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Paine Genealogy 13 Generations

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The Paine family genealogy for 13 generations starting with Stephen Payn who was born in England in 1573, continuing through his grandson Stephen Paine (born in England who emigrated to America in 1638 on the good ship Diligent, to the present generation.

Creation of this page commenced in February, 2006 and further information would be welcomed to expand this information. The historical data is based upon family history charts created by Barbie Korper McConnell on April 6, 1982, updated materials from Dixie Korper Sanderson, family files of Nancy Folk Leete, archival research by Esther Medford, and contemporary data from Douglas Quine's personal knowledge.

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Paine Genealogy 13 Generations

  1. Stephen Payn was born (in Norfolk County, England?) in 1573. His son:

  2. Stephen Paine was born in Norfolk County, England in 1599, emigrated from England to Hingham MA in 1638 (with his son Stephen) on the Diligent and died in Rehoboth MA on Aug. 21, 1679. His son:

  3. Stephen Paine was born in Norfolk County, England in 1629, emigrated from England to Hingham MA in 1638 (with his father Stephen) on the Diligent and died in Rehoboth MA on Jan. 24, 1678. His son:

  4. Samuel Paine was born in Rehoboth MA on May 12, 1662 and died on May 11, 1735 in Woodstock CT. His son:

  5. Seth Paine was born in Woodstock CT on Aug. 20, 1690 and died in Pomfret CT on Jan 18, 1772. He married Mary Morris on Apr. 16, 1718 in Woodstock CT. Their son:

  6. Dr. Elijah Paine was born in Pomfret CT on Sept. 13, 1724 and died in Williamsburg MA in 1814. He married Mary White who was born in Hadley MA (?) on Aug. 30, 1729. Their son:

  7. Hon. Elijah Paine was born in Ashfield MA on Nov. 29, 1760 and died on Aug. 3, 1846. He married Martha (Patty) Pomeroy on Jan. 6 (?1), 1795 in Northfield. She was born in Northfield on July 13, 1772 and died in 1841. Their son:

  8. Eliza Mary Folger Paine Rev. John Chester Paine was born in Ashfield MA on Jan 29, 1806 and died (Princeton Theological Seminary obituary) in Groveland MA on Mar. 10, 1880. He married Eliza Mary Folger on April 25, 1839 in Nantucket MA. She was born on Oct 11, 1818 and died (photo just before her death taken by her granddaughter Alice Peabody Paine) after 1890. Their son:

  9. C. F. Paine Patent 934,830 Charles Frederick Paine was born in Rehoboth MA on Feb 23, 1842. He served on the first Union steam powered ship Stars and Stripes in the Civil War, invented an improvement to rotary engines (US patent 934,830 pdf file), and became a lawyer after graduating from Harvard Law School. He married Lilian Peabody on June 30, 1880. She was born on Feb. 19, 1852 in Groveland MA. Their daughter:

  10. Alice Peabody Paine Boynton Photograph Alice Peabody Paine (Boynton) (teacher) was born in Groveland MA on Feb. 8, 1885 and died in Windsor CT on Aug. 9, 1983. On July 19, 1915 (detailed wedding announcement), she married Augustus Swain Boynton (Connecticut State Director of Vocational Education) who was born on Feb. 15, 1884 in Groveland MA and died in Meriden CT on May 30, 1978. Their daughter:

  11. Marjorie Boynton Quine Photograph Marjorie Boynton (Quine) (teacher) was born in Putnam CT on Mar 17, 1918 and died in Boston MA on Apr. 14, 1998. She married Willard Van Orman Quine (mathematician, philosopher) in September 1948. He was born in Akron OH on June 25, 1908 and died in Boston MA on December 25, 2000. Their son:

  12. Douglas Boynton Quine Photograph Douglas Boynton Quine (scientist, forensic philatelist, and webmaster) was born on Dec 20, 1950 and married Maryclaire Matthews on July 13, 1979. Their children are:

  13. Alexander Boynton Quine born on July 16, 1984 and Victoria Boisvert Quine born on Apr. 8, 1988.

Paine Ancestry Files (personal ancestry files)

  • Paine: Boynton.ged 12 generations from Stephen Paine (1599) through Alice Peabody Paine (1885) to Dixon Lynne Korper Sanderson (1962)
    Also traces:
    • Boynton: 33 generations from Bartholomew de Boynton (~1067) through Augustus Swain Boynton (1884) to Barbara Boynton (1916) to Marcia Ruth Folk (1943) to Dixon Lynne Korper Sanderson (1962)
    • Folk: 11 generations from Wilhelm Volk to Jacob Folk (c. 1700) through George Hamilton Folk (1915) to Dixon Lynne Korper Sanderson (1962)
    • Peabody: 15 generations from Agnes Peabody (1564) to Lilian Peabody (1852) to Dixon Lynne Korper Sanderson (1962)
    • Peaslee: 12 generations from William Peasley (1580) to Joseph Peaslee (1714) through Addie Jane Peaslee (1853) to Dixon Lynne Korper Sanderson (1962)
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