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Quine Genealogy Guest Book Part 1 by Douglas Quine

Quine Guestbook: E-Mail Updates

  1. [Quine] Mar 28, 1997 "Roots" --- Would the name "Quiner" have any relation to the name "Quine"? I believe my last name can be traced back to the Isla of Man. Can you help me find some info on this? Thanks! Q2 - from Quentin Quiner - quiner (at) swbell.com
  2. [Quine] Jun 29, 1997 (found site through: Excite) --- Hi, my name is Heidi Quine. I am from Australia and I am interested in discovering my own family tree. I was just looking around your site to see if I recognised any names. Thanks alot. 8-) Heidi! from Heidi Quine --- Email: q3073537 (at) student.anu.edu.au
  3. [Quine] Jun 30, 1997 (found site through: Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet) --- Quite the striking and distinguished genealogy. I enjoyed reading one of Prof. Quine's books a few years ago. Apart from Aristotle and Lewis Carroll, few logicians are very readible, although I found a volume of Wittgenstein soothing during a fever once. I wonder if your research has turned up any evidence, negative or positive, of Boyntons in the State of Maine? In a telephone conversation with my grandmother, yesterday, June 29, 1997, I discovered that my great-grandmother was adopted by a Ruben Boynton, of East Millinocket (?). Given the connection between Maine and Massachusetts, it is plausible that the more remote branches of your family colonized Maine. I am currently working at the National Archives of Canada, and can be contacted at the e-mail address: mbriere (at) archives.ca, if you are able to reply in the very near future. Otherwise the above E-mail address at the National Capital Region Freenet is my home address (albeit somewhat shakily remembered). from Brant Whitney Boucher --- Email: ar434 (at) ncrfreenet.ucarleton.ca
  4. [Quine] Aug 10, 1997 "Searching the Warner family " (found site through: metacrawler) --- Found your site looking for information on the Warner family. Descendents of John Warner of Essex, England born abt 1555. 32.75: 96-11-27 "Maximillian Jewett - Boynton Links" --- Hi all - I am trying to fill in some holes in my Boynton line. Does anyone have any info on Maxmillian Jewett? Birthdate, deathdate, parents, and a marriage date to Ellenor E Pell. She was married also to John Boynton, Sr. My line descends through that marraige but I would like the particulars for her other marrage. Thank you for any help you can offer....Deborah:>} - ( 75477.2412 (at) CompuServe.COM) Torrey has BOYNTON, John (1614-1671) m. bef 21:2m:1644 Ellen/Eleanor PELL, Boston; res Rowley & Salisbury JEWET. Maxillion (1607-1684) m 30 Aug 1671 Eleanor PELL (-1689) wid, John BOYNTON m3) 1686 Daniel WARNER. MI: 96-11-26 --- "Maximillian Jewett - Boynton Links - Another Response" --- According to Tracy Elliot Hazen, "Two Founders of Rowley, Mass.," NEHGR, 94 (1940), 104, Ellen or Eleanor (not "Eleanor E") died at Rowley on *5 Aug. 1689*. She was married and widowed three times: (1) to John Boynton, who is almost certainly the individual who died (or was buried) on 18 Feb. 1669/70; (2) at Rowley, 30 Aug. 1671 (as his second wife), to Maximilian Jowett, who was buried at Rowley 19 Oct. 1684; and (3) at Ipswich, 1 June 1686, to Daniel Warner, Sr. --- from Michael Pavkov --- Email: mpavkov (at) neo.lrun.com
  5. [Quine] Oct 8, 1997 "casual comment" --- Hi. This may have been pointed out before but in the dialect of North East Scotland (where I live) the word quine is in common useage meaning 'young girl'. The equivalent word for a young boy is 'loon'. One often hears about 'loons & quines'. The derivative is thought to be from 'queen'. A fascinating piece of useless information! Regards Jim from Jim Mackay --- Email: Jim (at) philaleaves.Force9.co.uk
  6. [Quine] Oct 20, 1997 (found site through: AOL) --- I was very excited to find my family name on the internet. My father has a family tree that dates back to a William Quine in North Carolina in the 1700's. I can provide this information you are interested. Most of the Quine's in this tree are from the Southwestern United States. from Paul Douglas Quine --- Email: quine (at) sn4endo.com
  7. [Quine] Oct 27, 1997 "Quine surname" --- My ancestors settled in North Carolina in the 1700's. My gggggrandfather, Benjamine Quine, b. aprox. 1755, m. Easter (Esther?) Coram in 1780 in Caswell Co. NC. He had two brothers, William Jr., and Henry. His eldest son, William, was our ggggrandfather b. 1781. Our ancestors were supposed to have come from England, but we are not sure. Do you have any info on a William Quine Sr. who came from the Isle of Man in early to mid 1700's? from Kay Quine Aldredge --- Email: kayqa (at) lcc.net Web Page: http://jupiter.beseen.com/chat/rooms/b/1128/
  8. [Quine] Nov 7, 1997 "Charles and J. Memory Martin" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Family came from Cornwall, England in the late 1800's and upon return they entered school at Lands End, England. And returned to the USA in 190l or 1902 and lived in Deadwood, South Dakota, until Charles Martin's death Sept. 8, l985. from y. foreman --- Email: yforeman (at) mato.com
  9. [CRQ-TREE] Dec 21, 1997 "Cloyd Isle of Skye" (found site through: webtv search) --- I'm trying to find out more about the origins of my surname"Cloyd". The name"Macleod" is pronounced the same. from Barbara Cloyd Alling --- Email: Bitsofglitz (at) webtv.net
  10. [Quine] Dec 21, 1997 (found site through: AltaVista) --- none at the moment. from David Ernest Louis Quine --- Email: delq (at) enterprise.net
  11. [CRQ-TREE] Dec 22, 1997 (found site through: Yahoo) --- from Jack Quine --- Email: quine (at) math.fsu.edu Web Page: http://www.math.fsu.edu/~quine/
  12. [Quine] Dec 28, 1997 "Family Tree" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I am trying to trace my decendants on the I O M and Liverpool. from Andrew James Quine --- Email: mattfair (at) vossnet.co.uk
  13. [Quine] Feb 4, 1998 "Dedicated Guestbook" --- This guestbook is now dedicated to the Quine family. from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/guestqui.html
  14. [Quine] Feb 8, 1998 --- We live in Dallas, Texas. Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have a brother, Michael Quine, who lives in Peoria, Il. from David Quine --- Email: DSQuine (at) Aol.com
  15. [Quine] Feb 20, 1998 "Rosalie" --- I just talked with Rosalie tonight and I was looking for Rob Quine and you came up. She is just the greatest lady and my best friend. Perhaps you may not know that I met her and Bob in 1977, and the year after my husband also a Douglas and I stayed with them before taking a drive down to Tenassaee(I can't spell)................ Do please email me if you have other interesting memories of Rosalie. Best wishes.... from Caroline Ainley --- Email: ainley (at) globalnet.co.uk
  16. [Quine] Feb 26, 1998 "Information" (found site through: YAHOO) --- Some of the Quine family also settled in the UK when they left the Isle of Man My side of the family settled in Liverpool and began to move about the UK from there I live now near Newcastle upon Tyne in the NE of England If you want any more info about the Uk Quine's - just mail me from Robert Quine --- Email: rob.quine (at) btrinc.com
  17. [Quine] Feb 26, 1998 "Information" (found site through: YAHOO) --- Some of the Quine family also settled in the UK when they left the Isle of Man My side of the family settled in Liverpool and began to move about the UK from there I live now near Newcastle upon Tyne in the NE of England If you want any more info about the Uk Quine's - just mail me from Robert Quine --- Email: rob.quine (at) btrinc.com
  18. [Quine] Mar 9, 1998 "Isle of Man" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I have never been to the Isle of man, It was my grand father who was the Manx man, I would just like to discover a little history about the place, from John Quine --- Email: jquine (at) cow-net.com
  19. [Quine] Mar 21, 1998 "Re: "radical translation (found site through: Yahoo) --- "Linguists can usually avoid radical translation by finding someone who can interpret the language," W.V. Quine wrote in PURSUIT OF TRUTH (rev. ed. Harvard UP, 1992:46), and yet in my course on Semantics we felt that there was no escape, we had to discuss "indeterminacy of translation". The issues raised in chapter III (MEANING) are crucial and most challenging to philosophers and linguists alike. With profound admiration, sincerely, Hans George Ruprecht Professor School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies Carleton University Ottawa, Ont. K1S 5B6 Canada from Hans George Ruprecht, --- Email: Web Page: http://www.carleton.ca/slals/
  20. [Quine] Mar 30, 1998 "Quine Genealogy" (found site through: Infoseek) --- My mother was a Quine, descended from a Thomas Quine of Strand Street, Douglas. He was described as a hatmaker in the 1881 census. He married Ann Camaish about 1810. From the census, he would have been born about 1784 - so is not one of your Thomas Quines Have you come across him in your investigation of the Quine family? I cannot locate his parents. Good Page - Cheers -Roger from Roger Sainsbury --- Email: kms8 (at) tutor.open.ac.uk
  21. [Quine] Apr 17, 1998 "Quines of Lezayre I.O.M" (found site through: Yahoo) --- I am related to Thomas Frederick Quine 1868 - 1917 who married an Eleanor Jane. One of their nine children Joseph Herbert Allan Quine 1906 - 1981 Who married Phyllis Margaret Jane Kissack in 1930, is my Grandfather. If anyone can make a connection to this I would be very pleased to hear from them. from Andrew James Quine --- Email: panpeter98 (at) hotmail.com
  22. [Quine] May 2, 1998 "Colorado Quines" (found site through: Yahoo) --- It's wonderful that you've given us such access to our extended Quine family both here and abroad. I'm also especially pleased to learn of another Quine (Reference DF 97-01-03) who shares a French Canadian heritage. (I thought my brother and I were the only Manx-Acadians on Earth!) Anyway, my family's Manx American heritage started when my great grandfather (I believe his name was "John") travelled from the Lonan/Laxey area to Colorado in the 1800's. I've since been in touch with a distant cousing on the Island and joined the IOMFHS. Anyone else out there with the same background? from Carole quine --- Email: cquine (at) bccc.state.md.us
  23. [CRQ-TREE] May 14, 1998 "Looking for my roots?" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- No Comments as yet. from Janet Susan Quine --- Email: Mustard (at) mcmail.com
  24. [Quine] Jun 10, 1998 (found site through: Yahoo) --- I was just wondering where I fit into your family tree (if at all!?). The earliest Quine I know of is actually only my Grandfather (now deceased). His name was Fredrick Quine and his wife was Minnie. My Fathers name is Mervyn Quine. We live in Australia and my Grandparents were born here (I think!?). I know from my Dad that we Quines originate from the Isle of Man. It is not urgent that you reply straight away as I am just interested in finding out about the family, it is no great rush, but I do appreciate your troubles!! Yours Sincerely.. Sarah Quine (18 years old). from Sarah Quine --- Email: S_Quine (at) rocketmail.com
  26. [Quine] Jul 10, 1998 (found site through: MSN) --- I decided to try a search on my name of which you all know is rare, or at least here is the US, and was exited to find more of us than I expected. from Brad Quine --- Email: bquine (at) quine.com
  27. [Quine] Aug 28, 1998 "WVO Quine" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Tough time understanding. Easy time acknowledging his genius. from Meyer Solomon --- Email: rheme (at) mindspring.com
  28. [Quine] Oct 13, 1998 "physics" --- just saying hello! from Tracey Quine --- Email: teq (at) st-andrews.ac.uk
  29. [CRQ-TREE] Nov 20, 1998 "Hubby's name is Cloyd" (found site through: Lycos) --- Hi.. just found your page by doing a search on Cloyd.. which is my husbands name too.. Not very many Cloyd's out there!! from Angela Beair --- Email: webeairs (at) megsinet.net Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Coast/5939
  30. [Quine] Nov 23, 1998 (found site through: Northern Light) --- Hi! My mother, Jean Quine, and I are the only Quines out here in Vancouver, Canada. My great-grandfather owned the shop on Quine's Corner in Douglass, Isle of Mann. - Thom from Thomas Quine --- Email: thomas.quine (at) ncompasslabs.com
  31. [Quine] Nov 26, 1998 "We are few and far between but we are strong" (found site through: netscape) --- Hello there all you Quines!! I am a proud Quine living in Vancouver CANADA....Sounds like i have a lot of brothers and sisters in the land of OZ...anyone who would like to email me feel free :) from Christopher Robin Quine --- Email: dutchtreat (at) netscape.net
  32. [Quine] Dec 24, 1998 "find my roots" (found site through: yahoo) --- send any data on Corlett name as I understand this is where we originated tom/sr from thomas p. corlett --- Email: ocorlett (at) neo.rr.com
  33. [Quine] Jan 30, 1999 "researching family" (found site through: yahzoo) --- Just curious to see where my stem of the family tree originated from. My grandad was Norman Quine born in Douglas, and I believe at lhe has a brother who ended up in America in the film industry. I dont know my E mail address as i`m using my partners computer. Until he returns I can`t find it out. In the meantime if you can give me any pointers to how to begin researching my branch of the family, I`d be obliged if you could input the info into your website. Cheers, Cheryl Quine
  34. [Quine] Feb 1, 1999 "Quine Family" --- Just a quick dull note to say` Hello fellow member of the Quine clan`I am new to this so can`t give a return address but have logged into your guestbook page.For your records I`m 28, female & proud to be a Quine no matter how many administrative headaches the name gives me.I live in Carlisle, but originate from Preston. My family has not strayed far from the west coast as they hail from Blackpool, with my fathers side moving there from Douglas.This is all probably of no interest to you, but I thought a quick note to tell you that other Quines feel strongly about the name would not go amiss. I work in Conferencing for the Forte hotel chain and only the other day got engaged in conversation with a client about my surname (a constant talking point as you have discovered yourself no doubt) he himself was a Tannahill, from the west of Scotland and was eager to discuss the pros & cons of being part of a rather small family. I`ve always intended to research my family connections further, but to my shame have yet not found the time to do this. Anyway I`ll sign off for now & i`ll leave a return address if and when I remember to ask my partner for it. Have a happy life, from Cheryl Quine
  35. [CRQ-TREE] Feb 23, 1999 "NAME" (found site through: YAHOO) --- NICE TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THE ORIGINS OF QUINE IN THE WORLD. from LYNSEY QUINE --- Email: 9801238 (at) MAIL.RGU.COM
  36. [Quine] Mar 17, 1999 "Trying to find history on the surname "QUINE (found site through: lycos) --- I'm not sure if I'm related to this particular Quine family but Iam interested in finding more info on my "adopted" grandfather Richard Quine. If anyone has any info on him please e.mail me PLEASE from shannon --- Email: i420ruca (at) AOL.COM Web Page: under construction
  37. [Quine] May 31, 1999 "Quine Family Tree - Robert Quine and Elizabeth Kelly" (found site through: Netscape) --- Hi Doug, I'm really enjoying your website. It's wonderful finding out about other Quine's achievements and histories... and what great achievements they've been!! As mentioned in my e-mail to you, I am busy trying to trace my ancestors, and thanks to you, a large piece of the jigsaw is about to be solved!! I do have a copy of Robert Quine and Elizabeth Kelly's marriage certificate and the date given is 15/3/1917. All the best. Sharon (Wales, UK) p.s Have you visited our ancestral home (namely, the Isle of Man)? from Sharon Linda Quine --- Email: s.quine (at) excite.com Web Page: http://www.rmplc.co.uk/eduweb/sites/rhosgoch.sch/index.html(As a teacher, I am writing my school's first website)
  38. [Quine] Jun 8, 1999 "Delroy Everett Quine (Taskey) " --- Delroy Everett Quine (Taskey) was born in St. Cloud, MN approximately 1907. We believe he was born as a Quine and later given the name, by adoption, Taskey. I am trying to find out if this is indeed true or simply a misunderstanding. If you could help me in any way it would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance-Stephanie Taskey from Stephanie --- Email: RTaskey (at) aol.com
  39. [Quine] Jun 9, 1999 "Delroy Everett Quine (Taskey)" --- Subj: Re: Quine Family Date: 6/9/99 1:24:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time Since my last E-Mail I have verified information on Delroy Everett Quine (Taskey). I have verified that he was born as Everett Delroy Quine in St. Cloud, MN on April 24, 1908. I was extremely pleased to learn this information, yet my search continues. Everett Delroy Quine was born to Margaret Appel and George Quine. I am interested to learn more on George Quine whom we believe passed on in approximately 1920. I appreciate your taking interest in my "adventure" and again thank you in advance for any information you may offer. from Stephanie --- Email: RTaskey (at) aol.com
  40. [Quine] Jun 11, 1999 "Ancestors of Kennaugh family" (found site through: Family Search - Church of the Latter Day Saints) --- I have been tracing back the Kennaugh family and wish to confirm if Christian Quine christened 8.11.1772 Patrick, Isle of Man whose father was Wm Quine is related to your Quine family. I would appreciate any information available. YOurs sincerely, Janice Kelly from Janice Kelly --- Email: jkelly (at) vision.net.au
  41. [Quine] Jun 24, 1999 "NYC" (found site through: LookSmart) --- None from Cecilia Payne --- Email: cap (at) fluent.com
  42. [Quine] Jul 1, 1999 "Quine family history" (found site through: altavista) --- My mother's maiden name is Quine. My grandfather was Noah Quine, my great-grandfather was Ed Quine and we are all from East Texas, USA. I have a cousin who does family research and we believe that our family originally came from Isle of Man though we do not yet have evidence of this theory. My interest in the Quine family and in the Isle of Man is great. I have heard about a location in the Douglas area named "Quine's Hill". I would appreciate any information about this. Thank you and God bless! from Donna Sherrer --- Email: BS-F (at) excite.com
  43. [Quine] Jul 1, 1999 "Quine" --- Donna I believe it is the case that all Quine's come from the Isle of Man. It is a Manx name. There is also a Quine's corner in Douglas and several farms marked on the map are named Ballaquine (Quine's Farm). the Isle of Man is a wonderful place - little a miniature England or Ireland with lots of history. Monday (July 5) celebrates the 1020th year of Manx Tynwald - the oldest continuous government in the world according to some scholars. Finally enjoy my Quine guestbook: http://www.quine.org/guestqui.html Regards - from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/quine.html
  44. [Quine] Jul 6, 1999 (found site through: msngo) --- Thanks for all of the hard work in your compilation. I am interested in finding out more about the Quines. I am originally from Michigan and am now about to reside in the Pacific Northwest. Please forward any information you might have regarding Harry Samuel Quine. T&R, Joel from Joel Quine --- Email: thejquine (at) hotmail.com
  45. [Quine] Jul 14, 1999 "Quine family" --- researching Henry Quine m. Mary Ann Thorpe, Pontiac, Oakland Co. MI - his parents: Robert Quine m. Margaret Moulton Cowin. He had children by first wife, and 4 by Margaret, including Henry. She had Cowin children, also. Some of them ended up in Michigan. Eliza Quine emigrated to Queensland Australia and m. ----Harvey. Anyone related to this line?? from Joan Quine Pate --- Email: bjpate30 (at) aol.com
  46. [Quine] Aug 6, 1999 "ancestory search" (found site through: snap.com) --- my last name is Quinones, which means "son of Quin". my relatives are from spain but i have a fair complexion. i was told that the name originally migrated from ireland during the potato famine. i'd like to know where my roots started. any help? from Lydia Quinones --- Email: grimbunny1 (at) aol.com
  47. [Quine] Aug 30, 1999 (found site through: Ask Jeves) --- Who is Ashley Quine Mcgovern ( my question to ask jeeves ).

    Hi Uncle Doug from Ashley Quine McGovern
  48. [CRQ-TREE] Sep 5, 1999 "family tree" --- looking for family tree family history from john d cloyd --- Email: jcloyd (at) prodigy
  49. [Quine] Sep 13, 1999 "family history" (found site through: family search) --- Have been threatening to do research into my family history so I'll throw out what I know. My father was Charles William Douglas Quine who was born in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada. His father was John Daniel Quine who immigrated to Canada in the late 19th century from either I.O.M. or Liverpool. His father (William) emigrated to Liverpool from I.O.M. at some point. from William Douglas Quine --- Email: w.quine.worldnet.att.net
  50. [Quine] Oct 3, 1999 "curious" --- You can add me to your list if you want to. I emigrated from Wales uk in 1983. I am the eldest daughter of Evelyn (nee powell)& Kenneth Quine, they stall reside in Wales uk. I have a brother John Quine who lives in Newbery Berks. We are the only children of E&K there are no children from us to carry on the Quine name as my brother fathered 2 daughters & I had twin sons, however, through marriage I am no longer a Quine. I do have an uncle & cousins who live in Canada with the quine name if you are interested in mor information. from Frances Warren (nee quine) --- Email: Fwarren (at) home.com
  51. [Quine] Oct 13, 1999 "Quine in Australia" --- How wonderful to find some more relatives. I live in Australia and have very few Quine relatives in my home town of Melbourne. My grandfather George, came from Isle of Man in 1883 as a small child, he died in 1995 at age 75 years. He was from Onchan which I noticed is on your list, so I will hunt out the names and dates I have recorded. George made sure that the Quine name continues by fathering 10 children, six of whom then passed on the Quine name. Douglas is one of our family names, perhaps because of the capital city of Isle of Man. Do you have any information on the parliament on Isle of Man; apparently my grandfather used to send money "back home" to support the sittings and my uncle continued it for some time. I will be back to the site and look forward to sharing our common history, Gwen Meredith. (My mother was a Quine) from Gwen Meredith
  52. [Quine] Oct 17, 1999 --- escribir en espa˝ol argentina desendiente de maria quines bahia blanca Bs As Argentina from rodolfo fernando quines --- Email: rodolfo333 (at) .interar.co.ar
  53. [CRQ-TREE] Nov 8, 1999 "Quine and God" (found site through: Britannica.com) --- In 1989 or '90 I attended a discussion led by Professor Quine, and asked him, after hearing many of his views, if he believed in God. His answer was somewhat longer, of course, but it all boiled down to "no". That put my mind at rest. After all, if a logician concludes that God exists, what other nonsense might have crept into his work? from Paul Antokolsky
  54. [Quine] Nov 16, 1999 "Philosophical text phenomenology" (found site through: Boyd Quine) --- The above URL adress is an unpublished attempt to investigate into the phenomena of restricted text formation. It exists also with F°llesdal at Stanford. It contains some curricular references to problems relating also to research by Willard Van Orman Quine and students. from Alf Isak Keskitalo --- Email: alf-is (at) online.no Web Page: http://sites.netscape.net/akeskitalo/homepage
  55. [Quine] Nov 18, 1999 "Family name QUINN" (found site through: yahoo) --- is there a connection between QUINE and QUINN ?? from Onar Zayyah --- Email: onar (at) zayyah.freeserve.co.uk
  56. [Quine] Nov 18, 1999 "genealogical research" (found site through: Altavista) --- My father, James Demetrius Quine, was killed at the end of World War II at the Alameda Naval Air Station in California. My mother remarried when I was eight. I lost all contact and feeling about my Quine roots and know nothing about them except for my aunts and my father, all now deceased. I am ead. I am eager to reestablish a feeling of family and would welcome any contact with Quines. My family came from the Isle of Man--I am not sure when. They settled in Pendleton, Texas--a bleak and dry armpit of the US. There was no electricity, little water, and I have heard that my grandmother was born in a covered wagon. I have also heard that there was always danger of Indians. I do not know how much of this last is true, but I suspect that it does not fall far from the mark. Best wishes. I'm glad you are there. Suzanne from Carol Suzanne Quine --- Email: Carsuquine (at) aol.com
  57. [Quine] Nov 19, 1999 "Quines-what else ?" (found site through: familysearch) --- An ancestor of mine had a sister Esther Corkill born 1875 here in the Isle of Man. She married a Frederick Quine and they had six chldren - Clarence (alive) Myrtle,Clyde,Charles and Theodore. I am trying to trace anything concerning The Reverend Charles Quine. He had a wife called Sarah but I am uncertain whether she was his first or second wife. Theodore emigrated to Australia, married Gladys and lived somewhere in the Sydney area, he was mayor of his town at some time and had at least one daughter who married a Peffer. I would be pleased to hear from anyone with information and wanting information they think I might be able to get. Cheer s - Phil from Phil Corkill --- Email: corkie (at) talk21.com
  58. [Quine] Nov 26, 1999 "Quine Family" (found site through: AOL) --- Wow, so much Quine info, all in one place! My father emigrated to the US in the 1940's directly from the Isle of Man. My grandfather Sylvester Lindsay Quine lived there until his death in the 1980's, my great grandfather was Canon John Quine of Lonan. My brothers are named Richard and David, a common name in the family, I can see from all the other e-mails. Thank you! from Janet Lindsay Tideman (nee Quine) --- Email: janet.l.tideman (at) ceridian.com
  59. [CRQ-TREE] Dec 1, 1999 "Quine history" (found site through: Family Search.org ) --- Found your site from the Family Search.org I'm a Murrey, My grandmother was "Birdie Gertiude Quine " born april, 15, 1883 in Tower City, North Dakota. Her parents were James W. Quine, born in 1829, Isle of Man, died, Oct. 8, 1893, Littel Falls, Minnesota. ( old guy to be fathering ) !! His wife was Sarah Jane George ( Quine ) born in 1841, Vermont, died July 30, 1890, Tower City, North Dakota. Thats all I have on the Quine roots. However " Birdie Gertiude Quine " was married 5 times !! One was Eugen James Chandler, of Pine River, Minnesota, thats my mom side who married a Murrey. therefor there must be a whole bunch of other surnames out there !! If you have any knowledge of " Birdie Gertrude Quine " let me know. thanks. Great web site you have. from David Murrey --- Email: ls13013 (at) cybertrails.com
  60. [Quine] Dec 3, 1999 "Quines" (found site through: familysearch) --- Family connections with the Quine family. A Robert Quine emigrated to USA and apparently became a surgeon and served in the USAF where he was killed in a plane crash. He had a wife in the Isle of Man and never divorced her. He had, presumably, a common-law wife in USA and had a son and daughter-Don (of the Virginian fame and who apparently has 2 children) and Janice. I would very much like to find out some more details of these and Irene, Don's mother. Robert's mother was my grandfather's sister. Robert's wife had a daughter Avril and she had 2 children Ruth and Robert and died from eclampsia shortly after this birth. I have a fairly extensive tree of the present Quines(with my connection) and Corkill,Clague and Curphey connections. Of Robert's generation only Clarence Bridson Quine is alive and not too well at the moment unfortunately. Cheers Phil Corkill from Phil Corkill --- Email: corkie (at) talk21.com
  61. [Quine] Dec 11, 1999 "Psychology and pragmatism" (found site through: aol) --- Interested in pragmatism,psychology and american democracy. from Royal E. Alsup Ph.D. --- Email: tahoe93a (at) aol.com
  62. [Quine] Dec 27, 1999 "Elizabeth Quine/John Stafford" (found site through: Family Tree Maker) --- Love your sight. Want to know more about the Quine/Boynton tree and to get a copy that ties my family into it. Do you have further information on John and Elizabeth.....Marriage date, birth and death records, children and where they may have gone to after they were married. Do you know where they were married. These were my gggggggrandparents and I am trying to organize a tree any information I could get would be very much appreciated. Thank you Bill from William L. Stafford --- Email: BSTrucker7 (at) aol.com
  63. [Quine] Jan 13, 2000 --- I would like to hear from any Quine who is related to Thomas Quine who married a Miss Waterson c 1850 and emigrated to Liverpool. He had two sons, John Samuel Quine and Thomas Daniel Quine from Rev. Christopher Andrew Quine --- Email: Arboryquine (at) aol.com
  64. [CRQ-TREE] Jan 13, 2000 --- Would like to contact any other Quine who emigrtaed to Liverpool from Rev. Christopher Andrew QUINE --- Email: Arboryquine (at) aol.com
  65. [Quine] Jan 23, 2000 "INFORMATION" (found site through: http://www.familysearch.org/) --- My Grandmother was a Quine Suzannah Elizabeth born in 1890. She had a sister Phillis J Quine. Suzannah married a William Jackson Clarey and lived in Andreas Isle of Man and now has great great grandchildren still living on the island. Any information on the family would be most apprciated. John Sharrock (john.sharrock (at) virgin.net)
  66. [Quine] Jan 29, 2000 "interest in family history" (found site through: excite) --- I suppose that my ancestors must have come to north america sometime after yours (around the turn of the century )bit I had no idea I was related to any philosophers . Anyway , great website . from Patrick Quine --- Email: mudd (at) portal.ca
  67. [CRQ-TREE] Feb 10, 2000 "Marcus L. Clayton Great Grandfather" (found site through: Census Bureau) --- My question is i am trying to find the rest of my family. I don't have any brothers and sisters i am and only child. My fathers name is Ulysses Eugene Clayton. I typed in Marcus CLayton for my search your addresses and info came up. If you have heard about me or my Father please call us at 205-631-2985 Birmingham, Alabama. If you know about Marcus Clayton's ancestors please call. Any information is appreciated from Michael Eugene Clayton --- Email: uclayton (at) bellsouth.net
  68. [Quine] Feb 20, 2000 "Lucy Quine m Charles Thomas Edward YOUNG" (found site through: Doug Quine, Ohio USA) --- Looking for details on Lucy Quine (1860 - 1920 approx)Lived Moonee Ponds Victoria; and Perth WA; died Syndey 1920 approx. Married Charles Thomas Edward Young (d 1910? Subiaco WA); Two sons Reginald (b 1890) and Percy Thomas (bMoonee Ponds 26 February 1892; d Subiaco WA 28 Dec 1971 from Bruce Young --- Email: bruce (at) spraytech.com.au Web Page: in construction!
  69. [Quine] Feb 25, 2000 "Quine Family History" (found site through: Yahoo) --- We are interested in finding out more about our family from the Isle of Man. Our Grandparents were Robert & Doris Quine, parents of our mother Doris Marcia Quine (known as Marcia). married Robert Charles Rapley. Our parents passed away when we were very young leaving 4 children behind and we are trying to find out more about our family. We are coming to the IOM next year and would love to hear from anyone that can help us out with links to our family. We are currently living in New Zealand. from Carron, David, Jayne & Anita Rapley --- Email: jay.day (at) paradise.net.nz
  70. [Quine] Feb 29, 2000 "surname motz......edward to dorace to edward" (found site through: family search.com) --- looking for information from my father's side of the family....gets really sparse early. Surname Motz. my father Edward his father Dorace Echols Motz his father Edward with a brother Samuel. That's all I know. Also looking for family of Dora Babbs Motz as a patient of mine brought an old picture of great grandmother Dora Babbs Motz, her namesake. Thanks for your help!!! from mona motz --- Email: mjmotz (at) aol.com
  71. [Quine] Feb 29, 2000 "Quine quest" --- Further to previous comments - Robert Corkill Quine who emigrated to the USA was a surgeon in the US Air Force and died in an air crash - dates unknown and I would like to find out more. Santa Monica, Ca. has been mentioned. Interesting that he had my surname as a forename, still it was his mother's maiden name. Incidently, there are 77 Quines in the Isle of Man 'phone book, 24 Quinns and 1 Quinney (pronounced 'kunyer') I saw a Joughin mentioned previously, this is pronounced 'jockin'. None of my connections are now Quines. The 2 boys Clyde and Eric of my generation have had daughters and unless something unforseen happens (I'm 65) That's it! Over to you the Yankie Quines to keep the name going. Cheers Phil from Phil Corkill --- Email: corkie (at) talk21.com
  72. [Quine] Mar 11, 2000 --- I have been just surfing and found this site, Quine is not a common name so I found it interesting from Marguerite Quine --- Email: meg24 (at) hotmail.com
  73. [Quine] Mar 13, 2000 "Any Relation" (found site through: yahoo) --- Are you of relations to Robert Corkill Quine of the Isle of Mann from Sean Quine --- Email: Quine (at) ftel.net
  74. [Quine] Mar 27, 2000 (found site through: altavista) --- Hello. I liked your web site, nice to see Manx names on the web. My wife's maiden name is Quine, we live in Douglas on the Isle of Man. I think her family are from the Greeba area mostly.

    Going to look for some Kennaughs now.

    Bye - david kennaugh --- Email: david kennaugh (at) talk21.com
  75. [Quine] Apr 2, 2000 "Van Orman" --- father Archie Lindsey Van Orman dob 12/21/05 dod 10/12/65
    place of bith Waverly ny
    grand father James Henry Van Orman dob 1876 dod 2/21/29
    place of birth ithaca ny
    great grandfather jarrid Van Orman dob 1849 dod 1925
    place of birth stroudsburge pa place of death ithaca ny
    great great grand father James Henry Van Orman living in stroudaburg pa 1850 from john l van orman --- Email: johnlpamm (at) webtv.net
  76. [Quine] Apr 9, 2000 "Hello" (found site through: aol geneolgy) --- Hello from the English branch of Quines! from Sarah Quine --- Email: SarahQ (at) aol.com
  77. [Quine] Apr 12, 2000 "Quines from Toledo" (found site through: Alltheweb.com) --- I have Quines in my family tree. Some of them were known to move to Calif., and I do not know if any are buried in Ohio.
    Descendants of Frederick Quine

    Generation No. 1
    1. FREDERICK1 QUINE He married INA MOORE 1889, daughter of WILLIAM MOORE and LYDIA LEONARDSON. She was born May 01, 1868 in Toledo, Ohio. More About FREDERICK QUINE: Residence: New York More About INA MOORE: Residence: Massapekua, New York Children of FREDERICK QUINE and INA MOORE are: i. JOHN2 QUINE, b. April 16, 1891; m. MARTHA WILSIE. ii. FREDERICK QUINE, b. February 08, 1893; d. October 18, 1918. Notes for FREDERICK QUINE: According to the family tree of Joseph B. Lindecker, Fred died in World War I. 2. iii. HARRY QUINE, b. August 31, 1895. Generation No. 2 2. HARRY2 QUINE (FREDERICK1) was born August 31, 1895. He married (1) RUTH. He married (2) LILLIAN. Child of HARRY QUINE and RUTH is: i. FREDERICK3 QUINE. Child of HARRY QUINE and LILLIAN is: ii. DENNIS3 QUINE. My great grandmother's sister was Dora Moore, and her sister married in to the Quines. Good luck all! Mimi from Mimi Malcolm --- Email: mimimalcolm (at) hotmail.com
  78. [Quine] Apr 30, 2000 "looking for family" (found site through: intetrnet) --- my name is dianne joan quine i wa born on the isle of man i have been in the states for 22 years know i am looking of relatives . from dianne joan quine --- Email: dianne3o35 (at) aol.com
  79. [Quine] Jun 27, 2000 "Family history" (found site through: MSN) --- Iam interested in locating my relatives on my mother's side Quine.The Quine family can be traced from 54 Adalaide Rd Kensington Liverpool Merseyside.up until 1970's My grandfather was from Garibaldi Street, Everton Vale, and was one of 8 children born to a liverpool family My grandfather was Henry Victor Quineborn 21st May 1899 and died in November 1975,in Whiston Hospotal, Merseyside, England UK. He served on MMS Oracle a frigate on escort duty out of Liverpool in the 1st W/War. After the war he visited Germany with his friend Sam Atherton who he later married his sister Alice Farnworth a district of Widnes Cheshire.England UK. His mother married a second time to a Jonah Higgins from were he had half sisters of Ada,Louis. His brother Bill Quine lived in London before emigrating to Australia to continue his male nursing career. One of our relatives owned a cabinet making shop by the name of Jack Quine of Smithdown rd Liverpool. I have an Uncle Maurice Quine of Dartmouth St Tacoma Washington State USA who emigratd in 1955 who is a retired engineer and a keen drummer. from David Hughes --- Email: david.hughes.1 (at) cableinet.co.uk
  80. [Quine] Jul 9, 2000 "Thomas Quine" (found site through: Google) --- I am interested in Thomas Quine (died 1939?) who married my father's aunt Eva Cubbon Chr. Kirk Braddan IOM 3 Dec. 1864. I believe he Owned Silverdale at Ballasala Isle of Man. Any info would be appreciated from Mark Cubbon --- Email: mcubbon (at) aol.com
  81. [Quine] Aug 12, 2000 "Quine Reunion" --- Hello. My name is Phillip McKnight(Quine). I am from Texas and we have a large clan of Quines here. Our next reunion is September 2 in Lufkin, Texas. My mother is Betty Jean Quine McKnight. Her Father Was Noah Frank Quine and his Father Ed Quine. I have the whole tree back sixteen generations and to Scotland or England. Just wanted to drop a line to say hello and wish you well. Respond if it pleases you. Yours Truly, Phillip McKnight(Quine) from Phillip McKnight(Quine) --- Email: sanitarium (at) worldmailer.com
  82. [Quine] Aug 17, 2000 "James and Jane Gawne Quine" (found site through: Infoseek) --- Just started trying to locate my Quine ancestors. Any help with info on JAMES QUINE baptised 7 Aug. 1785 Onchan Parish, Isle of Man, m. to Jane GAWNE 23 Aug. 1817 Jurby, Isle of Man. Children: James Jr., Jane, Henry, Mary, John, Thomas. Appears that family settled in Asthabula County OH. Believe James father was William Quine. My ancestor is Thomas QUINE b. 6 March 1835 m. Elizabeth LUND. All help appreciated. Thanks from Carol Hoopingarner --- Email: choop (at) kiva.com
  83. [CRQ-TREE] Aug 24, 2000 "DELLA CLOYD" --- Want to fine tune records on my grandma. from GEORGE W. MLIAM --- Email: REDCROW1918 (at) YAHOO.COM and HCLARK (at) BRTC.NET
  84. [Quine] Sep 13, 2000 "hello" (found site through: yahoo) --- Hello all of you out there. This may seem weird but my Last name is Quine as well, i was wondering if there was any relation. I live in Illinois. from Phillip Quine --- Email: phquine80 (at) hotmail.com
  85. [Quine] Sep 29, 2000 --- I just wanted to say that I am once again returning to the "Two Dogmas" and thaqt I am once again impressed by its brilliance. (I translated it into Swedish almost forty years ago.) Greetings, and best wishes, from Lars. from Lars Bergstrom --- Email: lars.bergstrom (at) philosophy.su.se
  86. [Quine] Oct 10, 2002 " family connections" --- I live in western canada,my father was born in Castletown,served in the first world at gallipoli,married and settled inEngland. Most of the Quines I hear about come from Douglas. Any connections to Castletown from John Peter Quine --- Email: drjpquine (at) hotmail.com
  87. [CRQ-TREE] Oct 19, 2000 "Researching Kelly Family Name" --- Looking for Faye H. Hill married to Joseph P. Kelly sometime in 1940 or 1950 from BNeal --- Email: BNeal (at) kscable.com
  88. [CRQ-TREE] Nov 5, 2000 "cousin??" (found site through: google) --- Hello, We may be cousins.I am from Nutley, NJ originaly. I live in Buckingham, PA now. I have one son and 2 grandaughters. Nancy (Agnes) Lucy from Agnes Quine Lucy --- Email: cjlucy1 (at) aol.com
  89. [Quine] Nov 18, 2000 "Ancestors" (found site through: alltheweb.com) --- I would like to know more about my family history. Can you make any connections from my family to other Quines? Here is what I know: Great Grandfather: William Quine Born April 21, 1845 IOM Immigrated to Colorado in the 1880s to work in the mines at Teluride and Rico, Colorado Was married to Isabella (maden name unknown) She was born Dec 21, 1845 IOM She died May 24, 1916, Rico Colorado I don't have the exact date of my greatgrand father's death but it was also 1916. My Grandfather: William Edwin Quine Born May 14, 1876 Laxey (?), IOM Died April 1, 1937 Married Elisa Carrel 1901, Rico Colorado She was born in Jeulett, Illinois July 8, 1873 and died in Durango Colorado on Dec. 15, 1937 My Father: James Edwin Quine Born March 27, 1902 Rico Colorado Died October 10, 1966 in Florence, Arizona Married Virginia Whitman 19 July, 1941 in Astec, New Mexico Virginia (my Mother) was born Nov 17, 1917 in Washington, Rhode Island and is still alive. Me: Richard Whitman Quine Born Feb 14, 1943 in Del Norte, Colorado Married Sandra Clement on Jan 1, 1962 We have 4 children Jonathan (b. April 15, 1966), Timothy (Sept. 5, 1968) Kathleen (Dec 27, 1969) and Melody (Aug 4, 1974) Also in my own generation: My brother Thomas Edwin Quine born Feb 9, 1947 (tomthumb26 (at) excite.com) and we also had a sister, Ruby Jane Quine Sedlak born Jan 16, 1958, died March 9, 1985. Maybe this info is of interest to someone out there. If you can make a connection to any other members to the Quine family please let me know. Sincerely, -Richard W. Quine from Richard Whitman Quine --- Email: rquine (at) du.edu Web Page: http://www.du.edu/~rquine/
  90. [Quine] Nov 30, 2000 "philosophy" (found site through: webcrawler) --- I (anne) am an Honours student in Philosophy. My son is an undergrad in Philosophy also (3rd year). We both admire (and enjoy) your father's work. He is one of the giants of his field and will never be forgotten. from anne and matthew carne --- Email: jmcarne (at) alphalink.com.au
  91. [Quine] Nov 30, 2000 "philosophy" (found site through: webcrawler) --- I (anne) am an Honours student in Philosophy. My son is an undergrad in Philosophy also (3rd year). We both admire (and enjoy) your father's work. He is one of the giants of his field and will never be forgotten. from anne and matthew carne --- Email: jmcarne (at) alphalink.com.au
  92. [Quine] Nov 30, 2000 "philosophy" (found site through: webcrawler) --- I (anne) am an Honours student in Philosophy. My son is an undergrad in Philosophy also (3rd year). We both admire (and enjoy) your father's work. He is one of the giants of his field and will never be forgotten. from anne and matthew carne --- Email: jmcarne (at) alphalink.com.au
  93. [CRQ-TREE] Dec 6, 2000 "Van Orman Family Quest" --- Thanks Douglas for updating your family information. Little by little I am getting information put together, and sincerely appreciate any and all additions. Hope all are well. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sincerely, Carolyn from Carolyn Delehanty Myers --- Email: CMyersFoto (at) aol.com Web Page: http://www.geocities/Yosemite/2382/
  94. [Quine] Dec 18, 2000 "mother's lineage" --- My mother was born Constance Quine Calcutt. As Quine is so unusual a name here in Australia, I was wondering whether there was any connection in this line. My mother's father was a Calcutt,born in New Zealand. from warren brown --- Email: warren.brown (at) roche.com
  95. [Quine] Dec 22, 2000 "Quine family tree" (found site through: msn) --- My Grandad who died two years ago today appears to be the last Quine of our family, I think his father William Fredrick Quine died in the first world war leaving four children in England. Mona born Salford 1904. Edward born Salford 1906. Ethel born 1908? Edith born Salford 1910? My Grandad Edward married Gladys Pickering in 1934 and had one daughter Mona Christine in 1937. My mum Christine married in 1960 to Donald Michael Parker they had three children. Jayne Elizabeth born Altrincham 1961 who in turn Married Steven McCarthy in 1982 and have three children Sebstian born Yorkshire 1984, Kyle born Yorkshire 1986, Abbigal born Yorkshire 1988. Alan Ramsey born Altrincham 1963 married Bronwyn Bently nee Smith 1988 and had two children Ian James born Preston 1989, Robert Andrew born Yorkshire 1992. Sara Louise (me)born Altrincham 1966. Jayne and her daughter live in South Australia. Alan and his boys are in New Zealand and I'm in Western Austrailia. from Sara Louise Parker --- Email: sparker (at) worrld-link.com.au
  96. [Quine] Dec 29, 2000 "discovering quine." (found site through: earthlink) --- I am 67. Very surprised to learn of the death of someone so famous... and such a skilled, persistent doubter. Better late than never, I suppose. Change "surprised" to "shocked." I've just been caught in the act of thinking I was somewhere close to knowing every- thing? Deadly hubris. Thank you Mr. Quine. Just in the nick of time. DMStaley. NYC. from Donald Staley --- Email: dmstaley (at) mindspring.com
  97. [CRQ-TREE] Dec 29, 2000 "Update" --- Thanks for including me in your update of your ancestral web page. Appreciate the information. Hope all the family had a Wonderful Christmas and will have a happy and healthy New Year. Love to all. CM from Carolyn Myers --- Email: CMyersFoto (at) aol.com Web Page: http://www.geocities/Yosemite/2382/
  98. [Quine] Jan 2, 2001 (found site through: google.com) --- My grandmother's maiden name was Quine and her father was a keen geanealogist, spending most of his time researching the family. I have a fascinating hand-written book which was his life's work and have now committed the pages to disk using a digital camera. I have a lot of work to do to make this distributable but intend to make CD ROMs available in the future, or to create a website where pages can be "flicked" (there are almost 500 pages!).

    If you are interested, please contact me. from Christian Stanley Quine Williams --- Email: chris (at) teds.co.uk
  99. [Quine] Jan 4, 2001 "Family History" (found site through: Google) --- My father, Alfred George Quine, was born in Douglas, IoM, and moved to Liverpool in 1920s, where I was born. I am interested in learning more about my family history and language. Any help you could give would be appreciated.

    Best Regards, Ken Quine --- Email: k.quine (at) upm-kymene.com
  100. [Quine] Jan 7, 2001 "Quine ancesters" (found site through: Yahoo) --- My fathers aunt Eva Eliabeth Cubbon born 1864, Braddan Isle of Man married to Thomas Quine who owned Silverdal Park near Ballasalla. He died about 1939. I wonder if there is a connection.

    Sincerely,Mark Cubbon --- Email: mcubbon (at) aol.com
  101. [Quine] Jan 11, 2001 "Ref: entry 99 - e-mail address correction" (found site through: Google) --- Please note my corrected e-mail address - sorry for any confusion! from Ken Quine --- Email: ken.quine (at) upm-kymmene.com
  102. [CRQ-TREE] Jan 15, 2001 "Looking for your half-sisters, and condolences" (found site through: msn) --- I am sorry for the loss of your father, although I think, from what I know of him, that he must have been gratified on some level to go out on Christmas day.

    Norma, Liz and I were very close in high school and early college. Norma lived with my family for a while when her mother left the area in her senior year at Torrance High, and Liz and I shared an apartment with another friend when she separated briefly from Chuck O'Brien in 1956. We lost track of each other a few years after I married, although Norma and I were both at UCLA, our paths were different. Still,I remember them with affection and would like to contact them.

    I hope you will not feel this an imposition, and that you are in touch with your sisters. It has been over 40 years since we saw each other, but early friendships leave deep impressions, and losing a father a deeper hole. I know.

    Thank you. Denise Wilson Miller --- Email: dennet (at) mind.net
  103. [Quine] Jan 15, 2001 "William Henry Quine" (found site through: http://www.quine.org/) --- I'm looking for information on William Henry Quine born in the Isle of Man October 10, 1879 and prior family ties. from Barbara Ann Quine Grundstrom --- Email: BarbG1272 (at) aol.com
  104. [Quine] Jan 16, 2001 "your father...and my father" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Hello Douglas, I don't suppose we've ever met--or it was when we were mere--but Joan Hall told me of your father's death, which occurred while we were traveling, and I wanted to be in touch. First, I send my condolences. I was sorry to hear of his death, while at the same time I knew he was failing, and of course, was old. Still--the loss will resonate for some time.

    I met your father several times, each one memorable. I remember especially a wonderful visit when my parents still lived north of Lake Mendota, when Van, my father, I and a few others walked along the lake and chatted. It was a very enjoyable chat--deep, funny, intense, rewarding; the sun shone and the waves lapped, and it was both peaceful and nourishing. At the time of my father's death in June, I knew your father was very ill. I sent on the funeral materials quickly (I confess others are still waiting!) because I felt Van was part of my father's heart family, though I understand Van was too ill to learn this sad news. At least you and your sisters knew. I have sorted my father's papers--a first pass through--and have a fair packet of letters the two of them exchanged. I am sure it is incomplete--letters since the 1920s ought to add up to more--but at least there are some.

    Joan told me that you asked people who wanted to make memorial contributions in your father's name to do so to DARE. I was most touched by your thought and your generosity. Thank you! I hope many people make the offer, thus serving both our father's goals and the future of our country as well.

    Finally, I'd like to comment that I find your web site most impressive--I take it it is either your hobby or your profession. You have given me the idea to do something similar for my parents.

    So, Douglas, greetings and goodbye, and best of success. Perhaps you could pass this letter on to your sisters, one of whom was in touch with my father for several years, at least so I understand. Claire Cassidy from claire cassidy --- Email: honeeum (at) aol.com
  105. [Quine] Jan 18, 2001 "where am i from?" (found site through: internet explorer) --- hi my name is eric quine- i am from dearborn michigan, my dads name is james thomas quine and my grandpas name is john quine. my grandpa is adopted so i really dont know what my ancestory is? i would love to find out though please someone reply to me thanks, eric quine --- Email: eq10pmp (at) aol.com
  106. [Quine] Jan 31, 2001 "Quine genealogy" (found site through: google) --- I am getting back into research after a long time away from it. My James Quine came from Lonan, IOM but I could not find his father. James married Jane Gawne in 1817 and they came to the USA and settled in Ohio. One of their sons, Thomas was my gg grandfather born in 1835 and married Elizabeth Lund in 1873. from Nancy Consolo --- Email: consolo23 (at) excite.com
  107. [Quine] Feb 2, 2001 "Alaska Airlines" --- Hello to Liz. I rode with you today on Alaska Airlines from Anchorage to Seattle. I really enjoyed our conversations. After dreading a 3+ hour flight on a cramped airplane, I enjoyed a lovely time discussing food, travel, and family. I wish you all the best, and hope to see you again sometime, perhaps in Bellingham. Feel free to e-mail me sometime. -Tom S from tom Simon --- Email: tom.simon (at) noaa.gov
  108. [Quine] Feb 24, 2001 "Quine Family" (found site through: Excite) --- My mother was a Quine. I'm just beginning to do a genealogical study to find out the origin of her family. She was born in Page, ND as Dorothy Myrle Quine. She had difficulty finding a birth certificate when it came time to draw Social Security. She had believed she was born in Page, ND on February 1, 1900, but wound up with an "unclaimed" record of birth to the same parents dated November 30, 1905. I would like to see if I can find out anything about her ancestral family. Thanks! from J. Elmer Brunk --- Email: cynjeb1 (at) hotmail.com
  109. [CRQ-TREE] Feb 25, 2001 "Thomas Quine Ballafargher IOM wed Margaret Creer 1744" (found site through: Freeserve) --- Sorry to drag you away from the Quine name but does anyone know who Margaret Creer was and where she was born? I know my Creers came from Kirk Braddan but only have information from a later date. I know this is a long shot but worth a try. It is wonderful to read of the scattered QUINE FAMILY who no doubt all have roots in that most beautiful little island which is so rich in folklore and history. Best wishes to you all Maggie maggie (at) bennettmob.com.uk from Maggie --- Email: maggie (at) bennettmob.com.uk
  110. [Quine] Feb 28, 2001 "W.V.O.Quine's death" (found site through: msn.com) --- I was saddened by your father's death at Christmas. Philosophy has lost one of its most eminent living thinkers; and judging by his autobiography, the world has lost one of its nicer people. from S.Anne Carne --- Email: scarne (at) latrobe.edu.au
  111. [Quine] Mar 23, 2001 "Just saying hello" (found site through: Answers) --- Just to let you know of David & Betty Quine living in South Maclean 4280. David and Betty Quine, 9 Skyline Crt South Maclean 4280, Ph:- 07 55477935 from Mark Quine --- Email: bettyq (at) ozemail.com.au Web Page: ""
  112. [CRQ-TREE] Mar 24, 2001 "Science and philosophy" (found site through: the site : Culture et Revolution) --- I admire Quine as one of the greatest contemporary philosophers who deserves to be much more known in France. from Angela Kremer Marietti --- Email: angele.marietti (at) chello.fr
  113. [Quine] Apr 5, 2001 "school report" (found site through: yahoo) --- he i guess is a pretty kool guy except it's sad that he died on christmas. from Jamie --- Email: Harleygurl_13 (at) hotmail.com Web Page: "http://www.expage.com/page/talentedsingers/"
  114. [Quine] Apr 9, 2001 "More family history for your site" (found site through: freeserve) --- Looking for relations. One of the earliest papers I have are a marriage certificate for my ggrandmother and father,Mary Jane Quine and John Evans. The marriage took place at St Nicholas' Church Liverpool 30 May 1887. Mary was 18 years old and the daughter of William John Quine of Water Street Liverpool. His occupation is given as "Gentleman" does anyone know what this refers to? I have been told that it meant that he had independant means, and did not have to work for a living. December 6 1891 my Grandfather was born and I have been told that Mary insisted that he be called John Quine Evans, using Quine as a christian name, in order to keep the name Quine in the family. My father was subsequently named James Edward Quine Evans, I am Alan John Quine Evans and my daughter Amy Louise Quine Evans. After reading through this site it is surprising how many Quines there are and how common some of the early names are, William, Thomas and John seem to feature prominently. Have I got any long lost relatives out there? from Alan John Quine Evans --- Email: alan (at) jqevans.freeserve.co.uk
  115. [Quine] Apr 11, 2001 "Greetings" (found site through: Google) --- Interesting site, great content "The Search Ranker" http://www.search-ranker.com from Chris --- Web Page: "http://www.search-ranker.com"
  116. [Quine] Apr 29, 2001 --- john quine born 1953 in uk father ken quine born uk london father has sister in canada name betty brother in canada name john brother in swansea uk name george any info..... l;ike to contact cousin mike i think lives in somerset uk pls reply.... from john quine --- Email: john (at) chiltern engsvs.fsbuisness.co.uk
  117. [Quine] May 7, 2001 "just" (found site through: aol) --- hi from mark
  118. [Quine] May 9, 2001 "" (found site through: yahoo) --- Enjoyed the site. from Earl James Quine --- Email: jquine (at) easystreet.com
  119. [Quine] May 17, 2001 "" (found site through: Altavista.com --it's very organized, comprehensive, and efficient.) --- Your website is most excellent. from Robert Lee Higgerson Jr. --- Email: Higgg (at) siu.edu
  120. [Quine] May 23, 2001 "Rosalie Quine" (found site through: MSN) --- Doug - you may know Rosalie is a friend of mine. Somehow a person in Australia reseaching her family tree saw our family name Ainley posted on a Quine website. She is not related to Quine but has researched Ainley back to 17th century Yorkshire. I am intrigued how we came to be on a Quine website and very honoured. With best wishes Caroline Ainley from Caroline Ainley --- Email: ainley (at) globalnet.co.uk
  121. [Quine] Jun 2, 2001 "Quine in Canada - more to follow" (found site through: copernic) --- we live in quebec canada.always am interested in family tree. My grand father thomas came from liverpool and settled in sherbrooke quebec canada. came with 1 brother and 1 sister. Never heard of his brother, they were very young.The parents sent them to America in late 1800 because of the famine in England. from from robert quine --- Email: r.quine (at) sympatico.ca
  122. [CRQ-TREE] Jun 10, 2001 "Richard Quine, Actor" (found site through: Google) --- I have done some research on Quine for an American email friend, who is distantly connected through another line. I am in the Isle of Man. Have you found any links with Richard Quine, Actor, to your tree? from Susanne Dougherty --- Email: susannedougherty (at) talk21.com
  123. [Quine] Jun 19, 2001 "TX/OH Quine sisters" --- I am seeking information on four orphaned Quine sisters-Ellen(Nellie);Susie;Marion;and Rebecca. These girls were children of Robert Quine of the Isle of Man and Susanna Bassel of Virginia. They were all born in Bell County,TX, in the 1860s and were sent to live with their aunt Ann Quine and their grandmother Elinor Corlett in Cleveland,OH after the deaths of their father and mother in Texas in the 1870s. Our family does not know their married names except that one probably married a Hayden and may have lived part of her life in Florida. from Carol Suzanne Quine --- Email: carsuquine1 (at) aol.com
  124. [Quine] Jun 23, 2001 "Frederick Charles Quine" (found site through: Isle of Man Bulletin Board) --- Hello, has anyone out there come across a Frederick Charles Quine, a carter, who married my grandfather's sister, Annie Craig (nee Palmer) in Douglas IOM. Frederick was born in IOM 1874 and died 1949. Annie and Fred. had a daughter they named Doris born 1907 also in IOM. Need info about Fred's wife Annie. Many thanks.....Pat from Pat Fielding --- Email: patgfielding (at) hotmail.com
  125. [Quine] Jul 3, 2001 "Selina Adelaide Quine" (found site through: ?) --- I am interested in finding out some information about Selina Adelaide Quine who was born in 1857, I think in Castletown-- she married Philip Thomas McKnight who was born in 1866 in Ramsey -- any help in starting me in looking for this information would be greatly appreciated Yours sincerely Wally Thomas. from Wally Thomas --- Email: jwthomas (at) interchange.ubc.ca
  126. [Quine] Jul 4, 2001 "Family History" (found site through: Lycos) --- From the family's least well known relative. from Doppler --- (a telephone book listing that became part of some genealogy books - actually my modem line)
  127. [Quine] Jul 8, 2001 "" (found site through: google) --- Could the ladies who posted bulletins Numbers 82 and 105 get in touch with me please. Their names are Nancy Consolo and Carol Hoopingarner. The emails I have sent them have been returned as their email addresses are no longer valid. I should be pleased to hear from them. I have another query, which is possibly a little unusual. In the Tennessee census for 1870(?) there appears a Montgomery Quine living in a hotel, and he is black. Does anyone have any information on him, and are there any descendants out there? I would love to hear from you also. Doug, if you could email me personally, I have some information for you, but have lost your return address. Susanne. from Susanne Dougherty --- Email: susannedougherty (at) talk21.com
  128. [Quine] Aug 5, 2001 "Whats my heritage??" (found site through: google.com) --- Do you know anything about the family line from Paul Dickinson Quine to Douglas John Quine to Malcolm Paul Quine?? from Victoria Quine --- Email: toriquine (at) yahoo.com
  129. [Quine] Aug 23, 2001 "William Alonzo Quine" (found site through: Quine ancestors) --- My mother's name was Mildred Jewel Quine. Her father's name was William Alonzo Quine, sometimes he was called Bill or W.A. My great grandparents names were J.J. and Sally Williams Quine. I know my greatmother died when my grandfather was eleven leaving three other brothers and two sisters. The brothers names were Claude, Lyle, and Otto. The sisters names were Nora and another that we don't know her name, she lost contact completely with the family. My mother was born in Cordell Oklahoma, but I'm not sure where my grandfather was born. My mother always wanted to know about her ancestors, especially from the Isle of Man. Do you have any ideas how I could research this? My mother passed away in January. from Judi Meyers --- Email: jmeyers1 (at) mindspring.com
  130. [Quine] Sep 21, 2001 "Qualtroughs" (found site through: Google) --- Congratulations on a wonderful genealogy of the Manx family Quine Will link it to my Qualtrough Genealogies webpage at http://www.interworx.com.au/users/routledge If any Quines have Qualtrough connections please contact me at eafeisst (at) hotmail.com Elizabeth, Australia. from Elizabeth Feisst --- Email: eafeisst (at) hotmail.com Web Page: http://www.interworx.com.au/users/routledge
  131. [Quine] Dec 25, 2001 "Looking for my childhood friend" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Hi, I live in Rochester NY USA and I'm looking for my childhood bestfriend, Tracy (Tracey) Quine. Back then she was a freckled brown haired girl and I was the pigtailed black girl. We were inseparable for quite some time until she moved away. She had an older sister who's name began with an "M", I believe. Not much to go on, but one never knows. It would be wonderful to find her and tell her how much I remember her and how important she was to my life. Thanks...Happy Holidays :-) from Linda M. Black --- Email: l.black (at) att.net
  132. [Quine] Jan 2, 2002 "Just looking for info for my Granddad" (found site through: MSN) --- Could anyone please email me information about the Quine's from the Isle of Man in 1800 from Lindsay Quine --- Email: windylindsay (at) hotmail.com
  133. [Quine] Jan 2, 2002 "Quines UK" (found site through: msn) --- I am Lindsay Quine, born in Bridgend, Wales in 1980. I have a sister called Lisa-Marie Quine born 1976. My father is John Dennis Quine born Bridgend in 1953. He has a sister called Frances born 1951, who know lives in Calgary CA. She has 3 children, twin boys born 1975 and a girl, Sarah Jayne born 1988. My Grandfather is Kenneth Quine (married to Evelyn Powell in 1950). His mother was Dorothy Quine born 1900 died 1995. This is about as much as I know. I know my grandad is doing research and has got as far as 1800 with the family history but would like more help. Anymore info would be great. Email me windylindsay (at) hotmail.com from Lindsay Quine --- Email: windylindsay (at) hotmail.com
  134. [Quine] Jan 2, 2002 "Site Comment" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Great site. Had a lot of useful information. from Earl J. Quine --- Email: jquine (at) easystreet.com
  135. [Quine] Jan 3, 2002 "Killips" (found site through: Google) --- In the 1841, 1851, and 1861 cesus of Cstletown,IOM, Jane Quine, a widow, lives on Malew Street. With her is her niece, Elleanor Killip, whose son, Boyer Killip is the immigrant ancestor I am chasing. Do you have any information that would tell me Elleanor's maiden name? She appears to be married to William Killip, but Elleanor Bridson and Elleanor Fargher both appear to have children by a William Killip, and it is unclear at this point whether Boyer's mother is one or the other , or whether they are the same person. If you can shed any light it would be much appreciated Martin Diestler, Blandinsville, Illinois, USA from Martin Diestler --- Email: bard10 (at) winco.net
  136. [Quine] Jan 6, 2002 "Quine family" (found site through: Freeserrve) --- Hi just noticed your website and was interested to see so many Quine's our family come from the Isle of Man. from Kevin Quine --- Email: kevin (at) quinesworld.co.uk Web Page: quinesworld.co.uk
  137. [CRQ-TREE] Feb 20, 2002 "Trying to find info on great grandfather." (found site through: Just lucked into it I guess.) --- I know nothing about my familys past, and would really like to find out as much as possiable. from Daniel Paquin Jr. --- Email: DanPaquin27 (at) hotmail.com
  138. [Quine] Feb 25, 2002 "Thanks!" (found site through: Google) --- Well done! from David Ryan --- Email: david (at) goingpostal.cc Web Page: http://www.goingpostal.cc
  139. [Quine] Mar 10, 2002 "great site" (found site through: google) --- It is a delightful site. Professor Quine's writings are among those I admire most. from michael lavin --- Email: ML1952 (at) stanfordalumni.org Web Page: www.therapyworld.com/Lavin
  140. [Quine] Mar 11, 2002 "Interesting Find" (found site through: MSN Search) --- I was excited to find this page. I very rarely encounter someone with my last name outside of my immediate family. We live in East Texas. I am originally from Lufkin, Texas, but now live in Longview, Texas. I just finished my Master's degree in biology at Stephen F. Austin State University and am currently working for an environmental consulting company performing wetland delineations and threatened and endagered species surveys throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Someone in my family traced our ancestors back to the Isle of Mann also, so I guess we're all pretty much related no matter how distant. from John Quine --- Email: jdquine (at) hotmail.com
  141. [Quine] Apr 18, 2002 "" (found site through: British Isles Genealogy (BIGenealogy.com)) --- Very nice site. Just stopped for a visit while I was at BIGenealogy. My grandmother was born on the Isle of Man so I am also interested in other sites. THanks! from Margery Bare --- Email: mjbare (at) prodigy.net Web Page: http://www.barefamily.bravepages.com/Cottier.htm
  142. [Quine] Apr 25, 2002 "Quine/Kelley family" (found site through: yahoo) --- I am searching for fmaily who might still be residents of the isle of man. My Great Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Quinne and her husbons John Kelley imigrated to the United States in the early 1840. According to the what I have read the kelleys were from the Crosby area near Kirkmarown. The kelleys were from the heritage of the cheiftain Kellaugh. I would appreciate hearing from the Quine family and Kelley family to learn more about the family. My GG Grandfather is William Kelley born April 6th 1928 near Kirkmarown. Thanks Blair Davis from Blair Davis --- Email: bjdavisalaska (at) aol.com
  143. [Quine] May 7, 2002 "" (found site through: the name quine) --- would like to learn more about my ancester,s can you help from Francis Joseph Quine --- Email: Joanquiney (at) aol.com
  144. [Quine] May 22, 2002 "Family links" (found site through: ) --- We are interested in finding linksto the Isle of Man, where we understand the name Quine originated. Any information would be helpful. from Maureen Quine --- Email: MAQ3355 (at) aol.com
  145. [Quine] May 27, 2002 "Isle of Man links" (found site through: my web site) --- Maureen, You are correct that the Quine name comes from the Isle of Man. The web page: www.quine.org/quine.html has links to the Isle of Man family history web site. General information about the Isle of Man is available at: www.isle-of-man.com/ and information about the government is available at: www.gov.im/ With those links, you should be able to find anything. Best regards from Doug --- Email: Web Page: www.quine.org
  146. [Quine] Jun 14, 2002 "I need Help!" (found site through: google.com) --- Looking for Quines from the isle of man. My great grandfather left the Isle of man and went to South Africa.I am trying to locate any relatives from there. Thank you... from Jennifer Quine --- Email: Lozzaspring (at) hotmail.com
  147. [Quine] Jun 30, 2002 "Quine ancestry" (found site through: google) --- My 4 x Great grandfather was William Frederick Quine, Surgeon, of Douglas, Isle of Man. He was married to Eliza Hollingshead of Liverpool, where the marriage took place. I have been unable to find a record of his baptism. The only other details I have of him are from Manx press cuttings where he is referred to as a Surgeon. Also i know that he was in the navy and started his career as a naval surgeon, serving on the Neptune in 1811 and hte Grampus in 1815. He was also an alcoholic in later life and died aged 48. Can anyone out there help me to trace the family further back, please? from Jenifer Fell --- Email: fell.hellidon (at) btinternet.com
  148. [Quine] Jul 6, 2002 "william thomas quine" (found site through: www.google.com) --- my grandfather william thomas quine was born isle of man douglas we think in 1900 he married a liverpool lady alice dutton in 1922 iwas wondering if he was related to you perhaps.thanks from vera kananagh
  149. [Quine] Jul 10, 2002 "QUINE Family" (found site through: Google) --- I am searching for QUINES from the Isle of Man that would have married into the KEWLEY family. My ggrandmother was Jane QUINE Kewley, born c. 1859 in London to Captain William Kewley and wife Ann Boyd. Since QUINE is Manx and KEWLEY is Manx, and Jane's middle name is QUINE, there must be a connection to the QUINEs in past generations. Any information would be greatfully appreciated. John from John Pohlman --- Email: suzanne.pohlman (at) cox.net
  150. [Quine] Jul 11, 2002 "quocunque jeceris stabit" (found site through: ) --- hello, I have a desk duster I think? I really dont know what it is I know the handle is the sign of quocunque jeceris stabit because it has the sybol as the handle and it says it on the piece i do know its dated back to the 1600s its made of brass and has hourse like brissles to dust about 4inches long two different colors light color on the outside dark on the inside please email me back and let me know something about it or give me an email address of someone who can....thank you from alfredo chavez --- Email: imnekidindarayn (at) aol.com
  151. [Quine] Aug 4, 2002 "Congratulations on a super site" (found site through: MSN Search) --- I'd just like to say that I found your sites to be of high quality, with plenty to say and lots of information. If geneaology is important to anyone reading this, I recommend you visit all parts of the Quine/Boynton sites! Keep up the good work, and best wishes, from Lee Johnson --- Email: lee_johnson2000 (at) breathe.com Web Page: http://www.westie-world.co.uk/default.htm
  152. [Quine] Aug 8, 2002 "finding information about my family's history " (found site through: google) --- As the last male of the Quine family, i am intrested in tracing my family's roots , My fathers name was Alexander james quine born in Everton liverpool, his father was native of the Isle of man, my fathers brother Fredrick emigrated to OHIO USA and died there, I would be grateful of any information. regards Dave A Quine from david alexander quine --- Email: daveq (at) waitrose.com
  153. [Quine] Aug 9, 2002 (found site through: aol) --- Having retired from academia I'm about to begin work. Among my first new readings is Prof. Quine's work. Thus my visit to Quineland. A first question: do you refer to The Isle of Man as an avoidance of a "Scottish" designation? Have you read THE MARK OF THE SCOT? Did the Quine's ever battle with or alongside the MacLeans (originally MacGilloaine [of the broadaxe]) ? The MacLeans are from the Island of Mull (some were Gallowglass --mercernaries?-- and contracted with the Irish kings to do battle against the Normans (and others) in return for land (950ad). They remained but still cannot achieve notation on clan maps of Ireland. I was born in Sligo but the family is from Antrim (just across the water from Mull, Scotland). Were the Quine's also Gallowglass? PS; the Gallowglass fought for Egyptian Pharohs, Greeks, Romans, Hannibal, Franks, etc. from desmond mc lean --- Email: actualworld (at) yahoo.com
  154. [Quine] Aug 10, 2002 "i need you to answer my question" (found site through: The Quine Family) --- Do you know that I am a Quine.And I would like to know your first name so I can see if your in my family because you may be from Jessica --- Email: Pepsigurljq1 (at) aol.com
  155. [Quine] Aug 23, 2002 "Comments" (found site through: google) --- Cool! from Tonny Trisnawan Bali Hilton --- Email: webmaster@balihilton.com Web Page: http://www.balihilton.com
  156. [CRQ-TREE] Oct 10, 2002 "to try and find my dad" (found site through: ask jeeves) --- can you help me find my dad craig dunn hes the only thing ive got noe PLEASE? from iszabell
  157. [Quine] Oct 10, 2002 " family connections" (found site through: ) --- I live in western canada,my father was born in Castletown,served in the first world at gallipoli,married and settled inEngland. Most of the Quines I hear about come from Douglas. Any connections to Castletown from John Peter Quine --- Email: drjpquine (at) hotmail.com
  158. [Quine] Oct 21, 2002 "Goo Goo Dolls Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!" (found site through: Guest books at "Ask Jeeves") --- Who is your favorite Goo Goo Doll? Come on You have to like one!!!!!!! My favorite one is Johnny Rezenik........Maybe your mom does!!!!!!!!!!! Epecialey likes Jonnny Rezenik!!!!!!!! Please add this to your up-dated E-mail or new information report!!!!! Goo Goo Dolls are #! Lynda Ruth Leavy from Lynda Goo
  159. [Quine] Oct 21, 2002 " Your a boy!!!!!!!!" (found site through: Guest Books-"Ask Jeeves") --- Well I guess you would not like the Goo Goo Dolls for their looks but for their music!!!!!!!!!!! Still want to know????? from Lynda Goo
  160. [Quine] Nov 5, 2002 "family crest" (found site through: google) --- hi im in the quine family, i live in the san francisco bay area and there are six of us in my immedieate family i have been searching the web for a quine family crest but i cant find one and i was wondering if you could e-mail me a picture of it if you have it. from charlie quine (charles) --- Email: dalequine (at) aol.com
  161. [Quine] Nov 5, 2002 "Quine mania" --- My grandfather grew up in Oyama, British Columbia, his name is Charles Quine. His father, John Daniel, was a farmer in Oyama. Any relatives out there??? from Tory Quine --- Email: tquine (at) yahoo.com
  162. [Quine] Nov 16, 2002 "Garibaldi Street" (found site through: Dogpile.co.uk) --- I see that your Grandfaterh was Henry Victor Quirneborn, and he is listed as being born in Garibaldi Street,Everton Vale, 21st May 1899. One of my Great great Grandfathers was supposedly living at 5 Garibaldi Street in 1891. The family that were supposedly living there at #5 were: William & Mary Rimmer, and their children Hellen, James, Eliza, Frances & Sarah. Whereabouts did you find information on a) Garibaldi Street, and b) Everton Vale? So far my net searches have yielded very little. I'm going to have to check with the person who sold the above information to my Aunt, as I'm having real problems coroborating his information with any of the censuses, and your information about Garibaldi Street and Everton Vale is a good starting point. from Nicholas Harrison --- Email: npharrison (at) tiscali.co.uk
  163. [CRQ-TREE] Nov 18, 2002 "KEEP OFF GUYMEN" (found site through: FAMILY TREE) --- PLEASE ALL GUYMEN KEEP OFF. from OLLICK --- Email: MUGU (at) EMAIL.COM
  164. [Quine] Nov 22 2002 "william frederick quine / eliza hollingshead" --- Hello I have the above people in my wife's side of the family tree. I have William as a doctor and he died in 1850 aged 58. Eliza Hollingshead died in 1833. These dates are from the manx newspapers of the time. Children are
    William Frederick ch 4.5.1820
    Sarah 1823
    Edward 1827
    Francis 1829
    Eliza Augusta died 6.4.1829
    Frances E 1832
    Does anybody have these in their line. from - Eric Price --- email:
  166. [Quine] Dec 12, 2002 "hi uncle john in calgary ru out there" --- like to speak to dr john quine from calgary from john quine --- Email: johnchiltern (at) tiscali.co.uk
  167. [Quine] Dec 23 2002 "Quine" Egad, I didn't there were so many Quines in the world! Just happened to type my name in and found this site - neat. Anyhow, has anyone ever heard of a Harry Quine in the Denver Colorado area? He was a miner or travelling shoe salesman as I've been told, who ran off with the daughter of Frederic Dearborn Wight, a wealthy cattle baron, land owner and politician who disowned my grandmother for her indescrection. I know nothing of Harry and May, except they had 5 sons, two passed away as children leaving Tom, Dick (my dad) and Harry in that order. Harry died at 47 and left my father a 14 year old orphan. Doing the math, Harry was born around 1883 whereabouts unknown. My father and uncles have all passed on and left no information. Anyone out there heard of Harry? Thanks, Richard Quine. email remember (at) nwinfo.net
    Richard - I have a distant living distant cousin named Frank Quine who wrote me in 1999 that his father was Francis Jahant Quine (perhaps born July 15 1910 and died Sept 14, 1991 in Ohio). Francis had brothers named John Quine, Joseph Quine, and Harry Quine. Their (Francis') father was Harry S. Quine. There certainly are related Quine in the Denver area (including perhaps a Christopher Morley Quine and a Caroline Quine) although I don't have any more details. - Doug
  168. [Quine] Dec 27 2002 "Chicago Descendant of Silvester Quine/Coyne" --- Hello from Chicago!! I am a descendant of Silvester Quine/Coyne through his son Henry of The Isle of Man. Henry was the youngest of 5 children. Henry was born in 1774. His parents both died and left the children orphans. They immigrated to Northern Ireland. Henry was in the Irish Rebellion, married Anna Gardiner there, and then immigrated to New York in 1810. I was told the Coyne name was changed from Quine. Any help in trying to unravel the mystery of Manx location of my ancestors would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you for your time in reading this!! Have a great holiday season!! All my best, John Ireland!! --- email: Ireland719 (at) aol.com
    John - Thanks for your addition to the Quine guest book. I regret that I do not have information about Quine family members in the UK or Isle of Man except my direct ancestors. I would suggest contacting the Isle of Man Family History Society (http://www.isle-of-man.com/interests/genealogy/fhs/intro.shtml). The Quine family comes from the Isle of Man and the society has very solid information about Quine family members. It is interesting to hear about the name change. Previously the only variation I know of was the author of the Nancy Drew series books Carolyn Keene (Carolyn Quine). Regards - Doug