - Thank you for the note which I am adding to the Boynton guest book tonight. Yes, we are distant relatives. Winifred Scott Boynton is listed in the 1896 Boynton Family History book (page 251) and descends from Abel Boynton (page 32, 5th generation in America) , Captain Elias Boynton (4th generation), Joshua Boynton (3rd generation, Joshua Boynton (2nd generation and OUR common ancestor), Joshua Boynton (1st generation), William Boynton (came to America in 1638). Best regards - Doug Douglas Boynton Quine, Ph.D. webmaster: www.quine.org/boynton.html
    91. [Boynton] September 20, 2003 "Lester Chase Boynton" Lester Chase Boynton was my g-grandfather on my Mothers side. I just visited your web site and it is awesome. There is so much information about so many Boyntons. The Boyntons sure were/are a prolific bunch. Lajuana D. Burton-Taylor --- email: lajuanaburton (at) totalaccess.net
    92. [Boynton] October 2, 2003 "Mary Boynton" --- I would like to know the parents/lineage of the Mary Boynton who married Oliver Younger on 24 December 1849 in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Thanks, Heather Wilkinson Rojo ---- v.rojo (at) worldnet.att.net
      Dear Heather - I regret that my reference book does not help with your question. I hope a reader of the web site guest book can help. Best regards - Doug
    93. [Boynton] October 27, 2003 "Boynton lineage" --- I'm searching for information on my relatives.... I was born: Alice Lorraine Boynton, March 19, 1960 to Joyce Elaine Kitchen and Henry Homes Boynton. Henry's father was Frederick Boynton and he passed quite some time ago. Is this part of this line? Thank you, Alice --- paulvr (at) astound.net
      Alice - I regret that my reference book does not help with your question. Do you by any chance have the name of a Boynton (and ideally a spouse as well) in the generation before your grandfather? My reference book was published in 1896 and therefore people born after about 1890 are not included. In any case, I'll post your question in the web site guest book (www.quine.org/guestboy.html) at the next update. Best regards - Doug
    94. [Boynton] October 27, 2003 "Gregory "Pappy" Boynton" --- Hello, I was cleaning out a storage for an elderly friend of mine and found a manuscript by Pappy Boynton. I am interested in finding a direct descendent. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Annamarie Longfellow --- email --- Shorteandbeach (at) wmconnect.com
      Annamarie - I regret that my reference book does not help with your question. Do you by any chance have the name of a spouse or child that I could look up (or his formal name?) In any case, I'll post your question in the web site guest book (www.quine.org/guestboy.html) at the next update. Best regards - Doug
    95. [Boynton] October 30, 2003 "Gregory "Pappy" Boynton" --- Hi Doug, Thank you for your reply. I just have the name Gregory "Pappy" Boynton. I know the show Black Sheep Squadron, starring Robert Conrad, was loosely based on his squad. I appreciate your help! Best regards, Annamarie Longfellow
    96. [Boynton] October 21, 2003 "Jonathan Boynton" --- Jonathan Boynton witnessed the will of Richard(1) Hall of Bradford, MA dated November 18th, 1723. Richard Hall arrived in Bradford around 1673, but his origins are as yet unknown. Boynton was a neighbor and possibly a relative as we do not yet know Richard Hall's wife Martha's maiden name. Here are my notes on Jonathan Boynton:

      NOTE by Jeff Hall 3/6/03: (prob. the Jonathan Boynton b. 8/19/1684 in Rowley who married in 1711 Margaret Harriman b. 8/19/1686 (coincidence!), of Bradford, MA. She was m. 1st to Daniel Gage and 3rd to John Stuart (LDS AFN:43TL-58).

      Margaret’s mother was Sarah Palmer (poss. related to Richard(2) Hall’s 1st mother-in-law).

      Jonathan’s nephew Richard, son of Richard and Sarah Dresser, is probably the Richard Boynton of Tewksbury who in 1743 bought 57 acres of land from Richard(2) Hall on the Nashua River in Harvard, MA for 220 pounds.

      Richard Boynton’s wife was Jerusha Hutchins. Her uncle Joseph Hutchins, Jr. owned the land that bounded this Harvard property to the south. He also witnessed the deed.

      To the east of this piece of land in Harvard was the property of Simeon Farnsworth who was married to Martha Hall, Richard(2)’s daughter. To make matters even more interesting, Jerusha (Hutchins) Boynton’s mother was a descendant of the John Hazeltine of Bradford who was a first settler of Bradford, MA and the donor of the land on which the first 2 meeting houses of Bradford were built and on which the first Bradford burial ground was placed.

      Bounding the Bradford burial ground land in Bradford was a "5 rail fence" that, according to the town history, ran to the fence of “Goodman Hall” (“Goodman” being an archaic way of saying Esteemed, or Citizen, or Mister.). This places Richard(1) Hall's land between the old burial ground and the Merrimack River, in current day Bradford. Sadly, this land is now a water treatment plant, but it was once the source of all drinking water for Bradford (19th century), and prior to that some prime farm land. The land lies just along the island once called Hales Island (not Hall's).

      Jeffrey L. Hall, Amherst, NH --- jeffhall (at) adelphia.net
      It is ironic that I spent the summers of my youth in Harvard, Massachusetts. I never knew about the Boynton connection there - Douglas Boynton Quine (webmaster)
    97. [Boynton] November 12, 2003 "Boyntons and the Boynton Estate in York" --- Just wanted to say hello. My grandmother's grandmother was Amanda Melvina Boynton daug of David 1785 NH, descendant of John, brother to your William. I visited Wintringham, near York, in 1998 and other places known to the ancient Boyntons in England. Old church is still standing with gravestones all around it. It was raining and the man who kindly took me there had an appt. to keep, so the time was too short but memorable. Went to Burton Agnes on east coast, still in York. Boynton's married into the owners and it is called a Boynton estate, open the public for a fee. Hull is not far from there where John and William set sail for the colonies. Perhaps you have been there and know these things? Be nice to hear from you. Joanne in Tucson --- email JOTERP (at) aol.com
      Thank you for your message. I have been extremely busy and unable to get it posted. I'm working through the messages this evening and hope to have your message on-line by tomorrow. Although I have read about the Boynton roots in England, I have not yet visited. Thank you very much for the details. I look ahead to seeing the estate (recently we visited the Quine family farm in the Isle of Man). Best regards - Doug, Douglas Boynton Quine, webmaster
    98. [Boynton] November 12, 2003 "Olive Boynton" --- Just happened across the website tonight searching for "John Farnham Boynton". I am a descendant of his sister, Olive Boynton who m. Jonathan Harriman Hale. In reading the various biographical sketches of members of the Boynton family (both here and in other sources), I am amazed at the quality of the descendants, the intelligence and drive, the diversity in interests, and the courage. It is fascinating to hear what my various "cousins" have contributed to the world. Thanks for providing a forum for keeping these discussions alive, for making connections, and having it available for all. Liz Harvey (in Dallas, TX) --- ebharvey (at) swbell.net
    99. [Boynton] November 13, 2003 "Ann Lummus Boynton" --- I am the ggranddaughter of Ann Boynton Bryant born in lynn ,ma married to Augustus Bryant am looking for there other children Nathanal A. Bryant born abt 1842 and brother Lewis born about 1843 or 44 in Milton have info on the other 3 children born and lived in Milton Loretta --- email: Chickyyuma2 (at) aol.com
    100. [Boynton] November 23, 2003 (sent Sept. 13 2003 but delayed by file recovery problems) "From N.H. - William Boynton (1606) and Elizabeth Jackson (1610) descendants" --- Hi Doug on Gen. 23 I have a little more info. for you. I like your site very informative. I asked about the cemetery's it was listed but now gone could you tell me were to fine it. Thank You from BLBSHADOWAGD (at) aol.com
    101. [Boynton] November 23, 2003 (sent Sept. 23 2003 but delayed by file recovery problems) "From N.H. - William Boynton (1606) and Elizabeth Jackson (1610) descendants" --- Hi Doug I have a little more information on number 786. In the book "Early Settlers of Rowley" it has both Ebenezer Boynton (22-26) page 27 +28 that he married Sarah Wheeler and on pg. 404 of her + her Father Nathan Wheeler (215-5) under Sarah (215-22).
      Also in Newbury Mass. Vital Records vol.II marriages + Deaths it has them being married May 25,1711 in Newbury, Mass.
      In the Rowley Mass. vital records 1928 in the births and dates it has the children as Ebenezer and Sarah. In the Newbury births it only has the Bapt. date an has only Ebenezer name. I hope this helps. Keep up the good work. BLB
      click for enlarged image
      William Boynton (1606) and Elizabeth Jackson (1610) descendants
    102. [Boynton] November 29, 2003 "I'd like to know where I fit in" --- Hi, My name is Morgan Rachelle Adler and my grandmother was Helen Leavenworth Boynton. This is an interesting web-site.
    103. [Boynton] December 19, 2003 "my great, great grandfather" --- Hi, I am William D. Boyington, and my dad was William H. Boyington, son of William Walls Boyington, son of Homer Boyington, who was one of the sons of William Warren Boyington, the Chicago architect. I am 59 years of age and reside in Ocean Township New Jersey. I have one brother, John who also resides in Ocean Township. I got interested in the family history a couple of years ago and met a distant cousin, Roger Boyington in New Hampshire. He is really into this and has a family web page and a data base of about 5000 names. If you wish I would be happy to give you his address and telephone number. Your page is very interesting and quite informative. Please keep in touch. Bill Boyington
    104. [Boynton] November 30, 2003 "Boynton went down on the Empress of Ireland" --- Am looking for a Boynton who lived in Ontario Canada, around 1910 or so. He and his wife, Elisabeth, paid for my father's passage from England to St. Thomas, Ont. in 1912 or 1913. Mrs Boynton went down on the Empress of Ireland which sank in the St. Lawrence River in April or May of 1914. She was my dad's aunt. Any connections? Vera Kervin --- email grandma (at) island.net
    105. [Boynton] December 31, 2003 "Abiel Boynton" --- Hello, I am a descendent of Abiel Boynton, son of John Boynton, born in Sterling, MA, on Dec 23, 1753. He died on Dec 17. 1810. I am trying to find out where he died to locate the gravestone. He married Louisa Raymond of Holden, MA; the Holden death records do not list him. I know some of his children ended up in Fletcher, VT; I'm not sure if, in fact, Abiel himself migrated to VT prior to his death. Thanks, Sharyn Comstock email: comstock (at) surfglobal.net
      Sharyn - My Boynton book from 1897 lists Abiel and his wife and children on page 118 with the exact dates and wife that you listed. However, It shows his ancestors as being Ephraim Boynton (father), Joseph (GF), Joseph (GGF), John (GGGF). I see mention of his son Abiel in Fletcher VT. Sorry I can't help with his later history. CAN ANYONE ELSE? Regards - Doug (Douglas Boynton Quine, webmaster)
    106. [Boynton] January 4, 2004 "Boynton Family and Sir Henry Boynton" --- Dear Friend, I have just been reading some of the items in the newsletter. I am a descendant of John Eastman and Mary Boynton, who was born in England and died in Rowley, MA. I was interested to find out about Sir Henry Boynton who was executed at Sadbury, England on July 2, 1405. A. Raymond --- email: araymond1 (at) verizon.net
    107. [Boynton] January 9, 2004 "John H. Boynton" --- My relatives come from John H. Boynton, who fought in the civil war. That's all I know about my family tree. John was my great grandfather. He was from Maine originally, but was a member of the 83rd Illinois Infantry (volunteers). He was born in Penascot(?) County of Maine in 1835. I have his original Discharge Papers. Does anyone have any information as to his parents and their's. Jack Boynton email: --- JacknLib (at) aol.com
    108. [Boynton] January 10, 2004 "Thomas Boynton and William Boynton" --- Hi my name is Lisa Jane Boynton and we live in Michigan. My father is Thomas Boynton and his Father is William Boynton. It's nice to see other Boyntons. The name is not common
    109. [Boynton] January 12, 2004 "Boynton - Strfong Connection" --- Hello, My wife is related to the BOYNTON family through John Moore Boynton & Charlotte Powers, married in NH in Abt. 1823, Their daughter Mary Boynton married John Strong in abt 1844 and Mary & John's oldest son John Powers Strong in my wife's Great Grandfather. There are three of us, on the STRONG side researching our families, two from Canada and onre from the USA. I would be interested in any information on the Boynton family, but your http://www.quine.org/boynton.html site is excellent. Thanks for sharing! Cheers Jim Tilbe - tilbe (at) netzero.net
      Jim - The Boynton book has details of the Boynton - Strong - Powers connection on page 26. John Moore Boynton was born in 1793 and married Charlotte Powers of Hollis. They lived in Groveland (MA) then in Hollis and then in Barnard and Pomfret (VT). He has a 'double jointed knee' and served in the War of 1812. He died Oct. 22, 1871. She died Apr. 8, 1851. They had '8 children' (although the list shows only 5). Mary Boynton is shown as the 4th child and she married John Strong. John Moore Boynton's ancestors were: Jonathan Boynton (father), David Boynton (GF), Joshua Boynton (GGF), Joshua Boynton (GGGF), and William Boynton (GGGGF) who came to America in 1638. The ancestors back another 550 years are at my website. The Moore name has a remarkable story. Jonathan Boynton married Mary, the widow of John Moore. John Moore had been a Drum Major and Jonathan Boynton was a Fife Major in the Revolutionary Army. Moore asked Boynton to marry his widow if he died in the war (as he did). Best regards - Doug
    111. [Boynton] February 2, 2004 "Yet another Boynton" --- My mother-in-law was a Boynton. Her dad was Fredrick, his father was Francis Herman Boynton. Joan Andal [j.andal (at) sasktel.net]
      Joan - My Boynton book (page 89) shows a Francis H. Boynton born in Troy, New York March 14, 1839 who graduated from Amherst in 1861 and Andover in 1864 and ordained Oct 20, 1864. He was pastor at the Congregational Church in Rye, NH (1883) and Ludlow VT (1894). Is this your husband's great-grandfather? Best regards - Doug
    112. [Boynton] April 16, 2004 "Ruth Boynton" --- Hello, My name is Frances and I am trying to trace my family tree back through my Grandmothers side, Ruth Boynton b.12-09-1876 in THRINTOFT in Yorkshire. Her Great, Great, Grandfather was Marmaduke Boynton who married Dorothy Wass in Catterick 1781. I would love to be able to trace his father...any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Fran (frances.judge (at) ntlworld.com)
    113. [Boynton] July 1, 2004 "Gen Henry Van Ness Boynton" --- Hello! I've been able to gather quite a bit of information on Gen Henry Van Ness Boynton in the various archives in Washington, DC. I'm actually researching the family house at 1321 R Street for its current owner, a gentleman who is turning the house into condominiums, but wanted to know its history. I will be recommending that he call the building the Boynton! Seems Henry had the place built about 1878 or 1879, and would remain its owner during his correspondent years (and death) in 1905. I have a few pictures of the person, but would love to be able to provide pictures of events at the house if they are available anywhere (family scrapbooks) I'll certainly provide a copy of the house history in return, and have plans to feature it in a local paper history column I author. Paul
      Kelsey & Associates, Inc.
      The House History People
      1929 13th Street, NW
      Washington, DC 20009
      (202) 462-3389
    114. [Boynton] July 20, 2004 "painter named Blanche Boynton" --- I have been in possission of a small watercolor called "The Trysting Place". My mother found it years ago, and since she lived in RI, I assume it was there. As far as I can tell, it looks like the artist was Blanche Boynton, signed 1898. The signature is very small and hard to read....do you know of a Blanche Boynton from the RI or CT area who was an artist? If so, I would appreciate any information you may have. If I read the signature incorrectly then I guess I'll need a more powerful magnifying glass! Thanks, Nancy Pierce, email: Nlewis904 (at) cs.com
      Dear Nancy - I do not see any reference to a painter named Blanche Boynton. My Boynton history book shows 3 (all near the right dates), I can go earlier and trace their ancestors but cannot provide any newer information....

      1/ Blanche H. Boynton (page 246) born August 20, 1882 the daughter of George A. Boynton (born Feb 16, 1845) and Abbie L. Dalton who lived in Little Boars Head, NH

      2/ Blanche A. Boynton (page 250) daughter of Charles E. Boynton (born Nov. 10, 1835) and Elvira A. Edson

      3/ Blanche A. Boynton (page 258) who married James A. Carey and lived in Seattle, Washington [Blanche was the daughter of Ebenezer Vinton Boynton (born around 1856) and Anna B. Williams]

      Hope this helps, Best regards, Doug, webmaster, http://www.quine.org/boynton.html
    115. [Boynton] December 11, 2004 "New address" --- Greetings,Boyntons! We have moved our little Boynton family to Idaho from Florida. What a difference! Guess this is how the Boyntons get scattered around.Any Boynton researchers can contact us here at pisces2 (at) localnet.com Robert and Sandra Boynton (John's side of the family.)
    116. [Boynton] December 18, 2004 "Boynton Descendant" --- Hi Doug, I came across your site searching for more on my Boynton family. I am the ggrandaughter of Milo Boynton born 9-23-1869 in PA, son of Alfred Boynton & Adeline Corey. I am the 4th ggrandaughter of Methusalah Boynton & Amelia Dodge. I had heard of the Boynton Genealogy Book, but I wasn't sure if these were ancestors of mine. I had received some information from a cousin but not much info past Methusalah. Can you help me? Thank you for such a wonderful website. Betty (BettBoop223)
      Betty - The last month has kept me very busy so I am running far behind in my email. Thank you for the message that you sent last month. Methusalah Boynton (generation 6 in USA) & Amelia Dodge are also my ancestors (they are page 34 in the Boynton book). I guess we are distant cousins. Methusalah Boynton and Amelia Dodge had 5 children (page 35, descendents are known for each of them):
      1/ Methusalah Boynton (born May 4, 1807, changed his name to Alfred) and married Abigail Moody (children all born in Ohio)
      2/ Mary Ann Boynton
      3/ Charles Boynton married Matulda Burbank (Groveland, MA) - my ancestor
      4/ Abraham D. Boynton married Hannah Burbank
      5/ Enoch Boynton married Charlotte Kimball
      If any of this helps, please tell me and I can send you details of the next generation Best regards - Doug

    Boynton Family Guest Books by Douglas Quine