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Letters published on philatelic subjects with full bibliographic references - and items referencing Douglas Quine. Sign into (email) the guestbook: [guestbook] to post your comments and questions or e-mail corrections to the webmaster: [webmaster]

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Douglas Quine - Philatelic Letters (chronological)

  • Quine DB. 1984a. "Bar Code Study." Linn's Stamp News (24-Dec-84): 54
  • Quine DB. 1984b. "Watermarked Bills?" Linn's Stamp News (31-Dec-84):4
  • Quine DB. 1987a. "Bulk mail stamps available." Linn's Stamp News (29- Aug-87): 4
  • Quine DB. 1987b. "Nassau Hall cachet data." Linn's Stamp News (5-Oct-87): 52
  • Quine DB. 1987c. "On top of the news." Linn's Stamp News (28-Sep-87): 4
  • Quine DB. 1989a. "Postal Service Bar Coding." Stamp Collector (15-Apr-89): 6
  • Quine DB. 1989b. "Reader Sheds Light on Science of Tagging." Stamp Collector (19-Aug-89): 4
  • Quine DB. 1990a. "Too Many to Remember." Linn's Stamp News (29-Jan-90): 4
  • Quine DB. 1990b. "Comments on The Philatelic Communicator." The Philatelic Communicator 23: 100-101
  • Quine DB. 1991a. "Clarifying the Record on Postal Buddy." Stamp Collector (5-Oct-91): 3
  • Quine DB. 1991b. "A Very Simple Answer." Linn's Stamp News (9-Dec-91): 4
  • Quine DB. 1993a. "Better Than Break Even." Linn's Stamp News (5-Apr-93): 4
  • Quine DB. 1993b. "Defining Acronyms." Stamp Collector (29-May-93): 6
  • Quine DB. 1993c. "Helpful Hints." Linn's Stamp News (26-Jul-93): 4
  • Quine DB. 1993d. "Space Shuttle Covers." Linn's Stamp News (20-Sep-93): 4
  • Quine DB. 1993e. "The System Works." Linn's Stamp News (25-Oct-93):4
  • Quine DB. 2002a. "Understanding ZIP Codes." Linn's Stamp News (22-July-2002): 4
  • Quine DB. 2002b. "Undeliverable Mail with 9 Digit US ZIP Codes." Postal Mechanisation Study Circle Newsletter (September 2002) 26: 82
  • Quine DB. 2003. "Where are the booklets?" Stamp Collector (19-May-2003): 4
  • Quine DB. 2004. "Photostamps" Linn's Stamp News (18-October-2004): 4
  • Quine DB. 2005a. "Reusing stamps" Linn's Stamp News (25-April-2005): 4
  • Quine DB. 2005b. "Too many rupees" Linn's Stamp News (10-October-2005): 4
  • Quine DB. 2005c. "Bastions of Philately" Linn's Stamp News (19-December-2005): 36 [old Boston stamp store locations]
  • Quine DB. 2006a. "Snowman cancel matches envelope" Linn's Stamp News (16-January-2006): 4
  • Quine DB. 2006b. "1 cent and 2 cent stamps needed" Linn's Stamp News (13-March-2006): 4 [make-up stamp use patterns]
  • Quine DB. 2006c. "Stuck in McAllen" Linn's Stamp News (27-March-2006): 38 [loop mail speculation - but wrong]
  • Quine DB. 2008. "New IJSO Flat Canceller St. Louis MO 63155" Machine Cancel Forum 223: (Jan 2008) 4077
  • Quine DB. 2009. "Mourning Stamps – New Discoveries" Mourning Notes 3(4): 6 [mourning stamp criteria]
  • Quine DB. 2010a. "Reader Catch" American Philatelist (October 2010): 903 [reversed labels on forgery figures]
  • Quine DB. 2010b. "Scribed Lines on Huck-Cottrell Press" U. S. Specialist : 81 (October 2010): 441
  • Quine DB. 2011a. "The Upside of PIHOP" Linn's Stamp News (28-March-2011): 4 [Forever stamps and postage in hands of public]
  • Quine DB. 2011b. "Solve The Problem" Linn's Stamp News (20-June-2011): 4 [USPS financial crisis recovery]
  • Quine DB. 2012. "Letter to the Editor: International POSTNET Barcodes." U.S. Specialist 83 (August): 340
  • Quine DB. 2013a. "Parcel Post Praise" Linn's Stamp News (18-Mar-2013): 2 [Parcel post business analysis praise]
  • Quine DB. 2013b. "Artistic Uses" Linn's Stamp News (15-Apr-2013): 2 [notecards and calendars with real stamps]

Philatelic Items Referencing Douglas Quine (incomplete - alphabetical by author)

  • Amick G. 1991. Linn's U.S. Stamp Yearbook 1990: 273; 276-277, Amos Press [DQ: Postal Buddy]
  • Anon. 1986. "Champaign-Urbana elects leaders." Linn's Stamp News (9-Jun-1986) [DQ elected president]
  • Anon. 1987a. "Society Items." Stamp Collector (18-Apr-1987) [DQ: part of Computer & Philately Program]
  • Anon. 1987b. "The Winner's Circle." The United States Specialist (November 1987): 482 [DQ Colopex Award]
  • Anon. 1988a. "Sequoia to have APS Slide Show." (Meetings and Programs) Linn's Stamp News (25-Apr-1988) [DQ: OCR Program)
  • Anon. 1988b. "Society Items." Stamp Collector (7-May-1988) [DQ: OCR Program]
  • Anon. 1989. "Acknowledgement of library additions from Douglas Quine." Postal Mechanisation Study Circle 13 (5): 13/38
  • Anon. 1990a. "Photos of the 60th Anniversary Convention." U.S. Specialist (August 1990): 429-437 [DQ: BIA meeting]
  • Anon. 1990b. "Recent Journals: Modern Postal History Journal." Linn's Stamp News (21-May 1990): 64 [DQ: Article on Orlando T Stamp)
  • Anon. 1992. "Douglas Quine: Forensic Philatelist." The Martin Marietta Postal Press (Aug. 1992): 6 [DQ: Biography]
  • Anon. 1998. "Bar Code to Canada." Linn's Stamp News - Forum Update (December 21, 1998): 46 [DQ: Foreign POSTNET barcodes and web site)
  • Anon. 2002. "Charles H. Yeager 1931-2001 (obituary)." The U. S. Specialist (January 2002): 5- 6 [DQ: Yeager editor of Postal Buddy articles]
  • Bigalke J. 2006a. "Small Business Personalized Stamps." Linn's Stamp News (13-Feb-2006): 4 [DQ personalized stamp]
  • Bigalke J. 2006b. "Small Business Personalized Stamps Delayed." Linn's Stamp News (20-Mar-2006): 4 [DQ personalized stamp update]
  • Boughner ED. 1983. "Postmark Pursuit." Linn's Stamp News (28-Mar-1983): 66 [DQ Cover: Forward thru Smithsonian]
  • Boughner ED. 1985. "Pittsburgh Conference plans annual cancel." Linn's Stamp News (4-Feb-1985) (Postmark Pursuit): 79 [DQ Cover: Germany name incomplete]
  • Clark DN. 1993. "A razor blade rarity." Linn's Stamp News (20-Dec1993): 4 [refers to "Quine 1993: The System Works."]
  • Claussen DS. 1991. "New Publications: Linn's U.S. Stamp Yearbook 1990." Stamp Collector (August 31 1991): 20) [DQ Postal Buddy]
  • Delaney AA. 1991. "Stamp dealers on stamps." Linn's Stamp News (9-Sept-91): 4 [follow-up to DBQ San Marino article]
  • Dunn WS. 1991. "Election of Officers and Governors." US Specialist 62 (9): 464-465 [DQ: Governor candidate]
  • Graham RB. 1999. "Collecting Sweepstakes and Other Junk Mail." Linn's Stamp News (11-Jan-99): 56 [references Special Delivery article]
  • Griffith G. 1991. "New Postal Buddy card." Linn's Stamp News (25-Feb-91): 1, 13 [quote on interest in Postal Buddy]
  • Haarkleroad JW. 1993. "U.S. ZIP Bar Code Errors--." The EFO Collector (Apr-1993): 7-9 [DQ: material provided for entire article]
  • Hahn R. 2005. "Mailroom Security: Identity Crisis." Postal Technology International (Dec. 2005): 20-22 [DQ: anthrax contamination, isolation, and detection]
  • Hatton D. 1988. "Gold Awards Dominated Milwaukee exhibition." Linn's Stamp News (28-Mar-1988) [DQ: Milcopex exhibit review]
  • Hatton W. 1996. "President's Message: Modern Material." U. S. Specialist 67 (6): 257-258 (June 1996) [DQ: encouraging modern postal research]
  • Hines T. 1988. "Modern Postal History Award Winners." Modern Postal History Journal 6 (3): 28 [DQ: Milcopex awards]
  • Hines T. 1991. "MUM: Automated Mail (questions and answers)" Modern Postal History Journal 9 (2): 27 [DQ: provided information]
  • Hotchner JM. 1988a.."Should contested election be reheld?." Stamp Collector (6-Feb-1988): 21 [DQ: CUSC Election]
  • Hotchner JM. 1988b. "Many opinions offered on skewed election." Stamp Collector (4-June-1988): 17 [DQ: CUSC Election]
  • Hotchner JM. 1989a. "Make Time Capsule for Next Generation." Stamp Collector (2-Dec-1989): 9, 15 [DQ: Religion at Stamp Clubs]
  • Hotchner JM. 1989b. "US Notes: ZIP anniversary noted; exhibition resources." Linn's Stamp News (6-Feb-1989): 6 [DQ: bar code study)
  • Hotchner JM. 1989c. "US Notes: Membership in This Club Can Be Hard to Achieve." Stamp Collector (26-Aug-1989): 9 [DQ: Name tag illustrated and described]
  • Hotchner JM. 1992. "Membership cards may have hidden benefits." Stamp Collector (22-Aug-1992): 11 [DQ: CU Club Membership card features]
  • Hotchner JM. 2006. "Automation." Linn's Stamp News (3-July-2006): 6 [DQ: discussion of USPS revenue protection and automation]
  • Hotchner JM. 2011. "More interesting address subtexts found on early U.S. covers." Linn's Stamp News (28-Mar-2011): 6 [DQ: role of address subtext features]
  • Hotchner JM. 2013. "Maintaining a Cover Collection: Organization is Everything." U.S. Stamp News (February 2013): 6-7 [DQ: requested this article]
  • Humphreys K. 1989. "Australian critical of 'cover accumulation'." Stamp Collector (18-Feb-1989): 4 [DQ: exhibit critique]
  • Illinois Natural History Survey 1986. "C-U Stamp Club Presents Exhibit." Factivities (14-Oct-1986): 2 [DQ: CUPEX announcement]
  • Illinois Natural History Survey 1987. "Sheet of 50 Stamps to Depict Animals." Factivities (9-Jan-1987): 3 [DQ: news of new stamp issue]
  • Laidig J. 1989. "Bar code not error." Stamp Collector (3-Jun-1989): 6 [DQ: Follow-up to my rebuttal of his letter]
  • Laurence M. 1987. "Perfins create bizarre Halloween postcard; circulation figures for weekly stamp press." Linn's Stamp News (2-Nov-1987): 2 [DQ: Library school cover]
  • Laurence M. 1991. "Editor's Choice: New U.S. Stamp issues difficult to find." Linn's Stamp News (18-Aug-1991): 3 [DQ: describes San Marino article]
  • Lawrence K. 1991 "Inside USPS Headquarters." The Philatelic Communicator: 24, 49, 69, 70 [DQ: provided National Postal Art cover]
  • Lawrence K. 1992. "Philatelic Product Parade: Definitive Stamp Packets 1991." US Specialist 63 (5): 251-256 [DQ: Postal Buddy reference]
  • Lentz J. 2002. "United States Stamp Society General Membership Minutes, October 12, 2002 - King of Prussia, PA: Committee Reports from 2002 Annual Board Meeting." US Specialist 73 (11): 484-490 [DQ: Modern Postal History Committee update 2 paragraphs]
  • Lombardi NA. 2005. "Committee Reports from 2005 Annual Board Meeting." US Specialist 76 (8): 347-353 [DQ: Modern Postal History Committee update 3 paragraphs]
  • Lombardi NA. 2006. "Committee Reports from 2006 Annual Board Meeting." US Specialist 77 (7): 307 [DQ: Modern Postal History Committee update 3 paragraphs]
  • Lu S. 2003. "Tiny (Sticky) Works of Art, Created Digitally." New York Times (Technology) [DQ: stamp printing technology and subjects]
  • Luddy J. 1989. "Bar Code Comment." Stamp Collector (8-Jul-1989) [DQ: Bar code analysis questioned]
  • McAfee E. 1989. "Current U.S. 'Postal History'." First and Third Mondays (CU Stamp Club) [DQ: Intro to window envelope problems]
  • McCallum JM. 2003a. "Barcodes: USA" Postal Mechanisation Study Circle Newsletter 27 (11): 103 [DQ: reports inverted POSTNET / RBCS barcode]
  • McCallum JM. 2003b. "Barcodes: Topsy Turvey Barcodes" Postal Mechanisation Study Circle Newsletter 27 (12): 116 [DQ: reports USA POSTNET on one side and UK POSTNET on the other]
  • McCallum JM. 2004. "Postnet Codes (revised 11 digit international UK barcodes)" Postal Mechanisation Study Circle Newsletter 28 (9): 71
  • McCallum JM. 2006a. "PC Stamps: Pitney Bowes Postal Kiosk" Postal Mechanisation Study Circle Newsletter 30 (4): 24-25
  • McCallum JM. 2006b. "No Mail Receptacle" Postal Mechanisation Study Circle Newsletter 30 (4): 30
  • McCallum JM. 2009a. "Postnet Codes" Postal Mechanisation Study Circle Newsletter 33 (7): 65 [new International POSTNET code to Wales]
  • McNamara M. 2001. "USPS ZIP Codes to Foreign Destinations." IDENT: Journal of the Postal Mechanisation Study Circle 24 (3) 57 - 72 [DQ: Expansion and further documentation of codes reported in Quine, 1998a with examples from Ireland and other countries]
  • Meek JS. 1988. "Board of Governors Fills Vacancies." US Specialist 59 (6): 244 [DQ: Governor]
  • Meek JS. 1990. "Looking Back." US Specialist 61 (5): 258-266 [DQ: BIA historical relic]
  • Neil R. 1988a. "Fond du Lac Stamp Club helps its city ease waste problems." (America's Stamp Clubs) Linn's Stamp News (29-Aug-1988): 60 [DQ: MILCOPEX exhibit]
  • Neil R. 1988b. "Ten tips to exhibiting; you'll find research is one of them." Stamp Collector (10-Sept-1988): 24 [DQ:MILCOPEX Exhibit]
  • Neil R. 1989. "Response: Australian critical of 'cover accumulation'." Stamp Collector (18-Feb-1989): 4 [DQ: exhibit defense]
  • Norris M. 2002. "ZIP-code elightenment." Linn's Stamp News (12-August-2002):4 [appreciated Quine, 2002]
  • Savikis, Alex. 2011. “As to the study of the inkjets and barcodes of the last thirty years.” Machine Cancel Forum 235 (Jan. 2011): 4724 [DBQ seeking USPS International POSTNET barcodes]
  • Schiff RS. 1993. "Agents often have several bidders for one lot." Linn's Stamp News (16-Oct-1993): 9 [DQ: question about reserves on one bidder lots]
  • Schulman, R.C. 1990. "Useful USPS Publications for Collectors" U.S. Specialist 61: 631-639 [DQ: Modern Postal History Committee]
  • Vandervelde, D. 2011. "US Anthrax Contamination, 2001: The Mystery Deepens." Pratique XXXV (1): 39 (Disinfected Mail Study Circle) [DQ: source of Amerithrax published materials)
  • Wawrukiewicz, T. 2005. "Contemporary Handstamped Markings of Portland, Oregon." Auxiliary Markings II (3) (July): 6 - 7 [DQ 2004 cited]
  • Wawrukiewicz, T. 2006. "Auxiliary markings: more than just the red pointing-finger marking." Linn's Stamp News (10-April-2006): 48 [DQ co-founder and webmaster Auxiliary Markings club]
  • Wunderly, K. 1998. "Privileged Status" Linn's Stamp News (December 28, 1998): 4 [DQ: Special Delivery markings should not be accepted]
  • Yeager CH. 1989. "1989-1991 Board of Governors and Officers." U.S. Specialist (Jan. 1989): 6-10 [DQ: elected governor]
  • Youngblood WL. 1990. "BIA Anniversary Attracts Many to NAPEX." Linn's Stamp News (25-June-1990): 18 [DQ: photo at BIA table]
  • Youngblood WL. 1992. "Commercial use of holograms continues to grow." Linn's Stamp News (13-Jan-1992): 5 [DQ: provided hologram sample from Westvaco]

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