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Douglas Boynton Quine Topic Guest Book - part 1

Douglas Boynton Quine Topic Guest Book classified by topic (until Feb 1997) and then chronological. Each guest book item includes sender initials, message date, message text, and a summary of my response (if any) to the writer in bold text. Guest messages are now added automatically. You may link back to my home page or to any of the sites in my Web Site Ring:

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Douglas Quine Topic Guest Book - part 1 through October 25, 1999

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Douglas Boynton Quine Topic Guest Book - part 1

  1. KC 96-07-04 --- Do you know if any prints or posters exist of the works of Bierstadt? If so, do you know how I can obtain information about them or order them? Thanks. -- I'd suggest calling Fruitlands Museums (Harvard, Mass) because they have an excellent collection as well as a very extensive library. They would know where Hudson River School prints are available. Best of luck. Other possibilities would include Museaum of Fine Arts in Boston (more likely to make prints) - Doug
  2. CS 96-05-10 I have enjoyed your home page however, I think your counter function is not working. -- WebCounter is often overloaded and responds "busy" or times out. - Doug
  3. RO 96-09-27 13:12:36 --- Dr. Doug, I like your new home page. You must have too much time on your hands.
  4. HT 96-09-28 --- ActiveAgent pointed me to your web-site ... nice job! - HTTP://www.HIPCRIME.com
  5. GR 96-11-17 --- The image associated with the hit counter on your WVO Quine page, and on your own page appears to be broken. In other words, the source code 'IMG SRC="http://counter.digits.com/wc/-d/4/webmaster@triskelion-ltd.com" WIDTH=80 HEIGHT=20 ALT=" [1,622 as of Nov 15, 1996] "' is not doing its job. Thanks for the WVO pages. The counters often do not respond properly because WebCounter is so badly overloaded. As a result, you often receive the default text which does not fit in the window on some browsers. I understand that demand for Webcounter's services is expanding so fast that they have trouble buying hardware fast enought. I'm glad that you appreciate the WVQ pages. - Doug
  6. ST 97-01-16 "Good Times Virus (Hoax)" --- ** High Priority ** Please read and heed the attached re: a new virus that is being transmitted via Internet. There is a computer virus that is being sent across the Internet. If you receive an e-mail message with the subject line "Good Times," DO NOT read the message, DELETE it immediately. Please read the messages below. Some miscreant is sending e-mail under the title "Good Times" nationwide, if you get anything like this, DON'T DOWN LOAD THE FILE! It has a virus that rewrites your hard drive, obliterating anything on it. Please be careful and forward this mail to anyone you care about. The FCC released a warning last Wednesday concerning a matter of major importance to any regular user of the Internet. Apparently a new computer virus has been engineered by a user of AMERICA ONLINE that is unparalleled in its destructive capability. Other more well-known viruses such as "Stoned," "Airwolf" and "Michaelangelo" pale in comparison to the prospects of this newest creation by a warped mentality. What makes this virus so terrifying, said the FCC, is the fact that no program needs to be exchanged for a new computer to be affected and spread through the existing e-mail systems of the Internet. Once a computer is infected, one of several things can happen. If the computer contains a hard drive, that will most likely be destroyed. If the program is not stopped, the computer's processor will be placed in an nth-complexity infinite binary loop - which can severely damage the processor if left running that way too long. Unfortunately, most novice computer users will not realize what is happening until it is far too late. Luckily, there is one sure means of detecting what is now known as the "Good Times" virus. It always travels to new computers the same way, in a text e-mail message with the subject line reading "Good Times." Avoiding infection is easy once the file has been received simply by NOT READING IT! The act of loading the file into the mail servers ASCII buffer causes the "Good Times" mainline program to initialize and execute. The program is highly intelligent - it will send copies of itself to everyone whose e-mail address is contained in a receive-mail file or a sent-mail file, if it can find one. It will then proceed to trash the computer it is running on. The bottom line is: If you receive a file with the subject line "Good Times," delete it immediately! Do not read it. Rest assured that whoever's name was on the "From" line was surely struck by the virus. Warn your friends and local system users of this newest threat to the Internet! It could save them a lot of time and money. PASS THIS WARNING ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW -- DO IT NOW !!!!! The Good Times Virus is a hoax - see: http://www-mcb.ucdavis.edu/info/virus.html. The only virus element about it is that every good computer community member sends the warning on to their friends to be helpful. I first heard of this about 1.5 years ago from a Fortune 500 company and recently there was another great flurry of activity as the warning was circulated atanother Fortune 500 company. Note that any virus that depended by the string "Good Times" in the subject of an E-Mail message could easily be propagated by sending the same message with a changed subject. It doesn't make technical sense either. Please stop filling up our mailboxes.- Doug (webmaster@triskelion-ltd.com)
  7. AM 97-01-30 "Re: Virus Hoax" --- Not filling your boxes maliciously.... Obviously it was passed onto us and seemed real at the time... Sorry for your inconvenience!
  8. ET 97-01-30 "Re: Virus Hoax" --- Who are you ???????? I am a scientist who has been frustrated by the number of messages that have been coming on this topic so I looked into it. The web reference that I gave to you should help you understand the hoax issue. My credentials are shown at my web site: http://www.quine.org/ I hope that this information will help to avoid the "Good Times" virus warning HOAX from continuing to expand and clutter up everyone's mailbox as they helpfully send the message to their entire mailing lists. - Doug
  9. PA 97-01-30 "Re: Virus Hoax" --- You are preaching to the Preacher....several weeks ago I researched the Good Times on the net with the same results..also sent out mass mailing to tell folks to go to Keyword and type in 'virus'...plenty of info there if folks will just do it instead blindly passing on the chain letter junk.... Am sending you the following in the hope that you have a sense of humor; if not, then I apologize for filling your mailbox with more junk mail....... Subject: Virus Alert Humor! NEW VIRUS ALERT....... Immediately scan your computer for the following viruses! PAT BUCHANAN VIRUS: Your system works fine, but complains loudly about foreign software. COLIN POWELL VIRUS: Makes it's presence known but doesn't do anything. Secretly you wish it would. HILLARY CLINTON VIRUS: Files disappear, only to reappear mysteriously a year later; in another directory. O.J. SIMPSON VIRUS: You know it's guilty of trashing your system, but you just can't prove it. BOB DOLE VIRUS: Could be virulent, but it's been around too long to be much of a threat. STEVE FORBES VIRUS: All files reported as the same size. PAUL REVERE VIRUS: This virus doesn't horse around, warns you of impending attack. Once if by LAN, twice if by C. POLITICALLY CORRECT VIRUS: Never identifies itself as a "virus", but instead refers to itself as an "electronic micro-organism". ROSS PEROT VIRUS: Activates every component in your system, just before the whole thing quits. TED TUNER VIRUS: Colorizes your monochrome monitor. DAN QUAYLE VIRUS: Thier is sumthing rong with yur koputer, but ewe cant figyur outt watt! GOVERNMENT ECONOMIST VIRUS: Nothing works, but all your diagnostic software says everything is fine. NEW WORLD ORDER VIRUS: Probably harmless, but it makes a lot people really mad just thinking about it. FEDERAL BUREAUCRAT VIRUS: Divides your hard disk into hundreds of little units, each of which does practically nothing; but all of which claim to be the most important part of your computer. GALLUP VIRUS: 60% of the PC's infected will lose 30% of their data 14% of the time (plus or minus a 3.5% margin of error). TEXAS VIRUS: Makes sure that it's bigger than any other file. ADAM AND EVE VIRUS: Takes a couples of bytes out of your Apple. CONGRESSIONAL VIRUS: The computer locks up and the screen splits in half with the same message appearing on each side. The message says that the blame for the gridlock is caused by the other side. AIRLINE LUGGAGE VIRUS: You're in Dallas, but your data is in Singapore. FREUDIAN VIRUS: Your computer becomes obsesses with marrying it's own motherboard. PBS VIRUS: Your program stops running every few minutes to ask for money. ELVIS VIRUS: Your computer gets fat, slow and lazy; then self destructs only to surface at shopping malls and service stations across rural America. OLLIE NORTH VIRUS: Causes your printer to become a paper shredder. NIKE VIRUS: Just does it. SEARS VIRUS: Your data won't appear unless you buy new cables, power supply and shocks. JIMMY HOFFA VIRUS: Your program can never be found again. KEVORKIAN VIRUS: Helps your computer shut down as an act of mercy. STAR TREK VIRUS: Invades your system in places where no virus has gone before. HEALTH CARE VIRUS: Tests your system for a day, finds nothing wrong and sends you a bill for $4,500.00. GEORGE BUSH VIRUS: It starts by boldly stating; "Read my docs...No New Files!" on the screen. It proceeds to fill up all the free space on your hard drive with new files, then blames it on the Congressional Virus. --- regards --- bear in el paso (Passobear (at) aol.com) Thanks - very nicely done - Doug
  10. RM 97-01-21 --- "Your Web Page" --- I enjoyed your web page..... thank you .I found everything...... extremely fascinating....and I feel honored to be able to read your stuff. I'm an artist ... a teacher of children and just had a wonderful birthday... a Berkeley grad , a native of California ..........generation after generation........creo como unos dos mil ...anos o mas ....como soy de la tierra. - Gracias, Rmillan518 (at) aol.com Many thanks for your kind comments - building web pages seems to be a very time consuming effort but it is rewarding to receive such feedback as yours. Happy birthday - Doug
  11. NK 97-01-23 "Your Web Site" --- I love your site and look forward to having more time to peruse it. It was wonderful to be able to indulge my interests in neuroscience, philosophy, programming, and Princeton all in one place! I am taking part in a reading seminar at Johns Hopkins Medical School on the general subject of philosophy of mind for neuroscientists. We are currently reading Paul Churchland's Engine of Reason, Seat of the Soul (misleading title, but a provocative book on connectionist models of cognition). Thanks for putting up such a great site--I haven't felt so overwhelmed by Quine in 20 years!-- Nklynx (at) aol.com Thanks for the kind words about my web site. It is such comments that make the effort worth while.
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    1. DO 5/09/96 --- Last November I heard a song "Remember How You Loved Me" .... "Endless summer nights" that I liked on the radio but no one in record stores could identify it for me. Last night I used the Love Song lyrics home page in Australia that had exactly the words I was looking for - and the song also showed up in the top 1000 soft rock listing. I bought it today - when I get back from Dallas (this morning) and Tulsa (this evening) I'll listen to it. Thanks.
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    Douglas Quine - POSTNET Software POSTNET barcode decoder

    1. From Doug Quine in response to the requests that I have received. Thank you for the kind words about my Web Pages. I'm sorry that my program does not work in reverse and create POSTNET barcodes. It is designed for decoding printed postal barcodes into ZIP codes. The WORD word processor from MICROSOFT (check under "Envelopes" options) and many other programs (such as: "InTouch" for Macintosh, "Address Dictionary" from Postalsoft (800-831-6245), and My Advanced Mailing List available at Office Superstores) will create POSTNET barcodes to go with addresses on envelopes. Such programs, however, do not meet USPS certification regulations unless the ZIPCODES have been confirmed against a licensed database within the last 6 months. - Doug
    2. PK 96-06-14 --- Hello, I am looking for software that enables me to create envelopes ready for business reply or Bulk Rate mailing. I need post office approved templets and the ability to create POSTNET codes and FIM codes. Please e-mail me if you can help or have any suggestions.

      1/ PITNEY BOWES Shipping & Weighing: "SmartMailer" through 1-800-MR-BOWES (needs annual subscription)

      2/ POSTALSOFT: "DeskTop Postal Code" through 800-831-6245 (needs annual subscription)

      3/ MySoftware Co: "My Advanced Mailing List" through office superstores (needs annual subscription)

      - Doug
    3. VE 96-07-20 --- We are trying to add Postal Bar Code Printing to our Windows and Mac Applications. Is there a Windows or Mac font we can simply add to our reports to accomplish this? Thanks for any help or advice you can give. UA 96-07-30 --- I am looking for a POSTNET bar code true type font. Any suggestions? I would appreciate any help I can get.
    4. UA 96-08-01 --- It is/was very helpful. Thank you for your time & effort.
    5. ET 96-08-21 --- Will your program work in reverse and give a barcode for a ZIP+4. I am trying to figure a way of of having my mailing list of 300 "cleaned" every 6 months and have personal contrl of it in the meantime without buying an expensive program. I enjoyed your home page. I am a quilter and was surprised to find many links of interest on your site.
    6. FROM DOUG 96-08-25 --- I'm sorry that my program does not work in reverse and create POSTNET barcodes. The WORD word processor from MICROSOFT (check under "Envelopes" >options) and many other programs (such as: My Advanced Mailing List available at Office Superstores) will create POSTNET barcodes to go with addresses on envelopes. Such programs, however, do not meet USPS certification regulations unless the ZIPCODES have been confirmed against a licensed database within the last 6 months.
    7. EC 96-08-25 ---- To say thank you doesn't begin to express my gratitude for directing me to Word. We have that program on my husband's computer but he doesn't do much word processing or letter writing. I have been searching high and low for an inexpensive barcoding program to use so that I can get my list certified every 6 months and print out my own labels in between times. I am so grateful that I don't even have time to feel like an idiot. Thank you
    8. FR 96-08-27 --- My name is Fr and I need your program to decode the POSTNET barcode. I am in France (Paris), How I do get your software ? -- I've provided a copy to you - Doug Thank you
    9. PE 96-08-28 --- I'm sure you're aware that the US Post Office has issued new standards for their POSTNET Barcode; ZIP+4, a space, and three more digits. As I'm also sure you're aware, WordPerfect arcode macro only allows a maximum of eleven characters. I've sent numerous e-mails to tech support at WP, asking them if there's a way to rectify that situation. I'e fooled around with their macro, and even got it to print a barcode with all the necessary lines, but it won't od it in a document. I keep getting an error message, telling me I've constructed an "Invalid US POSTNET Barcode. I'm afraid I'm not such a computer maven that I know where to find and eradicate this message. I noticed on the Web last night that you have a software product that interprets US POSTNET Barcodes. Do you also have one that constructs them, that I could use with WP? Please reply at your earliest convenience. By the way, if you would like, I will e-mail you a copy of the WP Barcode macro. Maybe you could use it to come up with a solution. Thanks for your time, & I hope to hear good news from you. Sincerely, PE. Make it simple, but not too simple ++Albert Einstein++
    10. KE 96-09-18 --- I found your web page via yahoo. I have a mailing list I maintain in a database application. I'd like to start printing the POSTNET code on the lables so I can get the postal discount. Claris told me that it is just a matter of getting the POSTNET font but they didn't have it. Do you know where it is available? -- see the new FAQ section in my POSTNET page
    11. KE 96-09-20 --- Thanks for the info. From your web page I figured you would be able to help.
    12. DV 96-11-03 --- Thanks for providing the Info about PostNet printing. I'd like to make use of it for personal mailing -- not to get a discount, of course, but to do it just to do it. Your page was helpful. I'll check Word's capability. Combined with the USPS's free Zip+4 look up, maintaining addresses can be easy.
    13. FL 96-11-04 -- Subj: Barcoding of Tray Labels --- As of January 1, 1997 (I think) the postal service is requiring that the tray labels for my non-profit organizations bulk mailings be barcoded. I already have the POSTNET, point-of-delivery barcoding capability in my word-processing software, but I have no idea howthe barcode on the tray labels is generated. In know how to label the labels, but I need software that can put on the barcode (whatever that is). Can you help? The POSTNET barcodes must be USPS CASS certified to earn the discounts. That means that you have to subscribe to the bimonthly update service or run some other address checking process on the addresses - word processing software alone is not enough. The labels must be generated from complex USPS label lists that are updated in the Postal Bulletin as often as every other week. I have not seen stand alone software to do this although it may exist from a company like BCC. I do nknow that Whittier offers a label printer and software for about $2000. You ciould also try calling POSTALSOFT at 800-831-6245 and see what their software can offer. If you find better please alternatives please let me know - or in any case tell me what solutions you find. - Doug
    14. DO 96-12-03 "Barcode Decoders" --- Hi Douglas; I am looking for barcode decoding C++ code for 3 of 9 and others. We need to read barcodes from TIFF images. Can you help?. Thanks, DB Intermec (Everett, Washington) is a world leader in barcode decoding. They may have software for licensing. You could also try Symbol Technologies (New York state).- Doug
    15. PR 96-12-14 --- "Postal Automation Website" --- I found your website a few days ago. The links to the Postal Bulletin are very useful, although since then I've also found them on the USPS pages. But perhaps it wasn't a very good idea trying to print out pages and pages of ZIP code changes on a networked printer in the middle of the afternoon! I'm still trying to keep up to date with the dear old Burroughs LSMs. I thought they were all supposed to have been phased out by now, but it still doesn't seem to be the case by any means. This is one of the reasons for this message: one reason is to say 'Like your website, it's a useful resource', the other is to say, could I try out a query on you that I'm interested in at present. In or about 1991 AMF O'Hare got its first LSM. At about the same time mail to the UK from Chicago & Illinois started to show on a regular basis LSM idents in the W range, generally in grey, but sometimes in red. I put this W ident down to the new LSM in O'Hare. At about the same time foreign mail that had previously gone through Indianapolis also started to have this W ident, so I took that to show that O'Hare had taken over Indy foreign mail. Then in 1995 foreign mail that used to be processed at St Paul started to show W idents, and at around the same time O T and U started to appear consistently in addition to W. Finally, in recent months I've noticed a few foreign items from Michigan (formerly despatched through Detroit) now showing the O U T W range of idents. I take this to mean that O'Hare got 3 more LSMs in about 1995, and is now processing outgoing foreign mail from a fairly wide area - something like ZIPs 400-630. On the other hand, it may be that the mail in question is being processed at Chicago P&DC, not O'Hare. I believe a new facility has recently been opened at Chicago. Yes? I've tried writing to Chicago P&DC to see if they could tell me anything that might confirm or correct my theories, but after nearlt 2 months no reply, so I've given up hope! Please - would you have any suggestions? I'm not asking you to do my enquiries for me, but if you can suggest another line of approach I'ld very much appreciate it. With all good wishes -- Paul Reynolds (of Postal Mech Study Circle) --- P.R.Reynolds (at) swansea.ac.uk
    16. BE 96-12-19 "Barcodes" --- Interesting page! Question, do you know of any software that will print the barcode on the letter underneath the address, so that it can be mailed in a window envelope (thus eliminating the need for matching labels with letters)? Any thoughts or guesses would be appreciated! --- bellman (at) iquest.net (Jeff Bell) Certainly - The software mentioned in my POSTNET FAQ all can print the POSTNET barcode above or below the address in the address block (either is allowed by the USPS). - Doug http://www.quine.org/postnet.html
    17. RB 97-01-04 "Postal Bar-Coding" --- I found your page while searching for information about the bar-coding that the USPS is using. I have a pretty good understanding of the POSTNET code on the front of an envelope, but I also note an orange coding on the reverse side of the envelope, and have no idea what that is for. Could you give me a quick explanation of this code? Also, I noticed that you have published a number of articles. Is it possible to get reprints of selected articles from you, or should I try to find the publications in which they appeared? --- rbauman (at) gmu.edu (Bob Bauman) The orange barcodes on the backs of envelopes are the mail piece ID tag applied by the Remote Bar Coding system in which operators enter address information that cannot be read by the USPS Optical Character Readers. Some pieces are also being tagged even though they can be read by the USPS readers because USPS is considering using these tags for tracing envelopes some time in the future. I can send any article reprints that you request. - Doug
    18. RB 97-01-08 "Postal Bar-Coding - Request" --- Thanks very much for your quick response to my previous e-mail. I am interested in two of the articles listed on your web page. Could you please send me "Bar Code Questions Answered" and "Barcode Types Appearing on the Face of Domestic Mail" (both from Modern Postal History Journal)? --- rbauman (at) gmu.edu (Bob Bauman)

    Douglas Quine Guestbook: E-Mail Updates (category shown at start)

    1. [DBQ] Feb 11, 1997 "Martin Marietta" (found site through: Browsing) --- I was just searching for MMA news! I work in the south-east division. Thanks, Jason Jones
    2. [DBQ] Feb 14, 1997 (found site through: Reference from a good friend) --- Doug, You are a man with too much time on your hands! --- from RollT1de (at) aol.com - Chris Spencer
    3. [POSTNET] Feb 17, 1997 "POSTNET barcode specification" (found site through: Lycos search) --- I've been cruising the net to see if I can find a source on-line for the POSTNET barcode symbology specification. Can you point me in the right direction to locate such a specification on-line. Or, and I know this is asking a lot, if you have it in soft copy, would you mind emailing it to me? --- from wayne (at) aee.com The United States Postal Service specification is reprinted in chapter 5 of Publication 25 which is available on-line at the USPS site http://www.usps.gov/cpim/ftp/pubs/pub25/. Extensive documentation and information is available through the USPS home page and RIBBS page which are referenced on my home page Postal References. If you don't understand parts of the POSTNET specification document I can explain those items. - Doug
    4. [DBQ] Feb 20, 1997 (found site through: Being extremely nosey, thank-you) --- Tell MC to write me back. Doesn't she check her e-mail? I hope you do! --- from gflat (at) innet.com - Holly Flateau!
    5. [DBQ] Feb 21, 1997 --- the first time I signed in, AOL rejected me because I did not have any comments. You didn't state that was a requirement. --- from Jon Welch
    6. [DBQ; More] Mar 19, 1997 (found site through: webcrawler) --- I found your page by surfin the net. --- bobsvgs1 (at) themall.net - Bob Henderson. Check out Bob's Video Graphics home page and sign the guest book.
    7. [POSTNET] March 19 1997 "Auto OCR???" A friend of mine noticed the word "auto" (no quotes)placed before the bar code on the bottom of a cover. Do you know the meaning -- some "auto" machine function?? -- and why it is on some covers and not on others from the same post office. Could you point me in the direction for further information? Thanks in advance -- edr7 (at) worldnet.att.net - Edward Ryan Excellent question. The United States Postal Service requires that mailers who prebarcode their mail for a postal discount to print "AUTO" in front of the barcode to show that it was barcoded by a mailer for a discount and not barcoded by the United States Postal Service. These mailers would be using Multi Line Optical Character Reader systems (MLOCR) and could be large mailers or presort bureaus. The requirement for this marking was the reclassification regulations which took effect on July 1 1997. I trust that this answers your question. Regards, Doug
    8. [POSTNET] March 19 1997 "Auto OCR???" Dr. Quine, Thank you for the fast reply. I'll pass along the information to my friend. And best of all I learned something new today. edr7 (at) worldnet.att.net - Edward Ryan
    9. March 20 1997 --- COOL COOL COOL COOL COOL COOL from Allison Littlejohn
    10. [DBQ] Mar 21, 1997 (found site through: webcrawler) Good luck with your home page! from shari (at) dataplusnet.com - Huey Steven Crowley
    11. [DBQ] Mar 23, 1997 (found site through: webcrawler) --- cool....i'm so impressed from brambldr (at) aol.com - Duncan Bramble
    12. [More] Apr 12, 1997 (found site through: webcrawler.com) --- Cool Page from Jason --- Email: XxWiNMaNxX (at) aol.com Web Page: http://members.aol.com/xxwinmanxx
    13. [More] May 18, 1997 "geneology" (found site through: infoseek) --- I am also interested in the Boynton geneology. My father was born in West Chicago, Il. in 1895. His father moved to Virginia in 1908. I would be interested in communicating with you on the family. I am a graduate of Virginia Tech with a MS from Virginia Commonwealth University in accounting. I am a CPA and a minor shareholder in a small local firm, although I don't think I can take another tax season. from Douglas T. Boynton --- Email: dougjean (at) juno.com
    14. [POSTNET] Jun 15, 1997 "barcode readers" (found site through: yahoo) --- what scanner (or reader) scans/or reads POSTnet barcode? I like to get some info on these scanners/readers. from thomas gerl --- Email: tgerl (at) tznet.com
    15. [POSTNET] Jun 16, 1997 "POSTNET Barcode Readers" (found site through: I wrote the page) --- I have updated my POSTNET page to include sites with information about barcodes types, barcode vendors, and the National Address Server that will correct addresses and provide the barcode. Commercial grade scanners (runing 12,000 to 36,000 pieces per hour) can cost in the $10,000 to $20,000 range from Habitech (Dallas, Texas) and other postal automation vendors depending on read area and other specifications. Symbol Technologies (800-535-0201) manufactures a hand held POSTNET barcode reader called the Model LC2912 for $2,830. This unit can also can read interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes, Code 39, and code 128. Their web site also describes their history and role in Information Technology; the market for Bar Code-Based Systems; their products; PDF417: Symbol's Transformational Technology; manufacturing, sales and support; international reach; and financials. from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/
    16. [POSTNET] Jun 18, 1997 "your postnet decoder" (found site through: Your e-mail) --- Thanks for your comments and link to our site. We have an updated page at www.scanlite.com. We have kept the old page because the search engines don't seem to find our new one. I would like to purchase your software so we will send a check. Would you also like us to list it on our site with a link to your page ? Just let us know and we'll get it done. Thanks ..... Mike "O" from Michael O'Grady --- Email: SCANLITE (at) INTREPID.NET Web Page: www.scanlite.com
    17. [DBQ-T] Jun 28, 1997 "Mirror Web SIte" (found site through: I wrote the page) --- These web pages are now available at a mirror site: "http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/" from Doug - Web Page: http://www.triskelion-ltd.com/
    18. [DBQ] Aug 17, 1997 "Stamps of Romania" (found site through: Francis Chan's Stamps Resources) --- Very nice and interesting ! from Laurentiu Cruceanu --- Email: phila (at) starnets.ro Web Page: http://www.mic.ro/clients/phila
    19. [DBQ] Aug 20, 1997 "Family History" (found site through: AOL) --- I logged on to try to locate information for my brother whom is involved in the compilation of a family history of the Mulrooney's and Grossklois'. Raymond had recently sent to me a family history which dates back to Bartholomew de Boynton in 1067. I was intrigued by the infamy of Sir Henry Boynton and was searching for details of his execution when I located your page. I know my brother will ne interested in this and I will inform him of your site. I am certain he would be very interested in any other information you might have on Bartholomew, et al. Dennis Mulrooney, Miami, Fl from Dennis J. Mulrooney, Sr. --- Email: D Mul Sr (at) aol.com
    20. [POSTNET] Sep 3, 1997 "Postal Barcodes" --- Douglas, I am looking for a routine that I can use in my Clipper 5.3 compiled program to enable me to print out a postal bar code on a label for the input of a zip code. I have written the Clipper software and would like to be able to link in a Clipper or C function that would do the conversion and printing. Thanks, Bruce Hurdman Email: lesmis (at) micron.net
    21. [POSTNET] Sep 4, 1997 "barcoding my mail" (found site through: infoseek) --- Thanks for the great Web page, full of information. from Regina Roberts --- Email: db43 (at) jps.net
    22. [POSTNET] Sep 9, 1997 "Word 97 form letters" --- I have Satori Software's Bulk Mailer+ and their C.A.S.S. subscription. I am told by Satori that I can print a barcode on an inside address of a Word 97 form letter(s). I only need to change the barcode (exported as part of the C.A.S.S. certified text file of addresses i am applying to my form letter) for the address(es) to the Satori barcode (satbar.ttf) My problem is that I don't know how to accomplish that. Could someone please help me? Thanks, Bill Smith --- Email: sterbrew (at) prodigy.net P.S. great site!I don't know if this will help. Word can make barcodes from the 11 digit ZIP codes. I have an earlier version of Word which works as follows: Use the TOOLS menu item and select ENVELOPES AND LABELS. - Doug
    23. [POSTNET] Sep 10, 1997 "Word 97 form letters SOLUTION" --- Doug, Thank you for your response. My problem was getting the barcode to merge directly to a form letter. I am very much a novice at all this stuff. The Satori Software tech (Emil) sent me the solution. I will paste it below. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ As far as I can tell, after you have created your mail merge file in Bulk Mailer, the steps you will want to take are:
      1) Type up your form letter.
      2) Choose Mail Merge from the Tools Window.
      3) Under Create, Choose Form Letter, Then choose Active Window
      4) Choose "Get Data" from the Data Source
      5) Choose your Mail Merge text file (should have a .txt extension).
      6) Choose Edit Main Document
      7) Select the "Insert Merge Field"
      8) Insert all of the fields you want in the Form Letter, including the
      9) Use your curser to highlight the Dp Barcode Field, choose Font from the
      Format menu, and select Satbar from the list of Fonts.
      10) Choose Mail Merge form the Tools menu, then choose Merge.
      I used these steps successfully in Word 6.0. If you have a different version of Word, your steps may be slightly different, but not substantially. Hope this helps, but let me know. Cheers, Emil /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Bill Smith --- Email: sterbrew (at) prodigy.net
    24. [DBQ-T] Sep 15, 1997 "hi Doug" (found site through: metacrawler) --- Hey DOug-- Dov Lank here. Stumbled across you this evening while looking for course notes at Cornell that I could steal for my animal behavior class. Check out my web page, which you can get to via the SFU Biol page. Nothing as elaborate as your edifice.... cheers, dov from Dov Lank --- Email: dlank (at) sfu.ca Web Page: http://www.biol.sfu.ca
    25. [DBQ] Sep 23, 1997 "Methusaleh Boynton" (found site through: yahoo.com) --- grgr grandson of Methusaleh Boynton brother of your Charles Boynton. Harry A. Muncey 9912 Dragon Circle huntington Beach,CA 92646 from Harry A. Muncey --- Email: hmuncey (at) smssvs.com
    26. [More-T] Sep 28, 1997 (found site through: meta) --- dovidians of america email: dovidians (at) dovidians.org internet site: http://www.dovidians.org online september 5,1997 number of logons as of september 27: 1808 comments *rjk - that is great! do i know you?????????/ *hec (acm) - i concur with rjk, this is great *rlb and numerous others - who are you? we accept the analysis by a mensa member as being fair. "you are either frighteningly brilliant or a lunatic with access and too much time on your hands." *mensa23 - "i concur with the assessment" *email cc reply forum - um, ok this was informative. anyone else agree? *host allowed us to publish our site on the south asian journalist assn board. *our website has been highlighted on the internet, but we are still a tiny speck in the night sky. *did you ever see your name in japanese? sort of story telling. ours ends in i pi. just like lightman in war games, we seemed to have found a backdoor on the internet. we sent a message to ourselves off a computer assn board and the sender was ??? (at) ???. now if an unidentified server could bypass internet security, we would assume that nothing on the internet would be secure. should there be any doubts in your mind, we sent another message to our internet service provider and theirs read "unspecified sender". he said that they could not reply because the system did not know who the sender was. of course we subscribe to nettique rules of the internet. if you do not want to receive email from us in the future, just send us a delete request. from dovidians --- Email: mwwdovidians_org (at) hotmail.com Web Page: http://www.dovidians.org
    27. [More-T] Sep 28, 1997 (found site through: meta) --- dovidians of america email: dovidians (at) dovidians.org internet site: http://www.dovidians.org online september 5,1997 number of logons as of september 27: 1808 comments *rjk - that is great! do i know you?????????/ *hec (acm) - i concur with rjk, this is great *rlb and numerous others - who are you? we accept the analysis by a mensa member as being fair. "you are either frighteningly brilliant or a lunatic with access and too much time on your hands." *mensa23 - "i concur with the assessment" *email cc reply forum - um, ok this was informative. anyone else agree? *host allowed us to publish our site on the south asian journalist assn board. *our website has been highlighted on the internet, but we are still a tiny speck in the night sky. *did you ever see your name in japanese? sort of story telling. ours ends in i pi. just like lightman in war games, we seemed to have found a backdoor on the internet. we sent a message to ourselves off a computer assn board and the sender was ??? (at) ???. now if an unidentified server could bypass internet security, we would assume that nothing on the internet would be secure. should there be any doubts in your mind, we sent another message to our internet service provider and theirs read "unspecified sender". he said that they could not reply because the system did not know who the sender was. of course we subscribe to nettique rules of the internet. if you do not want to receive email from us in the future, just send us a delete request. from dovidians --- Email: mwwdovidians_org (at) hotmail.com Web Page: http://members.aol.com/dovidians/world.html
    28. [DBQ] Sep 29, 1997 "information request" (found site through: infrasound) --- Please, would you mind sending me information about infrasound. I'd like information about detection in the atmospher I look forward to hearing soon. My address is : ARRIBEņOS 3565 (1429) Ciudad de Buenos Aires ARGENTINA from Andres --- Email: apluchin (at) cvtci.com.ar
    29. [DBQ] Nov 18, 1997 "The Beatles" (found site through: I forgot...) --- I was logon in for my friend to get to stamps. I looked under the history of stamps. Then I saw "The Beatles" in purple writing. That was like way cool. I LOVE THE BEATLES. Peace from Megan --- Email: poe2334 (at) hotmail.com
    30. [DBQ-T] Nov 19, 1997 "pigeons" (found site through: altavista) --- hello it is easy to see that you process more knowledge on pigeon homing ability . than Icould ever know or understand. If you could help me reconise homers with good homeing ability.what should Ilook for or do ? thanks for any help you can share . frank crane i c q 4362494 from frank crane --- Email: frank_crane (at) yahoo.com
    31. [DBQ] Nov 20, 1997 "Pigeon Homing" --- You ask a very reasonable question but unfortunately, the understanding of pigeon homing is still incomplete and our ability to use that information to predict homing success is still nonexistent. Scientists are still trying to work with very good homers to understand all their tricks! Even if we did understand the process, it would be like looking at an athlete sitting on the bench and preducting whether he would be the best player. Knowing how the muscle moves the foot does not tell you who runs fastest. I would suggest the tried and true method of tracking performance on each bird to see which are best - just as a coach or scout would watch players in action to see who is best. Also, of course, the ability to get the bird back into the timing cage quickly can make a difference - the first bird back does not get credit unless they clock in. Regards - Doug
    32. [DBQ-T] Nov 24, 1997 You gotta funky up yo' page mon. Pretty lame. Some flashing lights maybe? from Matt ---
    33. [POSTNET-T] Dec 5, 1997 "it isn't fair" (found site through: alta vista) --- By Executive Order Even............ All Federal Employees will receive a "free" holiday on Friday, Dec 26. All Federal Employees EXCEPT Postal Employees. It isn't fair. Postal Employees could be given holiday pay. If you agree that it is "UNFAIR" that Postal Employees have be excluded, would you please send an e-mail message to: payleave (at) opm.gov I welcome you to pass this on to others, so that they may respond regarding the inequity for excluding some federal employees from the "free holiday." Thanks Martha S. Habluetzel from Martha S. Habluetzel --- Email: dhabluetzel (at) interconnect.net
    34. [DBQ] Dec 5, 1997 "arts and crafts and poetry" (found site through: your home link at beginning of last url) --- I am glad I did find your updated page as I had a link to your page and I was afraid I would just have to remove your link. Now I will be able to update it so others will enjoy your home page as much as I do. I have not even gotten to see 1/3 of it all and I want to try to read it all. There is just not enough hours in a day for me. Do you know of any links to education over the net that is free? I have taken some classes from the virtual U. I want to learn more kinds of things.I think that is why I enjoy your page so much. Keep me posted as I did sign up when changes are made and I think that is a good idea, I am sure it was an original idea.Right? Ladt time we wrote I could tell you have a broad knowledge of the internet and programming. Being handicapped as I am I am not able to do to much at a time and when I do anything I like it to keepmy interest. Thanks again, Jen from Jennie Brynildsen --- Email: jennieb (at) sprynet.com Web Page: http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/jennieb
    35. [DBQ] Dec 8, 1997 "psych.crime/" (found site through: infoseek) --- I am webmaster of psych.crime/, a website that documents psych crime, abuse and transgressions against individuals, society and humanity in general with referenced media, gov't/court documents etc. Also included at this site is PsychWard: A pictorial museum of Psychiatry. The site is at http://www.webgate.net/~cchr/psych.crime.0.htm Some of the images are quite disturbing. Fair Warning. I thought that this may be of interest to you. from K Taylor --- Email: kevintaylor (at) cheerful.com Web Page: http://www.webgate.net/~cchr/psych.crime.0.htm
    36. [DBQ] Dec 29, 1997 "family tree" --- My mother has done research on our family tree as well (boynton). She is always looking for new links. A lot of yours looks very similar to ours. Would you be interested in exchanging notes. from Carey --- Email: carey5 (at) flash.net
    37. [DBQ] Jan 4, 1998 "Ham's Dates" --- My father's death date should be February 3, 1991. The anniversary of the day that the music died. I am on-line at Dixie's house we just stopped by to see the web-sight. from Nancy Folk --- Email: Joshuapoint (at) juno.com
    38. [POSTNET-T] Jan 26, 1998 (found site through: can't remember) --- could use a "Back to Top" button after each letter. Thanks for giving me a place to look all this up. I just started at MTSC and they are throwing around TLA's like crazy. from kb --- Email: kewabl (at) yahoo.com
    39. [DBQ] Feb 2, 1998 "movement and memory/learning" (found site through: lycos) --- I am in the fifth grade and am beginning to set up my science fair experiment. I am interested in investigating the effects of dance or movement on memory and/or learning. I would appreciate any suggestions or leads for research. My mother and aunt have worked with therapies involving sensory integration with people who have disabilities, but I want to find information on projects or ideas that have been used with people without disabilities. Thank you, Lindsey Walters from Lindsey Walters --- Email: slw (at) cfw.com
    40. [DBQ] Feb 15, 1998 I want find applicattions of infrasound frequency lower 20 Hz in our common life or industrial /military applications from Andres ROZLOSNIK --- Email: si-ir-ar (at) satlink.com
    41. [DBQ] Feb 16, 1998 "infrasound" (found site through: Excite) --- I recall reading a reference to bird navigation through the use of infrasound in a relatively mainstream publication, such as Natural History or Smithsonian. I have searched for it extensively and can't seem to find it. I remember that it said something to the effect that the wind off the Andes emits sound of a certain frequency. You wouldn't know the reference would you? It's amazing that I stumbled upon your site. I have been aware of your father's work for some time. I think that I first heard of him when I read Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter. Or perhaps it was something by Raymond Smullyan. Lee Edwards from Lee Edwards
    42. [POSTNET] Feb 18, 1998 "POSTNET Checksum" --- > The formula is ADD up all the digits of the ZIP code (was 5 digits for A field) then 9 digits for C field and now 11 digits for DBPB). The checksum is whatever number is needed to get this number to become a multiple of 10. For example: the ZIP code 12345 adds up (1+2+3+4+5) to 15 and a checksum of 5 totals 20 which is a multiple of 10. If the numbers add up to a multiple of 10 already then the checksum is 0. from Doug - Web Page: http://www.quine.org/postnetj.html
    43. [DBQ] Feb 22, 1998 "Philately" (found site through: Joe Luft's Philatelic Web Page) --- Member APS, Member BIA, Life Member PNC3, Member AFDCS Will have to check my holdings of PNCs. May be intersted in trades. Good Web Page. from Richard E. Crowe --- Email: rcrowe (at) concentric.net
    44. [More-T] Feb 27, 1998 "Beatles" (found site through: Lycos) --- Really cool site. Please can you put my link on it. http://indigo.ie/~abpa/ It is the official Beatles Ireland Fan Club from Andrew Behan --- Email: abpa (at) indigo.ie Web Page: http://indigo.ie/~abpa/
    45. [DBQ] Mar 7, 1998 "plate numbers" (found site through: hum.....) --- I have collected a few coil plates 3's and mostly 5's Am I correct in thinking this is an exchange or a for sale site tooo?? thinking this is an exchange and a for sale site?? What should I be looking for in general?? I am a begginner. regards Evy McGinness from Evy McGinness --- Email: REMCG (at) infoave.net
    46. [DBQ] Mar 8, 1998 (found site through: Search.com) --- So what else have you been doing...pleased to run across your web site...now live in Santa Fe, NM ...still involved in Postal consulting...was in Saudi Arabia recently helping them redesign their system...tell me what you are really involved in and where you are living...gene hagburg from Eugene C. Hagburg --- Email: eugene.hagburg (at) internetMCI.com
    47. [DBQ] Mar 20, 1998 "PNCs availabilty and general interest" (found site through: PNC3 web-site) --- Am APS and PNC3 member and looking for possible trade and purchases in the future. from Robert H. DesRosiers --- Email: rosyred (at) aug.com
    48. [DBQ] Mar 28, 1998 "Zoology" --- A very interesting page need more like this. from NIcole Jefford --- Email: 9403307j (at) sci. student.gla.ac.uk
    49. [DBQ] Apr 1, 1998 "infrasound" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Do you know references on effects of infrasound upon cellular physiology or membrane permeability? from Margaret Mortz --- Email: mmortz (at) wsu.edu
    50. [DBQ] Apr 2, 1998 "animal communication" (found site through: Info seek) --- What information do you have concerning animal communication compared with human communication? from Lorelyn Zapanta --- Email: imperialprincess (at) hotmail.com
    51. [POSTNET-T] Apr 4, 1998 "MLOCR,s Bar Code Sorters, and Video Indexing" (found site through: Lycos) --- I am from Underwood Mail Centre which is part of Australia Post in Brisbane. At present we are about to introduce MLOCR, barcode sorters and Video Indexing to our centre. I am trying , however hard it has been, to gather information from places this technology is being used. The sort of information I am after is the type of improvements that have been made on the machines. Any information , email address or contacts you could give me I would much appreciate. Cheer From Down Under :-) from Matthew Staley --- Email: thuthy (at) one.net.au
    52. [DBQ] Apr 24, 1998 "postal automation, customer satisfaction" (found site through: Alta Vista) --- Wow Doug, now I know what you do in your spare time! What's with the web address name "triskelion" (sp?) ? Do you do this on your work time because it would explain why Kelly can never get a hold of you. from Dan Paulus --- Email: danp (at) firstlogic.com
    53. [POSTNET-T] May 4, 1998 "first class mail discounts" (found site through: webcrawler "Coding Accuracy Support System") --- Looking for a software that may help us save money with all our mailings. Are small business has started mailing several thousand of an letter. Any suggestions? from Jeana Walter --- Email: mediaink (at) mindspring.com
    54. [DBQ] May 17, 1998 "PNCs" (found site through: Internet Explorer) --- Downloading want & exchange lists to see if we can help one another. from Dan Kauffman --- Email: dwkman (at) inreach.com
    55. [DBQ] May 24, 1998 "Rowley Essex Research" (found site through: I forget but am here) --- I live in Yorkshire and have Rowley Yorkshire connections, eg ACY family but am very interested in the Boyntons. What a wonderful site you have I can see I will spend more time here now that I am really in the Rowley roots game. Mark from Mark Andrew --- Email: 106530.424 (at) compuserve.com
    56. [DBQ] May 24, 1998 "Rowley Essex Research" (found site through: I forget but am here) --- I live in Yorkshire and have Rowley Yorkshire connections, eg ACY family but am very interested in the Boyntons. What a wonderful site you have I can see I will spend more time here now that I am really in the Rowley roots game. Mark from Mark Andrew --- Email: 106530.424 (at) compuserve.com
    57. [DBQ] May 28, 1998 "Douglas Quine" (found site through: Yahoo) --- A great site Please have a look at my site about Douglas Quine http://perso.wanadoo.fr/durif.varces/ from DURIF --- Email: andre.durif (at) wanadoo.fr Web Page: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/durif.varces/
    58. [DBQ] May 29, 1998 "pnc's singles sell trade etc" (found site through: www.dalestamps.com) --- have a rather large hord of pnc's used singles strips etc started collecting in 1986 at the start. would like sell,trade etc. must have15,000.00 to 20,000.00 linn's retail value by now from david w anderson --- Email: dwanderson (at) worldaccessnet.com
    59. [DBQ] Jun 3, 1998 (found site through: yaahoo) --- Found you as I live at a house named BOYNTON in N Wales. Interst is in the barcode detector, as y company is into name and address s/w, thus mail sort codes etc. I thought it might be useful to make contact,we are always looking for new angles. Any thoughts on this? ps there ae 3 houses in the UK called Boynton. from david wyke --- Email: eos (at) enterprise.net
    60. [DBQ] Jul 7, 1998 "Pigeons" (found site through: Infoseek) --- I am the CEO and founder of a commercial pest control company. Pigeons roosting or nesting on/in commercial structures is being addressed by competitors using poisons. I cannot allow my personnel to follow suit. Exclusionary tactics will work; however, clients consider these approaches to be too costly. Are there particular sounds that pigeons find dis- quieting to the point where the flock might move on with no harm done? from Jay Porter --- Email: ECIGuy (at) SWBell.Net
    61. [DBQ] Jul 8, 1998 "Website" (found site through: Infoseek) --- Mr.Quine, Being the Manager of Production Planning at The Mail Equipment Shops of The USPS in Washington,D.C. and also being a newer Postal Worker (one year) I find the information on your website great! It will be one I use over and over. If there is anything you would need concerning MES, please email me and let me know Thanks, Tom Whitling from Thomas J. Whitling --- Email: tjwhit1 (at) bellatlantic.net or twhitlin (at) email.usps.gov
    62. [POSTNET-T] Jul 14, 1998 "Postal Abbreviations" (found site through: Looked up new name for TTC) --- EOS (employee opinion survey) is missing from list thanks, from Roland Petit --- Email: Roland444 (at) AOL.COM
    63. [DBQ] Jul 18, 1998 "Joint Lines on PNC's" (found site through: Joseph Luft Links) --- Scott lists joint line pairs for the Transportation Coils,but under imperfs, and with no reference to varying values for different plate numbers. Your list does not refer to them at all. Please enlighten me. If examples are necessary, use: 1908 jlp,pn 1;1908 jlp,pn3;1908 jlp,pn5; 1908 jl strip of 5,pn15. Is there no collecting in joint line pairs of these stamps? Thank you for your help. from Don Powell --- Email: trinitytwice (at) webtv.net
    64. [DBQ] Sep 9, 1998 "mutual funds" (found site through: alta vista) --- Enjoyed visiting your site. from A. Bull --- Email: mutualfunds (at) mailexcite.com Web Page: http://www.fundz.com/
    65. [DBQ] Sep 15, 1998 "Directory of Maximum Cards" --- Your site is nice and interestig. It is a good place to stop by. Keep up the good and creative work. Please Visit my internet sites dedicated for the hobby of Maximum Cards Collecting, at URL's: The Maximaphily Group of Israel Maximum Cards Collecting Directory of Maximum Cards Maximaphily club from Itzhak Shdemati --- Email: ishdemati (at) yahoo.com Web Page: http://members.xoom.com/mcsu
    66. [DBQ] Sep 15, 1998 "Directory of Maximum Cards" --- Your site is nice and interestig. It is a good place to stop by. Keep up the good and creative work. Please Visit my internet sites dedicated for the hobby of Maximum Cards Collecting, at URL's: The Maximaphily Group of Israel Maximum Cards Collecting Directory of Maximum Cards Maximaphily club from Itzhak Shdemati --- Email: ishdemati (at) yahoo.com Web Page: http://members.xoom.com/mcsu
    67. [POSTNET] Oct 29, 1998 "Postnet Code Verification" (found site through: Exite) --- Dear Sir, as a manufaturer of barcode Verifiers we are looking for a specification/standard and quality requirements for the Postnet code Can you please send us this as (PDF Dockument) if free available or give us an adress where we can get this specification. Thank you in Advance Wilfried Weigelt REA Elektronik GmbH Teichwiesenstr. 1 D-64367 Muehltal/Germany Tel +49 6154 6380 Fax +49 6154 638 195 from Wilfried Weigelt --- Email: WWeigelt (at) rea.de Web Page: http://www.rea.de
    68. [DBQ] Nov 30, 1998 "1902 Popcorn Wagon Stamp" (found site through: Yahoo!) --- I'd like to know the market value of the 1902 Popcor Wagaon Stamp. from Jolene Lovato --- Email: lovato5 (at) gateway.net
    69. [DBQ] Dec 13, 1998 "Employment" (found site through: dunno) --- Douglas Quine has a nice job. Do you? Put the POWER of the Internet to work for you in your Job Hunt! The Employment Connection has job resources for those who just need some extra cash, to those who are looking for $100,000+ salaries. from Taco bandito --- Email: taco (at) bandito.com Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/MadisonAvenue/Boardroom/7054/index.html
    70. [DBQ] Dec 30, 1998 "Mostly Physics" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Interested in your ideas on translation indeterminacy. from Robert Fung --- Email: ca314159 (at) bestweb.net Web Page: http://www.bestweb.net/~ca314159/
    71. [DBQ] Jan 3, 1999 "FMPCS" (found site through: dogpile) --- how do i get more technical information regarding the FMPCS? from maryanne cliff --- Email: mcliff0828 (at) aol.com
    72. [DBQ] Jan 10, 1999 (found site through: qwl) --- An RCA is a Rural Carrier Relief (substitute rural carrier) from Linda Dellinger --- Email: ldelli5151 (at) aol.com
    73. [DBQ] Jan 27, 1999 "Argosy" (found site through: Netscape) --- Hi. I was up in Central City, CO panning gold and took an old house for a few months. Some previous tenant had left an Argosy, dated October 1954. Reading the article on diamond hunting in Venezuela I eventually went. True I lost my camera, film, backpack, placer pan, rock hammer, shovel, and return ticket but if I could read more of those old Argosys I might have better luck next time. Are they available anywhere? Thanks. from William T. Johnston --- Email: billy_j (at) primenet.com
    74. [DBQ] Feb 9, 1999 (found site through: aol - find) --- Thanks for the help from jmm --- Email: gomk (at) aol.com
    75. [DBQ] Mar 12, 1999 "Two Dogmas of Empiricism et al." (found site through: Excite) --- I have no formal training in philosohy beyond Hum 5, and I regret that I did not discover W.V.O. Quine until sometime after I graduated from Harvard in '68. I have long been intrigued by Professor Quines writings (not to mention entertained by his wit and literate style). Do you happen to know if there is, in New York City, anything resembling an informal study group of his writings? I am particularly interested in his "Two Dogmas" essay. Many thanks. Lou Hinman from Lou Hinman --- Email: lohinma (at) hotmail.com
    76. [POSTNET-T] Mar 29, 1999 (found site through: Altavista) --- Doug- Just fell over your site. Was looking for useful stuff for a presentation re:Planet Codes. Have a happy! Gail N-K from Gail Nickel-Kailing --- Email: gailnk (at) firstlogic.com
    77. [DBQ] Apr 2, 1999 "Paine family relatives" (found site through: Surname list) --- Trying to get background information on Alice Peabody PAINE from Forrest R. Paine --- Email: MeGoToo (at) aol.com
    78. [DBQ] Apr 7, 1999 "infrasound" (found site through: yahoo) --- I am very interested in finding out as much as I can about infrasound - is there any papers or details you can email me - I would be very grateful. from Hannah Tapping --- Email: books (at) barni.co.uk
    79. [DBQ] Apr 16, 1999 "Jaisini, Gleitzeit" (found site through: AOL) --- Talk Show, Jaisini Talk Show is a painting which proves the idea that we live in a postmodern world of the apparent loss of any reasonable hope in a desirable alternative to the present. In Talk Show, immediacy unites with immortality, trivial with profound. In our days the long time myth of immortality is replaced by the myth of immediacy. The substitution of the trivial for the profound for many was a loss, rather than a gain. Jaisini unites the two principles, searching for unique ways that can create this double effect of a physical lowland, united with the philosophical purity of mind. talk Show may have a significance of the biblical wisdom based on a street scene. The work shows people in time when sex became 'the new lyricism of the masses'. The work shows that we live in a more cynical, realistic time by means of parody. The new cynicism is the old one. The work can relate to all, at all times. Talk show has the analogous environment as the work called Show Time; the crowd representatives and the image that centers the crowd's attention. In Talk Show, it is the two dogs in an intercourse that attract the attention of different people. In the painting we can clearly see the interlocked line composition. This line flows freely as an unconscious line. The absence of an 'end' in jaisini's composition may be his revolt against the end of ideology and the general failures of social theories obsessed with 'ends'. Modern society was once based on a principle of expansion, but having reached a certain 'critical mass' it has begun to recoil. Is this why the artist creates his secluded composition? What are we witnessing in the domain of social is a kind of the inverse explosion? The artist avoids to break the line not to allow the expansion that is now regressive and 'archaic.' The principle of enclosure is the radical inquiry for continuance. Jaisini has found his way to avoid the end-state. His closed circle of composition creates a visual mode of traveling energy. The artist tries to withdraw into the incorruptible consciousness. The communication code in 'Talk Show" provides a 'recognizable meaning.' The 'Talk Show" mockery reflects the contemporary condition of Byzantism. It could be mentioned here, that even in Cicero's time, the ancient world was becoming stupid. "Talk Show' may symbolize the mass communication as an enclosing circle connecting mass culture and its audiences of 'mass conformism.' The picture's title can be attributed to the fact that consequently television, along with the rest of mass culture, has become an undreamed-of medium of psychological control. We become part of mass communication circuits, part of a realm and era of connection, contact, feedback, an era that is 'obscene,' yet lunar cold. The reason why the artist prescribes the emerald color to his painting may be this coldness of the contemporary world of communication which contacts penetrate without resistance. In the picture we see the dogs' intercourse as the critique of the talk show. Thank you for reading, Sincerely Yustas Text Copyright yustas Kotz-Gottlieb --- Email: Yustas61 (at) aol.com
    80. [DBQ] Apr 18, 1999 "Pigeon marker rings" (found site through: hotbot) --- I want to find out if there are any American suppliers of plastic marker rings for pigeons. I need to know before I return to South Africa in a few weeks. Thanks Gustav from Gustav Barnard --- Email: gbarnard (at) sprynet.com
    81. [DBQ] Apr 25, 1999 (found site through: Linn's, Forum Update) --- Like the 'E' mail cartoon! from Lee M. Roberts --- Email: leemr3ra (at) webtv.net
    82. [POSTNET] Apr 28, 1999 "Viewing a USPS code breaker" (found site through: PMSC - Alistair Nixon) --- Hiya! My main interest is the "- 2 out of 5" bar codes of NZ and the new patterns applied to mail since about 12 months ago. I thought that this site apart from being of interest might help. I see that there is another connected site to which I can gain access but I can ill affored the $2830 scanning unit mentioned! I will have a look later on. However I am also really after cracking NZ's new four state codes - details will no doubt be deciphered in due course; if you think you can help me - that would be great! thank you. David. from David Smitham --- Email: Annnie.David.Smitham (at) xtra.co.nz
    83. [DBQ] May 21, 1999 "Postal Glossary" (found site through: AltaVista) --- Dear Mr. Quine, We are bidding on a postal-related material handling system; and one requirement is that it be "FMPCS and CPOCS compatible". Not knowing what these terms are, I did a Web search, and found your glossary. It certainly helped. I explored some of your other philatelic pages, and was impressed with your efforts. I like the power of the Web. I feel that a major part of that power is individuals publishing info not for commercial reasons, but simply because it interests them and might interest others. When I find such a useful site, I feel it's important to let the creator know his work is appreciated. Thank you very much for the work you put into your site. It is an example of the best of the Web. Martin L. Shoemaker, Mannesmann Dematic Rapistan Systems from Martin L. Shoemaker --- Email: shoemakerml (at) rapistan.com Web Page: www.rapistan.com
    84. [POSTNET-T] Jun 9, 1999 (found site through: yahoo) --- nice collection of usps terms. from Dan Brinkhaus --- Email: dbrinkhaus (at) icsystem.com>
    85. [DBQ] Jul 14, 1999 "Hard Days Night" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Do know if the original version of A Hard Day's Night United Artists UAL 6366, UAS 6366 June 26, 1964 is available on CD? Thi is a great and very useful/user-friendly site. from Greg --- Email: gjames (at) chscorp.com
    86. [DBQ] Jul 24, 1999 "Thirty Years After" (found site through: Sherlock) --- What a kick. Good Morning, Good Morning, Doug. James Owens here. Out looking for Beatle websites. A few weeks ago, I was dropping a friend's son off at Wellesley college for enrichment camp and saw your Surname upon a door in his dorm. Any connection? Hope things are going well for you and yours. Life is good here in West Roxbury. I didn't attend the 30th Reunion last month. I feel less and less connection to the school the longer Rev. Jarvis runs his Graeco-Roman Masterpiece Theatre schtick. Take care, JO from James Owens --- Email: jmsowens (at) mindspring.com
    87. [DBQ] Aug 11, 1999 "Acting" (found site through: Yahoo) --- Reader I was looking for Don Quine of the Viginian. I believe it was a television show in the 60s. I am 30, I don't even know who this actor was or seen it on cable. I realize I am barking up the wrong tree. Well, the legend has it that my uncle was once married to his mother. I write because I was not digging in to a family tree of your, but trying to find the character of my own grandfather. Search engines lead to god knows where. Sorry for waisting your time. SP Gores from Stacey Paul Gores --- Email: SP Gores (at) AOL.Com
    88. [DBQ-T] Aug 14, 1999 "T-SHIRTS" --- from bill --- Email: shirtshop1 (at) aol.com Web Page: http://www.shirtshopexpress.com
    89. [POSTNET-T] Aug 24, 1999 (found site through: Excite) --- I'm a postal employeee, and find this information to be useful, from Bernie McCarthy --- Email: Bmac848 (at) prodigy.net
    90. [DBQ] Oct 11, 1999 "a" (found site through: a) --- if ( time == less ) { sleep }; else if ( girl != often ) { space }; else ( 4ever contained ); var const me; const irrational=time; int escape; char life; (me != people) { paranoid && escape >everything if (everything = today) { cout > "again?" cout << endl; } End http://www.intoxicated.com/delete/meaningoflife from doug --- Email: qui (at) more.com Web Page: http://www.intoxicated.com/delete/meaningoflife
    91. [DBQ] Oct 14, 1999 RECAP (found site through: excite) --- Quine is amazing- i am studying his works and methods of theory in a class at Purchase College {Purchase, NY} and the information which has pressented to me thus far is simply intriguing as well as mind expanding......thanx. from dave alger ---