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Douglas Boynton Quine - Family Guest Book classified by web page. Each guest book item includes initials of the sender, the date of the message, the message text, and a summary of my response (if any) to the writer in bold text. Guest messages are now added to the Boynton or Quine guest books as appropriate.

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  1. [Boynton] Feb 9, 1997 "SHACKFORD" (found site through: search for SHACKFORD connections) --- Looking for details on SHACKFORD BOYNTON marriage. Apparently Caleb BOYNTON married Mary SHACKFORD. Dont have much more as of yet. --- from Joanne Shackford Parkes --- email: jsparkes (at) iname.com
  2. [Boynton] Feb 10, 1997 "Boynton-Shackford Update"... --- Thank you so much for your help. Do you by chance know the ancestors (at least one generation) of Caleb Boynton and the children he had with Mary Shackford? This will close off one chapter of my Shackford hunt. Thanks. Joanne -- email: jsparkes (at) iname.com
  3. [Boynton] Feb 10, 1997 "Boynton Family"... --- I am researching my husband's family history. This is the information that we have received from his great aunt Helen. Jeremiah Kenison(Kennison) married the daughter of Gen.(?) Boynton of the Revolutionary War. They had a son named Jonathan. He married an Emily Baker and had five children. One of their children, Emily, was born in 1836 in Eaton(?), Mass and married Jethro Butler Pray in 1853 in Danvers, Mass. The other children were Mary Ann, Clara, Hattie and Erastus. I am hoping since I found your home page in the Essex County GenWeb Page that perhaps you might have some information that could help us. Thanks Rhonda Daves -- email: waumpin (at) ptw.com
  4. [Boynton] Feb 16, 1997 "Wife and parents of John PARSONS"... --- Looking for the wife and parents of John PARSONS. According to "The Boynton Family, A Genealogy Of The Descendants Of William And John Boynton" by John F. and Caroline H. Boynton, 1897, John PARSONS' dau. Christian married Caleb BOYNTON who was b. 24 Nov 1685 Ipswich, MA son of Caleb and Mary (MOORE) BOYNTON.
  5. Children of Caleb and Christian:
          i William BOYNTON b. 12 Sep 1712, m 20 Feb 1734 Hannah Jones
            and later m. Esther WYMAN.
         ii Rachel Boynton b. 10 Oct 1715.
        iii John Boynton b. Mar 1916 in York, ME, m. Sarah Hilton.
         iv Joshua Boynton b. 17 Oct 1720 in York, ME.
          v Elizabeth Boynton b. 14 Sep 1723.
         vi Caleb Boynton b.  4 Feb 1725/1726 in York, ME.
        vii Anna Boynton b. 23 Feb 1726/1727
       viii Hepzibah Boynton b. 5 May 1731
    TIA, email: davids (at) davids.sdi.agate.net at http://www.agate.net/~davids No information on Parsons but there is a Boynton Web Page that may have some information. Is there any chance the Caleb Boynton you show is the same one shown below - son of Caleb and Christian? 1. CALEB BOYNTON died Aug 5, 1804 (Source: E-mail from Douglas Quine, webmaster@quine.org). He married MARY SHACKFORD Aug 30, 1762 (Source: E-mail from Douglas Quine, webmaster@quine.org), daughter of Samuel Shackford and Mary Coombs. Notes For whom Boynton street and the Boynton school in Eastport are named. (Kathy Shackford ________________________) Moved to Passamaquoddy ME about 1785 and were among the earliest settlers of the town now known as Eastport. They moved from there to Deer Island, New Brunswick in a village called Fairhaven. (E-mail frm Douglas Quine, webmaster@quine.org) from Joanne -- email: jsparkes (at) iname.com
  6. [Boynton] Feb 16, 1997 "Am I Related to You???" (found site through: I entered a search for boynton.) --- Hi my name is Anne Boynton. I was wondering if you are related to me. I live in Ligonier PA, and I have relatives in florida, and Pittsburgh. Please get back to me if you have any information on my history. My grandfather is Paul Boynton. Well, thank you! Anne --- email: Silveranne (at) Hotmailcom
  7. [Boynton] Feb 19, 1997 "Boynton and Matthews" (found site through: Boynton searches on the web) --- Could it be that I am related to both your wife and you? Mary Boynton (1771-1860) is my fourth great-grandmother (she married Abraham Gage) on my mother's side. On my father's side, I am descended from Levi W. Matthews (1845-1931); before Levi's generation, the family called itself both Mathews (with one T) and Mathes. The family lived primarily in West Virginia and Ohio. Could your wife and I possibly be related? Thank you for your site. I hope someday to find a direct connection between Mary Boynton's father, David, and either John or William. I'd love to be able to trace my ancestry back to 1057! --- from Julie Matthews Burnette --- email: julieb (at) micronetics.com --- web site: it's coming...
  8. [Boynton] Feb 19, 1997 "Boynton Family"... --- Looking for parents of Hannah BOYNTON, baptised 5 April, 1696, Rowley, MA.; married to John Dresser on 2 April, 1724 in Newbury. Thanks in advance, jdresser -- email: jdresser (at) richmond.edu and ESSEX-ROOTS (at) rmgate.pop.indiana.edu (ESSEX, MA. genealogy list) A couple screen captures of my PAF data based on "The Boynton Family A Genealogy Of The Descendants Of William And John Boynton" by Boynton, John F. and Caroline H. 1897:
                                                                  _William BOYNTON_
                                                +William BOYNTON-¦_________________
                               +William BOYNTON-¦                 _________________
                               ¦                +----------------¦_________________
              +Joshua BOYNTON S¦                                  _________________
              ¦                ¦                +----------------¦_________________
              ¦                +E JACKSON-------¦                 _________________
              ¦                                 +----------------¦_________________
    Hannah BOYNTON                                                _________________
       John DRESSER Jr                          +----------------¦_________________
              ¦                +----------------¦                 _________________
              ¦                ¦                +----------------¦_________________
              +Hannah BARNET---¦                                  _________________
                                           +---¦Joshua BOYNTON
    Hannah BOYNTON                         ¦   ¦10 Mar 1646
               ----------------------------¦   ¦Rowley,,MA
    Newbury,,MA                            ¦
           --SPOUSE--  MRIN:56             +---¦Hannah BARNET
    John DRESSER Jr                            ¦
    of Rowley,,MA
    (There are other marriages)
     1-James DRESSER
     2-Moses DRESSER
     3-Hannah DRESSER
     4-Sarah DRESSER
     5-Elizabeth DRESSER
     6-Jemima DRESSER
    Hope it helps! David Sylvester -- email: davids (at) davids.sdi.agate.net at http://www.agate.net/~davids
  9. [Boynton] Feb 19, 1997 "Boyntons"... --- That's quite a collection of BOYNTON info!! I'm hoping I can hook my Boynton to your data. I have a Rebecca BOYNTON born about 1765 and married to a Benjamin JEWETT in Hollis, NH on 15 Feb 1791. If you have any data on her, please email. Thanks!! Tristan Williams -- email: trisw (at) ljcrf.edu
  10. [Boynton] Feb 20, 1997 (found site through: WebCrawler- "Boynton Genealogy") --- Enjoyed visiting your site. My grandfather was Earl Boynton Kellmer, son of Charles Marshall Boynton (1830-1859), son of Cyrus B (1789-1842), son of Jonathan B 1745?-1814), son of Jonathan B (1684-1740), son of Captain Joseph B (1644-1730), son of John B and Ellenor Pell. I have traveled to Rowley 2x to visit ancestral home. Dan McFarling, Aloha, Oregon --- from Dan L. McFarling -- email: OregonRail (at) aol.com
  11. [Boynton] Feb 22 97 "Baynton" --- I belong to a Boynton family out of Wiltshire England but none of your names match. I am looking for a Henry Baynton abt 1300-1400 son of John Baynton and Jane Echyngham. John died 1485. Must be another Baynton-Boynton from CHARLOTTE SMITH -- email: TTMA94A (at) prodigy.com As you probably realize, all of my information from before the 1638 immigration to the United States is based upon the single line going back from my ancestor which I show in the Boynton home page at at http://www.quine.org/boynton.html. I'm sorry that I have no further information about Boyntons in the "old country". Regards - Doug
  12. [Boynton] Feb 24, 1997 "Boyington (Boynton) family genealogy" (found site through: thru AOL's genealogy home page) --- Have some information about Boyington (Boynton) family. My husband's family is from Maine. He is one of 9 children, and his father's father was one of 16 so there are many branches to this tree! I have only just begun to ATTEMPT to research the bunch, and would appreciate any information anyone could provide. My records indicate that pg. 269 in Boynton Genealogy states that Daniel Boyington began tradition (dating from French & Indian war) changing name from Boynton to Boyington. Can trace back to Rufus Boyington b.11/14/1864, m. Lillian Baker. from Earlene Boyington -- email: EARLBOY (at) aol.com
  13. [Boynton] Mar 15, 1997 "Origin of name" --- While at the library for the Cathedral in York, I discovered a referance to a Ingram de Bouintune - pronounced Boynton in French. It appears that we may be from a small costal town in Frsnce by the name of Bouin. "Tun" in Middle Ages Galic means hill. Given the way names were given during that period, it is possible that Bartholome de Boynton was origionally "Bartholomew be Bouintune. When I next return to France, I intend to visit Bouin to see if there are any artificts or information which can support this hypothysis. I did find reference to some letters signed "Bouin" at the National Bibliotech in Paris. Next time I hope to acquire copies for translation. Please feel free to drop me a line or call at 1-312-332-2867 from Lisa Ann Boynton -- email: boynton (at) megsinet.net
  14. [Boynton] Mar 16, 1997 "Family Research" (found site through: WWW) --- am looking for Banks, Combs, Finnegan, Johnson, Kline, Light and Seiwell...especially Isaiah Jacob Johnson, Sr. and Jr., and Polly Mae Johnson...Polly Mae went with Isaiah, Jr. (my ggrandfather) and Isaiah Jr. went with ggrandmother, Tilda Leah Johnson Banks...would like to reunite Polly Mae (May) with Tilda Leah if still alive...Isaiah Jacob Johnson, Jr. adopted by step-father and name changed to William Banks, Jr. from Natalie Jayne Seiwell -- email: energizer.bunny (at) p-corner.com
  15. [Boynton] Mar 16, 1997 "Have Boynton ancestors" (found site through: Massachusetts) --- No comments at the moment from Marguerite Lindauer -- email: GEN4PEG (at) aol.com (ALSO) molind2 (at) juno.com
  16. [Boynton] Mar 16, 1997 (found site through: webcrawler) --- An 1897 copy of "A Genealogy of the Descendants of William and John Boynton" was passed on to me by my father, Lewis Delano Boynton. I am trying to trace the historical roots of the name Boynton, and find my families place on the tree. from John Emerson Boynton -- email: jebboynt (at) aol.com
  17. [Boynton] Mar 20, 1997 --- I love to look at things like this. --- Allison Littlejohn
  18. [Boynton] Mar 26, 1997 (found site through: Family Tree House) --- I am looking for data onSamuel Boynton,b.1660, m.Hannah Switcher and son Daniel Boynton b.1692, m.Jeminah Brown.Had son Samuel and maybe other children. from Edward D.Boynton -- email: donboync (at) ral.mindspring.com
  19. [Quine] Mar 28, 1997 "Roots" --- Would the name "Quiner" have any relation to the name "Quine"? I believe my last name can be traced back to the Isla of Man. Can you help me find some info on this? Thanks! Q2 from Quentin Quiner -- email: quiner (at) swbell.com
  20. [Boynton] Mar 30, 1997 "Boynton" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- I am descendant of Boynton. I will look over your pages for a connection. from Lloyd Dalton -- email: n1uly (at) somtel.com
  21. [Boynton] Mar 31, 1997 "Boynton" --- My Gmother was a Boynton. She was the daughter of Lester Chase Boynton. Lester b.05-23-1847 in NY. His Obit says he is also survived by two brothers George and Lyman Boynton of New York. from Pamela Sheridan Smith -- email: PamESmith (at) aol.com
  22. [Boynton] Apr 1, 1997 "Boynton" --- Currently researching descendants of Samuel Boynton m. 1.Nancy Sawyer in1830 and m. 2. Evalina Spalding Dunn in 1842. Any info gratefully accepted and I will share all. from Lance Cunningham -- email: lance (at) ziplink.net
  23. [Boynton] Apr 3, 1997 (found site through: I got lost :)) --- This is wonderfful and when I get finished reading everything I will let you know more. from Sharon Boynton Pollack --- Email: playadeo (at) lightspeed.net
  24. [Boynton] Apr 3, 1997 (found site through: Netscape) --- My great Grandmother was a Boynton. She lived on a farm in Maine and my father spent many summers there as a boy. My middle name is in her memory. from Christine Boynton Poor Conklin --- Email: mrmrsc1 (at) juno.com
  25. [Boynton] Apr 6, 1997 (found site through: USGENWEB) --- My grandfather's cousin Charles Boynton of Maine traced almost all of the 5 generations from (John Boynton1, Joseph Boynton2) Richard Boynton3 to his own generation. He also has some info on other parts for the Boynton family. I currently have some of this in my house. The information belongs to his niece and nephew but is on loan to me. He unfortuanetly passed away before completing the book he was writing, but if you would like me to look through the papers for anyone in particular I will be glad to. from Ellen M Grant --- Email: ITSMEEMG (at) AOL.COM
  26. [Boynton] Apr 12, 1997 "searching for roots" (found site through: AOL's search engine) --- Father = Robert Edward Boynton, b 1935 Syracuse NY. Grandfather = Ralph Edward Boynton, bd unknown, somewhere in MA. from Linda Renee Boynton --- Email: Neofite (at) aol.com
  27. [Boynton] Apr 12, 1997 (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Would like to know if anyone has the links of the Boyntons/Boyingtons that migrated south. There was one Boyington, I believe he was a Journalist, that was hung in the early 1800's in Mobile, Ala. He was accussed of adultry and of killing his lover's husband and was hung from an oak tree that is now called Boyington's oak. I understand there was a book written about this and the real killer confessed before his death . But that didn't save Boyington. Any links/news will be good news. Has anyone traced out Greg Pappy Boyington's links ?? from Daniel W. Boyington --- Email: dwboynton (at) usa.net
  28. [Boynton] Apr 13, 1997 (found site through: WebCrawler) --- I am also a decendent of the Boynton's, but on the split from John, younger brother of William, who were the first Boynton's in America and settled in Rowley. I am related to the Boyntons through my Grandmother. She is 8 generations from John. from John Stoffer --- Email: john.stoffer (at) nsc.com
  29. [Boynton] Apr 24, 1997 (found site through: Webcrawler) --- Hello from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. How's the weather there, we have sunshine today. from Nancy Bielby --- Email: Colleen (at) mail.fronet.com
  30. [MBQ] May 2, 1997 (found site through: webcrawler) --- I grew up in Groveland, MA and was searching for information about the town. I recognized the Boynton name as one my father mentioned while I was growing up. Mrs. Quine has led a very interesting life. from Maria Shafer --- Email: shafer (at) smtp.lms.usace.army.mil
  31. [Boynton] May 16, 1997 (found site through: pappy boynton) --- I am looking for information on pappy boynton because I think that I am related to him!!!!! from Stacy Lorraine Boynton
  32. [Boynton] May 17, 1997 "Boyntons" (found site through: Lifestyle/Genealogy/Surnames) --- Hi, cousin! This is only the second day I've been on the Internet, and I can barely stop to do the laundry and fix dinner!!! I'm tied in with the Boynton line through my Kimball ancestors and Tenney ancestors. I'm also a Swan. from Jeanene Vomocil --- Email: jeanenevomocil (at) volcano.net
  33. [Boynton] May 18, 1997 "Any/all info on the Boyington's" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Really nice effort from all concerned. I am interested in the family side of Boyington's; where they originated, changed names etc. Just beginning my search and know I have a long way to go. If anyone has the 1897 Boynton book, I would appreciate any information relating to John Boynton/Boyington. All of this early history makes for interesting study and reading. I would like to hear all the news, good and bad. Having all the parts is what really makes it interesting. Any hidden closets, any ghosts, let it out. Share the history. Thanks, Dan Boyington at boynton (at) gulftel.com from Daniel W. Boyington --- Email: boynton (at) gulftel.com
  34. [Boynton] May 23, 1997 "Boynton Book" (I wrote the site) --- For anyone looking to order the Boynton Geneology Book here is the address information from one of our readers. Higginson Book Company, 148 Washington Street, Post Office Box 778, Salem, Ma 01970 Mailed orders can be paid by check, money order, Visa or Mastercard. Creditcard only orders can be made by: phone: (508) 745-7170 fax: (508) 745-8025 e-mail: higginsn (at) cove.com (they have a note stating they will acknowledge your order and then remove it from their online files upon receipt). They are hoping to get a webpage up and running soon. To place an order they need title, author, date of publication, quanity & price. The book you metioned is Boynton by J. F. & C. H. Boynton published 1897. Cost is $45 in paperback, $55 in hardcover. (the shipping charges vary according to cost). They also have a reprint of the history of Rowley and several catalogs of all the books they print. The Boynton book was out of stock today when I ordered mine and it takes about 10-12 weeks to reprint in hardcover. I do not know if there is a difference in time for the softcovers. - Doug
  35. [Boynton] May 29, 1997 "My Boynton's!" (found site through: US GenWeb Project) --- I was married to Dennis Hugh Boynton, who is of Irish, Hawaiian ancestry on his father's side. Our son's names are Cheyenne Keoni Boynton b. 18 Jan. 1976 in San Diego, CA and Daniel Kapono Boynton, b. 22 Aug. 1977 in San Diego, CA. Dennis was born in Honolulu, Hi on 17 Feb. 1943. His father's name is Hadley Hugh Boynton. This is the only information that I have. Hadley still lives in Honolulu. I don't know anything about his Father. from Ethelynne K. Soares-Teves --- Email: tine (at) hula.net
  36. [Boynton] May 30, 1997 "Stewart Boynton family Tree" (found site through: searching for Boynton genealogy) --- My name is Allan Phillips. I came across your page seeking out genealogy information on the name Boynton, and I was wondering if your data had any connection or references to the Boynton names I have found in my own lineage. Here's what I've got:
    1.....BOYNTON, Stewart (Abt 1765-?)
    1.....m. Lydia
    2..........BOYNTON, Luke                                (Benjamin Phillips, 
    U.H. Orvis, and
    2..........BOYNTON, Nancy                                John B. Andrews 
    were prominent
    2..........m. ORVIS, U.H.                                    early citizens 
    of Massena, New York)
    2..........BOYNTON, Susan
    2..........m. ANDREWS, John B.
    2..........BOYNTON, Electa (1796-1866)
    2..........m. PHILLIPS, Benjamin (1796-1865)
    3...............PHILLIPS, Electa
    3...............m. CLARK, Henry T.
    4....................CLARK, David
    4....................m. PADDOCK, Jennie
    4....................CLARK, Clara
    4....................m. BURNEY, Ivan T.
    4....................CLARK, Henry P.
    3...............PHILLIPS, Edwin S.
    3...............m. KIRKBRIDE, Susan M.
    4....................PHILLIPS, Allan E.
    4....................PHILLIPS, James K.
    3...............PHILLIPS, Eliza
    3...............m1. CLARK, Zenas (Judge)
    4....................CLARK, John
    3...............m2. PAGE, Elon R. (Judge)
    3...............PHILLIPS, Nancy
    3...............m. NEVIN, David
    4....................NEVIN, Benjamin
    4....................NEVIN, Electa
    4....................NEVIN, Rodney
    4....................NEVIN, Elizabeth
    3...............PHILLIPS, Allan Benjamin (1832-?)
    3...............m1. Charlotte
    4....................PHILLIPS, Charlotte
    4....................m. STARR, Mr.
    4....................PHILLIPS, Zenas Clark (Abt 1845- Abt 1889)
    4....................m. LEE, Mary Lyon (1846-1881)
    5.........................PHILLIPS, Lee Vilas (1881-1964)
    5.........................m. FORESTER, Catherine Victoria (1887-1961)
    6..............................PHILLIPS, Norman Lee (1923-1979)
    6..............................m. HURBAN, Phyllis Fay (1927 -   )
    7...................................PHILLIPS, Allan Ray (1957-   )
    3...............m2. REDDINGTON, Sarah
    4....................PHILLIPS, Benjamin
    This is not complete after Zenas Phillips. If you can assist, please e-mail me at arphil (at) inland.com. Thanks. Allan from Allan Phillips --- Email: arphil (at) inland.com
  37. [Boynton] May 30, 1997 "Boynton" (found site through: ziplink/newscape) --- I descend from William Boynton born 1690 who married Joanna Stevens. Then John Boynton born 1724 in Salisbury, MA (who was his wife?) Then David Boynton who married Anna Batchelder and lived in Meredith, NH. Then William Boynton who married the widow Evelina Anville Spaulding Dunn 17 April 1805 in Meredith, NH. Do you have information on any of the above? from BWadland --- Email: audioma1 (at) ix.netcom.com
  38. [Boynton] May 31, 1997 "ALLTHINGS HTML" (found site through: YAHOO) --- Cool page come on down to australia some time and say hello. from Dave --- Email: wola (at) healey.com.au Web Page: http://www.healey.com.au/HomePages/wola/index.htm
  39. [ASB-TREE] May 31, 1997 "Hello" (found site through: Excite) --- I am also a descendent of Bartholomew de Boynton (1067). Do you know of any more recent Boynton book in addition to the one published in 1897 by John Farnham Boynton? from Daniel Chase Boynton --- Email: dan (at) baycove.org
  40. [Boynton] Jun 1, 1997 "Boynton Book Sequel" (found site through: I wrote the page) --- I have not heard of a more recent book. The original one was about 350 pages. With the family growth over the past 100 years a current edition would probably be over 700 pages. It would also be a tremendous research effort as the family has moved out across the country. Certainly there are pieces of the answers in the various Boynton genealogy databases. Anyone ready to put it all together? from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/
  41. [Boynton] Jun 2, 1997 "Boynton" (found site through: aol USAgenweb) --- On the Boynton 32 gen. I have most the same until I come to Joshua Boynton,Jr. #24 B. 1679, Rowley, Mass. Do you also have Moses listed as his son? Please get back to me and thank-you for your help. from Penny Boynton-Nelson --- Email: Lopy37 (at) aol.com
  42. [ASB-TREE] Jun 4, 1997 (found site through: infoseek) --- We have Boynton on our Trumbull & Nichols tree. from MARILYN NICHOLS TRUMBULL --- Email: gn112 (at) cleveland.freenet.edu
  43. [Boynton] Jun 5, 1997 "Boynton" --- My husband also belongs to the New Zealand Boynton branch and I would like to link to ME 96-08-27 who has more information on this line. My information has been limited to New Zealand and Australian sources to date. Thanks I enjoyed browsing your pages. from Liliane Parkinson --- Email: saulp (at) xtra.co.nz
  44. [Boynton] Jun 8, 1997 "Boynton Familytree" (found site through: WebCrawler) --- Did you know, that before Bartholomew deBoynton there was a Torchil Bovington? from Zara Boynton Niemeyer --- Email: hnzn (at) aol.com
  45. [Boynton] Jun 9, 1997 "Enjoyed browsing your web site!" (found site through: www.ancestry.com web site) --- Descended from John Boynton b. 1614 of Yorkshire, England. Last Boynton in my line is my father, Charles Rodney Boynton of Illinois. Too bad he is computer phobic, he would get such a kick out of your web site. I plan to return in the near future!! from Carrie Boynton Cadieux --- Email: MCCartoon (at) aol.com
  46. [Boynton] Jun 12, 1997 "Boynton Geneology" (found site through: Excite) --- Hi Doug, I am trying to research my Mother's family History. I would like to know is anyone has any information on a - John Boynton who married a Caroline Launderford in the City of Cork Ireland. I am trying to fing John Boynton's Birthdate and who his mother and father were. I think he went back to London as he had a son called John Boynton who was born on the 30.08.1830. He married a Mary Jane Smith or Smyth. Young John Boynton went to Tasmania as a child at the age of 10 yrs old and bought over with him a book which my uncle has which is 130 yrs old. He left liverpool on a boat ??????? Young John Boynton and Mary Jane had 3 Children and one of them is my great grandfather John Frederick Johnstone Boynton who married here in New Zealand. If anyone can help me I would be so grateful. Please contact my e mail address dkrua (at) wave.co.nz Regards Adriana Rua from Adriana Rua --- Email: dkra (at) wave.co.nz
  47. [Boynton] Jun 16, 1997 "BOYNTON LINES" (found site through: USGENWEB-MA) --- Doug, we have talked before, but something new has come up. I recorded information on my line from the BOYNTON book: Boynton Directory, American by John F. Boynton, 1884. This book shows my line as: Frank Boynton b.1860 Portland, ME (my g grandfather) Moses Boynton b.1823 Andover, MA (gg grandfather) Benjamin Boynton b.1780 Andover, MA (ggg) Thomas Boynton b.1747 Newberry, MA (gggg) Recently, however, a couple of people have said that the book recently reprinted: John Farnham Boynton & wife-1897 states that my line from Benjamin veers back to Moses Boynton b.1751 Andover, MA instead of Thomas. Can anyone illuminate me on which might be correct. I have pictures of both Frank and Moses in my family albums, but nothing back further. I know there are plently of Boynton's who migrated to Maine.....mine seemed to have lived in Portland and Lewiston, ME in the 1800's. Please feel free to exchange information with me so that I can verify which direction my line goes. Thanks, Felicia Hazelton (hazefam (at) earthlink.net) PS:This is a great forum for bringing everyone together. from Felicia Hazelton --- Email: hazefam (at) earthlink.net Web Page: www.earthlink.net/~hazefam
  48. [Boynton] Jun 16, 1997 "Boynton Family History" --- Hi Doug. I am wondering if you or anyone else out there has any information regarding my great great grandfather John Boynton who married Caroline Launderford in the city of Cork Ireland. My great grandfather John Boynton jr was born on the 30th August 1830 London and moved to Tasmania when he was 10 yrs old. I am from New Zealand so I hope anyone out there can help me. Thanks alot -- Adriana from Adriana --- Email: dkrua (at) wave.co.nz
  49. [Boynton] Jun 23, 1997 "Possible Boynton link to Ben Franklin" (found site through: Found your site months ago, it's now a favorite.) --- Through your website I was able to connect up with a cousin who was able to supply my missing Boynton link. Now I have another question. It has been rumored in my Boynton line for the last couple of generations that a Boynton is either directly related to Benjamin Franklin or married a direct descendant. The closest I have been able to get to this is an Edward Boynton who was the third husband of a Rosa Wainwright. Rosa was born 31 March 1925. They were married after 1945. Edward was originally from Chicago, Illinois, but I have no dates nor further info on him. Does anyone have any additional info or dates on Edward Boynton, or know of another Boynton who is related to or married a Ben Franklin descendant? I can be reached at: maddeo (at) goodnet.com. Thanks Doug for giving all of us a way of finding eachother. Madeleine Parrott from Madeleine Parrott --- Email: maddeo (at) goodnet.com
  50. [ASB-TREE] Jun 26, 1997 "The Tennison Family Page" (found site through: Webcrawler) --- Iam just started my web page 2 days ago. Like your page, hope mine comes out as good Wendy Garcia Riverside Caif. from Wendy Garcia --- Email: artg (at) pacbell.net Web Page: http://www.angelfire.com./ga/TennisonFamily/index.html
  51. [ASB-TREE-T] Jun 27, 1997 "Mirror Web Site" (found site through: I wrote the page) --- A mirror site of these web pages is now available at: "http://www.triskelion-ltd.com" from Douglas Boynton Quine -- Web Page: http://www.triskelion-ltd.com
  52. [Quine] Jun 29, 1997 (found site through: Excite) --- Hi, my name is Heidi Quine. I am from Australia and I am interested in discovering my own family tree. I was just looking around your site to see if I recognised any names. Thanks alot. 8-) Heidi! from Heidi Quine --- Email: q3073537 (at) student.anu.edu.au
  53. [Boynton] Jun 29, 1997 "Byingtons" (found site through: Altivista) --- Do you ever hear from Byingtons?? "Byington" is derived from "Boynton." I am decended from William Boynton who came to this country from England with his brother John. My family is from Connecticut by way of Kansas. Have any of your visitors to your web page found any mistakes with the information in the Boynton book from the Higginson Book Company in Salem, MA?? I am using a copy of that book to help me fill in missing relatives but I wonder how accurate it is. Would you have any information of George Byington born in Bristol Connecticut in 1810?? Many thanks, Jim. from James W. Byington --- Email: innitou (at) gis.net
  54. [ASB-TREE] Jun 29, 1997 --- Who was SIR BARTHELEMEW BOYNTON'S FATHER? from Y GRAHAM --- Email: YLGRAHAM (at) AOL.COM
  55. [Boynton] Jun 30, 1997 (found site through: Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet) --- Quite the striking and distinguished genealogy. I enjoyed reading one of Prof. Quine's books a few years ago. Apart from Aristotle and Lewis Carroll, few logicians are very readible, although I found a volume of Wittgenstein soothing during a fever once. I wonder if your research has turned up any evidence, negative or positive, of Boyntons in the State of Maine? In a telephone conversation with my grandmother, yesterday, June 29, 1997, I discovered that my great-grandmother was adopted by a Ruben Boynton, of East Millinocket (?). Given the connection between Maine and Massachusetts, it is plausible that the more remote branches of your family colonized Maine. I am currently working at the National Archives of Canada, and can be contacted at the e-mail address: mbriere (at) archives.ca, if you are able to reply in the very near future. Otherwise the above E-mail address at the National Capital Region Freenet is my home address (albeit somewhat shakily remembered). from Brant Whitney Boucher --- Email: ar434 (at) ncrfreenet.ucarleton.ca
  56. [Boynton] Jul 7, 1997 "Hello" (found site through: Infoseek) --- Just thought I would say hello as I am of the same line just on the side of John Boynton (of Rowley) and later of Maine, and now of Alaska Nice Page from Robert W Boynton --- Email: rboynton (at) corecom.net
  57. [Boynton] Jul 9, 1997 "CACFP Sponsor" (found site through: infoseek) --- Ran onto the site by accident. I do not see many Boyntons with this spelling. I would like to learn more about your Research. from Everett Ray Boynton --- Email: edu-care (at) mt.arias.net Web Page: http://www.edu-care.org/
  58. [Boynton] Jul 17, 1997 "boynton genealogy" (found site through: I don't know) --- I am looking for information on my ancestors, Frederick Sumner Boynton date of birth unknown, but he was born in St. Albans, Vt.His mother's name name was Belle and from what I understand he was the only boy with four sisters. I also understand that his father was Native American, Mohawk and that his mother had either Mohawk or Abenaki in her ancestry. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Grace. I don't know that much about computers and don't know if i put the right e-mail address so my mailing address is RR#2 Box 2255, Northfield, Vermont 05663. from grace moroch --- http://www.gracem.doc.ahs.vt.us
  59. [Boynton] Jul 17, 1997 "boynton" --- I am looking for information about the Boyntons in my ancestry. my grandmother is Thelma Boynton Phinney, age 96. Her father Frederick Sumner Boynton was born in St. Albans, Vt., as was his wife Marie. Frederick's mother Belle Boynton lived in St. Alban, Vt., as did his sisters. That is al the information I have other than he did live in Connecticut with his second wife and my grandmother, and died somewhere in California. I understand that Frederic's father was Mohawk indian and that his mother, Belle was either Mohawk or Abenaki Indian. I would like to find out whatever I can. I may not have my correct e-mail address but will keep trying. Thanks, grace from grace moroch --- http://www.gracem.doc.ahs.state.vt.us
  60. [Boynton] Jul 17, 1997 "genealogy" (found site through: infoseek) --- Did William Boynton have a daughter, Mary, who was born in Rowley, MA on May 23,1648? If so, then the William Boynton that is referred to in the history is my ancestor. from Theodore P. Sargent --- Email: tsargent (at) ix.netcom.com
  61. [Boynton] Jul 19, 1997 "My family" (found site through: webcrawler) --- I have some Boynton family ties!! Just wondering if there some from Kentucky that might be related to me? thanx!! from Joshua Burgess Everett II --- Email: Josh1w (at) aol.com
  62. [Boynton] Jul 27, 1997 "Family history?" (found site through: Net Find) --- My grandfather Robert O Boynton, born 1891 or about. Worked for Eureka as Western Regional Manager in 1940-1960. Looking for relatives of ours.... He married Ethel Parker from Kentucky..Please e-mail any information.. from K Anderson --- Email: Kathyvan95 (at) aol.com
  63. [Boynton] Aug 3, 1997 (found site through: MS Inernet Explorer) --- We were looking at geneology for our family, My father was Richard Holmes, his father was Laurence Amon from Vermont, from Laurence and Jayne (Gangemi) Boynton --- Email: boyntol (at) westinghouse.com
  64. [Boynton] 97-04-08 03:29:24 EDT I would like to know if it is true that a pirate Boynton roamed the waters of Florida and where on our "Tree" can he be found. As to the Pirate Boynton, I read a story about a pirate Boynton when I was a child that Boynton Beach in Florida was named after the pirate who buried treasure there. I have told this to my children and they read the Descendants book from cover to cover trying to find him. When my sister went to England last year she and her family went to Boynton and took pictures of the church where the Barons and Knights are listed and memorialized. I found them in the Burke's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage, 104th edition. I am new to genealogy and so far very lucky with the wealth of information that other people have found. So I have not found any thing about the pirate but I assume that he came from the England side of the tree. Thanks, Sharon
  65. [Boynton] Aug 6, 1997 "Boynton Beach, Fl" --- Hi, I am just answering a question about a Pirate Boynton. I have never heard that story before. It is a great one!:) I work at the Boynton Beach City Library, Boynton Beach, Fl. We have a book that tells of the family from MI that settled the town, the same time as Delray Beach was settled by a Mr. Linton a friend of the Boynton family. If anyone would like info on the book and families in it I would be glad to get it. Thanks, Kim from Kimberly Nash --- Email: knbnash (at) ix.netcom.com Web Page: www.geocities.com/heartland/prairie/5258
  66. [Boynton] Aug 7, 1997 "Bartholomew geneology" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Hello, My name is Kenneth Reed Bartholomew and I'm trying to do some geneology for the Bartholomew. My father was Leslie C. Bartholomew, born in Rockport, MO. and my grandfather was Leslie E. Bartholomew born in Rockport, Mo. My Grandfather married a Carrie Poehler I believe from Rockport, Mo. I'm trying to do a little geneology and was wondering if you may have any additional information leading to the above mentioned Bartholomew's. Any assistance along this line would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kenneth Reed Bartholomew 7201 Yosemite Dr. Lincoln, NE 68507-2079 Phone: 402 466-7107 Email: bartholomew_ken (at) navix.net from Kenneth Reed Bartholomew --- Email: bartholomew_ken (at) navix.net I am afraid that I have no Bartholomew information at all. My web sites are dedicated to Boynton and Quine. Perhaps a search engine hit these sites because there was an early ancestor with the first name of Bartholomew.


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